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Old 11-28-2006, 12:58 AM   #1
Elvis The Fat Years
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Default This one sucks...

but 'light to the world' makes everything okay.

chunkof04: a s l?
Im Not OK: 17 f
chunkof04: 21 m
chunkof04: what type of stuff u like to do?
Im Not OK: what do you mean?
chunkof04: like go shopping party..movies
Im Not OK: i love to party!
chunkof04: sweet
chunkof04: u drink?
Im Not OK: hellz yeah!!
chunkof04: smoke?
Im Not OK: of course!
chunkof04: nice
chunkof04: u got any pics?
Im Not OK: yeah...
chunkof04: im not going to assk u to send them i was JW when ever u feel comfortable sendting them u can
chunkof04: u like black boys or white boys more?
Im Not OK: i dont mind sending them i look like crap though lol
chunkof04: u like black boys or white boys more?
Im Not OK: i like both
chunkof04: cool
chunkof04: damn ur beautiful
Im Not OK: lol thats after i just woke up
Im Not OK: you're sweet though
chunkof04: if u think u look bad in that pic send me one u think u look good in
Im Not OK: this one is a little better
Im Not OK: i hate that shirt it makes me look fat lol
chunkof04: no u look perfect
Im Not OK: awww thnx
chunkof04: like PERFECT
Im Not OK: lol your too cute
chunkof04: thanks?
Im Not OK: my ex always told me i was fat
chunkof04: u got any wear i can see ur whole body cause all i can really see is ur face
chunkof04: no i can tell u ur not fat
Im Not OK: umm this is the only other one i have
Im Not OK: i need to smile more lol
chunkof04: wow if u dont mind me saying u have an amazing rack lol
chunkof04: u were blessed by god with those things
Im Not OK: lol thnx i like them
chunkof04: those all the pics u got?
chunkof04: ?
Im Not OK: no u hve to beg for more lol
chunkof04: please please please
chunkof04: its not often someone gets to meet a girl as beautiful as u
chunkof04: i just want it to last as long as it can
chunkof04: please:-(:-(
Im Not OK: awww
chunkof04: please send me ur other pics
Im Not OK: ok since you said please
chunkof04: yay:-D
Im Not OK: last one
chunkof04: i dont think i had ever seen true beauty till now
chunkof04: u are true beauty
chunkof04: so whats up?
Im Not OK: nuthin watchin the green bay game
Im Not OK: my ex got me into football
chunkof04: if im ask to much just tell me but i was wandering if u were a virgin?
Im Not OK: no its ok im a little drunk anyway lol yes i am
chunkof04: cool
chunkof04: im glad someone as beautiful as u is still a virgin it helps give a light to the world

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