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Old 11-27-2003, 08:09 AM   #31
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Location: halifax
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[04] nickname? Mooney, from a few.

[05] age? 19

[06] gender? Male

[07] birthday? 02/14/84

[08] your sign? aquarius

[09] where do you live? halifax

[10] do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? no.

[11] if so what's her/his name? palm.

[12] have you ever been in love? no.

[13] who are/were your crushes? uhh. none right now, sadly.

[14] do you have any piercings, or want any piercings? no.

[15] if so what do you have/want pierced? my heart.

[16] do you have a tattoo or want one? no.

[17] if so what kind and where? no.

[18] where do you shop at the most? grocery store.

[19] what color is your hair? dirty blonde/brownish, i guess.

[20] what color are your eyes? blue.

[21] how tall are you? 5’11''.

[23] do you smoke? no.

[24] do your friends smoke? no.

[25] who are your closest friends? logan, andrew, bryson, colin

[26] who are your friends? friends are friends.

[27] who are your best friends online? i don't talk to people i don't know online.

[28] do you like bath & body works? what?

[29] kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? pert plus.

[30] is your hair short or long? neither.

[31] do you like to shop? yes.

[32] what sports do you play? played hockey and soccer.

[33] what turns you on? breasts.

[34] what turns you off? frogs.

[35] what place do you go to for fun? netphoria. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

[36] what do you do for fun? drink. gamble.

[37] how many phones do you have in your house? 2 cellphones

[38] how many tv's do you have in your house? 2, only one works though, mine just plays movies =)

[39] what's your favorite food(s)? pizza.

[40] do you look like anyone famous? no.

[41] do you think ricky martin is muy guapo (very handsome)? sure.

[42] who are the most attractive people you know? eh.

[43] are you a virgin? yes.

[44] do you wish to be like your parents? my parents are both really, really good people. but they have no fun.

[45] what cologne should a hot guy wear? nothing.

[46] what are you listening to right now? the mouse chewing his way through my wall.

[48] how many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone? I answer phones all day at work, so most of the day. However I try not to talk much on the phone outside of that.

[47] where did the question go?

[49] do you have your own phone line? i have a cell which i've used for just over two hours in four months.

[51] what are your favorite shoes? rubber duckies.

[52] what kind of clothes do you sleep in? boxers.

[53] what's your favorite soda? dunno.

[54] what things do you say a lot? my mom thinks i'm cute.

[56] who is the coolest person in the world?: i dunno.

[57] do you think you're weird or funny? yes.

[59] who was the last person you called? my mother.

[60] where do you want to get married? someplace that smells nice.

[61] who is the hottest girl/guy in your school? i'm not in school. but in high school it would have been my prom date/girl i had a huge crush on for two years. she was the nicest, too.

[62] what are your favorite girl names? tony and stevie.

[63] what are your favorite guy names? leslie and pedro.

[64] what's your worst memory in the past 5 years? can't think of anything.

[65] what's your favorite childhood memory? living at my cottage in the summers.

[66] what is your favorite fast food restaurant? wendy's.

[67] who do you really hate? no one.

[68] do you have any brothers and sisters? sister.

[69] if so, names? Bethany.

[70] do you have a pool? no.

[71]do you have a spa? no.

[72] are you stupid? no.

[73] what are you addicted to? gambling. masturbation.

[74] do you like jewelry? not really.

[75] who do you wish you were? paris hilton.

[76] who has it easier, boys or girls? boys no question. but girls can get sex whenever they want.

[77] would you rather be short or tall? 5'11'' seems to do the trick.

[78] d you like to dance? no.

[79] do you like playing pranks on people? no.

[80] what's your least favorite subject in school? english in high school.

[81] what's your favorite subject in school? physics.

[82] what time is it? 7:03a.m.

[83] what college do you wanna go to? i don't know.

[84] what school do you go to now? went to dalhousie last year. flunked out. but it was a good thing i swear!

[85] do you have a playstation or nintendo 64? i had both. now neither.

[85] if so, what are your favorite games? goldeneye and bushido blade were my favourites for each.

[87] do you sleep a lot? a moderate amount. but i've become nocturnal over the past couple weeks.

[88] what are your favorite radio stations? I don’t listen to the radio.

[90] are you a morning person? no.

[91] what's your favorite tv station? i just watch tv for sports, usually.

[92] Do you wear nail polish? no.

[93] how often do you shower? everyday.

[94] do you get along with your parents? always.

[95] what room do you spend the most time in? bedroom, living room.

[96] how many rooms does your house have? i'm in a flat right now. five bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and a laundry closet, basically. my parents live in a large house, with four bedrooms, and three bathrooms.

[97] what do you want to be when you're out of school? its looking like i will take over my dad's electrical contracting company. but i'd rather be a rockstar or professional athlete!

[98] do you swear a lot? not excessively.

[99] are you ticklish? very much so.

[100] 100 went into the void KAAAAY.....

[101] what are you wearing right now? boxers, white tshirt.

[102] do you go to church? my mom used to take me.

103] do you like the person who sent you this? uhh.

[104] do you believe in god? not lately.

[107] do you believe in love at first sight? sure.

[108] what color tooth brush do you use? i dunno.

[109] how many times a day do you brush your teeth? 2-3 times a day.

[110] who is your favorite cartoon character? bugs bunny.

[111] got molested by Michael Jackson So what happened to 112? Fuckers...

[113] what's your favorite fruit? apples.

[114] what's your favorite veggies? potatoes.

[115] what's your favorite candy? none.

[116] what was the best day of your life so far? uhh. i dunno.. prom, maybe.
[117] what are you going to do today? probably goto the casino.

[118] are you momma's little angel? my sisters the angel.

[119] do you wear body spray? no.

[120] who is the sweetest girl? her.

[121] who is the sweetest guy? me, silly.

[122] are you wearing nail polish now? ........maybe.

[123] if so, what color? just kidding.

[124] how many rings or necklaces do you own? one necklace. one ring.

[125] do you wear a watch? yes. a big one.

[126] did/do you have braces? yes.

[127] are you tired? it's 7am, but i've only been up 14 hours so i am doing okay.

[130] what are you thinking right now? i'm thinking of the answer to this question, obviously.

[131] are you having fun? life is fun.

[132] what time is it? 7:15a.m. wasn't this asked already?

[133] who makes you laugh? i laugh at myself, mostly.

[134] who's your favorite teacher? nobody, really.

[135] what is the best concert you have ever been to? i've been to nothing but a couple festival shows. so summersault 2000 was an amazing experience for me. last time pumpkins performed in canada. i think.

[136] what is your favorite dream? i don't dream.
[137] what is your worst dream? i used to have a reoccuring nightmare where i was being chased by the grim reaper.

[138] are you tired of filling this out yet? yes.

[139] who of your friends do you think will get bored with this the most? no friends will read this.

[140] who sent this lovely survey to you? no one.

[141] what's your worst memory as a little kid? getting 'gas pedalled'.

[142] have you ever been cheated on? not really. a couple times i found out the person was seeing someone else before we were committed to anything serious.

[143] do you believe in santa claus? no.

[144] do you believe in ghosts? no.

what's better? choose one or neither
[145] rap or r&b? rap.

[146] pop or rock? rock

[147] rock or metal? rock

[148] classical or jazz? classical

[149] hanson or manson? mm

[150] koRn or 311? oh my.

[151] no doubt or garbage? Garbage

[152] jewel or fiona apple? Fiona Apple

[153] offspring or nine inch nails? Nine Inch Nails. No question.

[154] sugar ray or tool? tool

[155] backstreet boys or nsync? this is getting sad.

[156] joey mcintyre or jordan knight? uhh.

your opinions
[157] what do you think about boy bands? they are gay.

[158] what do you think about country? its fun sometimes.

[159] what do you think about heavy metal? not a fan.

[160] what do you think about rap? most doesn't seem to inspiring.

[161] what do you think about r&b? i have no opinion.

[162] do you think nkotb are coming back? chinese food makes me sick.

yes or no or eh
[163] like Hanson? NO

[164] like Nsync? No

[165] like Backstreet Boys? No

[166] like Korn? No

[167] like Orgy? used to.

[168] like Sugar ray? No

[169] like Metalica? used to. OLD METALLICA USED TO BE TOTALLY ROCKING BUT NOW THE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!1!!

[170] like No doubt? not really.

[171] like Britney Spears? i'd do her, again.

[172] like Saves The Day? who?

[173] like Dashboard Confessional? uhh. no.

[174] like MxPx? no.

[175] like Nine Inch nails? yeah.

[176] like Busta Rhymes? no.

[177] like the Offspring? smash was killer.

[178] like Shakira? i actually listened to underneath your clothes more than once.

[179] like Nelly Furtado? sure.

[180] like Ludacris? no. he looks like a fetus.

[181] like Janet Jackson? no.

[182] like Nickelback? no.

[183] like Puddle Of Mudd? jesus, no.

[184] like Cold? dunno.

[185] like Lil Bow Wow? no.

[186] like DMX? no.

[187] like Twisted Sister? classic rock is awesome. hair bands for life!

[188] like Misfits? no.

[189] like ICP? no.

[190] like Dixie Chicks? no.

[191] like Mariah Carey? no.

[192] like Joe? joe schmoe?

[193] like Hoobastank? no.

[194] like Eminem? no.

[195] like Shania Twain? yes.

[196] like Ja-Rule? no.

[197] like Jay-Z? no.

[198] like Blues Traveler? god no.

[199] like Barenaked Ladies? no.

[200] like Incubus? a little.

[201] like Green Day? dooke is classic. but that is all.

[202] like Limp Bizkit? no.

[203] do you like the Beatles? sure.

[204] do you like The Deftones? a couple songs.

[205] do you like the Strokes? liked it a bit before the hype.

[206] do you like Queen? never heard much, sadly.

[207] do you like Elton John? yes.

[208] do you like Further Seems Forever? wha?

[209] do you like Depeche Mode? never listened to much.

[210] how many cd's do you have? four.

[211] what cd is in your cd player? nothing.

[212] how many tapes do you have? i lost them in the fire.

[213] do you own videos of your favorite group? two pumpkins dvd's.

[214] do you record your favorite group when they're on tv? no.

[215] are you obsessed with your favorite group/singer/band? no.

[216] what's the oldest group/singer you are still listening to?
zeppelin, probably.

[217] are most of your friends music freaks? no. i have a friend who pretends to be a fan of 'good' music. he will ride hype, but he doesn't listen to it. he makes rap mixes for his car.

[218] what do you think of the girls and the whole teeny bopper thing? i don't get it.

[219] have you ever paid for a pay-per-view? yes.

[220] do you ever buy merchandise of your favorite group? albums?

[221] what tv station is better...mtv or vh1? i don't get either.

[222] what is the worst show on mtv? i don't know.

[223] what is the best show on mtv? ......

[224] if you could marry any music person who would it be? i'm guessing the question means famous artists, but i dunno either way.

[225] what is the worst cd you own? i had shaquille o'neil 'shaq desiel' on tape.

[226] what's your favorite movie soundtrack? singles or almost famous.

[227] friend(s) that looks most like you? none.

[228] friend(s) you have the most fun with? dunno.

[229] friend(s) you've dreamt about? a couple female ones.

[230] long or short hair? long, on girls.

[231] dark or blonde? no preference.

[232] tall or short? no preference.

[233] mr. sensitive or mr. funny? mrs. whatever.

[235] dark or light eyes? i don't care.

[236] hat or no hat? touque~!!!

[237] ears pierced or no? couldn't care less. unless excessive.

[238] dark, tan or fair? no prefence.

239 got beat up by Kid Rock while trying to take pictures of him Really....

[240] freckles or none? sometimes.

[241] rugged outdoorsy type or sportsy type? whatever.

[242] all american, homey g, or grunge? GOTH!!!

[243] accent or american? canadian, eh?!

[244] mt. dew or surge? never heard of surge.

[245] mcdonalds or burger king? mcDick's.

[246] coke or pepsi? coke.

[247] rather marry the perfect lover or perfect friend? i'm going to marry the perfect wife. period.

[248] sweet or sour? sweet & sour sauce is killer.

[249] chocolate or vanilla? vanilla.

[250] tea or coffee? no.

[251] sappy/action/comedy/horror? romantic comedies make me teary-eyed. i swear to god. it's kinda sad, actually.

[252] cats or dogs? dogg.

[253] cool ranch or nacho cheese? cheese.

[254] mud or jello wrestling? jello.

[255] with or without ice-cubes? oh my.

[256] milk/dark/white chocolate? white.

[257] rain or shine? snow.

[258] top or bottom? middle.

[259] favorite season? winter

[260] strawberry or cherry? strawberry.

[261] skiing or boarding? skiing. i buck the trends!

[262] cake or cookies? neither.

[263] cereal or toast? froot loops.

[264] car or truck? car.

[265] night or day? lately, night.

[266] gloves or mittens? neither

[267] pager or cell phone? cell

[268] bunk bed or waterbed? waterbeds...i forgot all about those things.

[269] chewing gum or hard candy? Hard candy I guess

[270] motor boat or canoe? depends.

[271] lights on or off? For what? off.

what's your favorite?
[276] what's your favorite color? purple.

[277] what's your favorite number? 11

[278] what's your favorite drink? coke, beer, jack

[279] what's your favorite animal? dog

[280] what's your favorite holiday? christmas

[281] what's your favorite quote? uhh. first quote i could think of is 'if ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?'.

[282] what's your favorite sound? fap, fap, fap.

[283] what's your favorite ice cream flavor? oreo.

[284] what's your favorite song ever? mayo.

[285] what's your favorite book? i don't read, sadly.

[286] what's your favorite movie? speed.

[287] what's your favorite tv show? just watched season two of 24, a little frustrating to watch in one sitting, but pretty cool, nonetheless.

[288] what's your favorite place? amherst. haha.

[289] what's your favorite game? pool, blackjack.

[290] what's your favorite scent? dunno.

[291] what's your favorite shape? a perfect cirlce.

[292] what's your favorite texture? skin.

[293] what's your house gonna look like? i have no idea.

[294] how many kids do you want? no idea.

[295] what does your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend look like? i'm sure from all my 'whatever' responses to the prefences you can come to the conclusion that i have no real ideals set.

[296] how do they act? normal would be nice.

[297] where is your dream date? my ideal night with the guys is beer, chicken wings and pool. but for a girl i would be happy doing anything.

[298] do you like to call or be called? be called.

[299] move anywhere, where would it be? sackville, new brunswick or halifax.

[300] what time is it now? 7:52a.m. :erm

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Let me shorthand my answer sheet for you.

My Name's Patrick, friends and family refer to me by my middle name T(h)om(as). I'm not involved with anyone, I'm not looking for anyone, I don't think anyone is cool. I'm turned on by leather turned off by idiocy. Intolerant people make me laugh I like shopping for CDs, I've had crushes on most of my english teachers and one Social Studies teacher. It's 5:23 am. I like any kind of music that I think sounds good. I love listening to music, reading, writing. I'm 5'6", I have brown eyes and black hair. I've been in love once. I love watching movies of any genre. I have no sense of order.
Straight people were abused as children.

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