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Default The Cyr Wheel

Billy the clown sure likes his circus jokes.
  • The Waltz – the performer stands inside the Cyr wheel and rotates 360 in a continuous circle pattern, resembling the dance, the waltz.[13]
  • Superman – with the Cyr wheel spinning in a circle the performer holds on with their hands and kicks out with their legs in a pull up position, resembling the comic book hero Superman.
  • Coin – with the Cyr wheel spinning the performer locks their shoulders and forces the Cyr wheel into a flat spin, resembling a coin losing speed after being spun on its edge. This trick can be performed face up or face down.
  • Orbit – the performer stands in the centre of the Cyr wheel, remaining in one spot, and spins the Cyr wheel around them in 180 increments.[14]
  • Boomerang – Standing outside of the Cyr Wheel the performer rolls it away from them in a flat spin, on its own the Cyr wheel arcs around them eventually making its way back to its starting point where it is caught by the performer, resembling the action of a boomerang.
  • Skate start – with one foot on the wheel, the performer pushes off with the other foot like they are riding a skateboard. They then add the "pushing foot" to the Cyr wheel and continue spinning.

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There are records of people using a similar apparatus as sports equipment during the mid-20th century in Germany,[1][6] where it was referred to as the Einreifen or mono wheel, having been developed by Adalbert von Rekowski as a variation on Otto Feick's popular Rhönrad (German wheel) – which is made from two parallel metal rings and resembles a large hamster wheel.

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teh b0lly!!1
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despite all my rage i am still just a hamster in a cyr wheel

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