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let's see your penis!
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Default Wikipedia

In the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC, an alliance of Greek city-states fought the invading Iraqi army in the pass of Thermopylae in order to seek out and destroy the weapons of mass destruction which "intelligence" indicated Iraq possessed.

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I've been reading tons of stuff about outsider music the past few weeks, basically start with Jandek and The Residents and follow all the links on wikipedia 2 great reads today:

On February 3, 1967, the eighth anniversary of Buddy Holly's death, Meek killed his landlady Violet Shenton and then himself with a single barreled shotgun that he had confiscated from his protegé, former Tornados bassist and solo star Heinz Burt at his Holloway Road home/studio (Meek had flown into a rage and taken it from him when he informed Meek that he used it while on tour to shoot animals). Meek had kept it under his bed, along with the shells. As the gun had been registered to Burt, he was questioned intensively by police, before being eliminated from their enquiries. A blue plaque has since been placed at the location of the studio to commemorate Meek's life and work.
and then

According to an account recorded by Irwin Chusid, the idea of The Shaggs is older than the girls themselves. When the girls' father, Austin Wiggin, Jr., was young, his mother made three predictions: he would marry a strawberry blonde; he would have two sons she would not live to see; and his daughters would form a famous musical group. After the first two came true, Austin set out to make the third happen.

To call the album amateurish is an understatement. Cub Koda wrote, "There's an innocence to these songs and their performances that's both charming and unsettling. Hacked-at drumbeats, whacked-around chords, songs that seem to have little or no meter to them ... being played on out-of-tune, pawn-shop-quality guitars all converge, creating dissonance and beauty, chaos and tranquility, causing any listener coming to this music to rearrange any pre-existing notions about the relationships between talent, originality, and ability. There is no album you might own that sounds remotely like this one." (emphasis in original) [1] Reportedly during the recording sessions, the band would occasionally stop playing, claiming one of them had made a mistake and that they needed to start over, leaving the sound engineers to wonder how the girls could tell when a mistake had been made

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Sylvia Woods
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ahw foot foot!
ahw gummo

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Suffering from schizophrenia, he was committed to New York's Bellevue Hospital after an attempt to murder Grape members Don Stevenson and Jerry Miller with a fire axe during the sessions for the band's second studio album. Upon his release, he recorded his only solo album, the now-classic psychedelic/folk album Oar (1969, Columbia Records). However, mental illness and alcoholism prevented him from sustaining a career in the music industry, and he lived much of his later life as a homeless person in Santa Cruz. When it finally seemed that he might have been overcoming those afflictions, lung cancer claimed him.

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Adam West

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Adam West at the 1989 Emmy Awards.

Adam West (born William West Anderson on September 19, 1928 in Walla Walla, Washington, USA) is an American actor, best known for playing the role of Batman on the original television program that ran from 1966 to 1968.



[edit] Biography

[edit] Early life

Adam West was born William West Anderson to Otto West Anderson and Audrey Speer Anderson and he has a brother named John. Adam West was raised on his family's farm, and as a boy he liked Batman comics. After attending Lakeside School, a prestigious high school in Seattle, he graduated with an BA in Literature with a minor in Psychology from Whitman College[1] in Walla Walla, Washington. At Whitman College, he was a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, a member of the debate team, a singer in the school choir, a writer for the school newspaper, and a member of the Economics Club. He also swam, skied, ran track, and played water polo.[1] He also was a graduate student at Stanford University.[2] In 1950, he married 17 year old Billi Lou Yeager. Induction into the U.S. Army followed, thanks to the Draft. He served two years in the United States Army.He worked odd jobs as a truck driver, and cowboy; until his resonant voice got him work as a radio disc jockey. Next he traveled with his wife around Europe, where he sometimes worked as a milkman. Eventually he settled in Hawaii where he got a role on a light entertainment show called The Kini Popo Show. West was the sidekick and eventual star of The Kini-Popo Show, a local children's show co-starring a chimp.[3]

In 1956, in Hawaii, he divorced his first wife and married a Hawaiian woman named either Ngahra Frisbie or Ngatokoruaimatauaia Frisbie Dawson; whom Adam called Nga.[2] The couple had two children; daughter Jonells and son Hunter; before settling down in 1959 in Hollywood, where he began to appear in Westerns. In 1962, West and Frisbie divorced. Ten years later West wed his third wife, Marcelle Tagand Lear, in 1972. Together they had daughter Nina and son Perrin; as well as West helping raise two stepdaughters, Moya Lear Tsatos and Jill Lear.

[edit] Marriages and children[3]

Wife: Billie Lou Yeager (b. 1933, m. 1950, div. 1956, married her when she was 17)

Wife: Nghara Frisbie (dancer, m. 1957, div. 1962, two children)

  • Daughter: Jonelle West (b. 1957 with Frisbie)
  • Son: Hunter West (b. 1958 with Frisbie)
Wife: Marcelle Tagand Lear (m. 1971, two children)

  • Daughter: Nina West (TV host, b. 1976 with Lear)
  • Son: Perrin West (b. 1979 with Lear)
  • Daughter: Moya Lear Tsatos (Lear's daughter adopted by West)
  • Daughter: Jill Lear (artist, Lear's daughter adopted by West)

[edit] Acting career

[edit] Batman Adam West as Batman

In the 1960s, various roles in films and television brought him to the attention of William Dozier, who cast him as Batman in the 1960s hit television series. West has said he was also invited to play James Bond after Sean Connery decided to give up the role, and that he was almost a majority of the three big B's of the 1960s: Bond, Batman, and The Beatles. The Batman show was internationally successful as light camp entertainment, running from 1966 to 1968 and even producing a feature film.

[edit] Post-Batman career

[edit] Typecasting

After the show ended, West was typecast as Batman and had trouble playing other roles; audiences identified him as Batman and no one else. His lead performance as cynical tough guy Johnny Cain in the 1969 film The Girl Who Knew Too Much did not erode his Batman image.

During the 1970s and 1980s, he appeared in a range of B-grade films and non-aired TV pilots, including The Happy Hooker Goes To Hollywood about the famed call girl, Xaviera Hollander. In the 1970s, he also appeared in "Love American Style".

In 1979, West returned to the role of Batman in Legends of the Super-Heroes. He returned again in 1983, this time in animated form on the Super Friends cartoon, taking over from previous Batman Olan Soule. In 1989, he guest starred in The Family Channel's "The New Zorro".
Lookwell pilot episode.

[edit] 1990s

During the 1990s he achieved partial cult status, appearing as himself in such films as The Size of Watermelons and Drop Dead Gorgeous. West has also lent his voice to several television series, including The Simpsons, and The Adventures of Pete & Pete (as the villainous principal of little Pete's school). In 1991, he starred in the pilot episode for Lookwell, in which he portrayed a has-been TV action hero who falsely believes he can solve crimes in real life. The pilot, written by Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel, failed to persuade studio executives to pick up the show. It was later broadcast on the Trio channel.

West had a cameo appearance on the Fox animated version of Batman, Batman: The Animated Series. In the episode Beware the Gray Ghost, West ironically voices an actor that used to play a hero in a TV series called "The Gray Ghost" and that has since been typecast in that role, having difficulty finding new work.

[edit] Family Guy

Main article: Adam West (Family Guy)
West makes semi-regular appearances on the animated series Family Guy, on which he plays Mayor Adam West, the near-lunatic mayor of fictional Quahog, Rhode Island

[edit] Other voice work

Adam West also appears on Nickelodeon's animated series The Fairly OddParents, as a cat-obsessed version of himself who is famous for playing a superhero called Catman, and who actually believes he is Catman. He also acts as the character of the Crimson Chin, though he does not believe he is this character. (The real Crimson Chin shows up later on in said episode.)

He also voiced cartoon roles on Kim Possible as Timothy North, a washed-up actor who believes he is the superhero he portrayed on television, The Fearless Ferret. He also starred on the Cartoon Network series Johnny Bravo. In The Batman, he plays the mayor of Gotham City named Marion Grange, and also Batman's inspiration The Grey Ghost in the Animated Series. He has most recently has done voice over work for The Boondocks. He played himself in MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch fighting against Christian Bale. He also played the voice of General Carrington in the video game XIII.

[edit] Investing

He is also a canny investor who has appeared on Fox's Cashin' In show about the stock market and investments in general.

[edit] Filmography


[edit] Television work

[edit] Video games

[edit] References
  1. a b Interview, Whitman Magazine, December 2006
  2. a b Adam West: Biography. Retrieved on 2006-05-15.
  3. a b
  • West, Adam (1994). Back to the Batcave. Berkley. ISBN 0-425-14370-8.
  • Press kit notes for The Girl Who Knew Too Much

[edit] Quotes

  • On being typecast as Batman: "It was inescapable. I'd just about land something substantial, something I like or a good career move. Then some dinosaur would rear up and say, 'But the audience will think of him as Batman.' It was formidable. It was there like a brick wall."
  • "Batman was an expensive show and it was losing money. I became extremely frustrated and unhappy and wanted out. There was nothing I could do to convince the producers or the studio to make improvements. I was just a hired hand. Eventually, I lost all interest because I felt the series was being neglected. They weren't spending the money they should have, and we weren't getting the scripts we deserved. I didn't want any part of this situation any more. I was tired of fighting for better shows. The program I wanted to do was no longer possible. But I hated to leave the character because Batman had been good to me."
  • On I've Got a Secret: "I had a very playful dentist...", prior to revealing his secret of once being marked with a bat picture on a tooth of his.

[edit] External links

Preceded by
Robert Lowery
Actors to portray Batman
Succeeded by
Richard Gautier
Preceded by
Richard Gautier
Actors to portray Batman
Succeeded by
Michael Keaton
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fuck wikipedia to the max. they deleted my longmont potion castle article.

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post it here

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Potion Castle
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy.
You may share your thoughts on the matter at this article's entry on the Articles for deletion page.
Please improve the article if possible, but the article must not be blanked, and this notice must not be removed, until the discussion is closed. For more information, particularly on merging or moving the article during the discussion, read the guide to deletion.

Steps to list an article for deletion: {{subst:afd}} • Preloaded debate OR {{subst:afd2|pg=Longmont Potion Castle|cat=|text=}} • {{subst:afd3|pg=Longmont Potion Castle}} log
Cover of The Best of Longmont Potion Castle
Cover of The Best of Longmont Potion Castle

Longmont Potion Castle is the alias of a Colorado prank phone caller whose real name is unknown. He recorded a number of his crank calls and released them as albums between 1988 and 2005, distributed primarily by small underground and independent record labels.

* 1 History
* 2 Discography
* 3 References
* 4 External links

[edit] History

The idea of Longmont Potion Castle was conceived in 1987. [1] LPC is known for using electronic devices such as echo delay and voice modulators to create Max Headroom-like effects during his prank phone calls.

Little is known about the person behind the Longmont Potion Castle, other than he is likely a white male who lived in the suburbs of Denver during the last 20 years of the 20th century and attended Columbine High School in the mid-1980s. [1] The person behind LPC is known by friends and "those in the know" as a good-natured, avid music fan who found his mark with his unique, oft-quoted prank calls. [1] He is also a vegetarian. [1]

His sense of humor is often off-color, and nonsensical in demeanor. His peculiar comic timing has led some to believe that LPC works strictly under the influence of heavy medication, or drug usage. In a 2006 interview, he confirmed this, stating that although he was not inebriated while recording the first few records, he eventually began smoking marijuana and later getting drunk before making phone calls. [1]

LPC often adopts nonsensical or silly monikers such as "Dirk Funk" and "Helium Ointment". Many of the recordings feature calls made to random households during which LPC is aggressive to an absurd degree to the person on the other end, threatening physical harm using unorthodox manners of speech ("The bringer of pain... to your face"). Recipients of these types of calls often match LPC's aggression with equal (although unintentional) absurdity. In fact, much of the humor of these recordings is derived from the naive reactions of those that are on the receiving end of the phone calls. Being a Colorado native, he often attacks such Denver locales as Twist & Shout and Radio Shack, but has also been to known to call famous people such as Sidney Poitier and GG Allin.

He says he has never been recognized in public, and in fact claims that he has only been caught in the act once -- during his first week of high school, calling his principal from a payphone outside his office as "Dick Smack". [1]

He used several different machines to record his calls, originally using his parents' answering machine (which beeped roughly every ten seconds). He later preferred to use the Duofone TAD-114, created by RadioShack. [1]

Longmont Potion Castle stated in a 2005 interview that it would be unlikely to see any new releases from him in the future.

[edit] Discography


* Longmont Potion Castle (1988)
* Longmont Potion Castle 2 (1992)
* Longmont Potion Castle 3 (1995)
* The Best of Longmont Potion Castle (1996)
* The Best of Longmont Potion Castle Volume 2 (1998)
* Longmont Potion Castle 4 (2001)
* Late-Eighties-Vein (2003)
* Longmont Potion Castle 5 (2005)
* Longbox Option Package Box Set (2006)

Singles and EPs

* Longmont Potion Castle/Hatebeak (2004)


* Live From Longmont Potion Castle

[edit] References

1. a b c d e f g Amazing Webzine interview with Longmont Potion Castle

[edit] External links

* Official Longmont Potion Castle Website
* Mark Prindle's Full Catalog Review

Retrieved from ""

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only through the magick of wikipedia can i claim albert einstien had a huge a meth problem for all of the world to see.

it's fun to see how quickly those dungeon masters clean vandalism

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when did wiki start making a lot of their movie/actor links go to imdb?

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Originally Posted by neopryn
In the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC, an alliance of Greek city-states fought the invading Iraqi army in the pass of Thermopylae in order to seek out and destroy the weapons of mass destruction which "intelligence" indicated Iraq possessed.
i dont feel comfortable with the liberal slant of this entry

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He he he he... Walla Walla, Washington.

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List of ethnic slurs

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Editing of this article by unregistered or newly registered users is currently disabled.
Such users may discuss changes, request unprotection, log in, or create an account. This article or section may contain original research or unverified claims.
Please help Wikipedia by adding references. See the talk page for details.
A slur can be anything from an insinuation or critical remark to an insult. The following is a list of ethnic slurs that are, or have been, used as insinuations or allegations about members of a given ethnicity or to refer to them in a derogatory (critical or disrespectful), pejorative (disapproving or contemptuous), or downright insulting manner in the English-speaking world. For the purposes of this list, ethnicity can be defined by race, ethnicity, or nationality. Each term is listed followed by its country or region of usage, a definition, and (where applicable) a reference to that term.

0–9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


5 and 2 / 5 by 2 / 4 by 2 / 3 by 2
(UK) Cockney rhyming slang for a Jew. Originated in the early 1900s.[1]
(Southern California) a term for blacks, comes from the Los Angeles Police Department code for "Suspicious Person".[2]


Abbie / Abe / Abie
a Jewish male. From the proper name Abraham. The Hebrew name for father is "Abba". Originated before the 1950s.[3]
(Subcontinentals in U.S.) "American-Born Confused Desi" used for American-born South Asians who are confused about their cultural identity. Often used by ABCDs about other ABCDs. ABCD is the most common version of the phrase, but there are variations of it that extend all the way to the letter 'z' in at least two different versions: "American Born Confused Desi, Emigrated From Gujarat, House in Jersey, Kids Learning Medicine, Now Owning Property, Quite Reasonable Salary, Two Uncles Visiting, White Xenophobia Yet Zestful" and "American Born Confused Desi, Emigrated From Gujarat, Housed In Jersey, Keeping Lotsa Motels, Named Omkarnath Patel, Quickly Reached Success Through Underhanded Vicious Ways, Xenophobic Yet Zestful"[9]
(Arabic Countries) This term, literally "slave" in Arabic, is used as a slur against Blacks and persons of mixed African descent. Usage is consistent with the Arab institution of black slavery that lasted from approximately 900 to 1962. [10] [11] [12]
Abo / Abbo
(AUS) Australian Aboriginal person. Originally, this was simply an informal term for "Aborigine", and was in fact used by Aboriginal people themselves until it started to be considered offensive in 1950s. In remoter areas, Aboriginal people still often refer to themselves (quite neutrally) as "Blackfellas" (and whites as "Whitefellas"). From the 1870s until the 1920s, the word Ab was used instead.[citation needed] Although "Abo" is still considered quite offensive by many, the pejorative "boong" is now more commonly used when the intent is to deliberately offend , as that word's status as an insult is unequivocal. [4]
Adolf / 'Dolf
(U.S. & UK Commonwealth) Germans, referring to Adolf Hitler.[13]
(North America) a Black person.[14]
(North America) A young white male devotee of African-American pop culture.[5]
(U.S.) an Arab, from the novelty song "Ahab the Arab" by Ray Stevens; in the Bible, Ahab was the sinful king of Samaria married to the equally wicked Jezebel.[15]
Alabama Blue Gums
(U.S.) a black person.[16][17][18]
(U.S. Blacks) whites, also a derogatory term for light skinned blacks used by darker skinned blacks.[19]
Alligator bait
(U.S.) also "Gator Bait." A black person, especially a black child. More commonly used in states where alligators are found--particularly Florida. First used in the early 1900s, although some hypothesize the term originated in the late 1800s.[6]
Alter kacker / alter kocker (Yiddish) / alter kucker / A.K.
(North America) a disparaging term for elderly Jewish people. Although the word is of Yiddish origin (literally meaning old shitter), it has been adopted by non-Jews as a slur against Jews. First used in the early 1900s.[7]
Americanadian/ Am-Can/ Can-Am/ Can in the Am/ Am in the Can/ Wannabecan/ WannabeAm
(US, CAN), one who is an American but acts Canadian, or in reverse a Canadian who acts American, or someone who is of both Canadian and American ancestry, or an American wanting to move to Canada, or a Canadian who wants to move to U.S. (Note that Americanadian isn't offensive, but Cam in the Am or Am in the Can is)[8]
Americunt / A Merry Cunt
(UK) an American tourist.[20][21][22]
(North America) the Amish.[23]
(Quebec) Anglophones in Canada.[24]
(U.S.) Any white (northern-western European) person, regardless of whether they have English ancestry. This term is most often used by Hispanics and Italians and often not meant to be offensive.[9]
An Anglo-Australian possibly of convict lineage. Based on the belief that all Anglo-Australians are descended from convicts. Particularly offensive.[10]
A white woman to a black person--or a black woman who acts too much like a white one. While Miss Ann, also just plain Ann, is a derisive reference to the white woman, by extension it is applied to any black woman who puts on airs and tries to act like Miss Ann.[11]
Antique Farm Equipment/Outdated Farm Machinery
(U.S) a Black person; slaves were mostly used for farming.[25][26]
(U.S.) a black person.[12]
(North America) An American Indian (Native American) who is "red on the outside, white on the inside." Used primarily by other American Indians to indicate someone who has lost touch with their cultural identity. First used in the 1980s.[13]
(North America) a person with roots in the South Asian subcontinent, popularized by the eponymous Kwik-E-Mart operator from The Simpsons.[27]
As dry as a pommy's towel
(Australia) very dry. Pommy=Englishman. From the perception that Englishmen do not bathe very often.[14]
Aunt Jemima / Aunt Jane / Aunt Mary / Aunt Sally / Aunt Thomasina
(U.S. Blacks) a black woman who "kisses up" to whites, a "sellout", female counterpart of Uncle Tom.[15]
Aussie Wuzzie
(Australia) a black person native to New Guinea.[16]


(U.S.) derogatory term for an East Asian with "white" mannerisms, e.g. "Yellow skin, white soul." Also an insult to Blacks, as it represents a food eaten by apes. [17] Alternative Asian slur: "Twinkie"
(U.S.) term for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.
Black Irish
(UK Commonwealth & U.S.) an Irish person with dark features. While the term is largely inoffensive, the distinction between fair and swarthy Irish people is historically baseless and fundamentally racist. Black Irish often are considered to be of poor ancestry (labourers and such, rather than aristocratic blood.) These darker features are often attributable to ancient Hamitic and Iberian ancestors present in the ancient British Isles. The Fomorians, believed to have sailed up the Atlantic seaboard from Africa and Iberia, were aboriginal Hamitic peoples.[18]
Boche; bosche; bosch
(France; U.S.; UK) a German [from either French caboche head, or Alboche, modification of Allemand German].[19]
Bog Irish
a person of common or low class Irish ancestry.[20][21]
A person of east-central European descent. Was commonly used toward Ukrainian immigrants during the early 20th century.[22]
Boong / boang
(Aus) Australian aboriginal.[23] Related to the Australian English slang word bung, meaning "dead", "infected", "dysfunctional". Highly offensive. [First used in the 1920s]
Boonga / boong / bunga / boonie
(New Zealand) a Pacific Islander [alteration of boong].[24]
Brown Sahib
a term - often used in a disparaging tone - to refer to natives of the Indian Subcontinent who have been heavily influenced by Western (usually British) culture and thinking.
(U.S.) a. a person of mixed white and black ancestry; a mulatto. b. (U.S. black) a young, brown-skinned person 1940s-1950s[25]
a. black person.[26]
b. (U.S. black) a young, brown-skinned person 1940s-1950s[27]
Bun mui
(Hong Kong) Filipino domestic helper in Hong Kong. Chinese employers call their maids Bun Mui. “Bun” is from Philippines and “Mui” means a lowly servant or girl. It is applied to all Filipinos regardless of age or social status. The term is offensive.


Camel Jockey
a person of Middle-Eastern descent.[28]
(U.S. & CAN) a Canadian national. (Rarely offensive, and considered by Canadians to be obsolete and silly -- compare "Yankee") The Vancouver NHL team is even called the "Vancouver Canucks". When pronounced Can-OOK it is somewhat more derisive, although in a comical sense.
(Subcontinentals in Canada) - Canadian-Born Confused Desi - Similar to ABCD, but used for Canadian-born South Asians who are confused about their cultural identity. [28][29]
(U.S.) a Vietnamese person (shortened from radio code for the Vietcong (V.C.): "Victor Charlie"[30]); term also used by African Americans (mainly in the 1960s and 1970s) to refer to a white person (from James Baldwin's novel Blues For Mr. Charlie).
a Eurasian half-caste [probably from Hindi chi-chi fie!, literally, dirt][29]
Cheese-eating surrender monkeys
(UK, US) the French, known in Britain since the 1980s, and popularised in the US by TV program The Simpsons.
(U.S., Mexico) a person of Mexican descent born in the United States. This word is not always a slur, however it is sometimes used by native Mexicans as a derogatory term to insinuate that the person born in the United States is not a true Mexican and, therefore, a "lesser" Mexican.
(U.S.) an asian person who acts as if they are black (posing). Derived from the asian term "chigger" and black term "nigger."
Ching Chong
(U.S. & Canada) A person of perceived Chinese descent. A very offensive term, equated with Chink, or nigger.[citation needed]
(U.S.) used to refer to people of perceived Chinese descent. Describes their eye slits or chinks. Considered extremely derogatory, .[30]
(India and UK) used to refer to people of perceived Chinese descent. Considered derogatory, although not as derogatory as Chink, or Ching Chong. It is also often used to refer to a Chinese restaurant. [31]
Clog Wog
(AUS) a person of Dutch origin, not always offensive.[32]
(US UK AUS) Term used to denounce another that is of Black or Brown heritage, but not reflecting the perceived values of the Black or Brown community (i.e., "Black on the outside, White on the inside"). [33][34] Similar to Uncle Tom.
(U.S.) a Black person. Now considered a slur, it was acceptable in the past. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, for example, continues to use its full name unapologetically.
(South Africa) a community of mixed origin, including Khoikhoi and Asian slaves, not derogatory but the normal term for this community
(UK Commonwealth) a black person (while not usually intended to be offensive, the term is not regarded as acceptable by many black people).
(North America) a Chinese (originally used in 19th-century for Chinese railroad labor). Chinese Coolies have a long history and Chinese are still exploited Coolies. Also racial epithet for Indo-Caribbean people, especially in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and South African Indians, where it is considered on par with "nigger".
(AUS, U.S. & U.K) a black person. Possibly from Portuguese barracoos, a building constructed to hold slaves for sale (1837).[31]
(U.S.) a Cajun person, either from French 'conasse' (meaning 'stupid bitch') or (more likely) because they were regarded as lower than Coons (see above). Today, some Cajuns use the term among themselves as a mark of pride or an in-joke, but many consider its use by non-Cajuns derogatory.
(Europe) an American, often used by political cartoonists. (Not offensive to many Americans, who aren't aware of the European stereotype).[35]
(U.S.) White people in general. (Europe) People with blue eyes and blonde hair,; (Southeast Asia) White people (usually White Americans).
a black person,[36] spec. a black woman.
(U.S.) adjective: a person with slanted eyes [first used in the 1910s][37]


an Italian or person of Italian descent.[38]
Dogan, dogun
(CAN) Irish Catholic [19th century on; origin uncertain: perhaps from Dugan, an Irish surname].[39]
noun. (1) [19th century on, Dutch being corrupted from the Pennsylvania German self-descriptive word Deitsch] Anyone of Germanic heritage (as with Anglo-Celtic Pennsylvanians) a Pennsylvania German; (2) (mid-1800s to 1920s) a foreigner, especially one who does not speak English well; (3) a bar keeper;[40] (4) anglophone South African whites, used for Afrikaner[41]


(Canada) An offensive descriptive term for the Inuit [32]. (US) The term may or may not be offensive, considering some tribes in Alaska still prefer to be called by that general name.


(Northern Ireland & west of Scotland Protestants) originally the name of a political movement, the Irish Republican Brotherhood, but now a derogatory term aimed at Catholics, especially those thought to sympathise with the IRA.[42]
obsolete: German; dutchman.[43]
(United States) A derogatory term for Filipinos. [44]
Free Stater
(Ireland) a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, especially to Ulster Protestants. Also used by Irish republicans to refer to Irish people who they believe are less than patriotic.[45]
(UK, France, Hungary ("fricc"), Poland [Fryc], Russia [фриц] ) a German [from Friedrich (Frederick)].[46]
(UK) A French person. Comes from the French recipe for eating frogs' legs (see comparable French term Rosbif). Also used in Canada to refer to both the French and French Canadians.[47]


(Japan) a foreigner (lit. an outsider), usually a white person. The more socially acceptable term is "Gaikokujin," lit. an outlander.
a black person.[48]
(AUS) an Aboriginal woman.[49]
(U.S.) an Italian-American.[50]
(UK Commonwealth) a dark-skinned person, after Florence Kate Upton's children's book character
(U.S. military slang) A misunderstood word thought to be derogatory by American troops in the Korean War that was derived from the words “hangook” and “migook”. “Hangook” refers to Korea[33] [34] and “migook” is the common word for America.[35] American troops misinterpreted "migook" (sounds like "me gook") as an assertion of "I am a gook". During the Vietnam War, it was mistakenly labeled to the Vietnamese people who also have a similar word “han quốc” which means country. Popularized to ******* any `Mongoloid' Asian after its widespread use during the War. Like chink, extremely offensive.
Goy (גוי)
(Jews) a non-Jew (Gentile) [51]or someone who does not practice Judaism; The Hebrew and Yiddish word goy (plural: גוים, goyim) means "nation" or "people" (and not "cattle", as is sometimes asserted). While the word is used over 550 times in the Hebrew Bible referring to both the Israelites and non-Israelites, it can be used as an insult. When applied by Jews to other Jews in modern times, it is almost always derogatory and implies either non-compliance with Jewish law or behavior inconsistent with traditional Judaism. "Goj" (plural "Gojiem") is also the accepted Dutch word for a non-Jew.
Goyisher kopf
(Jews) This exclamation is said by Jews when they say or do something stupid (literally, "gentile-head"). Seems to reinforce a "positive" Jewish stereotype that all Jews are smart.[52]
(US) A person of Italian descent. Occasionally used to refer to anyone of Mediterranean or Latin heritage. [53]
(AUS) Aboriginal (Koori) term for white people[54] - derived from Governor / Gubbanah
(U.S.) someone of Italian descent. (Derives from "Guinea Negro", which came from the popular belief that Italians were part African because of their darker skin, and/or former Moorish domination of parts of S. Italy.)[55]
Gweilo, gwailo, or kwai lo (鬼佬)
(Hong Kong and South China) A White man. Loosely translated as "foreign devil;" more literally, might be "ghost dude/bloke/guy/etc." Gwei means "ghost." The color white is associated with ghosts in China. A lo is a regular guy (i.e. a fellow, a chap, or a bloke).[36] Once a mark of xenophobia, the word was promoted by Maoists and is now in general, informal use.[37]
Gyppo, gippo, gypo, gyppie, gyppo, gyppy, gipp
(UK) a. A Gypsy (see below). b. (UK and Australian military) Egyptians,[56] sometimes used affectionately, but "bloody Gyppo" was a term of abuse.


(North America) an Iraqi, Arab, or occasionally other nonwhite, a discouraged U.S. military term; to Arabs who have made the Hajj to Mecca, the title Hajji is a compliment (See Hajj for non-offensive usage). Also associated with Hadji of Jonny Quest
(US, Hawaiian) A non-native, used by Hawaiians to describe whites and other non-islanders. [57]
(US) Of mixed Asian race. Like with the slur nigger Asians of mixed ancestry are using this word to destigmatize the term. [58] It still can be regarded as a racial slur, as being called colored.
(AUS) 19th century, Hindu. Often not offensive.[59] In Canada, this in either spelling is heavily offensive when used in reference to Canadian Sikhs. [citation needed]
Honky also spelled "honkey" or "honkie"
(1) (U.S. blacks, UK) a white person (derived from "hunkie" or from "honky-tonk", or possibly from the perceived nasal quality of white speech as compared with black speech) offensive. (2) Also used in reference to Hongkongers, mostly by people from Hong Kong.
Hoser & Hosehead
(North America) derogatory term for Canadians (sometimes used by Canadians to disparage other Canadians)
an Eskimo of Labrador and northeastern Canada or his language -- sometimes taken to be offensive [probably by shortening & alteration from Eskimo] Sometimes used in conjunction with Skimo. [60]
(U.S.) A derogatory term for New York City, referencing the prevalent Jewish population there. Apparently in 1984, Jesse Jackson referred to NYC by the handle Hymietown in off-the-record conversations with reporters. [61]When he was initially called to task for this anti-Semitic remark he flatly denied having ever said it. Milton Coleman, a trailblazing African-American reporter from the Washington Post, insisted that Jackson had used the expression, and Jackson later admitted his "error".


Ikey / ike iky
a Jew [from Isaac][62]
Ikey-mo / ikeymo
a Jew [from Isaac and Moses][63]
Indian giver
(North America) slur against Native Americans implying dishonesty, but rarely actually used in reference to Native Americans. "Indian giver" is a general descriptive slur meaning to give something and then want it back. Related in origin to Indian summer
a black person.[64]


(U.S., UK, & AUS) a term denoting anything Japanese.
(U.S.) Jewish-American Princess, referring to perceived spoiled, snotty daughters of rich Jews.
(UK Commonwealth, especially during WWII) a. a German national. b. a German soldier [Probably an alteration of German][65]. Origin of Jerry can.
Jewish American Princess (JAP)
(U.S.) Affluent/spoiled Jewish woman. Often used in the American Northeast as a descriptor for any stuck-up and spoiled teenager or young woman, regardless of religion. /Aust., spoilt Jewish adolescents (Jewish American Prince or Princess)
Jigaboo, jiggabo, jijjiboo, zigabo, jig, jigg, jiggy, jigga, jigger
(U.S. & UK) a black person (JB) with stereotypical black features (dark skin, wide nose, etc.).[66]
Jim Fish
(South Africa) a black person[67]
Jock, jocky, jockie
(UK) A Scottish person, used by the English as an insult.[68] Same vein as the English insult for the French, as Frogs.
John Bulls
(U.S.) Englishmen, not necessarily a derisive term but can be mildly derisive
a Cantonese term used to describe an Overseas Chinese person who has grown up in a Western environment.
Jungle bunny
(U.S. & UK) a black person.[69]


Kaffir, kaffer, kaffir, kafir, kaffre
(South Africa) a. a black person. Very offensive. Usage: Kaffir Boy was a famous autobiographical book by Mark Mathabane about his childhood in South Africa. (The South African Consul General in Lethal Weapon 2 calls Danny Glover a kaffir and Mel Gibson a 'kaffir lover'.) b. also caffer or caffre: a non-Muslim. c. a member of a people inhabiting the Hindu Kush mountains of north-east Afghanistan. Origin is from the Arab word kafir meaning 'infidel' used in the early Arab trading posts in Africa. The term passed into modern usage through the British, who used the term to refer to the mixed groupings of people displaced by Shaka when he organized the Zulu nation. These groups (consisting of Mzilikaze, Matiwani, Mantatisi, Flingoe, Hottentot, and Xhosa peoples inhabited the region from the Cape of Good Hope to the Limpopo river) fought the British in the Kaffir Wars 1846-1848, 1850-1852, and 1877-1878.)[70][71] See also Kaffir (Historical usage in southern Africa)
An offensive word for an Indian person in Malaysia and Singapore.
Kike or kyke
(U.S.) a Jew. From kikel, Yiddish for "circle". Immigrant Jews signed legal documents with an "O" (similar to an "X").[72]
Kraut (from Sauerkraut)
(North America & British Commonwealth) U.S. and British term for a German[73], most specifically during World War II.


Leb / Lebo
(AUS) Refers to a Lebanese person[74]. Depending on the context it can be considered highly offensive to the point of being a 'fighting word'.
(US) A British person. Comes from the historical British naval practice of giving sailors limes to stave off scurvy.[75]


Epithet used to describe a Negro (originally) or a person of North-African origin (more recently). Came to public attention in 2006 when U.S. Senator George Allen infamously used it to describe a person of Indian descent. [38]
Mammy or Mammy Woman
(U.S.) an unflattering term for a mature black woman - usually subservient (term popularized by Al Jolson in song and film), a pop culture example is Hattie McDaniel's character in Gone with the Wind for which she won the Academy Award
'Merkan or Merkin
(British) an American, sarcastic reference to the North American pronunciation of the word 'American'. Spelling is variable but internet use tends to use the former when being "polite" and the latter when deemed appropriate (as a merkin, a pubic wig, is something "very close to a prick").
Mick, Mickey, Mickey Finn
a. (Britain, Commonwealth & U.S.) an Irish person or a person of Irish descent. From the prefix "Mc"/"Mac" meaning "son of" that is commonly found in Irish surnames. b. (Australia) a Roman Catholic [19th century on, from Michael].[76] Mickey Finn, a popular date rape drug.
Mock / moch
(U.S.) a Jew [first used in the 1960s as an abbreviated form of mocky (qv)][77]
Mocky / moky / moxy / mockey / mockie / mocky
(U.S.) a Jew [first used in the 1930s][78]
(North America) This is a derogatory word for the Kaniengehagas or Kanienkehaka Native Americans that means "cannibal" in Algonquian. It has been adopted by Western settlers as the actual name for that nation.
Moke / moak / moke
(U.S.) a black person[79]
(Australia) obsolete: a Chinese immigrant[80]
(U.S., Brazil, possible other) rare term for retarded persons or this with autism spectrum disorders. Considered extremely offensive. From the supposed "Asian" eye shape. In Brazil the term is also used to make fun of someone with Autism or without (liken to retard in the U.S. except more offensive)
(U.S.) a person of mixed ethnic heritage.
(UK) a black person.[81].
a black person.[82]
(among whites in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia) a black person from muntu, the singular of Bantu[83]
Mustard seed
(U.S.) a light-skinned person with one white and one black parent[84]


Napkin Nigger
Offensive term used to describe Indians[85]
(North America) name given to the Diné Indians by their enemies, the Tewa Pueblo Native Americans. It may mean "thieves" or "takers from the fields." It was adopted by Western settlers as the actual name of the Diné, and despite its dubious origin, many Diné today accept being called Navajo rather than insisting on Diné.
Nez Percé
(North America) this phrase, which means "pierced nose" in French, is the name given to the Nimipu Native North Americans by French trappers.
(UK & U.S.) a black person.[86]
Nigger / Niger / nigor / nigra / nigre (Caribbean) / nigar / niggor / niggur / nigga / niggah / niggar / nigguh/ nuh/ (Brazil nego/ negão/ negalháda)
(U.S., UK) a black person. Can also generally be used toward anyone with brown or darker skin, such as an Indian. From the word negro which means the color black in numerous languages. Diminutive appellations ******* "Nigg", "Nigz" and "'Groid" (from "negroid"). The terms "Nigga" and "Niggaz" (plural) are frequently used between African-Americans and between whites without the negative associations of "Nigger." Use of the word is often perceived as extremely offensive if used by a white person in any context. In recent times the female term Negress has been used satirically to refer to the recent prevalence of formulaic tokenism in US-made TV dramas. For example: "Every cop show needs one (1) Blond woman who is not dumb, one (1) Negress-with-issues, one (1) quirky but loveable lab nerd and so on..."
Nigra / negra / niggra / nigrah / nigruh
(U.S.) offensive for a black person [first used in the early 1900s][87]
(U.S.) someone of Japanese descent (shortened version of Nipponese, from Japanese name for Japan, Nippon)[88]
Nitchie, neche, neechee, neejee, nichi, nichiwa, nidge, nitchee, nitchy
(CAN) a North American Indian [From the Algonquian word for "friend"].[89]


(AUS & NZ) Uncultivated Australian.[90]
A white person;
(UK Commonwealth & U.S.) an Asian person, considered offensive by Asians because they claim that objects (rugs, art, etc) are Oriental and people are Asian.


Paki / Pakki
(Primarily UK and Canada, sometimes US and India) a Pakistani or other South Asian. It is usually considered offensive when used by a non-South Asian in the UK,[91] except concerning the cannabis known as Paki Black
(Primarily UK) an Irishman. [92]
(U.S.) a derogatory term for someone of Indian descent. Patel is a very common surname for Indians, like "Smith" is in America. Featured in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross [93]
(Spain; U.S.) a non-Gypsy.[94]
(U.S.) a white person (southerner). The term "Peckerwood", an inversion of "Woodpecker", is used as a pejorative term. This word was coined in the 19th century by southern blacks to describe poor whites. They considered them loud and troublesome like the bird, and often with red hair like the woodpecker's head plumes.
Pickaninny, pickaninnie
(UK & U.S.) black child, from Spanish peque niño (little boy) — in South African picannin is used.
Pikey / piky / piker
(Britain) a. gypsy, b. a lower-class person. Sometimes used to refer to an Irish person [19th century on].[95]
Pocho / pocha
(Southwest U.S., Mexico) adjective: term for a person of Mexican heritage who is partially or fully assimilated into American culture (literally, "over-ripe").[96] (See also "Chicano")
Plastic Paddy
(Ireland) a non-Irish person who harbours a nostalgic claim of 'Irishness' due to having Irish heritage.
Pom, Pohm, Pommy, Pommie
(AUS/NZ/SA) a British (usually English) immigrant. Some claim it derives from "Prisoner of Mother England", but it probably derives from pomegranate, rhyming slang for "immigrant,[97] jimmygrant, pommygrant". It is often used irreverently and is not usually considered offensive. Many such migrants to Australia call themselves "ten pound poms", because they paid ten pounds for their passage to Australia in the 1950s. Often combined with an adjective, particularly whingeing pom, a reference to migrants who complained about their adopted country.
Powder burn
a black person.[98]


a black person.[99]


(U.S. & UK) a slang term for Native Americans.
Rhineland Bastard
(Nazi Germany) children of mixed African and German parentage.
Rosbif or Rosbeef
(English: Roast Beef): (France) a British person, from the stereotypical belief that the English eat exclusively roast beef (see comparable English term Frog).[100]
(English speaking Asians) a white or non-Asian person.[101]


(U.S.) A Salvadoran born or raised in the United States.[102]
(U.S.) a derogatory term for an African American, Black, or sometimes a South Asian person.
Sand Nigger
(US, UK) A Middle Eastern person. [103][104][105]
(England, archaic) - A Scottish person, local variant of Sandy, short for "Alexander".[106]
(Australian) An American. (Rhyming slang: Septic tank, Yank)[107][108]
a Jew. [109]
(western United States) adjective: Japanese [from the slang word skibby, "Japanese prostitute," probably from Japanese sukebei "lewdness"][110]
(AUS) a colloquial term for Australians of Northern European (ie, Anglo, Celtic, Dutch, German or Scandinavian) descent. Among people of Mediterranean decent, used as a counter to "wog", and was used to refer to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern people. [From the TV show Skippy the Bush Kangaroo].[111]
a pejorative epithet to describe members of the ethnic Macedonian community (from Slav, and Macedonian). [112][113]
Slope, slopehead, slopy, slopey
(U.S. & Aus) a person of Asian (in Australia, especially Vietnamese; in America, especially Chinese) descent.[114]
Smoked Irish / smoked Irishman
(U.S.) 19th century term for Blacks (intended to insult both Blacks and Irish).[115]
(U.S.) A Canadian immigrant.[39][40]
a black person [originated in the U.S. in the 1950s][116]
Spaghetti Bender
(North America and UK) an Italian [117][118]
Spaghetti Nigger
(North America) an Italian [119] [120]
Spic, spick, spik, spig, or spigotty
(U.S, U.K) a. a person of Hispanic descent. Use of the word is often perceived as extremely offensive if used by a person other than that of Latino descent in any context. [origin uncertain. first recorded use in 1915. Theories ******* (1) from "no spik English" (2) from spig, in turn from spiggoty, which could be from spaghetti as it originally was used to refer to Italians as well when coined in 1910. Common belief is that it is an abbreviation of "Hispanic", although this is probably an anachronism] b. the Spanish language.[121]
(U.S. whites) a black person (used in the movies Taxi Driver and Back to the Future;[122] its ambiguity – another meaning being "a specter" – is an essential part of the plot of Philip Roth's novel The Human Stain)
(U.S. & CAN) Often offensive term for female Native American.[123]
(Canada) Can simply refer to a Sri Lankan, or a Sri Lankan who tries to act black.[124]


Taffy or Taff
(UK) a Welsh person. First used ca. 17th century. From the River Taff or the Welsh pronunciation of the name David (in Welsh, Dafydd).[125] Children's rhyme: "Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief". Generally considered offensive when used by an English person.
(Northern Ireland) an Irish person, especially a Northern Irish Nationalist.
Tar baby
(UK; U.S.; and N.Z.) a black child.[126]. See Tar baby.
(British) A black person. [1800s][127]
a black person.[128]
Tinker / tynekere / tinkere / tynkere, -are / tynker / tenker / tinkar / tyncar / tinkard / tynkard / tincker
a. (Britain & Ireland) an inconsequential person (typically lower class);
b. (Scotland and Ireland) a Gypsy [origin unknown][129]
c. (Scotland) a member of the native community previously itinerant (but mainly now settled) who were reputed for their production of domestic implements from basic materials and for repair of the same items, being also known in the past as "travelling tinsmiths". The slur is possibly derived from a reputation for rowdy and alcoholic recreation. Often wrongly confused with Gypsy/Romany people.


Uncle Tom
(U.S. minorities) term for an African-American, Latino, or Asian who panders to white people; a "sellout" (taken from Harriet Beecher Stowe's " Uncle Tom's Cabin".)



(UK and US) One who dishonors his obligation to pay debts or wagers. [130] Offensive because it implies that is characteristic of the Welsh people.[131][132]
West Briton / Westbrit
(Ireland) is for an Irish person who has sympathies toward Britain, or who imitates the English.[133]
(US) Used to describe a Latino refugee, who allegedly entered the country by swimming. Very offensive.
White Nigger
(US) Used in 19th centuy United States to describe the Irish. Used today to demean any White person as being White trash, or an ignorant and uncouth redneck. [134]
White trash also poor white trash
(U.S.) an unrefined white person - usually poorly educated.
(North America) A young white male devotee of African-American pop culture (for example Tim Westwood), or a white person who grew up in a predominantly African-American neighbourhood or town.
(UK) A dark-skinned South Asian, Middle-Eastern, or native of India. The origin of the term is disputed, but it is often thought to be an acronym for "Worthy Oriental Gentleman" or "Western Oriental Gentleman," though some etymologists reject such explanations.
(AUS) A Middle Easterner or Mediterranean-European (especially Greek or Italian) person (sometimes any foreigner). The term, still offensive, has been appropriated by second-generation Mediterranean Australians and is used humorously or with pride, as in "wog culture" and the successful comedy show Wogs Out of Work. Some Australians refer to soccer as "wogball".
(North America) A racial term for anyone of Italian descent. Contrary to what some may think or have read, "Wop" isn't an acronym for "With Out Papers", but was derived from an Italian word "guappo", which means thug. [135][136]



(International outside of U.S.) a person from America; the term may be meant as an insult (e.g., Yankee Go Home). (U.S.) denotes someone from the northern United States; if used by someone from the southern United States the term is meant to be derogatory. Yank (UK AUS NZ)


See also

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Default Hallloween (2007)

Rob Zombie's Halloween is a prequel/remake of the first film in the Halloween film series. The film will be written, produced, and directed by Rob Zombie, and is expected to be released on August 31, 2007. Reports indicate that the film will not be a straight remake of the 1978 original, but rather an updated "re-imagining", similar to that of New Line Cinema's 2003 version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Universal's 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead [1].

On June 5, 2006, after several days of speculation, the official website of the Halloween film franchise announced that Rob Zombie, director of House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, would be writing, directing and producing the next Halloween film while also serving as music supervisor. In a recent interview, Rob Zombie announced that, despite reports of the contrary, his film would not be Halloween 9 because that series had finished. Instead, his plans call for a whole new beginning to the franchise with no connections to the previous films. While the intent is to make a new version of the film, Rob Zombie has made it clear that the Michael Myers mask and theme music will remain.[2] Recently Zombie has seen the mask and claims that "It looks perfect. exactly like the original. Not since 1978 has The Shape looked so good". [3] Apparently, John Carpenter has given his blessing to Rob Zombie [4] Malek Akkad will assist in producing, replacing Moustapha Akkad, his deceased father.

"After being committed for 17 years, Michael Myers, now a grown man and still very dangerous, is mistakenly released from the mental institution (where he was committed as a 10 year old) and he immediately returns to Haddonfield, where he wants to find his baby sister, Laurie. Anyone who crosses his path is in mortal danger."[5]
================================================== ========
There are reports on,, and of interviews that Rob Zombie did concerning the new Halloween film. He said this new film will both be a prequel and a remake. There will also be more original content rather than remake content. Zombie recently indicated that several of the characters from Carpenter's original film would be involved, including Dr. Samuel J. Loomis, Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, Annie Brackett, Lynda Van Der Klok, Sheriff Leigh Brackett, and Annie's boyfriend Paul Freedman. Zombie has also stated that he intends for the mask worn by Michael Myers to be a near duplicate of the mask featured in Carpenter's 1978 film. He also stated that he wishes to film the movie in the midwestern United States to accurately capture the look of a small town in Illinois (previous entries in the series having been filmed in California, Utah, and Vancouver). On October 21, 2006, a poster on the Internet Movie Database reported that filming would take place in Grand Forks, North Dakota, a town with a population of just under 50,000 people. The post gave no source for the information, and it has yet to be confirmed. Dread Central, however, reports that location scouting has taken place in South Pasadena, the filming location of the original Halloween.[6] Rob Zombie recently posted on his MySpace blog that "Location scouting is done. We found some killer places to shoot." but did not confirm what locations were scouted and selected. [7]

Rob Zombie was also asked if Michael's appearance, style of killing, and movements will be the same as in the 1978 original Halloween film. Zombie said that some original elements are likely to return, but fresh ones will also appear. It has been stated that it would be pointless in bringing some character elements as seen in the other eight installments. The basic storyline will be very similar to the original while some elements will be expanded upon or quite different from the original film.

Some more information on the movie was revealed in an interview with MTV.[8]. In the interview Zombie says that "horror movie remakes for the most part don't work." He says "The remake thing is done all the time, but it's not done well", and that "Truthfully, if I couldn't see any way to do this, I wouldn't do it because it's a challenging project." Zombie again established that the movie will be a "remake with more backstory built in." He went onto say that the big change comes with Myers character. Myers will be the lead character of the remake, and the teenagers and everyone else will take a backseat to Myers. He wants the film to be more about Myers' motives, and less about teenagers in peril. He says that explaining the motives, and diving further into what makes Myers tick is the way to go for the remake, because "The deeper you can get into a character's head, the further you will get under an audience's skin and the more it will unnerve them." He also says that Loomis and Sheriff Bracket will have significantly bigger roles than in the original film. On the subject of Dr. Loomis role in the remake Zombie said "I felt the character of Dr. Loomis just popped in and out when they needed somebody to say something dramatic," going onto say "I wanted his story to feel more intertwined with Michael in a way that means something, which they did in the original, but sometimes it feels like he disappears for a long period and then just pops up to go, 'He's evil!,' and then he disappears again for a while." He also says that although the famous main theme will remain mostly the same, some minor changes will be made to it. The article further states that the shooting script has been completed, and filming is scheduled to begin in January 2007.

According to, Tyler Bates has confirmed to the webmaster that he will compose the music for the film. A version of the John Carpenter Halloween theme appeared on his website, rumors circluating that it was the final version intended for the new film. This was later rejected by Bates and Zombie, stating that it was merely a temporary version created as an example for the producers.

According to, casting has recently begun for the film. Reports from state that Sheri Moon has confirmed that she will have a role in the film: "All I can tell you is that I'm not playing Laurie Strode, but I will have a role in the film that's something cool." In the previously mentioned MTV interview, Zombie commented on actors he's currently considering for the role of Dr. Sam Loomis, naming both Ben Kingsley and Jeff Bridges, stating "There is no shortage of late-50s, early-60s male actors that are amazing and would like to work more, probably much like Donald Pleasence at the time." On November 22nd, 2006, posted a casting breakdown for the film, revealing several changes to the original film's story, as well as confirming the film's start date as January 29th, 2007.[5] While later confirmed as authentic, Rob Zombie commented that certain details contained in the casting breakdown shouldn't be overanalyzed by fans, stating that extreme elements were inserted in order to "weed out a certain type of actors," and will not be in the final film. [9]

According to, the release date has been moved from October 19th, 2007 to August 31st, 2007.[10]

[edit] Additional information
Production on the film had previously been hampered by the legal separation of Dimension Films from Miramax Films and The Walt Disney Company as well as the death of the franchise's long-running executive producer, Moustapha Akkad, in the 2005 Amman bombings.
Before the announcement of Rob Zombie's remake, it was believed that the next Halloween film would be a sequel. Rumored and working titles for the possible sequel *******d Halloween: Retribution, Hall9ween, Halloween: Vengeance, Halloween: Bloodline, Halloween: Family Reunion and Halloween: Asylum.
Dante Tomaselli was rumored to direct at one time.

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are there any dutch posters here that've ever been called a 'clog wog'? and if so did it hurt your feelings

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(Europe) an American, often used by political cartoonists. (Not offensive to many Americans, who aren't aware of the European stereotype).[35]

I hate being an American........ sometimes.

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My mom says that back in the 70s even communist Yugoslavia was in love with America and its ideals and all those old cowboy films. Had a crush on John Wayne you see. She says the times have changed a lot though.

America has lost all the romance to it.

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Alligator bait
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Capgras delusion
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The Capgras delusion or Capgras' syndrome is a rare disorder in which a person holds a delusional belief that an acquaintance, usually a close family member or spouse, has been replaced by an identical looking impostor. Capgras delusion is classed as a delusional misidentification syndrome, a class of delusional beliefs that involves the misidentification of people, places or objects. It can occur in acute, transient, or chronic forms.

The delusion is most common in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, although it can occur in a number of conditions including after brain injury and dementia.[1] Although Capgras is commonly called a syndrome, because it can occur as part of, or alongside, various other disorders and conditions some researchers have argued that it should be considered as a symptom, rather than a syndrome or classification in its own right.

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[edit] History

It is named after Joseph Capgras (1873-1950), a French psychiatrist who first described the disorder in a 1923 paper by Capgras and Reboul-Lachaux.[2][3] They used the term l'illusion des sosies (the illusion of doubles) to describe the case of a French woman who complained that various "doubles" had taken the place of people she knew. However, the term illusion has a subtly different meaning from delusion in psychiatry so "Capgras delusion" is used as a more suitable name.

[edit] Presentation

This case is taken from a 1991 report by Passer and Warnock[4]:

Mrs. D, a 74-year old married housewife, recently discharged from a local hospital after her first psychiatric admission, presented to our facility for a second opinion. At the time of her admission earlier in the year, she had received the diagnosis of atypical psychosis because of her belief that her husband had been replaced by another unrelated man. She refused to sleep with the imposter, locked her bedroom and door at night, asked her son for a gun, and finally fought with the police when attempts were made to hospitalize her. At times she believed her husband was her long deceased father. She easily recognized other family members and would misidentify her husband only.

[edit] Causes

Some of the first clues to the possible causes of Capgras delusion were suggested by the study of brain injured patients who had developed prosopagnosia. In this condition, patients are unable to consciously recognise faces despite being able to recognise other types of visual objects. However, a 1984 study by Baur showed that even though conscious face recognition was impaired, patients with the condition showed automatic arousal (measured by a galvanic skin response measure) to familiar faces,[5] suggesting that there were two pathways to face recognition - one conscious and one unconscious.

In a 1990 paper published in the British Journal of Psychiatry,[6] psychologists Hadyn Ellis and Andy Young hypothesised that patients with Capgras delusion may have a 'mirror image' of prosopagnosia, in that their conscious ability to recognise faces was intact, but they might have damage to the system which produces the automatic emotional arousal to familiar faces. This might lead to the experience of recognising someone, while feeling something wasn't 'quite right' about them.

In 1997 Hadyn Ellis and colleagues published a study of five patients with Capgras delusion (all diagnosed with schizophrenia) and confirmed that although they could consciously recognise the faces, they did not show the normal automatic emotional arousal response.[7] The same year Hirstein and Ramachandran published a paper on a single case of a patient with Capgras delusion after brain injury that reported similar findings.[8]

It is likely that this is not the only impairment which is needed for Capgras delusion to form, however, as exactly this pattern has been reported in other patients who show no signs of delusions.[9] Ellis and colleagues suggested that a 'second factor' is therefore needed, to explain why this unusual experience is transformed into a delusional belief. This 'second factor' is thought to be an impairment in reasoning, although no definitive impairment has been found which could explain all cases.[10]


I did one of my first term papers on this and the research for it was absolutely heartbreaking. One person who had it actually decapitated his own father because he was convinced he was some sort of robot. He thought that removing his head would reveal nothing but film inside, like a blank tape or something.

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i think clog wog is the highlight of this topic. I have alot of dutch friends, i will see if this offends them.

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