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Old 02-08-2022, 11:08 AM   #91
Oklahoma Sexual
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I couldn't make it to the punchline in his Batman story.

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Old 02-08-2022, 11:25 AM   #92
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Originally Posted by Oklahoma Sexual View Post
I couldn't make it to the punchline in his Batman story.
There wasn't one.

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Old 02-08-2022, 12:49 PM   #93
Janis Jopleybird
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I'm probably not gonna bother listening to that but a) I don't know what you expected, having seen the previous one with the same creative team and b) From the Wikipedia article on TEITBITE: "He further commented that the song's lyrics were meant to represent the Batman of the 1940s, when he was a "darker character".[3]"

Batman in the 1940s:

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Old 02-08-2022, 01:15 PM   #94
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Jesus, he has been singing with vibrato for years. That is his way now.
That is why i cant listen to opalalala or cotillions.

Here and there a vibrato would be great, but....

What makes me hopeless for mcis/maschone 2 is that there are so many elements of uncertainty: voice/vibrato, lyrics, instrumention( synths , metallic dry guitars, girls choir, james not contributing, strawberry's input, production, not letting jimbo loose, etccc

Have i forgotten anything???

My hopes have never been so low...i mean it was always a disappointment( the last albums)..

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Old 02-08-2022, 01:17 PM   #95
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Originally Posted by Spaldz View Post
This is choice. Thanks for the heads up Spaldz!

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Old 02-08-2022, 04:34 PM   #96
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Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post
There wasn't one.
This. It was just a semi-charming story that he told in a humorous manner. For Billy, that represents big progress. He did not use it as an opportunity to gripe or talk about how misunderstood he is (got close a couple times), but was just him acknowledging that the song in the movie was one of their big "we've made it" moments, only to have it be one of the worst movies in the history of cinema.

To his credit, "The End is the Beginning is the End" may be the best thing associated with the movie. To those movies' credits, but Batman & Robin and Batman Forever had great soundtracks (excepting that R. Kelly song).

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Old 02-08-2022, 05:45 PM   #97
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R. Kelly > B. Corgan

there, someone had to say it

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Old 02-09-2022, 03:03 AM   #98
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"Vengeance is mine." *Proceeds to play Widow Wake My Mind*

I suppose I'm just used to the Vibrato now. Those were some great choices in there, always great to hear Empty Sea.

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