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Default Music streaming

does anyone else hate absolutely everything about music streaming?

why would i pay money and/or deal with ads demolishing the mood just so i can 'access my music everywhere' like, jesus, the iPod came out in 2001. also i can't access it everywhere because of digital content geolocks and needing an internet connection to stream and god knows what other horseshit rights management copyright software is packed in

why would i entrust my deepest feelings, memories, dreams, etc to fucking spotify? to some fucking tech-poisoned silicon valley dickhead?

not to mention the culture it creates around music as a sort of...semi-disposable, ephemeral thing. the /feel/ is off. the feel is very walled garden. it's like trying to have a nice meal in the dining court of a midwestern mall.

not to mention the absolute ease of storing audio files locally. with TV/films it's different, video is so bulky and compression becomes so obvious and you can get in the weeds easily. with audio -- 320kbps MP3s are basically fine; any other difference is basically the old acid trip 'set and setting' rule.

it's just....gross. gross is the adjective that comes to mind. it's wrong. it's anti-art.

if anyone has any corgan social media posts about this i would appreciate it as well.

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