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Default would you like me better if i had huge muscles?


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let's get huge muscles bro!!

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Location: i'm from japan also hollywood
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alright, lets get BIG!

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why does it seem like you wanna impress everyone so much lately?

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teh b0lly!!1
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yo soy el mejor
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you should see my right arm and my right calf!

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Originally Posted by yo soy el mejor View Post
you should see my right arm and my right calf!
Can we see your buttocks please.

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yo soy el mejor
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it's not ready yet.

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yo soy el mejor
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some weirdo at the bar last night just came up outta nowhere and said i had a nice butt. lol.

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you should work on your personality first mayfuck

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The Jesus
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Hello, my internet friend,

My name's Jonathan Perez and I’m a Firefighter / Paramedic / Haz-Mat Technician for the Cleveland Fire Department, in Ohio, USA. I’m also a Certified ACE / IAFF / IAFC Firefighter Peer Fitness Trainer. I always struggled to gain weight or muscle on my skinny 147 pound frame, at a height of 6 feet. Talk about genetics.....when my father married my mother, he only weighed 140 pounds!

After I finally learned the shocking truths (that magazines and so-called experts aren't sharing) I was finally able to make my body gain weight, building over 70 pounds of muscle, putting on 5 inches on my arms in the process. My strength shot up (I'm currently curling over 185 pounds on the barbell). My body weight went from 147 pounds to 230 pounds. This allowed me to be in the top 12 out of 3000 (yes, three thousand) guys competing for one of the few positions on the Cleveland Fire Department.

You're Being Lied To By The BodyBuilding Industry

It seems that not many individuals are willing to "go against the grain". Let's be honest, everyone deep down inside knows that these supplements aren’t doing A THING for any of us in regards to helping us skinny individuals gain muscle weight. If what is written in all the magazines and on the internet were correct, then why on earth aren't there more people walking around that actually look like they lift weights?

The bodybuilding industry is a "monkey see, monkey do" industry, so everyone just pretty much repeats what they heard the guy next to them say, regardless if it works or not. Again, I speak out against anything that is taking my hard-earned money out of my pocket or wasting my valuable time WITHOUT GIVING ME ANY RESULTS IN RETURN. I'm a Firefighter, so, and excuse me for being so blunt, I could care less about what the magazines or websites say. If it doesn't work or won't help you gain weight, then I'm going to tell you it doesn't work.

I bet your personal experience with learning how to gain muscular weight fast, working out hours a day 5-6 days a week, eating until the point of wanting to throw up, chugging down disgusting-tasting powders and shakes, swallowing boatloads of pills, and the frustration of failure to change your skinny body, is very similar to mine:

I searched and bought all the major bodybuilding and fitness magazines, books, and videos, such as:

• Flex
• Iron man
• Muscular Development
• Muscle Media
• Musclemag International
• Men's Health

...and others

I put every routine in practice. After almost 10 years I still looked like I had never even picked up a weight! I tried all kinds of methods; different amounts of sets, reps, training frequencies, speeds, rest periods, and exercises. I put into practice the nutritional strategies.

And the money I spent on supplements was outrageous.

I had spent an average of $300.00 to $400.00 a month on worthless "weight gain" supplements. That's about $3,600.00 to $4,800.00 a year. Multiply that by 10 years and you have a grand total of about $43,200.00 on supplements that did nothing at all for my body. (I could have bought a Cadillac with that!)

Here is a list of some of the ones I used and that I recommend you not waste your money or hopes on either:

• Creatine
• Ephedra
• Pump-Tech
• Ribose
• Mega Mass 4000
• Nortesten
• Acetabolan
• Cell-Tech
• Cytodyne
• Cort-Bloc
• Triax
• Glucosamine Chondroitin
• Glutamine
• Tyrosine
• Hot Stuff
• Methoxy
• Myostatin
• Cybergenics
• Xenadrine
• Pro-Hormones (Andro)
• Chromium Piccolante
• Amino Acid Pills
• Niacin
• GH Stack
• Growth Hormone Boosters
• Testosterone Boosters
• Valerian
• Ginkgo Biloba
• St. John's Wart
• Liver Tablets
• Nerve Enhancers

...and many others

Long list, isn't it? I'm positive you've also tried some of these. And the “kicker” for me was that I would diligently take all of these supplements, along with combining it with all the latest training techniques that were out there………….yet I had no new muscle mass or weight gain to show for it!

Finally, I learned of couple of hard lessons…

Why You Aren’t Gaining Any Weight or Muscle Mass From the Way You Train
Let’s be real honest and sincere here.

How much muscle weight have you truly gained from all those countless of hours, hundreds of sets, thousands of reps, and buckets of sweat that you have lost from working out?

Don’t you feel that for the all the effort you invest when training to gain weight you should be a lot bigger and stronger than what you are now?

Look at your body now and compare it to what you looked like exactly 12 months ago. Do you really look like you have made some tremendous gains in muscle weight and strength?

Do you have people coming up to you everyday asking you if you workout, if you lift weights, and how much can you lift?

How much progress have you honestly made in the last 12 months?

Unfortunately, if you have been training for some time now and haven’t gained the kind of weight you would like, more likely than not, one of the reasons is because you have been mislead to follow incorrect training techniques, splits, and schedules. (I doubt you would be reading this website right now if you were truly 100% happy with your muscle weight - gain progress).

I can’t tell you how many different routines I've tried. All of the different amounts of sets, exercises, rep ranges. I did anywhere from 2 sets an exercise to 10. I tried between 1 rep per set all the way to 50 reps per set.

I tried using very heavy weight, and using low weight. I tried fast reps, and I tried super-slow reps to help me gain weight fast. I did 1 exercise per muscle, and I tried 6 different exercises per muscle.

I used machines, cables, free weights, a Bow Flex, calisthenics, plyometrics, rubber bands, and everything else in between.

I followed professional bodybuilders’ routines. I tried natural bodybuilders’ routines to gain weight. I tried high volume, and low volume.

…………and no results to show for it!

The problem is that magazines and websites have all been repeating the exact same worthless routines since the beginning of time. What is recommended only works for someone that is already a naturally larger person and has great genetics for building muscle and gaining weight (…..oh, yeah, and steroids has a lot to do with it too).

However, for someone that can’t gain muscle weight easily the routines and training philosophies will get you nowhere fast! If what was found on the internet or magazines worked you’d be seeing millions of little “muscle men and women” walking around on the streets.

I don’t know about you, but where I live, and everywhere that I travel to, I hardly ever see anyone that even looks like they workout…and that includes even inside training gyms and recreational centers!

Well, I’m going to tell you right now that there is a very specific number of sets, rep range, exercises, number of times to train a muscle, rest periods, etc., that is hands-down the most effective specifically for the skinny hardgainer looking to gain some serious weight fast.

And guess what? You won’t find it in any magazine or website. None!

I made my huge gain in muscle weight and strength while:
working out less than 2.5 hours a week

performing only 2 total “special” sets per muscle every 7 days

training only 3 days a week

The Truth to How to Gain Weight......That Isn't Revealed in the Magazines

Read any magazine and they all pretty much state the same thing. They recommend a certain amount of sets for a certain amount of reps, for certain exercises. They all say you must train “intensely” to gain weight fast. Well, why is it that there are thousands of people following all of this training advice yet none of them seem to gain any real weight?

Magazines recommend very specific exercises for certain body parts, like the barbell bench press for chest and the squat for legs. Well, I did those for years........and didn't gain one inch of muscle.

They all say to train each muscle once a week. Well, I did that too, and I didn't see one bit of muscular development.

And, have you ever noticed that almost all of these so-called “training” articles always seem to end with a conveniently placed recommendation to take a certain supplement?

Why is it that none of the information found in magazines, on the internet, and on TV seem to live up to their claims and promises?

Why doesn't your chest seem to grow, or why don't your arms seem to get bigger?

Why aren't you gaining any weight?

Well, I began to do my own experimenting and also began to learn from those "average" people that had been successful in building muscle. I came upon some controversial realities. I also learned a lot when I was studying to become certified as an Emergency Medical Technician:

One of the problems with the information that is found out there is that it is all based on "THEORY". As I learned when doing my medical studies, just because something "looks" good on paper, in a textbook, or in a lab, doesn't mean it's what works in REAL LIFE. Most of the people that write articles and books don't even have a good-looking body themselves! I'm a firm believer that you must "practice what you preach".

You have to have built your own body before you can go on and try to assist others. That's like someone trying to sell you a "Get Rich Quick" program, yet they themselves are flat broke! I went from being thin, to having enough size to be in the top 1% hired by the Cleveland Fire Department.

The Unmasking of the Lies About Nutrition and Fast Weight Gain
You can pick up pretty much any magazine and read an article on what the proper nutrition is for building muscle. What's funny is the fact that they all pretty much state the exact same advice. These so-called nutritional / diet "gurus" just regurgitate or repeat what they've been reading in the other magazines. They fail to put into consideration what I call "real-world nutrition”.

Everyone seems to pretty much recommend you eat a high amount of protein, a certain amount of carbohydrates, and a certain amount of fats. They break down eating into specific "ratios" and "percentages". Some say to eat 40% of this, 30% of that, 65% of this, and so on and so on. Then, according to these diets, you must eat specific amounts of certain nutrients at certain times of the day.

Some say to train on an empty stomach. Others say to eat within 30 minutes after training. Some say to eat high carbs during the day and low at night. Some recommend you eat 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.....others say more. Some say you can only eat the foods you enjoy once a week, on your so-called "cheat day" or "free day". Some say to eat 6 meals a day, others say to eat 8-10 meals a day.

Then they make it seem that if you put one piece of food that actually tastes good into your mouth you are going to instantly sabotage your bodybuilding goals. They make it seem that if you go more than 2 or 3 hours without eating protein your muscles are going to immediately shrink down to the size of raisins.

Eating has turned into an expensive, overly complex matter. However, why is it that even if you follow all of the nutritional advice given in the magazines and on TV, and you purchase all of the products recommended you still don't manage to change the appearance of your body??????


Well, guess what? They are all wrong.

What You Eat is NOT That Important in Determining the Amount of Weight You Gain!
Before you begin to doubt the sentence you just read, take a good look at PRISONERS:

Prisoners only eat 3 or 4 times a day.

Prisoners have no choice as to what types of food they eat.

Their meals are not very nutritious according to "popular" standards.

Their meals are high in carbohydrates, and are low in protein.

The little protein they eat is not the "ion-exchange" high-priced whey, and most of the time it's considered "mystery meat".

Prisoners don't use any kind of supplements whatsoever.

However, prisoners are some of the most muscular, most massive, most well-defined, most powerful individuals! No doubt about it!

That alone should make it obvious that what you eat almost has no affect on your muscle building progress.

I quickly came to the realization that just because a diet "looks good on paper" it doesn't mean it's actually going to work in real life.

For many years now we have been led to believe that your muscle weight gain goals rely up to 80% on nutrition.

Why is that there are tons of people who eat very "clean", buy high-priced "fat free" foods, organic products, powders, and supplement shakes, and measure and calculate every little calorie they put into their mouths, yet they still don't LOOK good???

Think about it: who benefits the most from people buying tons of certain foods and products to follow the "popular" diets? The manufacturers and sellers of these goods. Companies are going to write all over the magazines and television that you must eat a high amount of grams of protein just to get you to go and spend $50.00 dollars on some bucket of the latest "muscle-building" protein.

They are going to tell you that you must consume a "high-glycemic / protein / creatine shake" immediately after working out to get you to go out and spend your money on their worthless powders and shake bottles.

Imagine if companies came out and told the truth about eating. They would go bankrupt, because people would no longer be fooled into buying their lousy foods and supplements.

Why Supplements Are Worthless and Why You Shouldn't Waste Any of Your Hard-Earned Money on Them

As I mentioned earlier, I have spent over $43, 200.00 on supplements, and that amount is probably in reality a lot higher. I didn't gain one ounce of muscle or any bit of strength from any of them.

Every couple of months a new supplement or an updated, "more potent", version of an existing supplement is released to the market. Every single one makes claims of being able to pack and build pounds of muscle while burning pounds of fat. And they seem to be getting more and more expensive.

Why is it that none of them seem to live up to all of the their hype???

The Truth Behind The Makers Of Supplements

Ever noticed how certain magazines seem to really "push", hype-up, promote, and run tons and tons of articles on certain supplements. For example, look at the list below:


Ironman Magazine Muscle-Linc

Musclemag International Muscletech

Kennedy's Formula One

Flex Weider

Muscle and Fitness Weider

......and the list goes on!

Is this a coincidence? Not at all! The fact of the matter is that the owners of these magazines are also the same ones that are developing these particular supplements. That is why they push and talk so highly of all over the pages of their magazine about these they can make tons of money off of people like you and me.

Look it up in any business magazine; the supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. That's why you cannot believe what these writers and authors in these magazines say about their supplements because their main goal is to “sell, sell, sell”....regardless if you actually gain any muscle or strength at all. They are about as bad as used car salesmen.

What About The Incredible Claims Made In These Articles And Ads?

“Build 35 pounds of muscle and burn 30 pounds of fat in just 4 weeks!!!!!" ...........................yeah right!

Here is a little known fact (but very important):
The FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is the U.S. government agency in charge of regulating substances, is not under any law obligated to investigate, verify, or test any claims made by any supplement companies or if they are even safe at all.

Many of these supplements are down right dangerous!!

This means that a supplement company can make any outrageous claim it wants (in order to fool you and I into buying) and the government conducts absolutely no testing. Every couple of months you see a new pill, powder, cream, etc., being praised for its unbelievable effects on building muscle, testosterone boosting, steroid-replacement, or anti-catabolic effects. They can say whatever they please......even if they are flat out lying!

The Truth Behind the "Medical and Scientific" Studies That Supposedly Back-Up the Supplement Company Claims

On most of the ads or articles that hype supplements a "medical or scientific study" is cited. You read how a "double-blind" study on a "placebo" group and a "tested" group over a certain amount of weeks proves the claims of muscle-building by the supplement company. Guess who's paying for those tests to be conducted? That's right, the supplement companies themselves.

How do I know this? The supplement companies themselves say it, but they try to twist it by saying that "they want to ensure the effectiveness of these products and they want to 'help' bodybuilders by producing supplements that work".

You can best believe that these "scientific studies" are biased. That's like believing medical exams conducted by tobacco companies saying that nicotine is not addictive and dangerous.

If a supplement company is constantly paying "big money" to these labs and technicians to conduct these so-called "studies", these tests are going to make sure they support and make the supplement look good for selling. Like the saying goes, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you". Bottom line: these lab studies are biased.

How is it possible that an "all-natural" supplement claims to be as strong and effective as steroids, yet not have any of the dangerous side effects?

Every single supplement company claims that THEIR whey protein, pro-hormone, or creatine is the most effective and only one that works. So which company then is telling the truth? None! They just want your wallet.

Magazines charge thousands of dollars per month to advertise in their magazines, so, of course, they want to keep selling.

Something I learned in my Paramedic studies: Another factor they fail to tell you is the dosage of the particular ingredient that was actually used on the test subjects. Sure, the ingredient might have shown some signs of hope, but many times it's at very high dosages, sometimes up to 10 times more than what they recommend on the label! If you were to take the high dosage used in the studies you would have to rob a bank to afford it, with the risk of suffering some sever side-effects.

I could keep on writing of my specific personal experiences with supplements, but it would probably be longer than the Bible.

What About The Most Overlooked Key To How To Gain Weight And Getting Rid Of Your Skinny Body..........THE MIND?

The mind is what will more than likely "make or break" you. Once I finally figured out the correct training and eating techniques, I also noticed that what was in my mind "sealed" my muscle building progress.

How many times has the way you "felt" mentally determined if you had an outstanding............or bad workout?

How many times has how "confident" you felt about lifting a particular amount of weight for a certain exercise determined how well that set went?

How many times has your mind caused you to stop a set at a certain number of reps, when in reality you could have completed another 1, 2, or 3 more reps?

How many times has you "not being in the mood to train" caused you to miss a workout?

How many times has you "not feeling like fixing a meal" caused you to settle for eating "whatever's around and convenient"?

How many times has a "craving" caused you to "binge"?

Do you see what I'm getting at? I myself have fell victim to all of this. That's why I quickly realized that without the mind involved you will not succeed.

However, almost every single article, book, and video neglects this incredibly important piece of the muscle building puzzle.

I figured out and learned from others certain techniques that allowed me to properly focus my mind to lead me to muscle and strength gain. I was able to break them down into 10 STEPS that are easy to follow. Learning how to bring YOUR mind into the "muscle building picture" will help you get rid of your skinny body and build muscle.

Again, I went from a skinny 147 pounds (at a height of 6 feet tall), to growing to the weight of 230 pounds….that’s over 70 pounds!
Now, it’s YOUR turn….

Like I've stated before, I spent loads of money on supplements, magazines, videos, and books, and deprived myself of eating the foods I enjoy for almost 10 years, which got me nowhere. I finally was able to expose the truths that allowed me to gain muscle weight, strength, confidence, self-esteem, and a body I was proud of showing off.

It also led me to becoming a Cleveland Firefighter......all:
without supplements

working out less than 2.5 hours a week

performing only 2 total “special” sets every 7 days per muscle

buying everything from the local grocery store (NOT some expensive supplement store)

I achieved this without sacrificing the precious time I spend with my wife, family, friends, career, etc.

I have had friends and fellow Firefighters ask me to help them build strength and get rid of their skinny bodies also. I knew that there were tons of others who have gone through the exact same frustration and loss of money on bad advice as I did.

I got tired of seeing supplement companies rob working people of their hard-earned money, because it happened to me. I knew that if a skinny, weak, average-genetics individual like me was able to gain muscle weight and strength, many others could do it also.

So, I decided to write a very detailed, step-by-step manual that explains every-single-thing I did to build muscle and strength. It explains in great detail how I went from weighing 147 pounds to weighing 230 pounds, adding 5 inches to my arms, and increasing tremendously my strength. This program is written with the needs and concerns of the average, skinny, hard-working, busy, full of personal responsibilities, hardgainer person in mind.

Here is a list of some of the topics and questions that explain the many techniques, truths, and strategies that I have uncovered
in my manual:

The concept of increasing “muscle capacity” (page 5)

How your nervous system determines whether you just get strong, or whether you get big AND strong (page 6)

The 6 Major Muscle Building Factors (page 7)

To increase the size of the muscle, do I have to go to failure? (page 7)

How to tap into “untouched and untrained” muscle fibers (page 7)

Is getting a good muscle pump necessary for building muscular size? (page 8)

How many sets it takes to cause the greatest muscular “growth spurt” (page 10)

Which set is the ONLY growth-producing set when training (page 11)

How many reps a set it takes to work completely a muscle (page 12)

The BEST training technique I have ever discovered to use during a set that produces the quickest muscular development WHILE allowing to cut my training time to 1/5th of what it used to be (page 14)

The “Heavy Weights for High Reps” concept (page 14)

How fast to perform each rep to induce the most tension in a working muscle (page 15)

How the amount of reps affect muscle strength, growth, and endurance (page 18)

Aren't high reps for getting you "cut and defined" and "shaping" the muscle, and not for building size? (page 19)

Are low reps for building mass? (page 19)

If “partials, negatives, and forced reps” are worth doing (page 20)

How long should I pause in between each rep? (page 21)

What if you're an "advanced" trainer, should you use more sets or exercises? (page 21)

How many times a week should I train the same muscle (…and it’s NOT once a week)? (page 22)

The 4 Stages of Muscle Building (page 24)

How do I group up my workouts and on what days should I work out? (page 24)

The best training split (ways to group up your workouts) that gives you most amount of training and recovery (“the best of both worlds”) (page 25)

How long to rest between muscle groups while working out (page 27)

How often and when to take a break from training (page 27)

The best way to warm up a muscle to prepare it for the “real set” (page 28)

Whether you should stretch or not (page 28)

How much weight do I use per exercise? (page 29)

When to increase the weight (what gauge to use) (page 29)

Why you should only do 1 exercise per muscle per workout, but how to rotate them for full development (page 31)

Should I do "compound" or "isolation" exercises? (page 36)

Should I use barbells or dumbbells? (page 37)

Which are better.....machines, cables, or free weights? (page 38)

List of some exercises to perform per muscle (page 39)

How to know when it’s time to “drop” an exercise from your routine and pick a new one (page 41)

But won’t doing the same exercises for months and months without changing cause me to plateau? Don’t I have to keep “tricking”, “shock”, and “keep off guard” my muscles so that I continue to grow? (page 42)

Should I join a gym or train at home? (page 43)

How to perform each exericise (page 44)

Why you SHOULDN’T perform an exercise with strict form (page 51)

The 5 Keys to Avoiding Injury (page 53)

Should I use different grips? (page 53)

Should I use a waist belt for support? (page 54)

Why you have to keep your workouts to under 1 hour (page 55)

The moment of the day to never train at (page 57)

Do you have to feel sore to know if you had a good workout? (page 58)

How to train a “stubborn / lagging” body part (page 59)

The major, major importance of The Training Log (page 60)

Why WHAT you eat isn’t what’s important (…and what IS) (page 62)

The brutal truth about protein (…I guarantee you that you aren’t going to read this ANYWHERE ELSE!) (page 63)

The # 1 proof that a high protein diet is NOT necessary (page 65)

Will being a vegetarian affect my ability to gain muscle? (page 66)

Should I worry about whether I eat "complex" or "simple" carbs? (page 67)

The real deal with saturated fats (page 68)

The biggest and most dangerous enemy in foods today (…and, no, it’s not carbs, sugars, or anything like that) (page 68)

The most important eating factor, by far, in finally getting rid of your skinny body forever (page 69)

Should I purchase "nutritional shakes" to help me get my calories? (page 70)

How much food you need to eat to GROW (page 71)

Links to websites that tell you the calorie amounts of some of your favorite foods and restaurant items (page 71)

A simple and quick method to use on those few occasions when you don’t know how many calories are in a particular food (page 72)

One of the most important concepts that you MUST understand and realize if you are ever to convert your physique from skinny to muscular (…by far, one of the most important truths in this manual and what NO ONE realizes, even though it’s right in front of their faces!) (page 74)

Why it is a major myth that you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time (page 79)

What if I don't have the appetite to eat that amount of food? (page 80)

Why you need to eat a different amount of calories on non-training days and how much (page 81)

In what manner to adjust your calorie level whenever you switch from gaining muscle to burning fat (and vice versa) (page 82)

How many meals to eat per day and when (page 82)

“Pre-Planning” and how to do it (page 87)

Metabolism, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants (page 88)

The real story to how much water you should drink (page 89)

Why the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is worthless (page 91)

Why the Glycemic Index (GI) is nothing but garbage (page 91)

Fast Food and Restaurant eating (page 91)

Training for fat burning and the # 1 mistake EVERYONE makes (page 92)

Why you should never do “high intensity cardio” / “interval training” to burn fat (page 94)

What type of calories get burned depending on the intensity (page 96)

How to determine your Maximum Heart Rate (page 96)

Why you need to do cardio even while gaining muscle (page 98)

The best moments to perform cardio for maximum fat burn (page 99)

How to track your progress (not just strength, but mainly muscle weight gain) and how / when to make adjustments (VERY IMPORTANT!!) (page 101)

The 3 “tools” that you must use to track your growth (involving certain “readings” and “measurements” of your body) (page 102)

Bringing your “mind” / “mental attitude” into the muscle weight gaining-picture (page 107)

The 10 Steps to Mastering the Mind (page 108)

Samples of meals (page 109)

A blank Workout Log that you can use (page 112)

One of my sample Workout Logs (page 113)

A blank muscle part Measurement Log (page 114)

As you can see for yourself from this list (which I included the exact page number where you can find every particular piece of information), this 115 page eBook (electronic book) is packed with information on every single page.

Click Here to Download Your eBook and Free Bonuses Now

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Holy crap dude.

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too bad i dont have that book. some of that stuff sparks my interest.

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It changed my life.

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Originally Posted by The Jesus View Post
It changed my life.
So what is his big secret?

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If I had big muscles I would man-handle Julio and tell him how it's going to be.

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Originally Posted by Warsaw View Post
So what is his big secret?

He exercises with weights*.

* overweight swans

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