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Old 07-31-2021, 09:46 PM   #1
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Default Tokyo 2020 (2021) Olympics!

who here has been watching the Olympics this year?

i love it so much, really inspiring and exciting, and sometimes heartbreaking.

my first thought is that japan really deserved better than this. i feel like they would have created such an unbelievably special experience for everyone in tokyo, and instead the events are mostly empty. really too bad, i wish they could have shown the world how to do it their way.

so far the most exciting event for me has been the men's 10,000 meter race, it's 25 laps so 6.25 miles.. the last lap was just ferocious (53 seconds iirc). impossible to stay seated when watching it, it was nuts

800 meters is generally my favorite race because that's the one i used to run. i was watching an 800m qualifier and this athlete james chiengjiek on the olympic refugee team (he's orig. from south sudan) fell after his foot hit another racer's foot, and he was just heartbroken, it was really hard to watch. thinking about how hard his path must have been to get here, and to have it end in this fashion, you could see it was really devastating for him

gymnastics and swimming of course are the other big classes of events that people love, sometimes i like gymnastics, but this year was a little off. the japanese high-bar dude who crashed out early was a real bummer. probably inevitable that simone biles becomes a big part of most discussions of these olympics.. nothing but respect from my view.

swimming seems pretty cool.. i'm not an aficionado but really enjoyed what i've watched. how about caleb dressel's 43 inch vertical leap? and katy ledecky is just a complete champ, really cool in the 800m freestyle

water polo is fucking rad. brutal sometimes. i am genuinely curious what the mindset is of a goalie in this sport, they get scored on so frequently, i don't understand how it's not completely demoralizing

i watched some bmx racing, and saw a really hard crash, apparently the guy broke a rib, bruised a lung, and had a hemmorage in his brain, really hope he will be ok.

the triathlon has been really exciting for me. there was a false start where a media boat was blocking half the racers when the starting gun went off, it was really strange.

the finish was really exciting, the man who won couldn't believe he was so far ahead, he was clearly a bit baffled by it. after he won, he laid down, threw up, and was taken away in a wheelchair. the conditions with heat and humidity have been pretty brutal (which frankly should surprise nobody, this is what japan is like this time of year))

slalom canoe is pretty rad.

in artistic gymnastics they had trampoline, which i'd never seen before, and these women must have been jumping 30 feet or more into the air, it was absurd
skateboarding isn't really for me, but when they do slow-mo, it helps me appreciate what's happening

there's been some interesting mixed events (relays, etc.) where it'll be men and women in a team, pretty novel.

anyhow.. what events and stories have you folks been paying attention to and enjoying?

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Old 07-31-2021, 11:17 PM   #2
Consume my pants.
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I'm enjoying all the running - women's, men's, etc ANYTHING on the track is my shit

But mostly the 2x2 beach volleyball has been thrilling! USA has been fun to watch against Brazil.

The gymnastics I like. Cycling was really fun, that was at the beginning.. What else? I think that might be it, actually.

A lot of the stuff doesn't interest me a whole lot - swimming, soccer, water polo, etc.

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Old 08-01-2021, 07:21 AM   #3
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Most exciting event for me so far was the menís eight, the last race of the rowing regattaÖ

Have ended up watching some random stuff this time around just because of when I tune in/have time to watch. Table Tennis, weightlifting, skateboarding, mountain biking, softball. Iíve been really surprised by how much Iíve enjoyed everything. Canít believe how much a <49 kg woman can lift!

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Old 08-01-2021, 05:57 PM   #4
Brazilian Blouselord
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I have old man opinions about what should and shouldn't be a thing in the Olympic games and I'm grumpy about it.

Still sort of watching it on and off and catching lots of clips. Missed out on a lot of the stories since 2020 got shitcanned so I'm not terribly invested in any individual Olympians who aren't playing women's rugby.

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Old 08-01-2021, 11:48 PM   #5
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I wish they had waited just one more year, by which time we will have a much better handle on covid, and then they could hold the olympics properly. The athletes and the people of Tokyo and the rest of Japan have been cheated out of what could have been a pretty monumental event

but mainly it's obviously stupidly dangerous and grossly irresponsible to hold an event that invites people from basically every country in the world, despite whatever measures they've taken to prevent the spread of covid

the opening ceremony was fucking weird and I couldn't stand to watch more than 10 minutes of it. the stark minimalism came off as dystopic, then it pivoted to something that looked like a tech demo for a new TV screen. all the lip service given to covid is hypocritical, especially the tribute to the nurses. holding the olympics during a pandemic and dedicating a tribute to nurses does not help them as much as not holding the olypmics.

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Old 08-02-2021, 02:59 AM   #6
Dute of Seven Y's
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I generally only watch the stuff that our athletes are involved in, and have been enjoying the womenís events more than the menís in the main. The womenís 7s was a highlight, unfortunately missed the semi-final which apparently was one for the history books. Menís soccer has been pretty rad, swimming is something I can only take for a bit, the womenís shot put was awesome, Raven Saunders, what a character! Super proud that Valerie Adams won bronze (she had 2 kids since Rio 2016), fantastic to see Djokovic lose his shit like a big baby, kayak and canoeing and rowing is pretty sweet, archery in slo-mo is pretty stunning. Still plenty more to come.

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Old 08-02-2021, 09:02 AM   #7
Janis Jopleybird
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I normally watch but I can't this year, for the reasons Shallowed gave. They shouldn't be doing this. Over 80% of Tokyo residents said they didn't want this to happen, and a lot of people are going to die if they haven't already. Japan is currently at an all-time high infection rate, with about 30% of the country vaccinated. This is just monumentally stupid and greedy. Frankly, it's evil.

Been a real hoot to see huge swathes of people who have never watched women's gymnastics in their lives suddenly have a very strong opinion about Simone Biles, who clearly isn't a good athlete if she can't take the pressure and didn't want to compete just because she could easily maim or kill herself if her focus was even a little off. What a betrayal to her team and indeed the great country of the United States of America. Personally I think Trump should execute her when she returns home, at his reinauguration in the coming days.

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Old 08-04-2021, 07:50 AM   #8
Shut the fuck up!
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Originally Posted by duovamp View Post
I have old man opinions about what should and shouldn't be a thing in the Olympic games and I'm grumpy about it.

Still sort of watching it on and off and catching lots of clips. Missed out on a lot of the stories since 2020 got shitcanned so I'm not terribly invested in any individual Olympians who aren't playing women's rugby.
lemme guess, skateboarding!

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Old 08-12-2021, 01:32 PM   #9
Saturday Night Goth
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Shallowed and topleybird completely summarized all of my thoughts on this.

It's always a bit of a challenge to appreciate all the personal achievements and hold up the individual competitors in the context of such blatantly obvious inequality on both a regional and global scale. That 80% figure makes that mental exercise totally pointless this year. The people didn't want it, but those with power forced it through.

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Old 08-12-2021, 02:09 PM   #10
Shut the fuck up!
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Location: "Okay, white power feminist" - yo soy el mejor
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I like to see the 1500 and the 5000 meter on the track, because i ran those events in college. But my favorite is always the women's soccer tournament. I am very happy that Canada won, because Christine Sinclair (Canada's captain) is my favorite player, and it was her first gold medal.

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