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Default In case you missed it: Music Board update

Originally Posted by Izzle
the vocal comparison was a minor suggestion. i said i don't understand how someone like dylan can get praised for effectively retreading the same musical ground for 50 years, when there are musicians like corgan who are constantly creative and keep evolving succesfully, who are brilliant songwriters in their own right, but don't get the attention they deserve, or even get slated. i know its ridiculous to be comparing bc to dylan anyway, but relatively speaking, i think it would be pretty easy to argue that corgan has done more for music (not necessarily words/vocals though) in 18 years than dylan has done in 50.
I don't mean to pick on the kid, but really now...

Originally Posted by Izzle
i have heard some of his albums. blood on the tracks, rolling stone, time out of mind, love and theft most recently, and other songs. let's make it clear that i like dylan, he's certainly a genius and his lyrics are indisputably some of the best ever. i also appreciate that being a man of his own time and place, his influences are different to someone like bc's. but whereas dylan was more of an interpreter of traditional music (that have been repeated and rehashed ceaselessly since their inception, with little innovation or new creative approach), there are modern bands and songwriters who can take old music, modern genres and even invent genres and still throw them at you in a different way. i use the pumpkins as a prime example of this. the pumpkins' songs reference old and recent music, yet they sound like nothing else by anyone, virtually no two of their songs even sound anything alike, sometimes their songs aren't even about anything at all, and yet a they somehow make a more profound impact on some people's lives than any other band/songwriter. enough impact to make them type bombastic stupid shit like this. so what's the secret ingredient? billy probably said it best himself: "good music obliterates any concept of genre". its not hard to try doing things differently, and its infinitely more rewarding when you do. that's a musical virtue i think dylan, like a good 90% of musicians worldwide, neglect, and probably always will.
Originally Posted by Izzle
sorry, i didn't see your post. that fart in the studio comment was just facetious and you know it isn't true. although, to be honest, i'm sure thats just the sort of ironic stunt that would give many people a kick if it actually happened. and if i sound like i'll eat up anything billy does, then its simply because i've paid close attention to him and i can see that he has a good reason for everything he does. he's not stupid, and if he told me he wanted to start a band called zwan or tfe i'd wait to see what came of it and i'd do my best to look through it before slating it off. case in point- tfe is misunderstood, zwan was superficially a joke that few people got. billy's always thinking ahead.
I'm honestly not trying to pick on Izzle, but he needs some help. He sound like me when I was 14. I remember arguing with someone once about how the Pumpkins were soooo much better than the Beatles. I mean, Ringo wasn't even that great of a drummer!

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