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Default 2014-08-30 Ravinia Pavilion, Highland Park, Illinois, US (Multi-cam Edit)

Billy Corgan 2014-08-30 Ravinia Pavilion, Highland Park, Illinois, US (Multi-cam edit)

Billy Corgan
Live at Ravinia Pavilion, Highland Park, Illinois, US


Lonely Is the Name
**My Poor Troubled Heart
For Your Love
The Rose March
Let Me Give the World To You
Prairie Song
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
To Forgive
Tonight, Tonight
Now (And Then)
The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning
*The Crying Tree of Mercury
*Ava Adore
**Stand Inside Your Love
Which Way You Goin' Billy? [The Poppy Family]
Burnt Orange-Black

The World's Fair
Of a Broken Heart

Points of note about the show:
- Acoustic/Electro show
- Guest appearances: Matt Walker, Sierra Swan, Amalie Bruun & Brian Harding (Ex-Cops)
- All songs performed with Jeff Schroeder except where noted
- Today, Disarm, Lonely is the Name: Billy solo acoustic
- Muzzle: First performance with Billy Corgan on piano
- Methusela: first performance, played to backing track
- Ava Adore: first performance with Matt Walker on drums since SP 1997-12-05
- Pinwheels: with Sierra Swan & Ex-Cops
- Which Way You Goin' Billy?: Amalie Bruun on lead vocals, first performance, with Matt Walker, Sierra Swan on bass & Ex-Cops
- Burnt Orange-Black: Monuments to an Elegy outtake; with Matt Walker, Sierra Swan on bass & Ex-Cops, first performance
The World's Fair: synth version, first performance since BC 2004-04-19; with Matt Walker
Of a Broken Heart: with all previous guests and Resistance Pro wrestlers and staff, first performance since BC 2005-07-28

Points of note about the video:
- This is a mix of known video footage of the show. Unfortunately there wasn't much high quality footage available for the show. Apparently there is a complete uncirculated video of the show recorded on a HXR-NX70U Sony. Until this surfaces then this is the best we have!
- I've no idea why the audience member decided to film the ceiling for the last part of Lonely is the Name. As it was the only source available i've left it in so the song is complete
- Drop in quality for Prairie song, Now (And Then), Pinwheels (Only sources available). I've had to adjust the brightness/contrast slightly on Now (and Then) to even make Billy visible during most of the song
- The piano songs (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and To Forgive) are slightly dark so the audience mostly filmed the pro-shot camera screens which were recording the show
- Only partial footage available of Muzzle from one source. It's also horribly shot but as it's one of the few recordings of a piano version of Muzzle I've left it in
- Only partial footage of The Crying Tree of Mercury from one source (Missing first 30 seconds). Again, horribly shot although I've left in for the Jeff guitar solo
- Only partial footage of Ava Adore from one source (Missing first 30 seconds)
- First part of Thirty-Three and 1979, and end of 1979 filmed from further back. There was one poorer quality clip closer to the stage which i didn't choose to use.
- At a couple of points i've left a few seconds of audio only sections if there was some show banter which would've been lost by editing these out as there was no video of these parts
*Songs where only partial footage was available are marked with an asterix (*)
**No footage exists of Chicago, My Poor Troubled Heart and Stand Inside Your Love
- Audio is from this source: MZ-R55 (​). Some static at the beginning of The Rose March.
- Multi-cam video created by Spaldz. Thankyou to all the original recorders who attended the show.

If you have any uncirculated footage or shows of the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan or Zwan then get in touch (spaldzandthecats @ hotmail dot com)

Video Lineage: Various Youtube Sources - youtube-dl - Adobe Premiere Pro (Editing) - .mp4

Taper: Craig "Cabbage" Kabis @mistacabbage (
Location: mics taped to my shoulders sitting in center section seat DD 5
Source: Church Audio 14’s - PA-6LC3B (roll off @ 65Khz) - Mic In - Sony PCM-M10 - .wav @ 96 kHz / 24 bit
Lineage: .wav - USB - Amadeus Pro 2.1.6 (1571) - FLAC 8 - Adobe Premiere Pro (Editing) - .ogg/flac plugin - .mp4

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Old 04-06-2021, 09:30 AM   #2
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amazing vid, thanks!!

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Botchy Croger

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“i’m gonna be mayor of this town one day”

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billy started writing those loose breathy songs after he was allowed to blast inside of a woman

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