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The machine of god
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Originally Posted by houseofglass11 View Post
Ok so you basically said I was right in your first part and then ended with “anyways you’re wrong”. Maybe you can elaborate on your position if you’re capable of that. Each player can have a custom mix with the in-ears. There’s no way they are blasting in-ears louder than they used to blast real cabs on stage.
It's far more nuanced than that. It's monitors, side fills, impact from drums. Often bands (particularly those who didn't use IEM's in a former life) will still use BOTH so the IEM's create a focused mix which is still bolstered by the other more standard monitoring equipment. In which case you still have a noisy as hell stage but it is buffered for the musician by IEM and in theory clearer (and a custom mix assuming their mons guy is good). That is until they turn the pack up to blistering volumes and we're back where we started really. I've been there many times, it's far more fun tbh but maybe not after 50 shows.

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2022 Redondo Beach gig creeped into my Youtube feed and i don't know if it's the in-ear monitors, the lack of amps or Jeff's face but is the most excruciating shit ever

Bill goes around on stage in his tunic with no guitars and two kids. Zero interaction between band members, they all got that thousand yard stare goddman, people pay money to see that?

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Do you see beauty? Do you see love? Do you see, any thing at all?

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