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Default Name my solo artist name / name i can use for a band if i can someday get a band to

So the record is called beast wishes, which i wanted to use for the band/artist name but everyone i ever met says it sucks granny ass

So it's primarily performed on acoustic and vocal, but there are hazy shoegaze fuzz guitar and weird noises galore, and i might have to probably add my shitty two-fingered electro drum shit that i do when there's no drummers (there's no drummers) and if i do all that and go to all that troble then shit maybe i'll have to just go ahead and add some bass but maybe the bass could be interesting by doing fuzz bass under the acoustic

Anyway fuck u that's the idea for the sound

As for thematics here's some lyrics to the best two songs to give you an idea of the subject matter

sometimes u gotta find new friends
is what the fortune cookie said
i woke up asking for what's next
you won't relate but that's alright

'cause i know what im about sometimes
im not free but i wont freak out
do what you want

somethings found its way to u
from lightyears and dust away
does that make your boredom seem sorta like a crime
were u born to wake up here

oh how's that joke go u told us
oh don't hold back
everybodies looking
for that slice of pie oh can u taste it
so im a stranger now
do what u want

i know what im about sometimes
im not free but i wont freak out
for that slice of pie oh can u taste it
so im a stranger now
ah yeah
do what u want

and then the other one that's probably the second besT:

clues that come to u in dreams
books that open up to things
that's the stuff that happens when
the haunted world wants to be your friend

the world is split into folks
that will stay in bed and that wont
a gas station coffee for your thoughts
door opens and we spill in
the humid cities do brim with
the breath of the men
and the women too

an endless bending toward the absent
u cant escape the local accent
yes im here but i dont buy it
in your world but want none of it
the trick is to lock up (vs unlock on 2nd chorus) your head
see how much u can keep in it
gaze upon the stars that twinkle (vs listen to the cars that whisper on 2nd chorus)
the city awake and then
you'll know



when you're waiting for a ride
the laden time is not your own
the sky sometimes reminds u of
a potent sky u knew before
u know tomorrows a myth
caused by huge things that spins
the door thats still open
has never once closed
seems i said something wrong
guess ill tell u so long
and retreat to a few rooms
where i can be myself

Last edited by run2pee : 07-31-2022 at 04:25 PM. Reason: every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing - billiam cosby

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