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leave the comedy to the comedy people.

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whoa you can edit your posts in the archives

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i could just give you admin rights.

vbulletin 3.6.8

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if you really can do that you should
you would enjoy the reaction it caused
i'm a comedy person let me do comedy
like banning people

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Order 66
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not to get off-off-topic but what the fuck is even going on here

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Originally Posted by Bread Regal View Post

what a ding dong.
Originally Posted by Aeris Hilton View Post
if you really can do that you should
you would enjoy the reaction it caused
i'm a comedy person let me do comedy
like banning people
disappearing note

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Originally Posted by Order 66 View Post
not to get off-off-topic but what the fuck is even going on here
we'll need a screenshot, it's limited to people who have OKC accts

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there is an old thread where i'm asking if somebody can give me their .edu e-mail address so i can look at facebook
wow nostalgia
the feels

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i also address bardy as "tits" which i am going to edit out

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for some reason i really fucking laughed at this

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Bread Regal
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Originally Posted by Trotskilicious View Post
we'll need a screenshot, it's limited to people who have OKC accts
a screen shot will take forever so here

last time i checked, europeans founded this nation and built it from the ground up, with centuries of blood sweat and tears, into a first world civilisation ... yet all i see in the searches are foreign parasites feeding off our society as they fake our white identity in pathetic fashion. what the fuck are you doing in my civilisation? go live in a nation your people created and have some fucking self-respect. you probably have a couple of decades left to do it peacefully before whites are forced to violently defend their living space.

anyway, to any white girls still existing here under 30: hello, grimy sluts! hello grimy sluts with feigned 9-to-5 respectability! (and hello grimy slut hunters and male-anus sodomites! -- we have to make the sodomy distinction these days given how many young 'ladies' love ramming their arseholes on cocks for romantic experiences too!) ... what, you females expected something chivalrous after the way you've been behaving since womanhood arrived? you remember it, the day you got fitted with arse-floss 'underwear' for the first time, that noble rite of slut-passage! (no, i won't count the first time you got sexually probed, since no doubt your nipples weren't even half an inch off your chest yet, you 'liberated' little fuckhole, you!)
ah, my friends, if you've been led here for the novelty profile carnival ride (usually best enjoyed with a peer-inflated smirk of enlightenment, entirely discredited by your pack-animal existence) and don't have the time to get through everything (being so incredibly, impressively busy with your guru-approved, meaning-of-life-solved ''work/play'' balance, aka making money in drone-like fashion to support a lifetime of happyhappyfunfun indulgence, pleasure-seeking and seamy fuck-humping) ... the 'i'm really good at' section or the 'you should message me if' climax should provide what you're looking for. the authorized slutistics can be found under friday night, along with some complimentary ''essays'' on contemporary cuntism (a fast growing field of study). and if you too, male or female, are tired of a life swamped by cocky-as-fuck females barely bettering swollen-rumped baboons (bettering? how many sheboons swallow baboon semen, or take dick up their arseholes, or lick male baboon rims, or rear mount baboon faces for servicing, or fuck sheboons out of 'curiosity'?) wading through this effluent of anything-goes-anyfling-hoes, why not join the fight...ah, on second thought, forget it. just carry on with your badass cultural nonchalance and strike another fuck'n'frolic-generation pose. i know, i know. you're awesome. and all your friends say so too! sure, you're a disgrace and utter embarrassment compared to any european generation before you, including even the degenerate, spoiled-fucks known as the baby-boomers who basically threw away our civilisation, trashing our countries maybe beyond repair ... yes, you're even more disgusting than these spineless fools ... but you're awesome! sure, if you were time-travelled back to any pre ww2 european land you'd be ostracised by even the trash-strata, shunned as a pack of foul, sleazy, petulant festering genital warts, the women considered semen-dripping little whores and the guys, weak butt-fucking cowards who can't go a day without spanking themselves to footage of degenerates dick-dipping orifices on set ... but you're awesome! because you all agree on it! now go visit a fashionable ''pop-culture'' site and celebrate your utter degeneration into sewer-materialism in the comments section with another trash-culture affirming smugfuck pseudo-witticism! you're awesome!
you are the fucking avant-garde of human progress!
you must be since you're young, follow the authorized trends and guys want to insert a dick somewhere! that's how awesome you are! even your friends say they'd stick a dick in you! some probably already ''casually'' have! that's why you strip to sex-wear (''modern swimwear'') around water to help out with the fantasy! yay, it's summer again, folks! time to groom your pubis ready for public display and jiggle your fuckable little arse out of a wedgie for your besties (and any passing cock) like that baboon in heat! you're awesomely helpful like that! dude, it's not a sexual thing, socialising in next to nothing for no practical reason, it's not about behaving like burlesque trash because you have ''plausible deniability'', it's about supporting the cunt-hair removal industry! they wouldn't survive without modern, class-stripped sluts wanting to strip-tease for (trunk-clad) guys and pretend it's a practical necessity and totally respectable if the slut-wear is colourful or just innocent girlishness if there's a flowery pattern! shorts or actual ''swimsuits'' create a drowning risk so much do they weigh! (and studies show they risk limiting the extent females are viewed as disposable fucks! how can fembot hypocrisy survive in an environment such as that!)
oh... and welcome to my blog, by the way. i hope you enjoy your stay! you steaming pile of std-ridden ''gender-neutral'' prostitute vomit! we're gonna get on like a house on fire: with you bound and gagged within! oh ... come on ... don't give me that look. you sluts love all the bondage, remember? don't you spend all your lunch hours reading about it? it makes you feel powerful modelling your behaviour on the red-light-scum of society, remember? which is why females have never been more respected! just look at the messages you get from guys! really, you're so much more to them than a set of warm holes, can't you tell?

'a homo sapien with dna tracing back to the hunting fields of europe.' that's probably what they'll say about me in 10000 years when they dig my bones up. which is pretty depressing when you think about it. all that effort and i'm just some archaeological find for a bunch of synthetically enhanced humanoid post grads. they'll probably add, 'he had good teeth for his generation due to a preference for fluorinated tap water over of coca cola and possibly above average quality saliva.' and hopefully not: 'the skeleton shows evidence of horrific trauma, which no doubt resulted in a slow and painful death. peck marks present in eye sockets. toe and finger bones unaccounted for.'

but for the mean time i have flesh and the flesh has its ways. and that previous paragraph is a little misleading. this profile is not a light hearted feel good flick. it's at best a black comedy but more accurately a wallowing drama with a few gag scenes, and even those have a rather bitter taste to them. i don't support an approach like that in film making, but that's because fiction has a chance to rise above the crap realities, where as by definition the crap realities do not have that chance.
and since i'm not a fictional character, and don't want to portray one here, i'm afraid realism is the only way to approach a self summary. and that means honesty.
in other words, you'll find very little social game playing going on here. deception, neutrality etc.
and that's to stop people making the same mistake real life people do, which is assuming that because in a social setting i can make gags and goof off for extended periods of time, because i have a big smile, kind eyes, and play nice, i'm therefore a happy go lucky easy going chap without a care in the world who's probably up for spontaneous moronic good times and reckless flippant mindless shallow bullshit adventures, experiences, adventures, experiences, nights out, adventures, nights in, adventures, new experiences, great times with them and all their incredibly wacky, crazy, fun, open minded, fun, easy going, barrel of laugh, fun, love to laugh, living life, living in the moment, fun, laughing, carpe-diemistic, fun, fun, fun, fun loving, youjusthavetomeetthem, fun, try anything once, try anything twice, fun, life and attention spans are short so do as much stupid trashy shit as possible, if it's fun, awesome funny, hilarious, fun, fun, fun, fun, totally up for it, reckless flippant mindless shallow fuckwit, entirely smallminded and of course entirely likeminded friends...

when in fact i'm fundamentally an antisocial [largely a result of my failure to stomach the champions of that previous run on sentence], deadly serious person with a burning intensity and ruthless [albeit rational, fair and well meaning] opinions, who wants nothing to do with vapid idiots, unprincipled idiots, posturing idiots, and cretins of all kinds [most people when push comes to shove], has no desire to join in with vapid/unprincipled/posturing/cretin activities [aka 'good times', loved and adored by most people], but who just happens to have, in person at least, an appealing personality, mainly due to a playful/imaginative mind and high level social skills when i [used to/had to] put them to work. crucial difference.
actually...i'd probably have to question the appealing personality and social skills now. mind still works, though.

oh and it's not like i don't like fun, god forbid. it's just what i consider fun isn't trashy or moronic bullshit. and importantly, i don't exist for fun. my life doesn't revolve around creating opportunity for pleasure seeking and hour killing. i live for accomplishment. accomplishment isn't fun. it's satisfying.
boring huh? well although funlovers like to think they're the most interesting, dynamic people on the planet, the truth is, it's the exact opposite.
if you live for 'fun', you never achieve anything significant. you never develop in any substantial way.
you are redundant.
for most people that's perfectly okay. for me it isn't. either to be like that, or to spend my time with this breed of insipid drones.

and a question: does anybody on here actually want to achieve anything besides gratifying their 24/7 hunger for stupid and or hedonistic garbage?
i'm serious. does anybody actually want to live even slightly below the surface?
not fake it by cutting and pasting references to activities or produce of perceived importance, much of which is ridiculous garbage in any case. branding themselves with quotes and feigning serious interest in areas they have no serious interest in or understanding of, for the end goal of pretending to be interesting so they can hook up with some other phoney of similar banal, transparent ineptitude.

but truly living a life of genuine substance?
right. deafening silence.

well back to it. for extra clarity, given 'vapid,unprincipled,posturing cretin' is a wide definition, here are some more specific personality types i tend to despise:
partiers, thrillseekers, hedonists and superficial fools or even worse, self inflating pseudo intellectual fakes at both the amateur and career level.
please note that even though i rarely have much in common with them, i have no gripe with self confessed 'simple' people, those of average intelligence/ambition/sandwich making skills if their behaviour is worthy of respect.
the bottom line is i don't like people who operate at a low level ethically, lifestyle wise, or are phoney. and i refuse to tolerate them any more than i have to in general life.

and a word on phonies. your bullshit won't fly with me. it might appear we share interests, but it's simply a technicality.
i can quickly spot the difference between a genuine artist type and an artist type cliche.
likewise, the difference between somebody of true intellect, who demonstrates this through thought and action, and somebody desperately trying to promote sophistication but lacking even the basic intelligence needed to see through their moronic, pathetic mental processes and corresponding behaviour.
i'm likely to see straight through and refuse to waste my time with the viral infection of above average intelligence but not nearly as smart as they'd like to think pseudo- [intellectuals/writers/
artists/musicians] and various other pseudo-cultured posers going round, congregating at an edgy, indie, bohemian,counter culture,non mainstream, underground: club/cafe/bookshop/record store/concert/fringe festival/leftist-activist-website-slash-public-mob-near-you, desperately attaching themselves to various toxic activities and cultural produce deemed high status by similar stupid arseholes in order to make themselves appear impressive.
you're not. you're entirely insignificant and ridiculous. and i don't like you.
i'd rather spend time with an earnest cockroach. even a pretentious one. see i can crush the pretentious one when i've had my fill.
if you're not an intellectual pretender, whether you're a genuine smart cookie with a genuine focus or just an average or even dull cookie who doesn't coat themselves in bullshit, then my hate meter starts at zero.

oh and a word on thrillseekers and the various people who find themselves attracted to 'dangerous situations'.
intelligence is proportional to pointless-risk aversion.
not directly, but there's a very strong connection.
if you're attracted to danger, i'm afraid it doesn't make you interesting or exciting or in any way impressive.
it makes you a ridiculous moron.
unfortunately people like you are no longer punished by nature and you are successfully passing on these low grade genes.
notice how by and large wild animals are cautious? how they don't live for danger? that's because any that do live for danger are unceremoniously exterminated by mother nature. because it's stupid behaviour that achieves nothing.
but by all means, carry on.

offended yet? well maybe it's best flit off somewhere else and go live your trashy, inconsequential, mindless life, or indeed display your affected little peacock tail where i don't have to tolerate you. yes that's right, even by entering my virtual space here, you are annoying the shit out of me.
or stick around if you must. not that you'll learn anything. no doubt that's always been quite a challenge for you, idiot and wannabe alike.

relate to the previous paragraphs? well hey, i urge you to keep playing! there's even a prize at the end!

but it makes you wonder why i put that archaeology paragraph in, doesn't it? seems rather inefficient to start out with a particular tone and then have to write a series of paragraphs to correct the situation. well the reason is, that paragraph is one of the oldest sections here. it's like going back in time. it's like a vestigial leg bone in a whale. it was once part of a different kind of profile. but the profile kind of evolved in another direction. and as the modern paragraphs began to build and reshape the profile, the primitive sections were engulfed or simply disappeared. and that paragraph is one of the last remaining vestiges. and like the whale leg attachment, it sort of gives a clue as to how things used to be so very long ago. and like so many vestigial organs it is proving impossible to remove completely.

of course that's not true at all, i could just delete it. it's just i seem to have developed some sort of nostalgic attachment. and maybe that attachment will weaken over time, or maybe it will strengthen as i long for a less gloomy state of mind and look to that paragraph as a reminder that once i could write paragraphs without a single scornful term.
and as for scornful terms, you'll no doubt find a lot of repetition throughout, which may start to get a little tedious. i can assure you though, that as tedious as it is reading the same scornful terms over and over, it's vastly more tedious running into the same low quality people over and over. suck it up, in other words.

so where were we.

right, i was talking about my deadly seriousness etc. and how i'm not here to put on a show. well obviously i'm not deadly serious about everything, just the important stuff. and obviously i am here to put on a show, just not a fake one.
but it's a shame really, because the thing is, i'm quite capable of being breezy and 'charming' [not that 'charm' is some great feat: a non hideous appearance, sense of humour, and basic set of conversation skills tend to meet the requirements]. i'm quite capable of presenting myself like this in a profile or in person, carrying on in this bullshit but very effective way.
i could upload a picture of myself beaming carefreely in a polo shirt with friends, don some leather and pretend i'm a damaged 'muso' dying to write you hack love songs, or i could just photoshop myself into some kind of populous 'cultural' festival with a novelty tshirt and pretend i'm just an all round quirky
outgoing multipurpose guy.
i could probably make a totally adorable, quirky, funny little profile that makes people just want to smiley me and have a montage of meaningless fluffy little outings, or in the case of the rocker, a dark pseudo-mysterious posturing pile of bullshit that makes little tarts just want to swoon in my dangerous completely nonconformist approach to loserdom while running their fingers through my semi-dreadlocked, pub-perfumed hair.

i'm sure i could have copious interaction in these ways and even sustain it all for long periods. after all i'm a good actor, i mean in year 9 i won the lead role of doctor livingstone on the merits of my decent colonial english accent. looking back my performance probably lacked nuance, especially when my long lost friend stanley was being stewed by the natives. my delivery was no doubt a tad cartoony. but i was young, and it was just a stupid goddamn highschool play i got roped into so who gives a shit.
and back to my point who gives a shit if you can fake your way into countless connections.
if you're not a womaniser, don't like wasting time, and you don't need the ego boost or flattery, there is no point.
the fact is, if you're someone like me, looking for a real partnership, the show can't go on.
and in my case, the truth is what you see isn't all that close to what you get. unless you're extremely perceptive.
which you no doubt are not.

it's clearly more efficient to just go through most of it right here, instead of having to perpetually reveal the fact that although our conversation may initially be smooth as softserve vanilla, which happens regularly with game faces on, i am probably not the least bit similar to you.
then that softserve disintegrates and gets over the napkin and your pants and it's just a big old mess. and you wish you never bought it. and even when you chuck the leftovers, there'll still be that sticky shit all over your hands for some time afterwards. i hate that. it's tiring and frustrating and like i said, sticky.

obviously i don't believe it's impossible to be similar to other hominids walking around though, especially given the ridiculous number of them. i'm sure i must be borderline identical to quite a few actually. many thousands around the globe at least. sort of depressing really. their existence is meaningless if you don't have access to them, a network link. there could be a perfectly compatible person living in the next street, but without a link you can never meet them.
and that's why i bother with this.

see unfortunately i would actually like to have a long term companion to share my life with. i wish that wasn't the case. that i'd be happy with the life i have as a single person. but unfortunately that's not the reality. unfortunate, because the whole process is a nightmare. and i'm well aware it can ultimately cause more distress than happiness.

this page is designed to serve as a pretty effective filter. basically everything you need to know is here.
seems like a lot of effort to have to read through it, no?
on the contrary. think of it as a few months of email exchanges, except you didn't have to make any effort whatsoever.
that should come quite naturally, i'm sure. why spend time searching profiles, writing emails, when you can upload your prettiest/most provocative picture then kick back, receive your desired stream of flattery/sexual proposals, then complain about only receiving shallow/vulgar attention. am i right?

in my experience, trying to develop bonds with people is less about having my life enriched and more about gradually discovering the person in question is repulsive.
this largely happens because you do not get to find out everything at once, people don't want you to find out everything at once, it's inappropriate to go through many issues before investing large quantities of time and emotion, and initially and for quite some time into things, in order to protect your investment you give romantic options more benefit of the doubt than jack the ripper in a murder trial.
i have high standards [only in today's society, really] and demand certain behaviour from a mate and because of the general level society operates at, i feel i'm now forced to be very specific about everything instead of hoping and presuming that my option isn't simply another piece of trash. and i also want to be honest about how i tick so the option knows what to expect from my side, instead of slowly but surely finding out that unlike the other low grade morons she's used to dealing with, and comparing herself with in order to conclude that relatively speaking she's valid or even quite something, i'm not okay with her being just another piece of trash.
you see, just to mix things up, i would like to have a companion i can admire and cherish.

i've noticed over time my additions here are becoming more and more hostile. so get in fast. turns out hostility is directly proportional to the amount of time spent on match searches.
it's a genuine okcupid trend, but don't expect a colourful graph anytime soon. bad for business and all.

but don't worry, if you truly are an intelligent, quality female, i don't believe you'll be truly insulted by the statements found here.
if you are insulted, then it's highly likely you are either not the quality female you believe/ like to present, or that you need to open your eyes to what's actually going on around you.
either way i don't apologize.
i'm not here to be popular and make as many shithead aquaintances as possible. and i'm too far gone to participate in a pollyanna delusion even if i tried.

anyway, i'm here to find a person to relate to on a genuine level.
and while in general life i regularly interact and deal with people i don't respect, without too much cause for concern, when it comes to finding a partner, true respect is vital.
basically i don't need to have genuine respect for someone and/or moral compatibility with them to throw frisbee together or ask them to pass the ketchup.
and i can even maintain a certain degree of fondness for people who engage in some of the activities i despise.
but for a mate, different rules apply. as they should. at least for somebody like me, with a goal not to find the next thrill, the next 'non serious' relationship, aka screw and adventure partner [that was 'right for now' and a real 'learning experience' like ever other screw and adventure partner you notch up and pass off as some kind of ridiculous quest for 'relationship maturity' and wisdom]...with a goal not to do this but, to find a person who becomes part of my life in an intense and perpetual way, possibly leading to children.
which explains the honesty and ruthlessness of this profile.

so let's get started. well that's what i'll be doing, you can do whatever you want. maybe go fill out a survey about your favourite workplace erotic fantasy involving 2011's top 5 sexiest no talent movie stars who you'd happily have a one night stand with if given the chance, despite being in a relationship, in the manner of a pathetic groveling bitch in heat and compare your results to all the fellow dodgy little mindless slappers in your age group.
oh, already done that one?
well might as well read on then.


for kicks, i'm a perfectionist and strive for excellence in my life.
what's that you ask? well picture somebody whose short term goals ******* such amazing projects as, 'living life', being 'carefree', and having reckless/shallow 'new experiences', all part of their long term plan to 'have a good time'. perhaps just look in the mirror. i'm sure you've got 4 or 5 handy. well i'm the complete opposite of this person. i am their mortal enemy and they mine.
i'm fiercely ambitious and back myself in all my endeavours.
i'm a focused, disciplined person, trying to maximize my talents. i tend to respect people who share a similar approach in whatever they are interested in.

unless what they are interested in is utter bullshit, for example, life coaching, and/or ultimately destructive to humanity, for example, marketing. or pure evil, for example, marketing life coaching. or pure pretentious evil, for example marketing life coaching while completing a doctorate in postmodernism and then using postmodern cultural theory to develop your marketing strategy for life coaching and then spreading these ideas in a university.

i'm a complex person. i say that because a lot of people say they are simple people. and therefore i feel obliged to say that i am not simple. i'm all for minimalism in art and simple melodies. but when it comes to people i tend to think less is less.
and by complex i don't mean crazy/irresponsible/bipolar let's revel in being a random unpredictable infuriating shithead and celebrate it as being 'complex'...i mean i have many moving parts, facets. and i'm not satisfied by a frivolous, flippant life.

but my motivations are simple. as i've mentioned to milk myself for all i'm worth, to max out this body and mind until it drops dead. to keep my sanity in the war of psychological attrition otherwise known as the gift of life. to not get caught for any murders i might commit in the process of the attrition. to find another human being, a female, to share my life with. just one. a good one. and come to think of it, she doesn't have to be human necessarily. i'm at the point where i'll take an alien hybrid, spots or small horns, but no facial hair, outside of extended sideburns.
the only one i can truly control is the first one, the one about milking.

my interests: generally fiction, art, music, science and history.
i focus on the first three. and they're essentially the only things accounting for me getting out of bed in the morning.
that and there's a raven i feed and it would be rude to just ignore him all of a sudden because i've lost motivation to live. for a few days he would still have some food stashed under the roof tile arches, the openings concealed by pebbles, but then what? although he's a very smart animal, i doubt he would really understand why i ended our friendship, the psychological process behind human apathy and despair. given a chance, he'd probably peck me in the head and say, 'look at me, i get up every dawn to find food scraps and beak sick rats to death and kidnap nestlings and fight off intruders and call my mate 20times a day to find out where the hell she is, and build nests and stash food for my future and dip biscuits in the bird bath leaving crumbs everywhere and i do all that with a crippled left foot! where's the fire in your belly pal! you better find it if you wanna raise a brood, and bring me another scotch finger while you're at it. caaaaaaw!'
well of course he's right in some ways, but he also misses the point a little. like i said, ravens are smart, but let's face it, they're not sapiens.
what he doesn't understand is that there is a downside to human brain size. successful survival and reproduction are not enough to satisfy a person. in some cases anyway.
but that's why i pursue my interests isn't it. even though motivation to do that is also linked to other aspects of life involving partnership and reproduction and broods and all that.
i told you it's too complicated for me to explain to him. and frankly he isn't a great listener. often he doesn't even stick around to eat, just stacks everything in the beak and flies off to stash it.

now besides creative things, i try and make genuine learning a priority too [as opposed to the 'learning' most people seem to claim unbridled passion for: pushing their minds to the limit in their insatiable quest for knowledge in the fields of...'life' and 'experiences' and 'adventures' and 'mistakes', basically acquiring ignorant bullshit ideas from shallow bullshit aimless oxygen breathing, plus that thursday night misc. artistic class they take to socialise and be spoon fed information they could easily acquire themselves if they were truly interested in learning ], yes, i'm interested in acquiring real, useful data, which is why i do have substantial interest in science,nature, history, politics etc, but the reality is there are only so many hours in the day and years in a lifetime and unfortunately you have to specialise in life and leave large ignorant gaps everywhere. but at least i'm honestly trying to combat this as opposed to pretending to.
i had the academics to do anything i wanted yet made a choice to focus on creative fields. the point is i have an extremely rational, calculating mind. in other words my creative interests don't make me the typical modern day beatnik artsy wannabe fuckwit.
i'm a different species altogether.
and i have to say that because i'm sick of this misunderstanding whereby trashy idiots think since we share an interest in, for example, visual arts, we therefore must have a shared mindset and can enjoy plenty of seedy bullshit together.
actually although i am a creative person and would ideally like someone with creative tendencies, because of how disgusting, affected and low grade so called 'creative types' tend to be, not to mention how ultimately uncreative they often turn out to be in terms of actually creating anything substantial, i'm not sure i even seek 'leftbrained' people anymore. at least i'd take smarts over 'artist types' any day of the week.

it seems to me my creative interests have really compromised my ability to meet quality people, as if it wasn't hard enough. it's actually incredibly frustrating that from school through uni to various people i've gotten to know in online communities, i can't seem to get away from ''artist-type'' scum. because these people flock into areas i'm interested in like pestilence.

i've been labelled as negative by some people i've crossed paths with. this is just reactive nonsense.
fact is i'm more motivated and more productive than every flower picking, rainbow chasing, heel clicking optimist i've met.
and considering how much frustration and disappointment i endure compared to these people it only further demonstrates how positive i actually am in a genuine sense.
so why am i called negative?
because society is burdened with extremely small minds.
you see many people can't seem to fathom that not everybody shares their preferences, or the standard preferences of society.and they conclude that people who do not share these preferences must be negative.
basically i criticise/detest/ignore/avoid/mock/ many of their preferences and therefore i must be a negative person.
but in fact it so happens the world doesn't only consist of the things they happen to focus on and enjoy.
i happen to love plenty of things in this world and actually have more genuine passion for my interests than these people can muster for their own. i also have my own set of behaviours and approaches i believe in and carry out, just as they do.
it's just my preferences...aren't theirs.
naturally the fact they show no interest in many of my preferences or behaviours or indeed criticise them at will means they must be negative too i guess. doesn't it?
well no.
because...well because in order to come to that conclusion people would have to go through that whole logical process i just displayed whereby i actually analysed a situation with some level of intelligence as opposed to just blabbering small minded garbage.
was that too negative?
no, because my hatred of small minded people is balanced out by the fact i like their opposite.

but let's get something straight: i'm most certainly bitter.
that's not in question. and how could i not be. the only way i could possibly, genuinely not be bitter would be if i was perfectly satisfied with the human options i've been presented with in life. i clearly have not been otherwise i clearly would not exist on this depressing domain.
in fact i've been largely disgusted by people throughout my life and that shows no sign of abating, just as time shows no sign of slowing down for me, to allow more opportunity to weed through.
that's really where the bitterness stems from.
see i knew back in my early 20s, say, that most people were extremely poor quality, at least when push came to shove, but i still felt i had plenty of time to sift through and come up with just one pretty good find. it seemed really feasible back then. so many years of youth, so many people out there...bitterness could fairly easily be kept in check with stuff like hope and fantasy and even 'the odds' which seemed at one point to be on my side.
but now much time has passed, i've been unsuccessful and it's becoming clearer and clearer that all those dodgy morons i thought i could sift my way through are actually the only options i'm likely to have in what's left of my youth.
if i didn't feel bitterness i'd have to be indifferent or dead.
actually i tried being indifferent for a few years. it's a tough line of work.

i'm attracted to bitterness. know why? because it's often a sign you're dealing with somebody who is not satisfied with general behaviour, general human beings. not satisfied because they want something more than that. because they themselves are more than that.
i'm actually extremely suspicious of any single woman who isn't bitter from mid 20s up. because if she's honestly quite satisfied then the odds are she's simply part of the problem.

this is to save my time:

i don't like the drinking culture.
never have, never will. which means i also hate bars, clubs, almost always the people that enjoy frequenting them etc. and i avoid the whole organism like the plague. it's a hard plague to avoid though.
no, this isn't a case of me being raised a mormon missionary and simply failing to understand the incredible social blessing that is alcohol. i have boozing idiots in my family, extended family and of course i've put up with the behaviour socially my whole life. i know the culture in all its permutations and all its glory. and i've had a fucking gut full for as long as i can remember.
now a lot of people in my position [well i say a lot, there genuinely aren't too many] just leave it at that, claim it's just a personal preference and it affects nothing. or ask for somebody who doesn't drink much. i'm afraid it's not that simple and i'm going to spend some time on this to be very clear.
so sit back, relax, and feel offended/baffled/smugly libertine or perhaps even validated...

i do not want to have to tolerate a partner's various states of drunken behaviour or her friends behaving in similar fashion. at times i'll have to put up with this shit from relatives, but i won't put up with it by choice.
when i'm refusing to participate, i'm not interested in having to worry how 'responsibly' my partner is getting impaired while she's out and about. i don't care whether it's getting a 'little' drunk or a lot drunk. i don't like it. because in the end it all leads to the fucking same thing as i'll explain shortly.
and therefore i do not want somebody who is interested in drinking.
in the end i do not respect people who enjoy spending their time 'drinking'.
[i throw men somewhat of a bone, because it is much harder to avoid in male culture given it is considered a measure of 'manliness' and used traditionally as bonding behaviour. also the fact it causes 30% less intoxication means moderation can even mean very little effect on behaviour.
for females however, it's very easy to avoid drinking if they choose, they are rarely humiliated or even questioned for doing so, and given the effect is significantly stronger, women who enjoy boozing, i.e. pretty much all of them, don't garner respect from me]

alcohol is slippery business with a lot of loop holes, so let's cover all the bases.
obviously it's not just about how often somebody consumes, it's how much they consume when they do and how much they think is acceptable.
okcupid's drinking labels are vague and open to interpretation, as are the terms in general.
i've seen people say 'rarely' and read they go to the pub every week. what does socially mean, having a champagne toast or getting stupid on the town every saturday.
what does 'not at all' mean? does it mean not at all, or does it mean getting drunk occassionally, or not at all during the week but downing wine and cocktails on some people on here seem to define it.
i guess by that measure i should mention i'm not a wife beater, i just beat wives when out with friends on the weekend. problem?

for brief periods at various points i've felt no choice but to try to tolerate booze trends. common as they are. but having no respect for the behaviour makes it impossible. and i now refuse to tolerate it.
from high school to uni to post uni, i've never understood why people are so interested in this crap. are interested in places and people that celebrate it. genuinely get excited about drinking and genuinely think they are impressive for getting a kick out of it. of course i understand why. people aren't hard to understand, they're typically morons. but the point is, i have better things to do, like develop my mind and talent, or cut my fingernails for that matter.
i realise most people can't understand why somebody might choose to develop an intellect or talent over being a jackarse, but that's because most people have very little intellect to develop and no talent to speak of. but everybody has fingernails. that's why i put that in.
as for alcohol's proclaimed usefulness socially. the truth is, most people are boring, vulgar and spouting inane thoughtless garbage without a drop of ethanol in their veins.
the last thing they need is substance that reduces their cognitive abilities even further.
but what do i know, i'm looking for intelligent conversation.
so in case i've been a little vague about this business, if you're someone who enjoys spending time getting intoxicated with your friends or by yourself, whether it's once in a while, or regularly, you won't interest me.

to clarify my personal position, it's not religious, or complete teetotalism. once in a blue moon i may have a glass of wine or beer with a meal.
but i don't drink for an activity. that's the key point.
of course drinkers are never drinking for an activity, they're 'being social'. but they're also never drunk unless they're on the pavement, they're just 'having a good time'. so let's leave the definitions to me.

long story short, since i don't want a partner who drinks more than i do, that means she shouldn't have an interest in alcohol either. she should avoid it as a general rule.

back to my long story, though.

i'm pedantic about the details because i have to be. despite all the labels flying around about alcohol usage, i've discovered drinking is essentially a binary system.
people who like or don't mind drinking alcohol will be quite happy getting drunk if not regularly then at least on occasion. and people who aren't interested in doing this more or less avoid drinking alcohol altogether.
and so these days, i'm only looking for people who avoid it.
don't need it as part of their lifestyle. i essentially don't care if somebody has a glass of wine/drink now and then etc, but like i've just said, it never ends there on average. which is why it's easier to just look for a 'non drinker'. it seems to be the only way to get the kind of behaviour i'm after.

but look, the last thing i want to do is offend people out there. so if you do like 'going out drinking' or staying in drinking, i do want to congratulate you for successfully assimilating into the lowest common denominator. it's quite an achievement and i'm sure you're very proud. for some inexplicable reason, people never fail to be.
from the incredible achievement of being able to order their first beer, to, years down the track, the pride of ordering their signature cocktail, demonstrating how wisened they are to the drinking scene, to pretending to have a love affair with
wine because of its thrilling effect on the palate, despite studies showing people can't tell the difference between expensive wine and cheap wine...naturally it's irrelevant.
yes you're all heroes.
what can i say, i've just never been great at having a good time, and letting my hair down, and living life and...being a pack animal. you know everyone has their different gifts.

now because you don't date a person in isolation, you also date their social circle and activity set.
by finding somebody who isn't a drinker i'm not only hoping to have a woman who won't be getting drunk, i also hope to avoid having to associate with boozers period. an extremely hard thing to pull off in my country and most countries for that matter.
now given many non drinkers are still happy or at least feel obligated to put up with drinking types, i should elaborate on what i said earlier and make this crystal clear:
i will not be hanging out in bars and nightclubs with your friends. even if you are not drinking i will not be sitting around surrounded by posers and/or people under the influence or gradually working their way there.
i will not be going to booze soaked parties, actually make that all parties really, because are there any other types? i make exceptions for select family events or extremely close friends, unless the close friends are losers in which case i'll question your quality anyway and we probably won't be together by the time the party comes around.
if your family members are idiots i won't hold it against you. it has nothing to do with choice and i'm not a monster. however i'll possibly fake food poisoning to go home early.
i will not be going to beer 'festivals', where people pretend to be cultured while getting pissed. or wine 'festivals' or 'tours' where the upper middleclass enjoy getting pissed with mock sophistication.
i don't do new year's piss ups, xmas 'drinks', 'atmospheric' pubs.
i will not be attending dinner parties where people sit around getting drunk all night, 'having a few laughs' 'living life' and spouting inane middleclass rhetoric in boorish fashion, so collectively proud to be socialising and living life and having a few laughs with their amazing group of fellow superficial friends, where i have to pretend i'm not trying to think of ways to kill them all while leaving no forensic evidence and reasons not to add you to my victims list for putting me in such a dilemma.

naturally there are many other activities i'm available for, even evening ones. studies have shown mammals can actually interact after the sun goes down without intoxication! i know who would have thunk it. i won't go through the alternate activities. if you can't think of any you're clearly just part of the problem, and if you can't fathom a life without the bullshit i just excused myself from, then we both know what time it is...yes it's time we saw other profiles...but don't go just yet, why not skip to 3/4 down and allow me to insult you about your no doubt repulsive sexual behaviour before you head off to fulfill all that incredible potential!

and that just about does it.
so then. sick of reading the word 'drinking' and every related term?
it's really fucking annoying isn't it? when people just don't shut up about drinking. just keep mentioning it over and over again.
how about that.

alcohol out the picture, it seems i've ruled out 99% of the nonreligious. well muslims can exit the building now too thanks. well done not being pissheads, but i just can't forgive you for what you did to headscarves. i mean, i personally think they can look quite pretty, but you had to go and ruin it for everyone with your disgusting culture. and now wearing them has this political agenda, spoilt immigrant muslims fighting for the right to be oppressed, a slap in the face to all their 'sisters' living it up in desert regimes.

and don't get me wrong, when i say disgusting, i'm not talking about the jihad and all that. only bigots think there's a link between islam and islamic terrorism. i used to believe it, i admit, but then i found out actually they have two sorts of mosques. there's the good mosque where all the nice muslims go and they just want to deny women any rights, carry out stone age sharia law, and slaughter animals in the most traumatising way possible - in peace and without being bothered by modern civil society and its pesky principles. the radicals are actually at the bad mosque, they're completely different. see if you're a terrorist, or been to training camps
abroad, or provided funds to radicals, or just a middleclass muslim who's grown up capitalising on the
western society's many benefits, but had a change of heart and decided to plan mass murder instead, you get asked to leave the good mosque and go to the radical mosque, which is all the way down the street. and it has nothing to do with the good mosque at all, even the korans are a totally different.
unfortunately the hate preachers still preach at both types of mosques. but that's because in order to receive tax exemption, they have to maintain some hate preaching at a respectable mosque. luckily radical mosques will soon be elligble for tax exemption and we can sort that out.
yeah so like i said it's not the war on infidels that turns me off people who perpetuate this religion.
it's just their silly little hyper-aggressive culture war waged in white countries, their demographic destruction of european territories and the extraordinary rates of rape and violence they import [or in political terms, the ''vibrant ethnic mix'']. hey that's just me. i'm kind of sensitive!

but i'm digressing into why all cultures were not created equal [hint: if their customs are considered illegal in civil society that can sometimes be a clue] and why schools shouldn't be brainwashing european children with the notion that they are. maybe later i'll digress into why all races were not created equal [hint: if they are unable to cut it in 1st world society that can sometimes be a clue] and why schools shouldn't be brainwashing our children with these notions either, encouraging them to welcome their own ethnic cleansing from european civilisation.

christ, it just occurred to me what i said about islam back there might have offended muslims! i feel awful. i might be put on trial for free speech. i better just call a few of the australian embassies around, in case there's some attempted mass-murder and whatnot. don't worry, i'll take full responsibility for any jihadist acts which follow, like a good modern spineless whitey should.

my alcohol preferences should automatically eliminate 99% of smokers and all 'social' smokers, but if you're some kind of confused smoker who doesn't drink...well you probably have yourself a little social dilemma there and my heart goes out to you. but i still don't like you. the truth is smokers are either stupid, affected, mentally weak, or all three. if you're in china where they tell you it's healthy, i'll throw you a small bone. but you'll still stink. but if you smoke hookah with your hipster friends i can't throw you any bones because you're a posturing dipshit or an arab. and i don't like arabs.

of course everyone should be free to do exactly what they like since it's their life. am i right? you bet i am.
you know, like the malformed fetus' and other passive smoking children. they should have the right to choose, because that's what liberty is all about. and if they enjoy the odd pack of fags with their feral parents in the family home or backseat of the car, or through apartment bloc venting, who are we to decide how they should live. the last thing we want to do is protect people from the stupidity of others. removing the freedom to be harmed by the stupidity of others would be destroying our civil liberties of course!

so don't worry, i wouldn't want to ban this stuff. because i understand smoking has value. it's like a portable i.q. test. you can literally smell idiots. and it slowly kills them off. that's certainly handy. and by god we need all the natural selection we can get these days. but being the eugenics fan i am, i'd like to up the ante a little if i may and suggest a law whereby tobacco companies must coat 1/1000 cigarettes in cyanide. this will also maintain useful tax revenue and keep the industry alive for economic purposes. and the other upside is, you nolonger have to tolerate smokers, you actually enjoy being around them. because there's all this incredible suspense with the perpetual game of russian roulette.

so to clarify, my dear smokers: for now, fuck off. but if my bill passes in the senate, send me a line.

i spent way too long on all that too. but you might say that's a theme of this profile.

moving on:

i'm the kind of person who arrives at the front page of youtube and bemoans the fact that european culture is sinking lower and lower. codeless trash-pushing puppeteers, the lowering breed-quality of humanity and market forces. what a magnificent mix that is.

i watch old movies and think that even though everyone is dying of lungcancer and have too much oil in their hair, even though sneakers are much more comfortable and barbara stanwyck's fringe is just ridiculous, there are things from these times we shouldn't have thrown away.

ah yes, when open-mindedness meant intellectual curiosity not open for business and every which way. when you didn't have to find the golden moment to slip in that std quiz (after ice cream on the beach, or our first dance in the rain?). when you could be confident those breasts weren't a 21st birthday present.
when if you were a bachelor looking for a mate, the average female wasn't seedier than a 19th century parisian whore and inexplicably proud of the fact.

yes a time when human beings didn't celebrate their animal nature but tried to rise above it, at least on paper.

oh, but we are animals they say! why should we not revel in our primal natures! animals are beautiful! well besides some exceptions, like mature great apes, elephant seals, hippos etc. they can be, and fascinating too...but generally only if you examine them as biological machines. because animal behaviour is far from beautiful by and large. apply natural animal behaviour, including primate, in fact especially primate, to a metropolis of a million people - relieving themselves at will, copulating at will, raping, abusing, enjoying homicide,infanticide, pretty much all the 'cides' - and you'll have living hell. or africa. same difference. and that's why the world of wildlife is called the wild, because it fucking sucks to live in it.
and that's humanity too, when you take the rules away. or you don't make enough of them and encourage people to allow base primal urges to dominate their existence. the trick isn't taking away rules and codes, it's just making the right ones.

so besides wild animals that want to kill me, i don't like selfish people, which seems like a no brainer, but actually it isn't. plenty of people put up with them and/or are content behaving like this. i'm not talking about those who won't rain money on the third world or volunteer all weekend at soup kitchens - i wouldn't like that either, unless there was a particularly tasty soup she could bring home, cream of chicken for example, because these things are often done either as vanity projects or to ease some kind of middleclass guilt, and besides as far as soup kitchens go, the homeless in this country have obesity problems and i've seen people beg not for bread money but meat pie money - no i'm talking about selfish people who don't consider or match the efforts of the people in their lives. takers.

i treat the people in my life well. i'm considerate and generous and i expect the same in return. especially with people who are not related by blood and therefore who i have no obligation to give the time of day to. and therefore who i won't give the time of day to if they can't exercise a basic level of decency.
by considerate i mean thinking about how actions affect other people. by generous i don't mean donating kidneys, just simple gestures and thoughtfulness.
i'm defining these terms because i'm not sure many people are familiar with them, at least in terms of exercising them.

i'm essentially an antisocial person because i'm at odds with the way the majority of people operate. and frankly i'm not stimulated by the mindless bullshit most people are.
this means socialising has generally been a game i've had to play. for some reason i'm good at it, but there's rarely been anything in it for me. which is why i generally prefer to spend my time alone working and pursuing my interests.

for someone to understand me it's probably essential they know what this feels like. what am i saying, it's not 'probably' essential. that sounds like something i'd write here when i was attempting a small amount of neutrality. but i've come too far now for that. it is essential.
the fact is, if someone doesn't understand what it's like to feel completely at odds with most people, including cliques of 'fringe' people who get together to pretend they're extremely unique, and proving it by finding plenty of identical people to be unique would be impossible to understand who i am in the least.
that's not an ideal situation for either party, i'd say.
i'm a good conversationalist and can get along with anybody if i choose, but in an amazing twist of events, for a partner in life i want to have a fundamental connection and mutual understanding.
it's also a practical issue.
i won't be joining you while you spend copious time going out with your countless moron friends - the 20somethings so proud of being 20somethings and desperately trying to fulfil every cliche of the age group before the decade runs out, or the 30somethings so proud of their profound life experiences gained through all those years being 20something posers and desperate to pass on their ridiculous pearls of wisdom - at various events and locales i don't want to spend my very short life span being anywhere near.
and all that might just cause a little tension.

but look, if your countless friends really are those great, interesting, beautifully amazing people maybe the rules change a bit. maybe i'm available for tennis doubles. but lets be real, if there truly were as many incredible friends around as claimed, surely the whole world would be full of incredible people.
but i notice at that point the equation is kind of breaking down...unless they only become incredible in social situations involving said girlfriend but then return to being morons in normal it needs more analysis.

and in a related issue, i'm not interested in females who spend their lives pogo-sticking from cock to cock, racking up portfolios of men. i need somebody who also understands what it's like to spend large periods of time alone. and i don't mean months. it's not primarily a solidarity issue here though, it's an issue of character.
it's impossible to make an argument that somebody is a cut above if they just move from person to person finding it very easy to find companions, or who, despite finding it tough to find companions they can geniunely bond with, are still happy to hookup with guys they care little for, to pass the hours on saturday night. people who truly are a cut above find it very difficult to find partners. i've never met a quality person who didn't. and those are the people i'm looking for.

okay. time out. a tip for chocolate/strawberry/ice coffee. i treat these drinks like cordial. so instead of drinking them straight i dilute them half and half with normal milk. they are more palatable this way, the flavoured milk lasts longer and it's better for your teeth.


i like classy women. or more accurately, i want nothing to do with classless women. and i'm not talking about pristine grooming. i'm not talking about speaking with rounded vowels, going to finishing school and not swearing your head off when you accidentally download the spanish dub of a tv show, or even not perpetually swearing [content defines mindset, not cursing]. i'm also not talking about the modern day definition of class which seems to mean anything outside of being the village bicycle or participating in girls-gone-wild videos.
i'm talking about people who have high standards for themselves. and whose behaviour and mentality demonstrate that incredible notion. but they're hard to find these days.
in fact in an age where the modern woman is running around demanding respect and worship left right and centre, i doubt there has been an era where the average female deserved less respect.
respect is earned, and looking at the behaviour and attitudes of the average female these days, i'm not certain what exactly i'm supposed to be respecting.
of course i can easily and happily refrain from abusing women and/or treating them like whores, no doubt much to the dismay of many women who typically throw themselves at these kinds of degenerates, so i suppose that constitutes respect by some people's definition. unfortunately this mindset of mine isn't overly thrilling or dangerous though, is it? yeah i know, which is why i substitute a moronic personality for intellect,creativity and wait, i mean superficial mindless interaction while participating in superficial mindless activities and i flesh that out with superficial, costly gifts. women go mad.

i hear women complaining all the time about chivalry being dead. well here's the thing: chivalry, like respect, is earned. it's not a fucking birth right.
chivalry is a form of deference and therefore she has to be worth the effort, and demonstrate that through her behaviour.
you want to know why chivalry is dead? take a look at modern day females. there's your answer.

anyway please don't go and blame my folks now, for raising me bad and all. don't worry, i was brought up to respect women, and even put them on a pedestal. but then i started associating with them. high school sort of started the rot you might say, taking a large chunk out of that reservoir. university took the baton and bam, drained that thing half dry. and the twenties basically finished the job, wiping it all but clean.

still, there's always tedwoman talks. and there's nothing i love more than female charity. i think tedmuslim would obviously be a great next step, followed by tedindigenous_savage where we can learn about all the crap civilised people abandoned thousands of years ago in order to give us everything we take for granted...then to top it off, tedretard, where we learn every burden on society is special in their own subhuman way. and hopefully we can apply these models to all aspects of human enterprise and lower the standards of everything. oh wait, we're already doing that. it's the new religion we all worship: the religion of equality! i'm kind of slow on the uptake sometimes.

but i've gone a little off topic. don't worry i'll return to some of these 'offensive' sentiments a little later. for now though, i was basically saying the odds are i don't respect you. but that's just me playing the percentages. if i do respect you, i apologise in advance. and in all fairness, i don't respect most males either. however i think at the lowest level they're a hell of a lot more useful. you can still use them for physical labouring and land invasions. and they carry more and drop dead less on long migrations.

you know i wasn't intending on getting this bitter so early on. i really wanted to start out with lighter sarcasm, build up to some burning rage and then sort of simmer down to a poignant bitterness towards the end. but emotions are tricky little fuckers aren't they?

i came across something interesting recently. it was the 1920 personals column in the sydney morning herald newspaper. a section called:

'personal and missing friends'

wait, i'm sorry. i didn't mean interesting for you...after all it didn't involve tips on how to maximise your insatiable vanity and superficiality, scoring at bars, celebrity gossip, or articles and surveys justifying your low level character and complete lack of admirable driving forces...

but anyway, there were lots of coded messages and people looking for others and sending instructions for meets and family arguments and courting sweet nothings and pleas for forgiveness and bitter lovers' quarrels.
but what struck me was how so many males were looking for 'refined' women. in other words, women who not only weren't trash, they actually had substance too. now this was a city newspaper, these weren't aristocrats, they were just middleclassers. obviously to expect refinement wasn't outrageous at all.

imagine asking for that in a profile today. it's utterly ridiculous. you're pushing it even asking for a female who isn't happy to drink semen or be fucked up the arse on special occasions.

but to ask for a female with some class, some grace...

...and not just relative to the general modern day scum abounding, but the real deal...sadly it's wishful thinking. delusional perhaps.
and so i perfectly understand how people might find my profile absolutely absurd, my requests completely out of touch with reality, and the whole thing entirely laughable.

i can't really argue. but the fact is, even though most women are simply selfish,vapid, vain, hedonistic, trashy, downright repulsive little bitches, or some combination of, i have seen some quality women out there, sprinkled extremely fine, but there none the less.
women i respect and would be more than happy to make substantial effort to have and keep in my life.
i know they exist.
and i still think there's a small chance i can find a woman like this to kidnap/lock away in the attic of my manor/ take possession of her soul for all eternity etc...
or just get her email and take things slow.

right. so this profile is long. it's very long and is likely to grow. i'm trying to give people a good idea of how i think and operate, which is a pretty groundbreaking approach for a dating site. the proven way of course is to write next to nothing, or list a whole lot of generic information that could apply to any living primate from the ages of 8 to 80, and probably some other mammals too, and then demand people message only if they have 'something interesting to say', all the while failing to provide any data that could be used to initiate any conversation of interest.
in other words if you leave your profile essentially vacant and or fill it with generic information and thoughtless shit, that's fine if you're new, here to stalk or are prepared to take the initiative.
but then you don't have the right to demand anything other than vacuous, generic, thoughtless messages.
quid pro quo.

the other problem is that peopl
What I’m doing with my life
not so fast... i wasn't done with the first section. see how that last paragraph just faded into nothing?
suspicious isn't it?
there's a reason for that. what you're looking at is something a bit like that part of the movie 'the 13th floor' where the guy arrives at the edge of the virtual world and the road just bleeds away into some unresolved wireframe graphics.
actually it's nowhere near as interesting as that.
but if you've been playing along, you'll see that this is somewhat interesting nevertheless. remember when i talked about that goal of mine? maxing out this page? wondering whether it was possible? or whether it was just a hopeless dream?
nah, probably not. you were no doubt just skimming through to find out whether i liked filling my car up with gas and just taking off on incredible adventures along roads, or instead, filling up my motorcycle with gas and just cruising off on adventures slightly less comfortably but with totally more wind in our hair, or whether i had a tattoo that might match the one on your arse cheek or whether our friday nights were equally as spontaneous and we both had compatible groups of friends, ones that like having drinks and laughter...
well the answer to all that is, i don't waste my life driving aimlessly down roads eating shit food from gas stations and generating experiences so banal and meaningless i have to pull over to vomit pure boredom onto the gravel, motorbikes are for reckless fools, and i'm not compatible with your friends. i've already met them six squillion times over in clone form and enough is enough.
well anyway, the point is, i discovered that these sections do have limits, and therefore that this whole page does have limits, and therefore that technically i truly can max it out.
isn't that fantastic?
well, not exactly.
i found it out when the bottom of my first segment just vanished into nothingness. and while i did find some satisfaction in reaching the threshold, it's actually quite annoying now because i'd like to add some more brutal commentary into that first portion but the overflow is making it quite awkward.
look what happened now, for instance. the flow at the end of the first section has been utterly broken. and i'm even going to have to provide a recap to link the ending which is really a clumsy way of doing things.

so remember i was talking about filling up the answering machine of my friend and how it led to all these horrible outcomes? i'm gonna have to start that all again. don't blame me. if okcupid sections were limitless you'd be at least 10 lines further on by now ...

but once, a long time ago, i called someone, got their answering machine, and for some reason i just kept talking and talking and eventually filled the whole tape with my message. because the tape was full nobody else could leave any messages and this guy ended up missing out on his dream job in america because the employer couldn't contact him and had to give the job to the option B. this friend became severely depressed and ended up locking himself in his house and not eating. his girlfriend was in america at the time and because he didn't clear the tape, she couldn't contact him either, and assuming he didn't want anything to do with her, she went off with another guy. he found this out after finally calling her on their anniversary and devastated, rang his mother and left an enormous message which filled the whole tape. because the tape was full, his sister, who was stranded at a bus interchange couldn't get her call through to ask his mother to pick her up. she ended up being kidnapped and brutally murdered. the friend never recovered and took his life, filling my answering machine tape with his gasping death throws.

the moral is: not everybody appreciates long monologues, but i'm not catering for everybody i'm catering for somebody.
[acknowledging my target market is very small but note the tinge of optimism. don't worry that will have vanished by the end of the profile.]

and the second moral is: don't believe what people say after the first sentence.

and the third moral is, if you can't trust what people say in the first sentence, you can't trust the rest. so don't trust anyone.
because trusting people is like going to a casino.
you might win a few games here and there. but over time, when it all averages out, you'll be fucked over like nobody's business.

what the hell am i thinking, talking about morals...this is a dating site, circa 2012. you'll have to excuse me, sometimes i forget i'm mingling with the unwashed mob here. that's because i'm actually sitting far far away from the hoards, in a custom built fortress complete with a giant flame thrower at the entrance to handily incinerate any mob units who approach my space. why flamethrower? it's much quieter than automated machine guns and i also need something that can sterilize. they're the unwashed, remember.

[end of first section]


now then, what am i doing with my life, you ask?

trying to determine how europeans can fight off the hordes of foreign opportunists hijacking our living space, bastardising our identity, corrupting our society and destroying our civilisation ... in other words how to stop european societies being handed over to foreign hordes of self-serving, white-hating parasites.

this will largely involve fighting my own people, people like you, spoilt brainwashed white ''liberal'' doormats, who support the de-europeanisation of your own society, in pathetic, submissive, utterly delusional fashion, prioritising the interests of foreigners over your own kind with suicidal treachery (foreigners who laugh at your spinelessness and are either indifferent to the well being of whites or have outright hostility towards us).
''multicult'' moonbat liberal drones like you are probably the most dangerous whites to ever exist given your compliance with our ruin and you need to be stopped before we reach the point of no return.
personally i would put a bullet through the head of every self conscious equality-cult leftist post 25 years of age (long enough for them to understand the fraud of ''multiculturalism'' and how toxic the racial replacement of whites is).
ignorant, apolitical or only casually political people simply following accepted rhetoric can be saved and young race deniers aligning with their enemies probably need a bone thrown their way considering the incredible conditioning ... however, even still, a lack of even basic concern about the importation of the third world into their living space would probably have to be present in any adult human for them to be worth keeping alive.

writing fiction.
illustrating fiction.
looking for like minds or at least young people worthy of respect.
failing so badly at one of these, i'll probably chuck it in.


and how do i live my life?

i am extremely idealistic.
i believe in the advancement of humanity in a true sense as opposed to a short-term emotionally indulgent sense.
this first and foremost means protecting the most advanced civilisation we have, european civilisation, from demographic and cultural degeneration.

i am extremely non-materialistic.
i don't care about money except in regards to basic material security. i live a very spartan lifestyle and can happily live on next to nothing provided i have first world basics in terms of housing, rations, civil society, computer/net and a postal route.
[in fact one reason i hate welfare state pampering is that i know for a fact it's very possible to live on next to nothing and be adequately provided for in this day and age, particularly in a historical perspective. i know for a fact payments are far too excessive and western ''victims of poverty'' are typically full of shit. [case in point, white bread, once an expensive luxury reserved for the aristocratic class, is now $2 a loaf. perfumed, high tech soap, superior to products reserved only for royal hygiene, is $1 a bar. bleached, skin-smooth paper, once too expensive to write a shopping list on, is now 5 cents per a4 sheet. this is all dirt cheap. because thanks to technology, an adequate, if not indulgent standard of living is easily managed.] i know how well you can live on very little because i've done it. if you don't drink,smoke,run a car, eat out, buy concert tickets, gadgets, brand sweatshop clothing, own pets, take out loans for things you can't afford, take on mortgages you can't repay, and of course create children without adequate means etc.... in other words if you're actually responsible and sensible and live within your means, life is cheap even in the first world. and if you have a brain, stimulation is practically free.]

so like i said, i live a humble life. and if i was a billionaire, i would have an out of the way place on the welsh coast or some such and still live exactly the same.

here are some things i could give rat's-fuck-of-an-arse about: clothes, shoes, cars, phones, bling, haircuts, cologne, furniture, home decor, gimmicky gadgets/appliances, and keeping up with the Jackarses. shopping is torture for me. i consider it a toxic pestilence wasting away my lifespan.

i do appreciate beautiful artifacts, clothing, household objects etc. but items typically from the past and not found in contemporary malls. and even if they were, i probably still couldn't be fucked going to buy them. i'm only interested in the design.

status in modern society is primarily based on money. the merchant/commercial class seem to have taken over civilisation.
i'm not impressed by any of them. few people used to be, in fact.
intelligence is related to bourgeois success but only to a point.
there are higher gears at play which are simply no longer rewarded by society and fail to receive due status. if they do receive status it is often directly related to commerce.

i don't compete with materialist posturing. i am very competitive, but only where it counts.


unfortunately i'm now spending a good deal of my life being fed up.

i mentioned this profile will involve honesty. that it won't involve a bullshit facade. but what you're going to read, if you choose to continue, isn't just an honest account of who i am, it's an honest account of what's actually going on in this day and age. that is a very rare thing. not because of human incompetence, not because i'm uncovering anything incredible, but simply because of social pressures forcing people to sanitize their opinions. i am not beholden for various reasons.

for years i tried to tolerate, i tried to play nice, but it's game over.
i've been around too long and put up with too much. i no longer have the energy for it.

now i know for a fact i'm far from alone in many of my positions, but in order to deal with women, the mating game, people like me have to play a phoney game, have to pretend to be satisfied and accepting of the gutter standards on offer. because if you are realistic and honest about what is going on, your chances of securing a person are very small.

i think it's quite clear just by glancing at modern culture and customs that most men no longer respect women [and for good reason] and are happy to play the game to achieve short term gain [convenient penis sheath]. many men are just as repulsive. but even if they are decent, it is almost irrelevant to them that women are so revolting these days. even if men are somewhat revolted, women have simply been repositioned as entertainment, out of necessity and as encouraged by female behaviour, and just like a muddy pickup football game, most men see them as still enjoyable and worthwhile to pursue as long as you don't take the score too seriously and can take that warm shower afterwards.
many men are either resigned to that or quite satisfied.

but if like me you seek a serious companion, even a mother of your child, and you actually need to be able to respect the person... this is when things become so problematic. at this point, if you are not religious, you are forced into either outrageous amounts of tolerance or outright denial. because genuinely respectable women are essentially extinct outside of church groups. i may be an atheist in a practical sense, but i'm first to admit this social reality. even urban, secular women who are tolerable to be around are almost impossible to find. who aren't i-am-womyn-hear-me-roar, soul-less, obnoxious, male-wannabe cunts superficially packaged as females [or more commonly, dressed-to-undress whores], urban secular women who aren't just long-haired[if you're lucky] second rate versions of filthy, chest-thumping, teenage males you wanted to rat-poison back in highschool ...the whole value system of these women based around narcissistic urge gratification, petulantly rebelling against any form of tradition or classical morality, syphoning 99% of their blood into their crutch 24/7, shoving up against/mouthing off towards males to prop up their housing-bubble egos [when not visually dryhumping men with their latest slut fashions] and for kicks and personal development, manufacturing a vulgar,seedy,sleaze-filled mentality to be proudly shared as proof of their membership in contemporary trash culture and in demonstration of their utterly charming 'independent gal' frankness [in oldspeak, complete absence of discretion and grace.]

simply put, modern females can broadly be defined as conceited trash.

why trash? never in civilised history have average females been lower grade in their behaviour and mindsets.

a brief summary:

a. dresscode: in all areas of life never have females worn less clothing and never have they worn less/tighter coverage in comparison to males. thus never have they dressed more cheaply, and more in line with prostitutes.
b. never have they been more promiscuous and never have they been more promiscuous than males on average [males have 10times the testosterone levels to put that in perspective]. thus never have they been sluttier and thus more in line with prostitutes.
c. never have they been more interested in/open to/consumed by sexual deviancy. and never have the levels of deviancy been higher. thus never have they been sleazier and thus more in line with prostitutes.
d. never have they been more involved in recreational boozing or consumed as much alcohol. thus never has their stock social behaviour been of poorer standard.
e. never have they been more involved with drug culture at all levels. thus never has their stock social behaviour been of poorer standard.
f. never have they been more shit-stained with vulgar graffiti (tattoos), never have they been fatter and thus never has their appearance been lower grade.
g.never have they been more materialistic and decadent. thus never have they been more superficially and vacuously driven.

these points are easily measurable and essentially irrefutable.
the only question is whether these trends represent a shift to high or low level behaviour within the gender.
only principle-free, delusional people could possibly suggest these trends don't establish modern females as trashier than ever.

so then...

never in civilised history have average females been lower grade in their behaviour and mindsets ... and yet never have they been more impressed with the way they operate!
thus, not just trash,
but conceited trash.
and it's a particularly unbearable mix, this combination, because of the paradox at work, the falsity and delusion.
it's everywhere you look. practically every one of them [outside devoutly religious and assorted secular diamonds] now infected with some percentage of a cocky-as-fuck-scummy-as-hell persona. different levels of infection, certainly, but essentially all above a threshold level of intolerability. it's no wonder females have never been more sexually objectified, disrespected, used-and-disposed and inspired such a lack of genuine adoration and therefore such lacklustre investment and commitment from males.

market studies have shown that when searching for a modern female the options will always be some combination of this palette:

liberated slut
rabid slut
sleaze queen
sporadic drug user
regular drug user
tattoo shit-stained

so even if you can avoid some of the traits, you'll simply be left with something like:

> boozer-liberated slut
> shit-stained-sporadic druguser
> rabid slut-boozer
> shitstained-boozer-sleaze queen
> boozer-regular druguser
> shitstained-sleaze-slut

and so on. try as you might, you can't beat the game!

the most common model coming up through the market, you ask?

> liberated slut - sporadic drug using- boozing -shit-stained- sleaze queen

another very popular model:

> shit-stained (and more planned) - liberated slut - boozer

for a ''classier'' option, why not choose the shit-stain and drug-free:

> liberated slut - boozer

it's a modern classic!

or for more ''old-fashioned'' types we recommend

> the boozer

rest assured this can always be upgraded later on to a more ''adventurous'':

> boozer- (committed relationship) sleaze queen

what's that, dear? you've spotted your own model? of course you have! isn't that exciting! you're fitting in, you're conforming, you're part of the journey, you're validated!

what's that, madam? you're horribly offended and nothing like what i suggest? of course you're not! because you're playing your favourite game: redefining terms, redefining behaviour!
here, can i play too?

liberated slut = gender freedom fighter!
rabid slut = rabid gender freedom fighter!
boozer = social fun lover!
drug user = curious person!
shit-stained = soulfully unique!
sleaze queen = adventurous explorer of life!

so, that would make you... let me see now...
a freedom fighting, social funloving, cat-curious, adventure seeking, unique soul!

god, that sounds so much more awesome, don't it? oh, you beautiful woman, you!
wait, i better add some cutesy little symbols following some trash-behaviour confessions, to help sanitize the lifestyle and conceal odious character with affected adorability, isn't that the latest thing?

:] :P', ;P, xP xD :k :h :>y ,y.{: O }:V V;"{(* >:EF ":#%>L:YY$%}+@

now let's frolic somewhere like that video clip with your favourite hack indie image-is-everything-musicianship-is-nothing, my-face-landed-me-a-record-deal singer songwriter free spirit!

lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalah! i''m a sweet little kitty, now fuck me gritty!

XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


now. you've got something to say about the degeneration of modern males too? i'm sure you do. not a lot about this reality, no doubt: that much of it stems from the female gender's hysterical soiling of their own culture along with the petulant dismantling of the general social framework in place before the 70s. females were behind the tearing up of our established mating society, not males. females destroyed notions of modesty,chastity,chivalry,commitment and created the most sexually preoccupied, sexually excessive, disposable and downright disgusting mating society we've ever seen in our civilisation. what you see now is the result of female intervention. never forget that. still, males probably do have a few things to answer for. but it doesn't excuse the female situation. just because a bankrobber has an accomplice it doesn't make them innocent. and since i'm not a franky mcfag or one of these urban male cultural-cockgrabbers i see around, who in some strange effort to be fashionable or pass time between girlfriends seem to have jumped on the fuck-everything-with-an-orifice bandwagon of our times ... i could give 5swollenbellied3rdworlders-of-a-fuck how ill-served you feel by males of the day, particular since it's typically deserved.
if you've got something to say, write them a little love-letter like mine on your profile.
but obviously all i concern myself with is the female problem. because that's what i'm dealing with.

ok, look, why don't i be nice for a moment. after all, there won't be much chance for tenderness in the coming sections. so let me say this. i don't detest females in essence, i just hate what they've become on average. obviously i still come across some lovely women here and there. and by that i mean i detect their presence as opposed to strolling a boulevard with one. at their best, human females can be quite exquisite creatures. it's true. but the percentages of these types of maidens are just so low in my generation and younger that you'd be lucky just to make a long distance sighting let alone have chances to establish anything in person.
tenderness over.

at a certain point, when you've bashed your head against a wall for so long, you stop using your head and pull out a sledgehammer. and you don't even care if you destroy what you'd set out to secure.

because i see so few women on here worth pursuing and because even when pursuing them with necessary ''civil'' dishonesty, suppressing my actual opinions about them and their adopted culture, it has failed to generate anything of worth, in other words anything that hasn't completely wasted my time, because essentially these women aren't worth my time, i have ultimately removed myself from the game in this domain and changed tact.

i am no longer pushing shit up hill, i'm kicking shit downhill.
i have removed myself from the restrictions most males face,
leaving me free to give an accurate picture of what is playing out before me.

this isn't an attempted dangling carrot, and it's gone far beyond the type of profile i advertised initially. it's instead grown into a disgustingly honest account of what females have become.
so far, things have been a little testy, a little nasty, but by the end things will have boiled over into a ruthless, cold-blooded, yet entirely justified assault.

in order to do this i'll have to step into the gutter. things will eventually degenerate into a vulgar to downright filthy place. the idea of taking the ''higher'' road and remaining ''civil'' and refined about many of these matters strikes me as ineffective. because even though you may pull off a more superficially sophisticated attitude to life, what it actually does is provide cover, sanitation for what you are criticising. in an effort not to be ''trashy'', you're not honestly and accurately depicting the behaviour. and this is exactly what supporters of this behaviour want. this is why they make up latin terms for all their depraved activities, for example.
it allows them to gloss over the true nature of what's going on and frame it instead as something sophisticated and civil.
but sometimes you just have to call things out for what they are.
and i'll certainly be doing this in the spirit of relentless honesty.

i make no apologies, because it's about time more people started holding this contemporary culture accountable, and holding modern females accountable.
i'm very qualified for the task. and i'm more than happy to do it with the venom this situation demands.
not that it will have any impact of course. see the thing about being an artificially emboldened, sexually diva-fied, grace-stripped, culturally-coddled, bitch-tongued pleasuromaniac [modern female], is that truth and reality have little hope of breeching the psychological gauntlet.
it is not in their [perceived] interests to pay heed to such inconveniences as truth and reality, standards and accountability, and they are no longer obligated to do so.
so yes, nothing i say is likely to stimulate the few if any urban gal brain partitions capable of independent thought and serve any real purpose at all, but while i'm still here finishing off my sadly-validating, even-worse-than-i-imagined q&a surveys targeting the 20-30 year old sector of female trashdom, i might as well continue my little blogging project to pass the live!love!laugh! hours of my life.

[note: by female i mean a creature that could be dug up in 2000 years and be identified as one by her skeletal features. in old terminology: a female. i don't mean a gender mutant. a dickless queer. a biofreak experiment from a pathologically delusional society. i clarify this because in 2013, when you search for a female, not only can a 'single' female mean a casual [multi]cockrider who just can't make up her mind which cock to specialise in right now, or in fact just wants to perpetually keep her net [and vulva doors] spread as wide as possible for her frolicking youth, or is single most weeks except for a booty-bang and a movie when the slut is stirred on lonely weekends, and not only does ''available'' mean a bored whore with a safety cock for slow semen weeks, but ''female'', yes ''female'', can actually now mean a man with a very close shave and a made-in-taiwan, chop-shop vagina, the kind of monstrosity even a hermaphrodite hyena would be ashamed to urinate from...
so i just wanted to clarify the insults will be aimed at real females. i have nothing nasty to say to the fake ones. in a way i don't even blame them. after all, if some cultural maniacs told me i could become a tiger if i felt like being one, maybe i too would fall under the spell and have some stripes stitched on. we can be anything we want to be. i truly believe that. mother nature is a patriarchal construct...]

and you know what? i actually don't entirely blame modern females for their current mode of operation either. the fact is most people are soft clay and pathological conformists and cannot help but be swept with the currents of the time, in this case, possibly the most poisonous and degenerate social culture we've experienced in european society, with definitely the most powerful indoctrination machine in our history. in other words, trash culture is the fashion of the day and women will typically operate as mindless, spineless, heel-clicking troops to the trends in place.

if you don't believe white culture has gurgled into the sewer, if you haven't worked that out yet, i suggest witnessing the 20th century mainstream film/tv/music/fashion/advertising culture up until the 70s (even the 90s in some regards), just pay attention during an old film or two, really ... and what you'll basically see is a repulsive contrast in standards of behaviour. learn a little about pre 20th century customs and the contrast is extraordinary. and when you do what i've just suggested, and you have even basic values, looking back around you at what is taking place now ranges from disappointing to downright sickening. outside of technological progress there is honestly nothing to smile about.

so like i said, i can't completely blame females for what they've become given the cultural engineering taking place and the feeble nature of the average mind. but at the same time, it's also true that there are plenty of females who are intelligent enough and aware enough to know, at least in the quiet of their minds, exactly what they're doing and exactly what level they're operating at, but play on because it's easy and allowed. and this group of women constitutes the vast majority of urban, secular, ''educated'' females, the very ones who claim enlightenment at every turn. and ultimately this makes them even lower than the mush, and justifies my intolerance. for example, if a dog you barely know starts humping your leg, you don't expect any better from a simpleton beast, but when a jenny the ''classy'' banker you met a few hours ago starts humping your leg, different measures should be applied.

the thing is, young white people don't even understand what has happened to their own society culturally speaking, the fact that in the last half century it has been subverted, torn apart and put back together completely on its head. they think this is normal, what they see around. they think it's natural. they think it's progress. they think the value systems in place are healthier than they've ever been.
they think a culture which has welcomed behaviours once partitioned in the underbelly of society into the mainstream is a success. they think a culture which has destroyed families, reduced white fertility rates to population unsustainability all the while marrying queers and handing them children to raise is success.
they think non-white countries have every right to protect their ethnic identity and founding stocks but white countries are global property. so mindfucked are they, they don't even acknowledge western countries are white countries, white creations, created by whites from thin air, not appearing out of thin air [eastern europeans still fathom it, god bless them]. and the fact you have ethnic ''guests'' doesn't change this reality. they think destroying european demographics in european societies, cleansing their own people from their own territories by allowing the second/third world populations to colonise our territories alongside aggressive eastasian/jewish opportunists ... is success. they think what i just said is hyperbole. yet when i mention that europeans are on the verge of minority status in london (the british already under 50%) still nothing registers.
while every other race on the planet would be seething at the prospect of being crowded out of their own capital, if not already engaged in civil war, while minority percentages for japanese in tokyo, chinese in beijing, indians in delhi, pakistanis in jihadropolis would be utterly unthinkable for all of these peoples, and they would shed blood to protect what's theirs ... contemporary europeans take it with a pseudo-enlightened smile on their face, a population of pathetic, submissive, flimsy fucking muppets.
because european people have no identity any more, they don't know who they are. they believe the civilisation they live in has no ties to race and dna and that a global racial melting pot is either natural or inevitable for their society. just their's. because they don't even acknowledge that london, for instance, is a european city not just because it's ''in'' europe but because it was created by europeans for europeans and outside of tiny sprinklings of ''diversity'' was entirely populated by europeans up until very recently in human history. they think you could replace europeans with africans and muslims and it's much of a fucking muchness. yet of course they understand that tokyo was created by japanese for japanese and outside of tiny sprinklings of ''diversity'' is entirely populated by japanese and that if you replace the japanese with africans and muslims...let's just say tokyo stops being such a popular tourist destination. oh, wouldn't the anime-fetishists hate to see japanese identity removed! the tragedy! no more pervert pubescent voyeurism, highschool prostitution, sex doll social clubs and buckwheat noodle stalls!
but their own european identity? the greatest civilisation ever created? seeing that removed step by step?

ah, meh. meh. meh. it's all good. *pop culture quote*. meh. meh. meh. *trash culture quote*. meh. meh. fuck something.
meh. meh. watch something fuck something. meh. meh. watch two things fuck three things. *wise arse remark*. meh. *hip remark*. *drinking based remark*. *conditioned rejection of any pro-white sentiment*. fight for queer marriage. meh. watch queers fuck each other. *wise arse remark*. *drug use remark*. upload photos somewhere for attention. meh. it's all good.

are whites brainwashed? yes, but they're also refusing to remove their smugfuck grinning heads out of their arseholes.
of course that whole paragraph would leave most whites in utter confusion because people don't even know what ''european'' means anymore. they'll call a chinese/zulu a european if they're born in europe even though nobody would think of calling an irishman ''chinese'' if they resided in chinese society or a german a ''zulu'' if they raped and slaughtered with a zulu tribe. tell a white american/australian/newzealander they are european and they'll be utterly confused. they believe identity is just geography, just coordinates on a fucking map. they don't know where they came from, how they got here and where their society is rooted. they refuse to own their ethnicity which is why becoming minorities means nothing to them. they refuse to own their civilisation which is why they refuse to defend it.
and quite satisfied with the wholesale corruption of their civilisation, through degenerate values and demographic policies, not even blinking a porn-soaked, vanity-soaked, booze-glazed, drug-glazed, trash-media swollen, phone-glued, dollar-grubbing, passingslut-grubbing, navel-fixated, culturally-cataracted eye, they skip off to have some fun, fun, fun, fun, happy, happy, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

biological requirements before we continue:

for a mate i will only accept females of european descent.

that means no asians, africans, ''indigenous'' people, semites jews or any mixes.
i do not want to corrupt my gene pool with breeds incapable of producing european level ability and behaviour, which means the majority of non-white breeds on the planet.
i have no interest in racial and cultural disharmony even with more 'elite' breeds and refuse to have biracial children who have half an ancestry and history i am alienated from.

and no, jews are not white. they are foreigners attached to the white/european host and the most anti-european, hate-spewing, politically and culturally subversive, hedo-materialistic, ethno-narcissistic, petulant, amoral, immoral, hypocritical, pathologically self-absorbed and downright psychotic breed on the globe. and they're also fucking grating as hell.

if you don't know much about jews, here are three essential things to know:
1.they created communism/marxism, led communist revolutions all through eastern europe in order to destroy the european ruling class and take their place, laying waste to the countries and killing millions of whites in the process ... then had the nerve to extort billions of dollars of 'holocaust' payments from europeans.
2. they are continuing to destroy white nations via enforced racial invasion (jew-pressured open borders) and criminalised verbal and political dissent (jewish 'hate speech' laws) all while demanding an ethnically pure and protected israel.
3. they are the wealthiest race on the planet (2.5% of america, 40% of the billionaires), yet claim oppression and victimhood around the clock.

that's a good introduction to their anti-white poison and hypocrisy. though there's oh so much more where that came from...

so if you're a jewess, bye bye. go sniff out some gold elsewhere, or maybe incite some degenerate fem-slut, tit-show, public urination rallies in a christian church somewhere ... to 'fight the patriarchy' and wipe your arse on traditional white 'gentile' society and whatnot.

now, a tip for all you shit-for-brain okcupid users who don't even have the brains needed to accurately tick an ethnicity box. if you are a mulatto, asian, mixed-breed of any kind, do not list yourself as white simply because you have 'lightish' skin.
a white person is a person of strictly european blood.
when whites search for white girls we're not looking for african mutts or other european pretenders.
you're only embarrassing yourselves and wasting people's time by clogging up searches with your fakery.
if you don't know what the fuck you are because the race-mixing propaganda has fucked up your identity beyond repair, then tick 'other'.
you are not white.

a tip for women in their late 20s/early 30s who think they're 21.
you've no doubt spent the majority of your fertile years prioritizing some meaningless 'career', fucking cock after cock in casual or semi-casual/not-too-serious fashion and having your incredible 'adventures'...
and now you won't consider males more than a couple of years older than you when it's time to 'settle down'?
you cunts truly are delusional!
you've spent most of your currency, don't you get it? males into their mid 30s have access to women younger than you. males your age can access females significantly younger than you. and you're going to demand a guy your age?
it doesn't work like that, sweety! unless you're putting up some serious cash!
women don't get to keep demanding males their age as time goes on! because as more and more of your fertility is used up, more and more of your value dries up! that's biology, that's evolution!
males do get to keep demanding females their age or younger, because their fertility doesn't run out mid-30s!
that's biology, that's evolution!

males and females aren't equal! not even close, honey buns!
i know your vagina-mouthed teachers told you you could have a male lifestyle and the same rules would apply to you.
but you were lied to!
you dumb fucking air-head!

so i'm sorry, dear. as you get to latter stages of your fertility, you have to start facing the music. you can't be so picky! you're not 21 any more, princess! and no, despite what your slut-bible women's mags tell you, you're not like a fine wine! when you get old, you run out of eggs and no male wants to commit to that!

don't over value your product, honeycakes. some free business advice!
I’m really good at
understanding modern women. so much for the unsolvable mystery.
i don't know who started the idea. must have been some guy who kept mistaking delusional, self-deified, de-feminised, degenerate, manipulative, fickle, fad-ruled, attention-gorging atomic superficiality ... for complexity.
so either the world's worst detective, or a hopeless idealist under the mind-altering brain state known as primal lust.

alright, wait, there is the whole 'women's intuition' aspect, which i must admit i don't really understand. but in all fairness, neither does modern science.
it's that remarkable ability that somehow allows females to consistently spot thugs, badboys, players and abusers and then select them for saturday night leg-spreading. i think it's also strongly linked to the ability to know when it's okay to break the rules and wear two shades of red in one outfit.
yes it's a scary thought, isn't it? females primarily control sexual selection, they control mating choice. and they use their incredible intuition to accomplish this! so ladies, next time you want to complain about men, think again. blame your own gender for controlling the gene pool. in other words if women didn't choose to screw arseholes on such an overwhelming basis, arseholes wouldn't be here in plague proportions.

but besides their intuitive powers, it turns out women are not hard to understand at all. all you do is live through your 20s, look through 1000s of profiles on sites like these and it's pretty clear how they tick.

women are fun loving[deeply profound], easy going[highly principled], down to earth[easy going], they love big nights out and quiet nights in with dvds [have well-rounded personalities and raging intellects] they love a drink [or 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... giggle giggle], they like to hang out with people they've specifically chosen to have in their lives because they like to hang out with them [friends], they enjoy laughing [unlike every human who has ever existed], they like to travel [i mean love to travel, i mean devote their entire lives to the pursuit of travel because it's the only form of mindless thrillseeking that can be passed off as cultural sophistication with fellow douchebag friends and handily substitutes genuine goals in life], while saving for proper travels they can't live without other types of adventures: local adventures and spontaneous adventures and unpredictable adventures! as long as they're awesome adventures! [frolicking, flitting around with some jackarse or other trying to emulate loser freespirit scumbags in an indie film, pretending that all these superficial/reckless/stupid ''experiences'' are incredibly meaningful and worthwhile], when they're not travelling or having adventures, they're firmly against drug addiction [but have done drugs or are happy to do drugs in a non addicted fashion and/or screw guys who do drugs in a non addicted fashion. as long as no one is addicted. can't be addicted. drugs, fine. principles, who needs em. addiction, totally inconvenient]. naturally their greatest motivation in life is either the desperate craving of knowledge [who's fucking who in hollywood, 101 ways to fuck themselves and pleasure guys, memorising 101 cocktails to get drunk with! and when surfing the web after uploading vain photos on facebook, sometimes visiting wikipedia!], or the pursuit of love [putting out at a wink of an eye, getting amore tattoed above their vagina to display at the beach making sure the beach panties are low enough so the pubic stubble can further draw your attention to their life's focus ... and hopefully experiencing the true essence of modern love: rolling around in bed sheets smiling and laughing like the phoney models in sexual lifestyle magazine shoots], it's extremely important for them to participate in deep, philosophical discussions...[right after they finish voting for the vogue 2012 most eligible dickhead poll, watching dancing with the tarts and writing quotes from amy winehouse in their deep and meaningful notebook.], and fittingly they love to choose guys who can teach them so much! [like generic morons! and buff bad boys! or fingers crossed: guys who have éclectic tastes and tattooed quotes in russian! women naturally have eclectic tastes themselves because they're so eclectic and sophisticated. for example they have different genres of music on their ipod. like they might listen to nirvana and then it will totally skip to mozart next. mozart is totally classical.], they're incredibly mature and wise these days [because they've had sex and outings with various guys and read nonsense psychology books and articles and now they love to reference their ''relationships'', especially their ''serious relationships'' which have taught them so much about life and people and made them so mature and wise and able to recite copious cliches about ''relationships'' and life and pretty much everything
(and with multiple ''serious'' relationships under the panties, look out, men: wisdom explosion). yes, oh so wise. despite failing to see through the utter superficiality they're enmeshed in, despite failing to develop in any significant way, despite carrying out the same moronic lifestyle well into middleage. oh so wise. because they've fucked people and gone on outings and getaways. it teaches you so much about yourself and humans in general. oh, and girls' nights out are pools of wisdom too. we mustn't forget those.], probably because they're so mature and wise, women can't stand to date men with no goals or ambition [because they themselves are literally bursting with goals and ambition: like having adventures! and having fun! and living life! and buying useless shit! and getting a bigger salary to pay for more adventures and life living! and boots! and áspiring' in the arts for an hour on the weekend, between socialising and fucking around! and getting drunk with friends! and going to festivals! and going to concerts! and flying between airports! and their 5 point plan for achieving utter forgettability!], not only do they desperately crave knowledge[remember that wikipedia stopover], but also growth and development! they exist only to learn and grow! [by occupying themselves with dumbed down garbage and superficial experiences from highschool all throughout their adult lives, and reading motivational books to help them justify their ridiculous mindsets and pretend they're 'self educating'' because the nonsense they're gathering is printed.and reading women are from venus men are from mars and the sequel women are from brothels, men nolonger go to brothels because it's nolonger necessary] they're all 'liberal beauties!' [incredibly liberated! liberated from any high levels of behaviour, from any measure of class! phew that's a load off!]
they spend huge portions of their lives consumed with hair styles, hair removal, makeup, nails, anti-aging strategies[like partying, pretending to quit smoking, and tanning: yes so outrageously, absurdly stupid they actively sabotage the very commodity they base their whole existence around] as well as shopping for clothing and accessories ... all while bitching about how superficial guys are [display sophistication, rationality and ironic mindsets - but not the funny kind], obsess themselves with eating food in as many different restaurants as possible [have an insatiable appetite to learn new things and live life while happily being outrageously ripped off by perpetually unimpressive food in infant portion sizes with pretentious drizzlings] with every second female now something called a fucking ''foodie'' [really? so preoccupied with stuffing your face you actually brand yourself as part of some phoney, middleclass indulgence cult. it's food. yes it's good. it's nice to try some recipes. but it's just food you morons. get the fuck over it and do something with your lives] oh but why? they all love their lives ... love their lives and are really happy! [either lottery winners or utter fakes], oh so lonely [haven't spread their legs for a couple of months now, and are struggling to fill this devastating vacuum and meet their social needs while restricted to just a core group of loyal girltards, work friends, gay friends, school friends, 2 satellite aquaintance networks, copious social networking interaction,family, a perpetually beeping phone and multiple pets], hopelessly romantic [like hooking up with people in a ceaseless stream from the dawn of puberty, participate in copious filthy sexual activities openmindedly (''lovemaking'') and cry during sex and the city 2 (because the guy with the big cock couldn't marry the slut with the shoes)]

sound familiar? you didn't honestly think you were an unsolved mystery did you?
you did? you are? you're oh so much more than meets the eye?
afraid not.
you can't all be reduced to just some caricature?
yes. yes you can. in fact i was throwing you all a bone there, making you sound more sophisticated than you actually are.
your life's work can be boiled down much further:

1. looking in mirrors
2. a ''career'' of questionable value you do the bare minimum in in order to fuel your overconfident middleclass posturing, fester your delusional female ''empowerment'', and fund the rest of your self-absorbed, base-level existence:
3. if visually able, bartering sexual activity or the voyeuristic promise of sexual activity [perpetually sexually advertising regardless of partnership status in the form of slutwear aka contemporary fashion codes] to self-serve and get ahead. in other words, physically or culturally prostituting yourself for self-gain and throughout the whole exchange, demanding to be treated unlike a cheap crutch-warmer.(your profile is no doubt excellent validation of the principle!)
4. screwing or desperately seeking something to screw with option for sleaze-culture wallowing, pseudo-intellectually justifying gravitation to what was once the whore strata of society.
5. socialising with option for boozing and/or drugs. if young,attractive, urban, 'liberal', and whitecollar employed, being cocky as fuck for no valid reason.
6. rabid material pleasure seeking [hedonism, decadence, consumerism, self-pampering].
7. droning in mindless entertainment [modern trash culture, travelling, idiotic thrills, massing at spectacles].
8. declaring a quality personage since gutter-values have been normalized. continuing normalization by promoting complete unaccountability for female behavioural levels and attempting to censure any criticism with accusations of misogyny and/or ''fundamentalist-christian-medieval/1950s[the same period apparently]-female slavedriving-kitchenchaining-antibabyboomerenlightenment-vaginal repression''.
9. looking in mirrors some more [lining up self-portraits for flattery-fishing]
10. looking in rear-view mirrors.
11. looking in restroom mirrors.
12. looking in hairdresser mirrors.
13. just one more look at a self-image, any self-image...and another drink, and another summer-screwboy, and another for-old-times-sake fuck, and another plane ticket, and another facebook update and another mindless comment and another drink, and another winter-screwboy, and another ''adventure'', and another bottle of wine, and another pair of spray-on slut-slacks half price, and another awesome weekend ...

that's it. a lifetime of it. a trajectory of utterly codeless, vacuous, self-indulgent, enjoyment pursuit. also known as a ''good life''.
if ''creative'', a half-arse attempt at some endeavour will occur off and on largely for purposes of posturing and to enhance dot-point sex appeal.
and finally a baby may pop out at some point, typically after an abortion or two which prove that contraception isn't completely safe when you don't use it, and with the creature typically being raised in childcare after a couple of months, when just like those skank-garb, arse-thrust gym classes, the novelty soon wears off.

oh and i forgot, if it's a choice between dancing, drinking or scrabble, women love to play scrabble!...but wait for it... only if they can play scrabble while also dancing and getting drunk! 'why not do them together!' hahahahaha! ' how about all three at the same time!' ahahaha! 'we can do all three!' huhahuha! 'how about boozy scrabble!' hahehaheha! how hilarious is that! how totally witty and interesting is that! omg!omg! oh, the wit, the charm, the intrigue of the modern female!
it totally shows that they're kind of a bit intellectual minded and can hang with more like geeky stuff, but still totally up for fun and still lovin to live life and have a great time!
see they're not just kind of straight and dull and just playing a board game on saturday night, cause they're not uncool and all not having something cool to tell everyone on monday, they're boozing at the same time! which will make the craziest story about how they put a twist on the game and made it all hilariously drunken! don't forget the drunken part remember! it's not just playing the game normally you hear! you know there was that part about how everyone was drinking too! i know! haha! how awesomely balanced is that! like it's both things, being sort of stay at home and not going out and partying and yet still getting drunk, which is still being impressive and cutting loose! so that makes it sound really awesome and not just playing a board game, like not just avoiding being a total dipshit on saturday night, but having the opportunity to not be a total dipshit on saturday night, but then turning it into just another moronic, dipshit activity!
coz they've got those two sides of their personalities, both the one that's a bit smart and needs the brain fix and all, but the other one that's a total riot to be with! hahahaha! like both a person who is not just into small minded stuff or whatever, but still in the end a pathetic fucking cliche too!

do you know how many times i've seen that answer to the scrabble question? for two years i've barely seen a different answer. can you people actually comprehend how entirely redundant you are? how cringeworthy? what an utter disgrace to dna you represent? how much i would pay to have you all killed and hung from street lamps for my international public art project?

what i do know, is there's a factory pumping you people out. i haven't managed to locate it yet because it's situated in a land so barren, so vacant, so void of any living complexity, so entirely useless, meaningless and forgettable, that nobody
ever bothered to even mark it on a map. but i'll find it. i swear to you. and when i do, i won't blow it up after allowing
it to pump out enough for that public art project. no. i'll allow that factory to keep pumping out these creatures, just they will
never leave the factory walls. under my direction they will finally have a purpose in life, many purposes in fact. it will be a beautiful thing, finally seeing them flower and be all they can be. muscles will be for animal food, bones for fertiliser and glue, organs and teeth will be put on ice for worthy people who need replacements, and fat will be used to light lanterns in the third world. there will be medical experiments galore, genetic experiments galore. medical science will advance like never before. you see these people have perfectly useful bodies, simply corrupted by their extremely poorly developed brains. and given these organs, when removed, will
be of no use to science, they will simply be crumbed, fried, and served to the last remaining cannibals so we can wipe out those homo erectus leftovers with prion disease.
i admit the global economy will initially take a hit, given this factory is currently supplying minions worldwide for menial tasks and mindless consumption, however in time things will balance out and in fact the economy will undergo an incredible evolution whereby trillions of dollars of useless services and products and their markets will vanish paving way for a world which isn't saturated with absolute bullshit perpetuated by drunken scrabble players, and together with the new streamlined economy, the more intelligent population, the medical advances, and the handy organ surplus, we will be ever closer to the utopian dream.

so, drunken scrabble players. know how you were trying to take that question and make something interesting out of it for effect?
that's how it's done.
you fucking degenerate pseudo hominids.

to be fair, you people do hold some fascination for me though. how you can get up every day, knowing you're just another low level, pointless cliche, and still walk around with that self satisfied smile on your face. i find that truly remarkable.

anyway, besides the scrabble behaviour, i knew most of the typical female attributes before online dating. i also knew waters rarely run any deeper than initial small talk suggests, or in this case the summaries. the lists really say it all. you can try and artificially add substance, for example assuming by 'big' nights she's not talking about sleazy pissups but actually getting together with with fellow toy design enthusiasts to work on their latest groundbreaking creations, inspired by the classic tom hanks comedy. or by shopping for handbags they actually forget it, there's nothing i can do with that.

remember when i was asking if anybody actually wants to live a life of any substance?
i wasn't talking about striving for greatness, changing the world, colonising mars. i wasn't necessarily talking about a life of intellectual sophistication either.
i was talking about having a value system worth having.
you can be a very simple person and still live a life of substance. it was once quite common.
people of all levels and walks of life can choose a value system not overwhelmingly superficial, self-absorbed, hedonistic and scum-soaked. even one involving some dignity and nobility.

perhaps a life not spent wallowing in vulgar shallow fakery, utter bullshit, and base-level behaviour.
for example, instead of spending hours in a line waiting to enter a club full of tryhards in order to buy beverages marked up 3000% because that's how easy it is to sucker nightlife drones, or spending the evening watching novelty porn films for 'a laugh' with your bottom feeder entourage, or spending half of sunday cutting out pictures of the latest hair styles in hollywood hookerdom in order to best imitate these ridiculous, rehabbing, hack, exhibitionist clowns ... how about just knitting a sock for your niece? even two socks. or playing a game of ping pong with your brother. or doing pushups. or just something that involves just a little bit of non phoney merit. just some activity that doesn't prove you to be yet another unbearable modern day cliche ...
for example, maybe you visit a lake... not while having ''a few drinks' on the bank', or a ''naughty'' little joint that totally makes nature amazing, or skinny dipping for some thrilling adventure, or to have a deep thinking session about your heavy problems, like the awkwardness of fucking that guy you don't really like that much but how to get out of the ''relationship'', especially without some penis at the ready for quick transition, or skinny dipping with some hot guy on a weekend free spirit adventure, after another giggling ''few drinks'' of course, only letting him masturbate you of course, coz you're not some slut of course, you only let it go in on the third date ... no, you visit the lake to just look at the lake, or feed a fucking duck, or have a thought that doesn't involve your self absorbed, sleazy, mindless little shithead life, but something actually substantial, even meaningful... even just sitting there in a daze. that achieves nothing but it's better than being an absolute fucking idiotic and/or libertine bitch.
oh i know why you can't heed this advice. because i'm suggesting avoiding certain behaviour. but you don't have to avoid anything entirely, silly! you can do it all in moderation! that's balance! the secret to life! you spend some time being an unbearable modern day cliche, but then on the nights you've got no one to join you, you'll bake the choc chip cookies! the healthy balance just like that lifestyle magazine told me! when you're up for a bit of everything and show a complete lack of discernment, you're really interesting and balanced and outgoing and well rounded and full of experiences! and there'll be so many stories to tell, oh the stories to tell from all the well-rounded-up-for-anythingness!

but anyway, even though in general women turned out to be less mysterious than a mound of dirt[which can at least hide reasonably complex networks of insect communities], one thing i didn't realise, was just how happy single women were. i always thought being single and alone and being forced to go on dating sites to try and find someone made people at least a little frustrated, a little shitty, a little sad.
but my logic is clearly flawed. it seems everyone's having an awesome time and life is awesome!
like a total fun in the sun laugh all day massive smiley face tail wagging fucking bonanza!

thanks okcupid for setting me straight. and no thanks to you, hormones, for failing to make me a woman.
because being a woman must be incredible. shania twain wrote a whole song about it afterall. apparently you have the prerogative to have a little fun. that's neat, huh?
oh oh oh, it's totally crazy, being a lady, men's shirts short skirts, oh oh oh...da da da da doin it in style...etc.

but seriously. all you people with the awesome lives, what the hell are you doing here then? because if i wasn't a little frustrated, a little shitty, a little sad, if i was having the time of my life, i wouldn't be anywhere near a place like this. it's a form of self torture.
it's more depressing than a public bus ride, which, after being filled with its disgusting salad of highschool scum, uni scum, half dead pensioners, a handful of village retards, welfare 5year olds with that gleam of future drug dealing and petty crime, and nightlife lifeliving meatmarketers heading out for another evening of fulfilling their vast potential for existing for absolutely no purpose, hits a glitch in the time space continuum and can never ever stop, but just continues to ride and ride and ride, no matter how many times you press the stop button, and even when you smash a highschooler's skull through a window and jump on out, you simply land back in your seat to continue the endless droning hell...
oh that's right. i forgot. silly me.
it's the tests!
everyone is here for the tests.
that explains everything.
people like wasting their time filling out vulgar tests that reveal nothing enlightening about themselves or indeed anything and serve only to confirm how low grade their thought processes are and how obsessed they are with their own genitals, and everyone else's for that matter.
and then use those amazing insights to continue on with their awesome lives.

no i get it though. in the beginning i think sites like these may well have been populated largely by socially frustrated types, who didn't have too many chances to meet people. of course there were always attention whores. but while females exist this is a given. my point though, is the floodgates have now well and truly opened. since the taboo is gone these places are of course filled with people with plenty of genuine platforms to meet similar boneheads but of course these are the same herds who have to spend every waking minute socialising or risk a thought entering their heads and thus in between perpetual txting and bar hopping and txting and outings and phone calls and bbqs and txting and dinners and skyping and updating facebook 100 times a day with mind vomit, they still just can't quite satisfy their social needs and have to come on places like this to post and message and create dumbarse questions, socialise and attention grab even more.
so in other words, my model is probably a little outdated. perhaps the majority of people here are indeed having the time of their lives.
i really wish they'd fuck off though.

and speaking of people who can fuck off: why is anybody on here when they are 'seeing someone'? i mean in an actual relationship, not the ones just warding off guys while testing the waters with somebody. that i get.
but if you are involved with somebody, why are you still active here, idiot?
you've reached the goal! you were single and then found a mate! the credits have rolled now leave the theatre!
the groceries have been acquired now clear the checkout!
high school is over, stop hanging around the grounds!
you found a fellow dipshit to mash bodies with, now fuck off and go generate 'experiences' with them!
this is a dating site. it's called okcupid. cupid is the clue.
it's not 'okfriend' or 'ok-random-arsehole-to-validate-my-sexual-depravity-with'.
well, on second thought, that second one might be a more accurate branding.
but answer my question. why are you still loitering here?
you really need attention from random douchebags that badly?
why don't you go make your banal updates on facebook or youtube. go contribute social excrement elsewhere.
you're simply filler. and pathetic filler at that.
not to mention, on a dating site i shouldn't have to waste clicks selecting 'single' in match searches. that should be the only option. on a dating site. for singles. looking for partners.
of course, that'd be hampering all the people with open relationships and their fuckeverythingthatmoves lifestyle which is right for them, totally their choice, if it's right for them and if they're comfortable with it and everybody is comfortable with it and everybody is different and variety is the spice of life ...
seriously, just burn in hell.

anyway, on that note, it's great to be easy going, huh? it certainly seems to be the no.1 trait to aspire to. but what does it mean?
does it mean being easy to talk to, relate to? having basic social skills?
being easy to get along with? then i guess i'm easy going.
except i wouldn't class myself as such. because that's usually not what easy going means.
it means happy to go with the flow. in other words, happy to follow the herd. not questioning too much, just slotting in with everything. a sheep. except with more cognitive abilities and no dog barking its arse off to keep you in line. so lets not be too harsh on sheep.
how about this. being malleable. that's what it means.
and how exactly is this some amazing quality?
well don't ask an easy going person, because they're not too good with the whole questioning thing. it's really a bump in the road.

and for some reason women must consider procrastination endearing or cute or quirky etc because it seems lots of people are celebrating it as a quality these days. it's everywhere. yes it's the era of easy going procrastinators. who love to have fun of course.
sure everybody procrastinates, but when it gets to the point where you're listing it as an 'interest' or as some kind of major character trait, i mean, maybe you're just lazy and have no self control.
i've never really considered that cute or something worth promoting. in fact in my experience trying to work or deal with people like this is excruciating because they're unreliable and never pull their weight.
which is why it's strange everybody is celebrating their amazing ability to waste time and get nothing done.
but points for honesty i guess.
coz god knows, that's not easy to come by.

it might seems strange to some that i'm actually discriminating people by gender, you know splitting them into male and female. because as if there wasn't enough ridiculous pseudointellectual bullshit being perpetuated in this world it seems quite popular to pretend gender doesn't exist anymore, that it's just been made up! it's all a construct! that we're all the same! male or female!
well to those fucking morons, i say this: gender stereotypes exist because just like every other mammalian species on the planet, males and females are different. not just physically, but mentally, psychologically different. yes that's right, it turns out the most obviously fucking thing in the world is actually true. it's not up for debate you ridiculous feminist/postmodernist/leftist/neo fucktardist what ever the fuck you are posing intellectual wannabe arseholes.
if you cut open the brain you will find real measurable fundamental genetic differences. it's not cultural it's not coz daddy made tommy play with cars and susie play with dolls, it's because the genders are designed differently just like every other fucking species, a process of specialisation for different tasks and roles over countless years of evolution.
and these differences account for different patterns of behaviour. and these different patterns of behaviour turn into stereotypes. differences exist, stereotypes exist, and you know what? the genders are also specialised for different tasks actually explains why many traditional gender roles emerged in the first place and why many, not all, but many are still valid!
males and females are not the same, and never will be without genetic engineering. deal with it.
oh and this just in: males have ten times the testosterone. a hormone directly responsible for certain behaviours, including sexual drive and aggression.
it is physically impossible for two organisms to operate no differently, when one has 10 times the dosage of a behaviour altering substance.

even though just there we saw feminism entirely discredited by the power of biology, as it was from the beginning, i should say a few more words on the subject because i forgot to mention how well i understand feminists back at the beginning.
after all i couldn't claim to understand women if i didn't understand feminists. because after all, every modern 'educated' female is a proud feminist sock puppet these days.
but i totally understand where they're coming from. i really do.
feminist hordes are primarily tools of the jew-marxist engineered class struggle, in the kike's on going war on the white male guardianship of european power and civilisation.

feminists have been conditioned to live in a fantasy world where males and females in mammalian species do not have substantial differences in mind and body, which naturally result in different social outcomes. feminists, when not cleansing the world of femininity and wallowing in contrived victimhood [how strong and noble!], therefore try to cheat the system and self serve, and also like to petulantly and often quite pathetically attempt to empower themselves by wrangling with males everywhere from bus stops to high politics. and in their spare time they enjoy revising history to make it female-centric and having tantrums about white male success. the cult is actually a lot like the afro-centrics, and almost as ridiculous.
oh, and they also enjoy mocking traditional women, the only women who actually promote anything close to female 'equality', where the gender isn't propped up by special treatment and government charity and is left to fight it out in society just like men. and the only women who actually behave in a way that generates respect for females.
feminism is about narcissistic gender power-grabbing under the umbrella of jew-led marxist subversion of white society ... it has nothing to do with 'equal opportunity', because that results in inequality, the natural state.
if you are a feminist in a loose, vague, anti-islam kind of way, it's probably safe to be in my presence. if you are a proud pseudo-intellectual, gender studies indoctrinated, vagina-brained leftist butchwhore, odds are i will intellectually humiliate you time and time again, with absolutely no mercy. and if you want to raise your hand against me to prove your manliness, i'll have no problem responding with interest.
for more on lifestyle feminism search my q&a.

now of course feminist propaganda pretends that anybody who rejects their insanity desires this fantasy instead: a weak,submissive cooking baby machine who only speaks when spoken to. etc.
no half-intelligent white man ever wanted that ridiculous cartoon of ''traditional'' society.
like most white males what i want is a strong, intelligent and capable female who i can respect, form a powerful team with, but who doesn't petulantly deny gender differences, actually values femininity as opposed to subverting it, actually values motherhood above the service industry, doesn't spend her life desperately trying to take on male traits and/or best males in male specialized fields, doesn't try to use ''independence'' rhetoric to excuse hedonism/trash behaviour...
in other words, a high quality woman not a foul delusional cunt who due to her conditioning is barely distinguishable enough from a low-testos male to stimulate any genuine attraction from a standard male of this species.

it seems there are a lot of 'awesome' girls on here. and girls full of 'awesomeness'. and you just have to trust them. about how awesome they are. which i try my best to do. because that's what i'm looking for, an awesome person. so it's always exciting when you read that. you think, wow i want somebody awesome, and here is somebody awesome, how lucky am i to have stumbled across such a person.
somebody that would impress me so much with their quality, i would be in awe.
but then i make the mistake of reading through the rest of their ridiculous, tiresome thought processes, spewed in careless, thoughtless, bullshit fashion throughout their banal, forgettable, i-wish-i-had-that-click-back profile.
and i fail to be in awe.

sites like these make good studies for male/female courting rituals though, don't they? for example half the females here seem to be exasperated by being treated like pieces of meat. i honestly have sympathy for women who actually do have an ounce of class and have to put up with that.
but the fact is this. the other half of female users actively flaunt themselves as sexual objects.
posing in bikinis: aka stripping to the bare minimum to flaunt yourself as a piece of arse to fuck, pretending it's different to a striptease. draping against walls, on beds in panties/sleepwear/misc. skimpy attire, sexually posing like webcam whores. in casual/''fitness'' skank-wear quite accidentally cropping cleavage and thrusting bits and pieces into the camera. all this in an effort to advertise their...personality? intelligence? talents? violin playing?...oh no, just rubbing sex in males' faces. like usual. because it's all you've really got to offer, isnt it? you pathetic bitches, just tits and a vagina to mentally wipe on every passing male gaze.
well if people present themselves as pieces of meat they should be treated as such.
while i won't defend jackasses who vulgarly solicit girls who don't deserve it, the fact is a lot of women do, online and in real life.'
and i say to jackasses, keep on keeping on. do not offer these women any respect. do not value them. do not treat them well. treat them as they deserve to be treated. like two minute fair rides.
my favourite are the exasperated hypocrites. i've known plenty of those. 'guys are pigs all they want to do is get in your pants'. oh really? well for starters how about wearing pants
that manage to cover your butt fold? at the very least it makes it harder for guys to get into them.

females are entirely responsible for being treated like like pieces of meat. why? because this male behaviour is a response to provocation, not the cause of it. yes it's a codependent system to an extent.
but 100 years ago even 50 years ago even 20 years ago males would not have used approaches like you see today. it would appear completely out of context. and it simply wouldn't work. these days of course, it isn't out of context and it does work. because sending a picture of your cock or a request for a casual fuck isn't a dead end strategy, in fact it can actually appeal to a modern day skank.
and so what that means is if you're a female in the minority you've certainly got your work cut out for you.
you're fighting not only males but a large portion of your own gender. like i said, i do have sympathy.

i think now's a good time to give some fashion advice to the contemporary women, some fashion tips for all the amazing, cutting edge females out there, to help them find a style which more effectively reflects their mindsets and behaviour.
a more authentic style if you like. there are still some of you lingering in a cultural time warp, you see, and i'd like you to stop.
stop dressing up as pretty in pink, with your flowery summer dress, and a fucking daisy in your hair pretending to be feminine, or pretending to be elegant at some formal event [when your tits aren't popping out from the new navel necklines - and to those women, i say just get them out. why bother with tape? just get your tits out. it's what you clearly want to do. just get off the red carpet and onto a pole in a strip club and fulfill your fantasy. it's a free world.]
and back to my point. stop wearing some dainty hairclips or frilly blouses and pretending you're some girl next door from the wonder years.
when you want to be a boozer, be fucked like whores, moan and scream through apartment walls and hotel rooms for the family next door, be a recreational drug user, sit around getting off on porn, get some feral stains inked over you, parade around water wearing string and a few patches like a fucking stripper, have the humour mentality of a filthy teenage jackarse...
be honest about it.
you're just the equivalent of a frat boy scumbag.
worse, actually. you're no different to the piece of arse a frat boy scumbag bangs, before high fiving his boys with that moronic fucking grin on his face.
so just wear your punk/rock/ghetto/indie fuckwad/hooker outfits and be done with it, or just stick to tomboy getup at the very least.
don't present yourself as something feminine, sweet, in any way graceful. [and while you're at it, stop pretending you're so gentle, caring and girly because you ''love kitties'' when you're a bitchy self centred yobbo/ladette in truth.]
and for fuck's sake, let's leave the vintage outfits alone. please. spare us the phoney show. who are you trying to fool? you're about as far away from these women as morally possible, so drop the act.

but in any case, i've found some great profiles during my long relationship with these sites, going far back to the very primitive beginnings, which some of you may remember as the 'insert witty headline' era, sites like onionpersonals, the ghost town aka, possessor of the worst business model in this great tradition's history, who's continued existence can only be explained by it being either a north korean funded research project into capitalist vermin or possibly a north korean funded attempted brain washing system to make sleeper agents out of lonely western people to be activated during the great leader's impending global invasion.

actually i think headlines are a good idea though. it can save time. there was a popular headline or life mantra if you will, that spread like a virus a few years ago. live-love-laugh. from the same genius' who spread the timeless flippant banality, 'it's all good' and champion the all time classic philosophy of reckless, tryhard, malleable morons everywhere: 'i'll try anything once.'
ah yes. LLL. a few words that no doubt just missed the cut: lipstick and lads. coz you need them too. i get the feeling 'beach' would have had a shot at the top 3 if it'd started with l. but clearly 'learning' never had a chance.
of course it made me angry to have to read this flimsy, thoughtless bullshit a million times over, but it was also helping me out. because like i said headlines can tell you a lot. and this one told me i was no doubt dealing with somebody on the wrong side of the bell curve. and it saved me a click. that might not seem like much. but when you start adding those clicks up, well you're probably in some psychological trouble at that point. but you get the idea.

then again there is that enormous pool of confident intelligent 'educated' modern females out there, prancing around with their incredibly impressive middle and upper middle class careers. and i do mean confident.
and here's something i've heard from these types enough times to annoy the shit out of me:
'men are just too intimidated by intelligent women...'
well i have the solution for that. stop pursuing and or garnering attention from stupid men.
i know there's a bit of a contradiction going on here. that being, women who do want to date stupid men can by definition not be anywhere near as smart as they think they are, but still.
this isn't really women's fault. it's partly to do with the fact that people tend to think 'educated' and 'intelligent' are interchangeable. they're not. acquiring a tertiary education in all but the toughest scientific and technical fields is laughably easy these days.

the point is, stupid men may well be intellectually intimidated by smart women. but smart men will not be. in fact they would probably kill to be with one. so they wouldn't have to shop for curtains every weekend etc.

and they do exist, smart men. truly. for a while i too believed all these educated women with their feminist indoctrinated trillion neuron per square inch super brains, and thought men were all just these snivelling poorly trained subspecies, who happened to be responsible for practically every technological advance on the planet and mastermind civilisation just out of sheer dumb luck. *
but then i realised, hang on. not only do men lead the way in every scientific, mathematical and technical field, they also avoid spending copious amounts of money on ineffective anti wrinkle cream.
and that's when i realised all that's happening is these cognitive supernovas with their enviable moderate status careers must simply be associating with mediocre morons to make themselves feel superior. of course it's handy to play in a lower division because then you don't actually have to meet a certain level of behaviour, a level smart men might actually expect.

*[i'm quite happy with a society promoting intellectual equality of the genders, but one thing i will not stand for is the absurd and downright pathetic modern trend whereby despite proving themselves intellectually for thousands of years, men are now perpetually regarded as stupid and unsophisticated simply because some obnoxious women got themselves a mediocre education, were unimpressed by various backward apes they were quite happy to flirt with on saturday night out at their favourite intelligentsia laden clubs and bars, eventually no doubt sleep with, while continually ignoring the large number of males who dwarf them mentally but may not be dangerous or animalistic enough to be deemed viable mates, felt the need to assert their own power and decided to start a cultural trend of disparaging males, something that has spread amongst other like minded, small minded women, accepted by weak minded or whipped males, and is now out of control.
and no this isn't vendetta speak from personal experience having my heart broken by such people etc. i can't say i had too much trouble attracting small minded, annoying women, even though i tried my best to avoid them. i just like to stick up for my team.]

now if you want to tell me smart men are hard to find, but you'd love to find one so that together you can intimidate stupid couples as well as females who think they're more intimidating than they actually are, then i wish you all the best.

personally speaking, i can't remember the last time i was intellectually intimidated by a woman...well okay i lie. there was mrs winter. i have to admit she knew a lot more about long division than i did. i suppose some might say that was a missed opportunity for me, but in my defense i couldn't exactly focus on dating when i had more important issues to deal with like thwarting the growing power of matthew's new gang, looking for 5cent pieces so i could buy lollies at the canteen, and coming to terms with the new playground available to me as i moved into grade 3. also i had a good ethical centre at an early age, and i wouldn't have been comfortable trying to break up mrs winter's marriage, or even put her through the torture of competing with females 50 odd years her junior, which would surely take a heavy toll on any woman.

but what i'm getting at is, i'd love to be intellectually intimidated by a woman. please, intimidate me. i really like the sound of it. it's the sound of talented babies.

of course this is nonsense. in a way. i just want somebody i can relate to at least past a threshold level, a level i don't consider ridiculously high. i've come across a fair share of smart girls as well as seen evidence of their presence all over the planet, so it's not like their existence is in question. brains don't always come with other desirable behaviours though, even though they're more likely to. and sites like these aren't hot spots for either of those things.

let's rewind and go back to the career thing though. i'm mentioning all this because i'm just sick of the pathetic status grabbing people attempt with their jobs/education. it doesn't work on me.
'respectable' careers can tell you something about a person's quality, but not always and not as much as people like to think.
fact is, i went to private schools, as did my brothers. what that means is i've known a shit load of people who ended up being lawyers, doctors etc. during school they were no different
to so many other shallow, slightly less stupid than average arseholes. and this didn't change just because they started making money.
am i supposed to be impressed because they passed through law school or medical school?
it's clearly not that hard when i look at how easily these people did it and how easily i outclassed them academically during school.
so the point is, there is nothing wrong with any of these careers of course. they're respectable as far as careers go. but they don't make people impressive or interesting by default, as seems to be the belief.
i'm interested in the creature. that's it.
just like i would have been 20000 years ago when there were no university degrees or careers to puff yourself up with.
you were either quality or you weren't. no bullshit.
i don't care whether the girl is a brain surgeon or stuck selling deep fried rats at a provincial chinese food stall while developing a talent of some sort, if she's a quality girl with a quality mind i'll be interested.
in fact, i'd prefer the rat staller in that case, because i don't want someone coming home smelling like brain, or getting it all over my keyboard.

i guess i could sit here complaining about people or i could just take some of the relationship advice kindly thrown my way.

“not finding what you’re looking for? be a little less specific.”
— staff robot

or in other words: 'having standards gets you nowhere, loser!'

actually i think i might have to be a little more specific. see i was trying to be fairly selective. basically no substance users, no kids, a 10year bandwidth and no tryhards, but it seems that's not really enough to safeguard running into whores. yes apparently i was over 90% compatible with a real whore. i don't think richard gere was even that compatible with pretty woman and that was a hollywood rom com.
i've only run into one professional whore to be fair though. obviously i've come across a lot of amateur whores as you would expect.
but still i think there needs to be some kind of whore selection box so they don't slip into your searches. put it right next to the relationship status. and maybe you set it up like this:

whores fulltime [good old fashioned lady of the night]
whores sometimes [exotic dancer, highschool/uni student with expensive habits]
whores, but trying to quit [to start up own brothel]
whores socially [money grabber]
whores desperately [if stockmarket crashes/gucci bag is 10%off/or the mother in 24 who sacrificed her own honour to save her daughter getting raped - actually quite heroic really/or quite disturbingly, but quite fittingly when i think about standard female behaviour i witness, a really a good percentage of average women in war time - just ask german officers]
not a whore [traditional favourite]

see then you could tick 'not a whore' and you wouldn't have to worry about sorting through whores if you're the kind of person who doesn't like the idea of his girlfriend having random
males gratify themselves all over her every day of week. or people that just don't like their partners being on call or working weekends. that's fair right?

anyway, just to be upfront to everybody, i should admit i have come across two profiles that will always have a place in my heart. there may be other profiles, they may be some people i'll meet in real life. but i'll never forget these two beautiful ladies.

the first had probably the most original dating site headline i've seen:
'i have a boyfriend, but he treats me like crap.'
she was both opening up her heart and also letting me know that should i pursue her, her arsehole boyfriend, and probably violent arsehole boyfriend, was going to be right there, confronting us in the mcdonald's carpark with his drunken buddies[it's the third date which is why we've moved up from drivethru], bricking the windows during dvd night, trying to run us off the road during our weekend getaway.
oh, jane, or shana or whatever the hell your name was. if only i'd bought those credits...but now i'll never know.

the second was only recently. and she taught me something about optimism, not just positive thinking, but pure, radiant optimism.
in her profile she just wanted to mention, that as well as liking movies and bbqs and laughing, she was expecting a baby boy. which was certainly a load off for me. she was a non smoker AND about to deliver a baby boy. i'd always wanted an excuse to decorate a nursery, but never had another man's child to do it for! i guess she had to point this out though, in case there were some guys who had their heart set on their new girlfriend delivering a baby GIRL from another guy. you know how men are, so goddamn picky. if it's not your breast size, it's the gender of your unborn child.

on the topic of matches, i typed in my favourite artist in the keyword search and i found a person who was a 99% match, a 99% friend and a 0% enemy. the person was within 25miles and one of the ten or so people on here not bisexual [not that being bisexual isn't like, totally progressive and openminded and like, totally suburban avant garde, and makes you seem, like, amazingly sophisticated and in touch with your inner slut and everything].
an incredible find, huh? the match i mean.
i thought so, until i read the fine print.
unfortunately the person turned out to be me.
holy bananas!
and then i started wondering why i wasn't 100% compatible with myself. how can i expect to find true compatibility when i'm not even truly compatible with myself?
and after that i started wondering why i wasn't bisexual too. it's 2011 afterall, not the 90s when the label had no phoney status or sophistication attached, when screwing everything that moves wasn't quite the preoccupation it is now, when screwing everything that moves in order for people to more accurately compare what they like to screw best or confirm their long held suspicion that actually they knew all along what they like to screw best and so really didn't need to screw anything else, but oh well it's all experience and life's an adventure with thrills to be had and i'm a horny bitch and love being touched up by anyone really because i'm in touch with myself and they're all in touch with me, quite no it's not even the 90s, when in actual fact, 'bisexual' people were quite rare, almost like it was totally not that common. 90s were SO lame.

the biggest enemy i've come across is a girl from china who is 92% bad for me. her name is miebe and she seems like a nice girl though and actually a much better match than most of the people i come across with 92% match stats. it's almost like okcupid's match system isn't trustworthy. or it could be that her profile was full of weird little blank squares. perhaps those squares are bad news for someone like me. maybe okcupid knows something i don't. and i'd rather be safe than sorry. so if you have little blank squares in your profile, please leave.
and in case you're visiting, my dear miebe > fuck you! die and burn in hell then die there and burn back up here and then repeat that cycle for eternity! aargh!
she's my no.1 enemy on the planet. what do you expect me to do, give a shout out?

well apparently somebody wants me to.
“try sorting by enemy to find someone unexpected”
— staff robot

come again?
so what's the point of having a matching system at all then staff robot, you little shithead?
why would i possibly want to search through people i have no connection points with? isn't the point of the matching system to sort out the junk? isn't that what you're supposed to be doing for me? isn't that why i'm putting up with ads for personal loans and pseudoscientific slimming programs? unless of course the matching system here is completely useless and you can end up hitting it off with people designated as completely unsuitable.
is that what you're saying, staff robot? that it's all a lie? that really it doesn't matter what the percentages say, you're just sitting there rolling a dice on everything while handing out your smug little platitudes?

and while we're at it, why can't i get advice from a cupid character or at least bionic cupid. someone with an actual connection to the theme of this website. and some kind of romantic legitimacy. you make no sense, staff robot. a machine wouldn't know the first thing about human relationships or love.


i've noticed quite a lot of females like to refer to themselves as beautiful on here. i'd say that's something that's best shown rather than told. if photos show you do happen to be beautiful, telling people so is pretty redundant, and rather obnoxious. if you claim to be beautiful and the photo doesn't really back you up, you end up looking pretty stupid. and if you claim to be beautiful without a photo, no one is going to believe you.

beauty isn't something to pat yourself on the back for. even though women certainly like to do it when the genes come their way. well it's dumb luck, at least facial beauty. i don't give people any credit for it. of course intelligence and talent are also the result of dumb luck. but the difference is, it takes effort to get anywhere with them. and that's where the credit comes in.

i'm the kind of person who goes out of their way to ignore women who flaunt themselves sexually.on the street i won't give them the satisfaction of a lingering male gaze. just doing my bit for society.
because am i supposed to be impressed by provocative display? congratulations you developed secondary sexual characteristics and are available to screw.
it's nothing special. it's no big achievement to attract lusty males. a fertile female can do that effortlessly in any mammalian species.
you think you're something special because you have tits and arse? you and billions of other young females on the planet, who most men will happily screw too, without needing your name, number, or even lockable pub toilet booth.
but what am i saying, that would probably still be a big power trip, huh? you know, how that loser chose you over all the other drunken pieces of arse, and even scratched a notch in the booth wall when you were done.

as soon as females realise they are attractive the attention whoring begins. along with the request for special, undeserved treatment.
this phenom laces all fields really.
it often begins in chemistry class, when an attractive young moron manages to get that extension on the assignment from their male teacher, and soon they're on their way.
females use looks to receive more attention and more acclaim than they deserve in all fields, especially the arts.
case in point. you will rarely see a male violinist selling cds based on his looks. but you will be hard pressed to find a female violinist who doesn't. there would practically be no 'indie' female 'musicians' without this trend. and of course television. whether it's news anchors or celebrity panelists or chefs. the list goes on. without looks, females are in significant trouble.
to be fair, females are vehemently against all this... when they're fat or old that is. when they can nolonger benefit from the special treatment. an interesting place to study this deeply ingrained hypocrisy is in hollywood.
there we find many an old actress complaining how few roles there are for old women and how terrible it all is.
but looking through their movie history, you will be sure to find a good decade at least where they made millions from no talent but a beautiful young face, and the willingness to get their tits out ... happy to outcompete the older females with their looks and sexual display alone, happy that all the roles were for young hollywood whores.
or more clearly seen when young actresses bemoan being typecast as sex symbols when of course they made their careers, their fortunes by taking advantage of these roles, when they would be nothing with these roles.
this particular behaviour directly reflects typical females in society in fact.

but the point i want to make is that although attractive women will get more attention than they deserve, and will feel very powerful and impressive because of this. the truth is, there is nothing impressive about them.
these women haven't achieved anything. and what they're banking on is a very short term investment. nobody actually respects them simply for this, males included. males may lavish attention on attractive females and seem to put them on a pedestal, but nobody is honestly impressed.
see unlike you, darling, i've spent a lot of time with males when females aren't in the near vicinity, when you get to the truth of the matter, when they drop the false ingratiation and veil of bullshit used to chase you, and their true thought processes are on display.
and see, just because a male wants to screw you, it doesn't mean he actually thinks you're worth anything. that might seem obvious, but many attractive women don't seem to understand that. even if a man thinks a woman is 'out of his league', it isn't genuine respect he's handing out. believe me. they're simply saying,i don't have the looks or money to get what i want, and that it's a not a project worth investing in, not that the female is amazing in any genuine way.
the best way to understand this might be to consider porn models etc. there are plenty of attractive women involved. and they would be out of many guys 'league' in that most guys would be unable to get them into a sexual situation. yet i guarantee you no guy genuinely respects any of these females. in fact they likely have nothing but contempt for them, even if they'd make copious effort to fuck them like japanese love dolls, to be discarded when their usefulness runs out.

of course i'm wasting my time explaining this to you all.
the women i'm discussing probably won't still be reading by now anyway. they're more likely reading up on how to pole dance for their latest douchebag boyfriend or deciding which pubic hairstyle matches their star sign.

fortunately i can't say i'm intimidated by so called 'hot girls', partly because technically i'm not ugly. and in situations where a female is better looking than me, it will never make her superior to the point of making me feel unworthy of her incredible attentions, let alone inclining me to worship her. because no physical advantage will be enough to make up for what will almost always be glaring disproportion in other areas.

i find the arrogance of our beloved 'hot girls' quite ridiculous really. Because it's actually quite easy for any guy to have sex with a 'hot girl'. all they need do is save up a month or so of booze/flower/dinner money used to try and woo one and just pay for a so called upper tier whore.
which basically means a physically attractive whore, possibly a failed actress/model etc or just a lazy one.
from what i understand this happens quite regularly amongst wealthy business types and others.
so the implication that some unworthy yet entirely superior 'nerd' let's say could never get 'a piece of this' is quite redundant.
they can if they wish. just ask copious professionals.
and it would probably be a more honest relationship too, because at least the prostitute is honest about spending her life selling herself as a piece of meat. and at least the 'maintenance' fees in the exchange are set up in very clear terms. and at least you don't have to pretend they're worthy of any respect or emotional attentions.

perhaps there's no creature more unbearable, though, than this new breed of unbelievable cocky 'professional' women who happen to be physically attractive too.
this combination never fails to result in a goddess delusion: believing they're god's gift deserving of unbridled worship.
well that's where i come in.
let me break this down for you, you vapid bitches.
you are not impressive because you've passed through university, achieved a middleclass existence and men want to stick a phallus in you.
so please stop pretending this is the case.
that you're remarkable human beings.
you want to be impressive? truly impressive?
actually achieve a high level of performance in a respect worthy field. [clue: it will demand more than cruising through tertiary education, getting employment in a firm who had better male options but wanted some eye candy to soften the day, and getting more attention than you deserve because of some very tight mini skirts and having a 'career' no doubt in some nonsense service industry the economy could well do without.']
actually contribute something amazing to the species.
or at the very least, develop a mind of genuine sophistication and a moral system of some dignity.
otherwise get the fuck over yourselves.
and stop pretending you're some amazing catch.
you're laughable.
and for the love of god, please stop demanding intellligent men with a roll of the eyes, as though you simply cannot bear to live without having your astronomical intellectual needs satisfied, when your lifestyle is consistent with a standard, shallow moron.
you don't think you're something special for no apparent reason? then please, carry on. i have no problem with you for the moment.
although that will likely change.
[for more on the ''cult of cocky cuntism'', see my friday night]

naturally i understand the female economy. i understand that the whole thing is based on women preening themselves as objects of desire [or more recently, pieces of arse to fuck]. while men are forced to actually achieve success in something to attain status.
not all women depend on this method, but because it's the easiest approach, it's naturally the standard model.
and you might say it's unreasonable to expect women to not be somewhat wired for all consuming vanity. they've been depending on it since the dawn of time.
The first things people usually notice about me
no. i'll tell you the first things people notice about me when i'm good and ready. i'm not done discussing the incredible romance of the modern female.

see despite my criticisms above, i want to be fair. there are still some women who do believe in that classic romance. even, dare i say, the fairy tale romance.
for example:
this one girl i saw on here was answering the question, do you make 'booty calls'. her answer was yes she does on occasion because while she's waiting for her prince charming she might as well have some fun!

isn't that just romantic! waiting for her prince charming! pining away, daydreaming, imagining her happy ever after
with this charming prince! you know, while casually banging various arseholes to pass the time. i'm sorry, that was a bit crass. i meant casually making love to various arseholes to pass the time!
isn't that romantic! and utterly charming too!
unfortunately this woman doesn't really understand the origin of the whole 'prince charming' idea.
see, traditionally speaking, a prince didn't come along and sweep the local slut off her feet and ride her away to his castle.
why? because he was a prince. or theme wise, he represents a quality male figure, looking for a mate.
and they're not looking for village bicycles! after all they've got their beautiful horse to gallop on don't they!
so you see, the prince would only be looking for women of actual character, actual quality to sweep away.
women who actually deserved to be invested in.
in other words, females who were entirely low grade, like the female in question would never get a chance with
any prince charming. and therefore females of low grade shouldn't expect to land one.
it's not gonna happen. they'll simply end up with the male equivalent of themselves.
so i'd like to correct this woman's answer now, in light of my reality check.
'do you make booty calls?'
'yes. because while i'm waiting for my dodgy, unfaithful, lowlife, pig of a man to screw me in the back of his car and give me
an std he got from my best friend an hour earlier, i might as well have some fun!'

i saw an article once which was a perfect example of this typical cultural mindset in female circles and an example of how it spreads. the no doubt incredibly educated, liberated, berkeley-fied female 'writer' really demonstrated the true nature of the modern female both in her discussion of behavioural trends and her championing of them.
it was a charming little article, basically an inside scoop on the lovable female mind to help boyfriends better appreciate them, a ''psst, this is what your girlfriend don't tell ya, boys!'' from an expert trashy, shallow bitch of course. and an unbelievably cocky one too, of course. with her english/journalism major no doubt. outrageous intellects these people who can make pedantic grammatical corrections and lecture people about spelling.
but i'm digressing into irrelevant hatred again.
basically one of the secrets on display here was the fact that your girlfriend will lie about how many guys have screwed her. she will pretend to be less slutty than she actually is. it's just a woman thing, boys! ah, shucks!
and there was a picture of an airhead piece of arse rolling around on top of a guy, down to her panties, laughing and playing, you know, i guess about to fuck one of the losers she pretended wasn't on her resume. livin'life and being a gal! you know!
and at the conclusion of the piece, it was made clear that we men have to make sure to cherish our gals and treat them like princesses, like every gal deserves. the end.
so...the slant is, we men are supposed to be perfectly okay with women being sluttier than they appear and lying about it to pretend they're quality. and on top of that we're still supposed to pretend they're 'ladies' and treat them as such, even though they're nothing of the sort.they are, by definition, according to this article, lying sluts.
huh? yes, the wonderful female mind at work once more.
where to even begin?
this attitude, a common attitude i might add, is unbelievably presumptuous and self gratifying on every level. the idea that you have a right to gratify yourself to your heart's desire, be unaccountable for your behaviour, deceive people to manipulate them and improve your reputation, then receive exceptional treatment, further self indulgence, completely undeservedly.
of course the typical response is what's wrong with consenting adults enjoying banging for shits and giggles, women are allowed to enjoy hookin up with/fucking lots of people, it's natural blah blah. okay, so you don't think promiscuity is poor behaviour? you don't think it's anything to be accountable for? then why are we lying about it? why are we downplaying the extent? why? why oh why my libertine goddesses? because we know deep down, don't we? we know it's pretty low grade, don't we? i think we just might.
but it's more convenient to take the easy way out and still scheme your way to the rewards.
let's make something clear. if you want to behave with no class, if you want to be a deceitful, loose little bitch, that's fine. but you're not entitled to the rewards a high level person are not entitled to respect, admiration, or any genuine investment of effort from the opposite sex. are not entitled to be cherished as a goddess, princess, lady, or other ridiculous title you fail to meet the standards of. and you are not entitled to complain about the lack of these are entitled to be treated like the low grade, manipulative, deceitful, adult's only entertainment unit you are [the modern liberal gal!]. nothing more.that's something the majority of modern women, including the writer of that article, need to get into their delusional brains.
yes, the irony of the modern situation is quite outrageous. because i have no doubt that although women in past times were not treated as equals, they had more respect from males. and these days when they have equal rights and are so desperate for male respect, they've probably never been viewed more cheaply. and rightly so.

now since modern women clearly have some grave misunderstandings about chivalry, and its place in contemporary society, i've gone to the trouble of analysing this ancient behaviour theoretically so that girls might get a better understanding of how it works. this will hopefully not only only enlighten them, but also save us all from a great deal of incessant, obnoxious bitching.
warning: this next section contains very basic [albeit not entirely air tight] mathematics. i know that's gonna be unappealing to a lot of girls, but in case you haven't realised by now, i could give ten thousand fucks about pleasing you.
so. let's define the terms.

c = chivalry
f = female
t = trash factor

therefore we can say

c = 1/[fxt]

so you can see as the level of trashiness [t] increases, the bottom of that
fraction will increase in value and therefore the fraction will become smaller and smaller.
and thus the chivalry earned will become smaller and smaller.

and just after the 60s a new constant was proposed. l.

l = liberation constant

the 'liberation' constant doesn't just refer to female 'liberation'
from non whoredom at the onset of commercial contraception, but the general liberation from quality
behaviour by all members of society.society's 'liberation' from dignity if you like.
the purpose of this constant was to account for the fact that any female born into today's culture
will automatically have inherited a substantial lack of class simply from cultural influence.
the constant [l] was deemed to be of significant numerical value for generation x.
however it has been necessary to vastly increase it for generation y
in other words:

l gen y > l gen x

in fact some have suggested:

l gen y = [l gen x] squared

an exact numerical value for l gen y is a subject of debate, however most suggest it is at least 10 so that the average modern young female would be entitled to, at best
a chivalry factor of 1/10, [when f=1 and t=1 - the lowest trash factor possible]

c = 1/[fxtxl gen y]



in other words, at best, 10% of the chivlary of previous times.
with a trash factor of 10, you can see a female would still be entitled to
1% chivalry.

c = 1/[1x10x10]

= 1/100

a mathematical glitch.

some are suggested the [l] constant will rise exponentially with each new modern generation to the point where, even if t=1, c will be immeasurably small, and in all practical sense, zero.

c = 1/[1x1x l(from a culture with immeasurable seediness)]

= 1/[huge fucking number]

= practically zero

however, as we can see, although [c] will approach zero, it can
never technically reach the limit. chivalry can never truly be dead mathematically speaking. that's kind of nice, huh?

but forget that glimmer of hope for a second and realise that relationships don't run on pure mathematics. when the chip packet is down to crumbs, it's game over.

this will probably occur in my life time. and very shortly.

as the [l] constant continues its rise, here are some predicted behavioural trends to look forward to in a roughly sequential timeline:

universities initiate sex filmmaking courses to go along the traditional film school programs, and offer degrees in writing/directing/acting along with studio management and pornographic critical theory.
art, drama and literature courses are eventually combined with the above given the fields have finally reached a level of 99% sexual exhibitionism.

2015 [summer of]
females do away with current dental floss 'bathing suits' after deeming them desexualising given they only result in
widespread physical arousal from random males but not ejaculation. replacing the dental floss is a single 3cm wide fabric 'leaf' adhesed to the labia to maintain feminine modesty.
it's all the rage, even as feminist groups protest over repression of a female's right to express herself via an exposed vagina.

since it's impossible to eliminate drugs completely, society just says fuck it, and makes them all available, but totally taxed!
and people are educated to avoid the drugs that are now widely sold and nolonger even have any taboo attached because they're legal and therefore sanctioned by a government. but they're taught to avoid them. very few people avoid them. but because the drugs are taxed, everything is okay. there's a tax.
taxes help pay for people to spend their days on couches getting wasted, visits from social workers, and also to build roads, where drugged drivers used to kill and maim other people before legalisation. but they don't now because they're taught not to drive on drugs. so they don't. just like drinkers, who just catch taxis or get lifts. adults are responsible because they're tall.

finally, after decades of pretending modern beach culture is about swimming and not a meat market, and a place for women to safely prance up and down as blatant sexual presentations without being called out as cheap skanks, as would happen on a public street if performing the same display, and where in fact they'd be upsetting copious street corner prostitutes
for making these girls look modest by comparison and therefore killing business, yes safe from accusations of cheapness as long as they're also having fun in the sun, and better than costume parties and halloween even, where being a blatant sexual presentation might also be possible without fear
of honest assessment, but where wintery conditions can make it uncomfortable ... and in light of the hit 'leaf' bathing attire which has now shrunken to 2cm width and comes in mesh or translucent, beaches finally legalise and encourage public copulation for the sake of honesty, for tourism and to teach kids busy making sand castles and looking for crabs under rocks that sex is natural.

the word 'inhibition' is banned.

highschool sex education evolves into sexual 'prowess and exploration' education complete with porn study material and guest speakers from the sex 'industry'.
condoms, the pill and various toys are sold in school vending machines. by 'sold' i mean freely distributed. it's a matter of public health. alcohol and drugs are also sold because teens 'get hold of them anyway', but these goods are taxed. and don't worry they're regulated. they're not in vending machines, but in the canteen. and obviously teens are educated to consume alcohol, a substance that by its very nature makes you irresponsible, responsibly, and not to use drugs. the drugs are taxed. that's how you turn lemons into lemonade. but they shouldn't be purchased. anyway, they're just over there next to the potato chips. but we don't recommend you buy them. no, over there, see? yeah, in front of the lollypops.
the school library is stocked with erotic literature [porn magazines] because reading is important and sexual 'frankness' is enlightenment.
parents donate large collections of home made 'erotic film' to the audio visual departments in the spirit of contributing to youth education and also so other people can watch them having sex and get off on it.

high school study rooms are joined by hookup rooms where teens can safely score casually instead of in carparks where they're at risk of coming across as cliche pieces of trash. a teacher is always monitoring the room to make sure people are exploring their sexuality at a level consistent with their year level requirements. parent teacher interviews help inform parents of their child's successful sexual development. footage of the hookup rooms is always made available on the school website to promote school cohesion and casual sex as a way of 'solving' disputes 'just like bonobo chimps', instead of shouting and name calling, talking the problem through or even just avoiding eachother. selected footage and highlight collections are sold in the front office to generate school funds and help break down barriers surrounding sexuality and teaching kids that sex is natural.
sex clubs are formed in school alongside traditional cocurricular activities as a way of forming social bonds and developing school spirit.
students who do not play sport are forced to join a sex club in order to maintain their circulation and overal physical health. because sex is healthy.
debating teams now required to have orgies after events to help ease lingering intellectual tension. like the bonobos again.

plans are made to bring primary schools up to speed because kids are really 'growing up fast'. condoms, the pill and various toys are available in the canteen alongside the apples and celery. not in vending machines, because the children can't reach the buttons. and not beside the potato chips because they've have been banned as a result of their negative effect on child health.
hookup rooms are available with parent consent but children must have already had chicken pox.

bonobo statues are built at in all public spaces as inspiration to all humanity. because they're exactly the same as us. because there's nothing much else closer to us. there was a whole stream of archaic humans we evolved from. but they're all dead. so bonobos must be the same as us, because basically nothing is closer anymore. they have sex all the time. that means we should. if you fuck everything you never fight and you can live in a forest and never achieve anything for millions of years, just like bonobos. competition is bad because it's led to every advance on the planet. and some of it pollutes things. bonobos are more evolved because they screw everything.

it is decided that children are sexual creatures too, despite being prepubescent. because new studies show that castratos had sexual contact.
following this, child pornography is considered a natural extension of normal pornography which is a natural extension of sleazy sexually preoccupied
gratification. under this new framework, children are encouraged to make pornography to teach them sex is natural, but never forced to make it. although it's also a bit like swimming lessons. sometimes the kids have to be thrown in the deep end to overcome their fear. sex is nothing to be fearful of. it's natural.
[fear comes from repression. males repressed females for thousands of years and didn't want them screwing everybody because they wanted to make sure they were actually sharing hard earned resources with their own offspring. that was unreasonable because people used to make venus fertility figurines and that proves women were supreme rulers of ancient man. males only got the upper hand when women got complacent and starting spending 95% of their time preening and flaunting themselves and the other 5% gossiping about rivals and nolonger had time to lead humanity. also men were tired of performing the hardest, most brutal, most dangerous tasks and taking responsibility for everything without being in charge and eventually protested. they easily outvoted women because the female population was decimated after the ice age cleared, rivers flowed and record numbers of women drowned after spending hours gazing at their reflections, dizzying themselves and slipping in. but eventually men made women mirrors and the female population replenished itself to full strength. and now they will nolonger be held back from sleeping around. they will show men that they can be just as sexually promiscuous even though they have a fraction of the sex drive. nevertheless, they will match men by simply having less restraint. because promiscuity is natural if there is chemistry. chemistry is like drunken lust, but with a magical element which makes it more sophisticated.]

bonobos ban their children from watching human visitors in zoos because the humans are so degraded they are deemed inappropriate for a primitive wild animal infant to witness.


another thing to understand about modern women is this:
they're fat.
fatter than ever.
fatter than women have ever been in the history of the homo sapien body plan.
oh, i know because of the formulas on this site, my matches are typically not fat. you know, vain little tarts.
but i know better [not about the vain tarts - we'll explain that phenom in a second].i live in one of the fattest countries on the planet. and the other english speaking countries are currently fighting my country for the honour of fattest women both in population percentage and ultimate size!
one in two people are fat in my country and they're actually very generous with what they class as fat.
fat fat fat fat fat. everywhere, wobbling around. fat here, fat there. ugly, fat, undisciplined, self indulgent, unhealthy, fat arsed fatties. everywhere. wobbling away from youth until death.
fat men? sure. but i'm not a homo. fat women are my problem. an infuriating problem. allow me to explain.
having a normal, slender body is now considered a valuable commodity. actually gives women status now. supply and demand of course.
half of westerners are people who are slim are a luxury. and they are actually full of themselves for the fact. believe they are spectacular because of the fact.
absurd, infuriating and an extreme annoyance. it shouldn't be hard to find a partner who is in their natural state. i.e., not fat.
and i don't mean not fat by today's standards as in not obese. i actually mean not fat. as in the way the human body was designed to be.we are classed as gracile primates. which means slender. we are not curvy primates or big boned primates or primates living at the south pole needing 15+ kg of extra body fat to survive.
we are gracile primates.
yet as i look around today, i see very few gracile primates going around.
consider from the beginning of homo sapien up until probably half a century ago and definitely a few centuries ago, everybody was lean, at least in their youth.
basically every young person had a ''good'' physique. regardless of facial beauty, basically everybody had a partner with an attractive physique.
slim girls weren't 'hot' girls 'out of people's league.' cocky vain little tarts.
slim girls were the status quo. high society or milk maids.
aristocrats may have had shit teeth from candy, but even they weren't fat.
you didn't have to hope for a fit partner, you would have been provided with one on the house.
there will be differences in facial proportions yes. and yes some people will have slightly better bodily proportions. but it's almost negligible. realistically the aesthetic differences in bodies these days really just comes down to the level of fatness.
because essentially every girl, in lean condition, will have an attractive physique. and a large percentage, perhaps even the majority, will have extremely good figures basically beyond criticism..

and it wasn't tough to maintain this figure, and it still isn't.
you do it just by walking around 40 mins or so and eating staple food. and not boozing.
very little effort.
no need to partake in the ridiculous gym culture where people
spend copious amounts to feel like they're healthy, doing nothing they couldn't do at home with minimal or even zero equipment. bodybuilders and swimmers are the only people who need join.
the 'fitness' scam culture is only a very recent thing. and people are fatter than ever. people were generally much fitter and better looking before there were any gym memberships or absurd diets.even basic strength training doesn't require much time or equipment, and this isn't even necessary to look good.
the human body is naturally well proportioned by just being in natural shape.
i don't expect the physique of an elite athlete, who passes a sprinters skin fold tests. but asking for somebody who basically looks like a human female is actually designed to look and has looked for millenia up until my generation isn't too much to ask for. someone who actually has a healthy and appealing silhouette.
but of course it is, isn't it?

it says a lot about a person. it's not just superficial.
it shows that they have little shows that a person is unhealthy and will become ever more so.if you can't maintain a decent physique in your youth you have absolutely no chance of doing it in middleage or old age. i know plenty of girls who were slim as uni students and were already fat by 30s. my parents had friends that were tiny in their 20s and are now absolute blimps. if you start your youth off fat, good luck.
i'm in decent shape. i have a decent silhouette.
give or take a few kilos, i've been practically the same weight since university. i sit on my butt all day at a desk. i have about the least active career choice you can do i accomplish this amazing feat of not being fat? firstly i understand i am not living in medieval times where i'm burning a shit load of calories. i therefore must apply controls. i eat staple food primarily with some junk food treats. i don't drink empty calories like soft drink,juice, wine, beer etc. i take the fucking skin off the chicken even though it tastes good. i understand i'm not walking miles to fetch water and food and performing physical chores. therefore i must add physical activity to my routine. i walk everyday rain or shine for 30+ minutes. i do pullups,dips fairly regularly.
it takes very little time and absolutely no money.
it only takes a bit of discipline.
what is so fucking hard about that?
answer: nothing.

and no fat people are not just as attractive. and here's why. human brains are designed to prefer the average proportions of the human body, the natural state.
the further proportions skew from this archetype, the less attractive somebody becomes. therefore as people become fatter their proportions become ever less homo sapien, given that homo sapiens are naturally slender, and therefore become ever less attractive. fact of life.
fat women like to complain about men not liking fat women. of course it's an entirely selfish perspective.
it's easy for them. if they get a fat partner they can both enjoy fatness together. if they get a slim partner they get the benefit of those aesthetics in a partner, without having the decency to bring the same quality to the table.
they get to eat what they want and abstain from basic exercise while their slim partner has to make sacrifices. it's an obviously imbalance.
if you are fat you can only complain about fat men complaining about fat women. that's it. fit people have a right to complain about fat partners. just as somebody who takes the time to bathe everyday has a right to complain about a partner who doesn't provide the same level of cleanliness.
it's about fair trade.

and while i've heard countless fat women complain about men being superficial for not wanting a fat girlfriend, interestingly every slim girl you come across admits to finding fat guys repulsive.
interesting how that works.
it's almost like if you make the [very small] sacrifices needed to maintain a decent condition, you expect a partner to do the same.
yes in an era where women are complaining about unrealistic, unreasonable, unfair body image pressure,[to not be fat], you have governments funding adverts begging people to stop being so fucking fat.
because while it's easier for overweight females to try and justify being fat and play the victim then actually admit that it isn't in anyway natural or healthy and actually have an ounce of discipline, while it's easier to pretend because rubens had a fat wife to paint and ancient societies didn't find genuinely malnourished poor girls attractive, that therefore everybody used to love fat girls until barbie was manufactured and brainwashed everyone... you're all full of shit.
nobody has ever liked fat girls. or fat guys.
and it's a real, medically proven, health and social problem, as well as being plain ugly.
if anything we need more social pressure to not be fat.
the only issue is how you go about it.
and if people resort to cheap, easy options like eating disorders then bad fucking shortcut = consequences.
this doesn't change the validity of pressuring people to stop being so fat.
and if fat girls don't like it, eat staple food, stop boozing and go for a walk. keep it up for a year. and something magical will happen. you will shut the fuck up and be healthier, happier and more physically appealing!

and then you can, for much less cost, and much less time, fulfill the dream of every modern ''fit'' girl. ditch the tshirts,track pants, shorts and all reasonable attire you might wear during exercise [as seen on males], and buy the skimpiest spandex, midriff flashing tart gear you can find to engorge some dicks while you're 'training', make pilates and yoga ''instructional'' videos in some more spandex with appropriately pervy to camera work to capture your flexxing arse and crutch [all the way to doggiestyle-amateur-porno angles] in order to get your million masturbation views on youtube and of course the no.1 goal of all ''health conscious'' women, to wax your vulva, strip down to less than underwear and parade/drape yourself around water [or okcupid match lists] like meat ripe for a bang [living life!], just like the men do [oh, wait guys actually keep their shorts on], because it's essential to dress like a victoria secret slapper to paddle in the water [as proven by olympic swimmers and divers?] and attempt to outcompete all the other tramps in the vicinity!
good luck with your goals! and watch that cheesecake! [then you can save calories for weekend drinking of course!]


it's come to my attention over the years that a lot of people out there 'don't take life too seriously' and are actually proud of this outlook. they're obviously people who have either never had any real struggles in life or have never tried to achieve anything of greatness. because if they had, they'd understand just how serious life is. it's about as serious as it gets. even simple logic and a news channel will make that pretty clear.
flitting around like a vapid idiot, treating everything as a game and taking a backseat while chance determines the outcome.
the attitude is just pathetic. and it's only the protection offered by advanced civilisation that makes this crap feasible at all.
i'd like to get these people who champion not taking life seriously and put them in the ice age and see how that works out for them.
or even some third world country.
the attitude is about as shallow as it gets and just a complete cop out. the sign of weak, stupid and lazy people. because it takes effort to invest in things and commit to things and strive for things: to take things seriously. but it's easy to just sit there and pretend that it's all just a bit of fun and float through life.

another thing women like to do is make height demands. i'm average height so i've never actually had a problem with this but it still annoys the shit out of me. yes we all understand the reasons. big man strong man drive away rival males, bring home big rhino for dinner. most wild animals display the same mental process.
the problem is this. it cuts both ways.
and so this is how it works.
if you are a female of average height you can demand a male average height for your race. but not more.
and if you are a small female you certainly don't get to demand males well over average height. 6ft or above etc. i see this one a lot. and seriously, who the fuck do you think you are? unless you're some kind of olympic athlete/gymnast, or model level facial beauty, pint sized females don't get to demand males well over average height, or even average height for that matter.
why would a tall person want to contaminate their tall genes? ever think of that? if i wanted to have 5 daughters and then train them all from birth to be tennis players playing the percentages that at least one will end up a cash cow, i'd certainly demand a mate well over 158cm.
if you are a tall girl, you can demand a guy of height the same proportional difference, unless you are over 183cm, in which case you just have to accept you have freakish height and use the power of reason to determine that you are very unlikely to find males approaching 7ft.

a few of my favourite answers to the section: i spend a lot of time thinking about...
> 'i spend a lot of time thinking about...i don't spend a lot of time thinking'. followed by something about how life is easier when you don't. now what i liked about this was the honesty. because the truth is most people don't spend much time thinking, they spend time acting out various behaviours and patterns, but that's a different thing. so thank you for not even pretending to have any depth and i wish you luck in your insignificant, ineffectual existence.
>'i spend a lot of time thinking boyfriend that just died'. quite the icebreaker huh? i had a dog that died once, so i thought about trying to connect with her on that level, but the dog was a golden retriever and odds are this guy wasn't blonde, so it wouldn't be quite the same thing. a photo would have been handy.

in truth though, this site should really be forced to put a suicide hotline up by law. and some warnings from some kind of psychiatric authority figure. because after browsing on here you really do want to kill yourself. i think the threshold is actually 100 pages. that's why the searches cut off at that point...

which is why i'm thinking about checking out, you know, where 'arabs go to meet!'. i wonder if anyone here has used it and could tell me if it lives up to the hype. i mean, if arab-lounge really is the place to meet awesome arabs. i don't want to spend all that effort growing a beard, finding a chequered tea towel and filling in my domestic abuse preferences if the arabs on there aren't actually top shelf. the last thing you want is a so-so arab. am i right?

hey but at least muslims aren't killing albinos to grind their bones for magic potions, or raping virgins to cure aids, and when they cut off their children's sexual organs, they do it with steel rather than broken glass, unlike our tribal friends in africa! yes they still have the high moral ground on some people, thank the lord.
still, having said that, it's great to see two of the greatest cultures on earth, islam and prehistoric african, finally getting together in plague proportions, those two beautiful systems multiculturising, melting-potting, and giving us wonderful gifts like somalia and sudan. such a beautiful mix of illiterate hyper-aggressive oversexed savagery, and psychopathic delusional islamofacism! i for one am looking forward to another few centuries of anti progress from everybody's favourite continent!

okay fine, let's just face up to it. i've tried my heart out and it's just not working.
i'm intolerant.
there. that feels so much better. absolutely liberating.
very intolerant.
oh, that's heaven.
and very proud of it too.
you go man! love yourself!
what's that? did i say proud of it!?

see, there's this myth going around that tolerance is a virtue in itself.
and of course people love to say how tolerant they are and congratulate themselves for being so unbelievably tolerant. pandering and ingratiating themselves to every politically correct cause and victim. all of which is generally just a technique for raising their social standing under the current panderist society. a society that currently rewards people for this mindset. at least in leftist western society like here and western europe.

tolerance is only a virtue if what is being tolerated has either a neutral or positive impact. in other words, if you tolerate destructive ideas and behaviours, you are no longer standing on moral high ground. you're not even close.

with that in mind, and given the amount of damaging behaviour and the sheer amount of arseholes in existence, i have no choice but to be extremely intolerant.
because ethics are extremely important to me.
oh and my ethics are based on reason, not religion.
which is why i'm very intolerant of many religions.
jeez, it's complicated huh? can't i just talk about what i'm doing on the long weekend and how zany my friends are?

i used to care about trying to stop islam's digusting cultural operations in white countries and trying to offer '''reform'' to backward areas on the planet and these types of things.
but now i simply want to quarantine these people in their homelands and care not what goes on there.
they can't be raised to european levels, that's clear to me now and i have no interest in wasting our energies attempting this.
all whites need to do is cease the importation of non-whites, take back our civilisation and make sure we limit the power of competing races and cultures so that we are not hampered.
what happens outside of white territories is not our ''burden'' in the least. and the only way to stop non-whites behaving in toxic fashion in our societies is to send back as many as possible and cease our insane immigration policies immediately.

but in regards to islam, something very sad is happening. unfortunately, because of the way my native society is heading, the muslims are starting to actually have some legitimacy. that's how bad things are.
see western culture used to have a good balance.
now islamic culture is the only one not full of sluts, boozers and drug users.
and look at the price.
why does it have to be a choice between a fuckfriend culture or one that covers women up in blankets.

you'll have an islamic cleric basically justifying the gang rape of western girls. lovely right? but then when a western police chief rightfully recommends young western women stop dressing like whores and provoking excessive sexual stimulus to help reduce chances of sexual assualt, our lovely culture crucifies him and sanctions a self proclaimed 'slut march' where a bunch of trashy slappers protest for the right to have no dignity and increase the chances of being pursued by sexual predators.
as much as you hate to admit it, part of you can't help feeling islam has a point to make now.
they didn't used to, back before society went to trash. but now when they claim western culture is vile, they're not all wrong.
and that's sickening.
western culture still has the high moral ground on a political level, legal level and in regards to social freedoms. but lifestyle wise, our modern world is disgusting and only worsening, because the culture people are choosing now is grotesque.

okay okay. how's this helping, right? wouldn't i be better off spending this time pin pointing the kind of woman i'm looking for? i'm halfway through this epic after all.

let's see...basically a combination of elizabeth tudor, maria callas, hypatia and a little boudica thrown in.

so eliza's pasty face, maria's greek salad expertise, hypatia's hairstyle and boudica's accent.

or perhaps none of that, and just an intelligent, attractive woman with strong character and that other thing...i forget what it's hear about it sometimes...even if you might never have seen it in real that's right. integrity.

integrity! would that be fucking christmas or what!?

except it would be better than christmas. because christmas turned out to be a bit of a crock didn't it? those reindeers were never coming to my backyard no matter how long i stayed up. and santa never drank that milk i left out. it was my goddamned dad. i know because my mum is lactose intolerant. but don't think she's so innocent. she chewed the carrot.

but i shouldn't joke about this stuff. because integrity is non negotiable. and there's nothing funny about the fact that integrity, morals, principles, all those archaic things, are extremely hard to find. harder than intelligence and beauty.

it's weird isn't it? because when i say something like, i'm just looking for

'an intelligent, attractive woman with morals'

it doesn't sound that far fetched does it?
it sounds absolutely entirely reasonable. i thought that too up until probably my mid 20s.
because try and find one.
done that?
okay, well try and find one on an online dating site.

part of the problem could be this: when i say integrity, morals etc, i don't mean the 2012, generation y version. where essentially you can be a selfish irresponsible hedonistic arsehole but still claim moral substance as long as you're not doing anything 'illegal'.

now why do i deserve this imaginary female i describe? what am i bringing to the table? well talking myself up isn't the most effective way of proving my worth. so here's what some other people had to say:

robin hood >
'yeah, he took that archery summer school i ran for a while. i invited him to join my band of merry men, but he wasn't happy with my commie agenda. said stealing from the rich and giving to the poor was quite immoral, but would consider if we steal strictly from the low quality rich who acquired money through no merit, and give only to the poor of quality mind and character, not those in a bad position because of their own stupidity and/or lack of initiative. i said no. i would lose the poor vote.'

'sure, i remember that guy. i wrote him some of my best love poems, but he refused my advances, saying he didn't want to betray his betrothed, some doe eyed lutist. even after i promised to make a giant marble statue of him in the form of a greek god.
pretty loyal fella.
even gave me some suggestions like how when you use a 165cm model and shrink the head to achieve 8 head proportion
it won't look godlike, but like some big fat oaf.'

dawson leary>
'he was really supportive after my split with joey potter, telling me how she was actually just a selfish, fickle, wannabe with annoying mannerisms, someone who didn't deserve to become the focus of the show and that i could do a hell of a lot better. he was right in the end. good judge of character i must say.
just wish i hadn't wasted all of season 2 and 3 moping over her.'

'what a prick. had the nerve to suggest that when you translate my work into modern english and lay
the fiction bare, there's nothing overly impressive going on and in fact some of my masterpieces are laughably bad.
and something about how bold and the beautiful scripts will sound obscure a few centuries from now, but it won't make them genius.'

'ran into him on the forest outskirts. he was eating a ham and cheese toasted sandwich. i started begging him for some but he refused, saying i should have thought of that before throwing all my money away when i could have used it to help my fellow man
instead of becoming a scavenging parasite. then he told me i should go home to the wife and kid i abandoned, because my behaviour was disgraceful and i had some of the worst ethical principles he'd ever come across.
i thought about it as i walked around like a snivelling rat that day and realised he had a point. but then i walked into an ant nest and refused to move, worried about injuring one of them,
and they ate me alive.'

*end of second section*

> the first things people usually notice about me >

if they know me and my hair is long, my long hair

if they know me and my hair is short, the fact i cut my long hair.

if they don't know me and my hair is long, my long hair

if they don't know me and my hair is short and it's a good day, my mockery.

if they don't know me and my hair is short and it's a bad day, my intensity.

if they're foreign, my accent.

if they're foreign and it's online, my profile pic, which brings us back to the beginning.

if they're politically correct, the fact i'm not. and neither should they be, given it's an enemy of reason. but if they are leftists as they most likely are, i suppose it's at least consistent. albeit spinelessly consistent.
political correctness is primarily censorship protecting
the fantasies of liberalism and seems to see the most action protecting minority races and cultures from valid criticism.
political correctness has evolved into the removal of free speech in many western countries including mine with the introduction of ''hate speech'' legislation.
now i'm not being quite accurate saying people will notice i'm not political correct upfront because the truth is everybody has to bow to the rules to some degree in order to avoid perpetual social conflict. if i spoke my mind precisely, i simply couldn't operate in this current society fabric at all. however upfront they will no doubt smell a rat in regards to my attempts at p.c., for example when i only demand every second mosque be demolished [with the others converted into table tennis clubs], or that aboriginal ''arts'' funding not be cancelled, but just withheld until the ''first australians'' can invent an instrument with more than one note. [let's say... 20000 years? that should be enough. they might even stumble across a bow and arrow in the process.]

but let's get back to the first things people usually notice about me...

if we're eating bread, the fact i only use butter, never margarine. eating margarine isn't quite as bad as political correctness, but it's still an enemy of reason.

if we're eating apples, the fact i cut mine systematically and eat the whole thing except stalk and some pips. eating pips isn't entirely reasonable given the cyanide content but noone said i was a robot.

in general the fact that i'm friendly and easy to talk to. in conversation i smooth over awkward gaps and extend dead ends and feign interest through dull patches and make jokes to ease tension and try to manage an easy flow until the waters have run their course. and when i'm gone the person knows nothing real about me and i know nothing real about them. because that's how it works. it's about entering an arena and performing a routine. you portray what you want people to see and hide what you don't, everyone else does the same. and so if you're like most you float all the way through. and if you're like some you try and see what they don't show and test what they do show. and if you're good you read them well, and if you're bad you get fooled. and you can only really know someone when the game has passed and something is on the line.

which is why all friendships and relationships should begin with a virtual simulation of a post apocalypse/war time/shipwreck scenario. so you know where you stand before that crap happens in real life.

sooner or later people notice i'm opinionated. what a terrible world we live in where there actually has to be a word for that term. and that the term applies to a minority. the reason being that most people don't think too much about anything. well i like to form opinions and form them pretty thoughtfully. and they'll be strong opinions, because it's no point having opinions if they're weak. and when i've formulated an opinion i don't respect other people's opposing opinions on that topic. respecting other people's opinions is just false rhetoric. if i respected other people's opinions, they'd be mine. that simple. i can tolerate other people's opinions within reason. i can change my opinions with new evidence. but i respect my own opinions therefore i cannot respect other people's.

now it's still possible to respect another person without respecting their opinions as long as the amount of opinions disrespected is below a threshold level [the cubic root of pi divided by newton's laws of motion mixed in a blender for 4.3 seconds].

it is still possible to tolerate a person even if their poorly constructed opinions are above the threshold level for inducing disrespect as long as the time spent with them is below a threshold time limit [the speed of light divided by the time it takes a bullet to pass through their poorly constructed brain + the hours of sleep i had the previous night]. or if they fail to reveal their opinions because they are distracted by the sock i rammed in their mouth and attached with masking tape. or because i ran out of masking tape, forgot the sock and i just fucking have to.

it's probably noticeable that i swear quite a lot. at least in private and amongst familiars. i let off f-bombs quiet regularly and hurl verbal abuse at various things i dislike.
however, although i swear, i don't have a filthy mind and a filthy mouth.
there's a difference. i simply swear to expel frustration and hatred, the curse words are just exclamation points.
i don't make disgusting sexual comments or other innuendo all day long. i don't use toilet 'humour'. basically i don't use filthy concepts. i just say fuck a lot.
and by the way i don't like vulgar sexual comments and toilet humour either, in company or in movies etc.
having said all that, you will come across a lot of sexual material in this profile and in some cases vile sexual material, but understand this is only the case because i am addressing the behaviour of the lowlifes abounding here, and while showing it for what it is, i'm forced to tackle it head on, much as i would prefer to leave lewd garbage out of my presentation.
in fact up until quite recently i didn't even like referring to sex using the word 'fuck'. but now accepting that terms like 'making love' and 'sleeping together' and even 'having sex' are not accurate depictions of what is typically going on between all these hedonistic depraved shitholes, that an animalistic, seedy, soul-less term like 'fucking' is far more accurate, i've taken up the usage. and probably won't be looking back.
although one thing you can be sure of, i'll never be using it to refer to anything i do with a partner, either to her or another person.

what else. that i don't have a mobile phone on me. or if i do it has no simcard. i don't like mobile phones. in the last 10 or so years since they became common i've had an active simcard for probably 2 years tops. the first a present and against my will, and the second because i didn't have a landline for a period.
now i use my phone for a clock or alarm. i've humiliated the little bastard, stripped him of all power, and now he lies there next to my pillow, a lobotomised wash up. doing the menial work of ancient technology.
the good thing about mobiles is obviously not having to use germ infested public phones. and the safety application, being able to call whenever. and basic practical communication when actually required.
the rest is bad in my opinion. i hate the idea of being able to be contacted anytime. i hate being interrupted by other people contacting people i'm spending time with anytime.
but most of all, people just won't leave their stupid fucking phones alone. and the whole culture is extremely irritating.
it's getting worse every year, with every stupid new feature they put in these things. people are just perpetually rude. sitting there continually txt-ing and checking messages while in the company of others.
i remember back when i was younger, conversations weren't interrupted every 2 seconds by this garbage.
and never had bullshit ringtones ringing every 2 seconds all around you, people weren't constantly sharing their mindless phone conversations for everybody else's benefit during public transit. aside from people talking to friends sitting next to them, or raving lunatics rambling crazy shit to strangers who picked the wrong seat, humans just sat there...and shut the fuck up.
ah, a more peaceful time.
the world ran perfectly well without mobile phones.
and another thing. people were more likely to be reliable. because when you made an arrangement, you had to keep it.
because you couldn't reach people to ooh and ahh and fuck around with them.
you couldn't just txt how you're going to be late 10mins, how you're still on your way 20minutes later, how maybe we should meet there instead, how you'll think about it and txt back in a while because you just got two new messages and a missed call.
all i wanted was for you to meet me at the goddamned bank at 4pm with the shotgun i bought you for xmas so we could rob the damn thing and make our getaway before peak hour. simple. like we arranged last night. for the love of god turn you fucking phone off, get your mind on the job and your shallow little arse over here.

i follow tennis religiously. major tournaments are spread out through the year, which means no matter how shit that year is, i can probably find some happiness at relatively close intervals.
during the 4 grand slam tournaments i often take a break from life to be emotionally traumatised by watching 4 hour epic tennis matches.
if my players win my life improves.
if they lose, my life does not.
it's risky business.

how about some political stances. that's always fun!

let's see, abortion.

religious are up in arms about it basically because they believe in souls and they believe life is a gift from god.
it's understandable that abortion is unacceptable under these conditions. if you believe life begins at conception and is provided by a higher power then it is clearly morally wrong to destroy that life. really being pro life is probably essential for their ethics to be consistent. and i understand their position. a position which is certainly made feasible by the fact they have much stricter and responsible sexual behaviour.
even in a secular context, if you have a constitution that protects life then technically it is also undermining these principles to allow abortion.

but, if you don't believe in souls, like me, and you don't believe that an organism's ''right to live'' trumps everything else, like me, and you don't even necessarily believe anything has a 'right to live' anyway...well abortion is pretty easy to get your head around.
the fact is, when you accept the human being is essentially the mind, and you understand that even at birth the human mind is practically zombie like, more underdeveloped relative to a grown adult than any species on earth in order for the head to get through that hole, and you understand that going back further, in early stages of fetal development there pretty much is no mind to speak of, it's quite easy to be okay with terminating pregnancies: when what you're terminating is a soulless, mindless organism. it is not a 'human life' as we know it.
everybody knows the flaw of prolife thinking in regards to rape and incest. but i argue it's not just disgusting to have laws which stop women from destroying the organism in this case, but disgusting for protecting the genetic product. and totally irresponsible as a species.
just like horse breeding and dog breeding etc, human breed quality matters. genes matter.
and mankind doesn't need degenerate genes reproducing. more than they do. genes from rapists and inbreeding are degenerate genes. that's not in question.
but i go further. as for other accidental pregnancies, i believe the same principles apply.consider it is very tough for intelligent and responsible people to get pregnant if they don't want to. with widespread sex education, contraception, and less taboo than ever in acquiring contraception.
generally only slutty and/or reckless idiots are getting accidentally pregnant these days. oh and of course the after morning pill exists too.
so you can be a partying seedy slapper, get pregnant with some random guy who isn't there in the morning, without even a single memory of your repulsive behaviour the night before, you can do all that, and still avoid unwanted pregnancy, just by getting the reckless skank pill.
next day, once your hangover clears up and you've had a debriefing brunch with all your similiarly revolting girl friends explaining your 'adventures' and having your behaviour condoned with a few 'argh, we've all been there' sighs of support, you can shoot off to the doctor for a prescription and get on with your vile existence...without needing an abortion.[in fact i understand there are even reckless-skank-pill vending machines in some places, all in the spirit of further condoning this behaviour and taking away the very last vestiges of accountability - that humiliating doctor face to face for example. oh, and all under the guise of women's health of course! every woman has a right to free skank pills! morning after vending machines in all high school restrooms by 2015! and primary schools by 2020!]
point is, on average - yes there are exceptions - but on average only low quality females, with low quality male partners are producing accidental pregnancies.
so while i'm obviously not suggesting it be mandatory to terminate there, as i think it should be for rape/incest, nevertheless i say bring on the abortion, and help stop the rot.

having said all of that, i don't like public funding of abortion. if you fuck up, you can pay for it. you can certainly afford to buy alcohol, go to concerts,travel, get your hair done, and get your pubis waxed. and maybe you'll even think twice next time, how cool would that be! yes, western females actually have the reproductive right to think twice before spreading their legs! if you've been on the end of rape/incest, that's unfortunate but you don't live in the third world and will find a way.

i do want to acknowledge that even though i like abortion, i do agree with religious people that certainly easily accessed abortion has made people even more sexually irresponsible and in some cases functions as psychological contraception. there's no doubt about that. so my opinion is it should be available but not easily acquired.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
happened again, didn't it? what is that, three sections i've maxxed out now?

as i was saying...

on a side note, overpopulation is nasty business. and causing widespread suffering. here abortion is our friend. yes i'm talking to you india and china. do we really need another 400 odd million of you lot in the next decade? i think not. yes naan bread is fantastic and who doesn't like asian hair, but enough is enough already.
i would say white people need some cropping too, if they were already dwindling in number with a suicidal birth rate and weren't being out-populated by every other race on earth.
i actually quite like the eugenics nature of abortion even in white society, but is problematic to encourage it with a dying white race.
with a stable population, if i had it my way, i might make abortion mandatory for people under a certain age. not sure exactly what age, but at least 17, probably 18.
interesting society we live in where people aren't deemed mature enough to drive a car until they're 17, drink until they're 18[or 21], yet they're clearly responsible enough, as the teen pregnancy demonstrates, to raise kids in between decorating pencil cases and exploring their skankhood.

no i don't support that.
i don't have a problem with people killing themselves. let's get that straight.
but i'm not convinced euthanasia can be policed well enough to stop people using it to murder.
not that i have a problem with all murder. let's get that straight. sometimes murder is really a very elegant solution. but it has to be just. like if your family was brutally beaten to death in front of you, you wouldn't just hunt down the killer and put a bullet through their head. that would be wrong. because it would be unjust.
you would have to psychologically torture the killer and then kill them in a very slow and very painful way.
i know what you're thinking, 'but i'm not sure i could do that to another human being...and the bullet is much less work...'
for crissake will you stop taking the easy way out every goddamn time!?

personally i don't care about getting married. it has no meaning for me. partly because i'm not religious and i don't need a state to regulate my relationships and partly because the ritual has lost all significance in this era and is a hollow, consumerist shell of the tradition. i would only get married if it was very important to a partner or some other benefit and only under strict conditions. one of those is that it is not a big ceremony and i am not paying for a drinking party which is what 99% of weddings end up.
other conditions involve the behaviour of the female.
modern weddings are a joke in general. the original idea was for two young people to come together and start a family. they were virgins or inexperienced. it was an important and stabilising institution. and symbolically it meant something too.
this is how it works these days for a typical modern non religious female. she has sex from the earliest possible age, having many casual or non serious boyfriends one after the other through her 20s, screwing all of them or close to it. eventually around 30 she wants a wedding and a prince charming. she marries some guy she's been living with for years basically because she gets to dress up like a princess, indulge her vanity, attention whore, get a ring to show her girlfriends, have a big booze up, get gifts and money. go on a holiday. fulfill a childhood fantasy...all utter superficiality. and practically speaking, the whole custom has become a bloated materialistic industry... which women of course happily support and perpetuate.
it's a joke.
she pretends it's so important to find a life partner. yet she hasn't been searching for a serious partner from womanhood. she's been 'having fun' for the most part. spreading her legs to gladly receive all the wild oats being spread.
she rocks up in the white dress which used to symbolise some kind of purity, except she can't even remember the names of everyone she's banged. and she's never gone 6 months without banging something or other since she bought her first thong.
she gets married without even wanting children half the time. children are so inconvenient for this generation of selfabsorbed party tarts who want to continue their free spirit lifelaughlove selfpampering selfgratifying thrillseeking hand in their pants lifestyle till death or a year before menopause when they might still hurry up and get a last minute ovulation to inseminate with whoever they can find, real or spermbank. yes children are such buzzkillers now so unindulgent if actually nurtured. they're kind of a hassle. and it would mean taking too much time off from being a narcissitic, materialistic pleasure craving spoilt liberal bitch, and mean actually devoting yourself to someone other than yourself. god, how backward is that. or they have children, then get married. or they've been living together already for over 5 years. and marriage changes absolutely nothing.
marriage means nothing.
these days even if they get married they might have ''open relationships'' or they hire a hooker so they can have a threesome to spice things up. etc etc.
let's say i met an average girl now. and she says she wants to get married. why would i bother? she's been on birth control since 16, shacked up with various different guys while she's 'not ready to settle down' and just 'having fun', and now she tells me it's so important to have commitment, it's so meaningful to be married. coz she's 28 and had her fun. 3 wrinkles have appeared. it's time. the commodity is fading. after this many penis' she knows what she's looking for. look, she even shows me via the penis collection on her phone. she rocks up to the wedding pretending to be the chaste bride. on the wedding night you wouldn't even see one smidge of nervousness, in fact she's handing out a sexual tutorial to have her ''needs'' met, and wanting to be touched more like gary did it, or john or damien... and god you're gonna ruin the whole romantic wedding night if you don't fuck her rough enough like a whore because god knows she has her specific sexual ''needs'' which need to be attended to and being half raped like a faceless piece of meat [don't you dare touch the suspenders! i want to feel like a cabaret slut being banged, don't you understand my fantasies!] is essential in order for her carnal side to be nurtured properly, because don't you know she has a sexual side? she's totally sexual. and in touch with it. and countless others have been in touch with it in order for her to grow as a woman. and totally it's natural to remove as many behavioural controls as you can and make an ape screw their face up in disturbance at the vulgar show. and where's the champagne? the drunkeness is wearing off! no she's not really drunk, just happy. just buzzed. she's functional, which is the same as sober! it's a special occassion of course. how can you have experiences without alcohol? *burb* *fondle herself* *scratch her arse* *stare at her ring* ''isn't this honeymoon soooo romantic?''
obviously i'm not saying you need a virgin bride. but it's clearly a joke now. if i met someone who'd had a few partners, but people they had serious intentions for and it didn't work out, i don't have issue. living together with one or two, okay. but like i said, when there's just been a mentality of casual relationships, when they've spent their whole 20s underneath some guy or other, i'm afraid it feels more like you're marrying a used toy. and that's about as far away from the original concept as possible. the only time i'd marry someone is if they could prove that they'd been seriously seekign a life partner from the get go, to prove this commitment actually meant something, wasn't just an afterthought, a new activity.
i do make exceptions for sluts who get their hymens reconstructed. i think that just makes it just like the old days huh? and makes them just like a virgin again. it's the same thing. i know it seems like one of those have your cake and eat it too things, but it isn't. you can't argue with a hymen. a nice, expensive, brand new hymen. comes with free fake braces and lunch box. just like the last time you had a hymen! you can't argue with a hymen. it's like if you cheat on somebody but then patch it up. you never cheated on them. it's scientifically proven.
and so for me, if i see somebody who's proven by their past behaviour they are serious about monogamy they would also have to prove they aren't shallow. so the wedding would be modest and earnest.
but this is all unlikely.
you know , people like to mock christians now, how they get married young, often as virgins, have families quickly. but the fact is, it's the secular people who are a joke now. beause at least the christians are being consistent and using marriage the way it was actually intended.
and my statements about marriage are simply that if you want to behave like the slags who nobody used to bother marrying, you do not get to be treated like a bride from a time when females deserved the reverence a bride was given [and when both sexes behaved with far more dignity.] this treatment was traditionally earned.
so to put that in perspective, by the time of her wedding, a typical village girl from ancient times hadn't lost count of her drunken episodes, fucked more people than the chief, hadn't made a home made porn film on her iphone, been sodomised and copied copious digusting sex acts from footage of some of the most degenerate hedonists in human history, etc. but that short summary isn't uncommon for middleclass ''educated'' girls in their mid 20s now. and a white dress and veil shouldn't be anywhere near them.

war and peace.
i hate pacifism. it's a spineless, ignorant philosophy. that modern carey sharey system whereby people don't understand human nature and the fact that if you allow malevolent forces to dominate, they will. and that these forces do not want peace and conversation. they want to kill you and take all you have.
and pacifists are the people that stand by and allow them to, even with, and especially with, the power to stop it.
pacifists, those great moralists.

oddly, i'm proud to be white, proud of european civilisation and make no apologies for our history and colonisation.
none are needed. all in all europeans have contributed more to human advancement than any other people. we are the titans of this planet. if you think i'm going to apologize for that you're out of your mind.
i do not tolerate pathetic minority ethnicities who thrive under the benevolence of western civilisation while perpetually spitting and endorsing anti-white sentiment.
and i tolerate even less self-loathing whites, typically middleclass liberal smugfucks like yourself, spitting or aligning with the same garbage, traitors to their own people, spineless grovellers to ethnic minorities, indoctrinating our children with white guilt.
you are fools and disgraces and should be shipped to third world crapholes until you get a real taste of life outside the whitey bubble, where you'll find out just how ''pleasant'' whites always were and always will be in comparison to so many of the alternatives, where you'll have a glimpse of what you are turning our societies into via mass immigration suicide, at which point you'll be allowed to return to disown everything you used to stand for ... before being executed. sorry, once a traitor, always a traitor.

i'm quite interested in politics. i can be okay with partner who is not and/or quite ignorant [not that i'm an expert] but i cannot be okay with a partner who vigorously opposes my key stances. it's not realistic for this to happen without somebody getting killed at some point. based on body mass, testosterone and eye hand coordination, chances are it will be you.

i tend to detest almost everything the left stands for: the egalitarian religion. tearing up tradition and civilised values. multiculturalism[anti-white immigration and social policies and the slow but sure transformation of european territories into non-european territories or in other words non-militant ethnic cleansing], feminism, lgbt madness, middleclass-welfare states. anti-white, anti-male. soft on crime. flimsy, pathetic softness everywhere. education decay. entitlementism. grovelling to any minority race/culture who wants a handout and special treatment. affirmative action of race and gender. politics and society revolving around gays, ovaries and savages.
and fucking vegans. i support rounding up all you spoilt smug little posturing ignoramus disgraces to biology and farming you for meat, to feed to animal shelters of course. transgender animal shelters.

if you want to see where a liberal utopia takes us take a look at netherlands, highest taxes in the world basically and its crown jewel, amsterdam, a city now basically famous for being one of the sleaziest cities in europe with significant economic activity based around whore tourism and drug tourism [although they did at one point question whether stoned drug tourists littering their streets and causing traffic incidents might be harming public life and wanted to only give the drugs to dutch, but then came to their liberal senses again and realised, no, a tourist economy based on drugs and drug fucked morons is fine. congrats though for working out that failing to enforce drugs and therefore having copious stoned students who miraculously get hold of dope despite being minors (seriously? how!) is causing huge problems in schools and so deciding to actually enforce a drug ban in schools now, you know, as common sense would fucking dictate from the beginning. clap, clap, dutch.] and also a place where it's so proudly liberal, if you criticise islam you get put on trial. lovely.
i also like scandinavia, where if you kill 70 people because your society is being destroyed by liberal degeneration, you can only get 20 years by law, proving your point. and where they have prisons on islands of nordic paradise where the inmates have keys to their own 'cells' so they can enjoy the sights and sounds of the government funded health spa, i mean prison.

the right has been largely infected by liberal agenda and in many areas is hard to separate. it still does lean more towards a merit based society, punishes criminality more meaningfully, and is in some ways trying to stop the social rot culture and lifestyle wise, as opposed to assisting it ... but i've discovered it's more or less only superficial differences between the ''wings'' now.
which is why many of my stances aren't actually ''conservative'' party stances anymore.
they're conservative in the true sense, in terms of conserving western civilisation. modern conservatives are not doing this.
case in point: multiculturalism, supported by even the ''far right'' parties.
multiculturalism is traitorous disaster and i am firmly against mass immigration or even significant immigration of non-natives into my civilisation, just like every european person before mass brainwashing post ww2.
just like every other country in the world which isn't white.
just like the homeland policies of every immigrant who steps on these shores. homelands who would refuse to allow mass immigration of whites. whites like me.
roughly speaking i want all european territories to return to policies pre 60s, policies which protected the founding stocks from being ethnically/politically removed from their own civilisation. in other words, policies which weren't utter madness. one difference: some allowance for select asian ethnicities as long as the white population remains 95% or above. [suppose i can't quite bring myself to demand the equivalent of the 99.5% east asian homogeneity japan does, being the bleeding heart softie i am].
it goes without question, immediate and perpetual ban on african and pan-islamic are the cause of ''white flight'' in our settlements, bring crime and squalor where ever you settle and you breed like fuck. you'd likely even squeeze our feral rabbits out of house and home. as such you are not welcome here.
you want a shiny europeany country? fix your own. without our global welfare. good luck.

and i should mention if you have a problem, as a white female, with people like me desiring to protect europeans from losing grip on our own creation and in the long term being bottled into an easily cleansed ethnic pocket in our own fucking civilisation... if that kind of sentiment bothers you ... if you aren't shocked and disgusted to learn that europeans now make up only 60% of their great european capital london and will soon be a minority, that the european founding stock of the usa, 90% of the population half a century ago, will be a minority in decades ... get the fuck off my page immediately. and if you're not only indifferent to these facts but actually celebrate the demise of your own people, you better lock your doors come the revolt. because traitors have a funny way of losing their heads in the main square.
yes, like i said, i don't exactly have a typical conservative platform.

as for the radical political theories, i haven't looked into them in too much depth yet, but as far as i'm concerned we already had anarchism, it was called the iron age. and i don't want a mechanised version. my initial thoughts on the extreme anti government strains is that they place too much faith in human behaviour and intelligence and my feeling is many of the intellectuals spend too much time with nonviolent,reasonably rational, somewhat benevolent peer groups and are not facing the reality of the mental and behavioural spectrum of our species. also ignoring human power craving and ruthlessness which exist despite ''prosperity''.

i don't like libertarianism's open borders, extreme non-regulation and refusal to fight a culture war. socially, it may have worked when people were christians and had traditional values and morals weren't generated by trash culture. but these days i don't see how it can be the noble system it intends. as far as i'm concerned libertarianism will just create a vacuum for the left to reign culturally, giving us the same degenerate society, just at a cheaper price. ron paul for instance seems to be stuck in a cultural time warp where he believes churches and parents are still the main providers of principles in society. he is against cultural regulation because he seems not to understand the power of media and the type of media indoctrinating the youth. his view, for instance, is that if people want the material being made now, then this validates it under the principles of freedom/markets. but then goes on to claim he just watches gone with the wind and blocks out popculture, suggesting he probably has little idea of what is going on, and demonstrating the head in the sand thinking of this movement. maybe if he actually paid attention to what is happening culturally i would find him more credible. for instance, if he walked into the lounge at 10pm and found his grandson/daughter watching david duchovny getting a simulated blow job by a naked slut who is getting dry fucked from behind by david duchovny's agent during another heart warming episode of californication on network tv, something that wouldn't have been possible to screen in classical conservative society, maybe he'd understand that ultimate freedom in today's society is a different animal and plays into the hands of the subversive trash dismantling our civilisation.
i believe cultural control is far more important than many of the freedom extremists do. it's also strongly linked to economics. for instance compare a squatter commune with the amish and economically and living standard wise you'll see vastly different results. i think it's not enough to draw up economics and laws and expect the software to take care of itself, particularly in these times. this is not the forum to talk about any of this though, because it's obviously just a mindless flaunt and meat market full of self gratifiers like you.

but i'll continue anyway. i am unsure about a lot of issues. for example, although i tend to despise gay activism because given gays have better treatment than in any society in the history of humanity and yet are still found obnoxiously, sleazily bitching and attention grabbing everywhere you look, i must admit they are doing some really good work for society.
for example i think it's great tax payers now fit the bill when somebody wants to have their genitals reconstructed and become a halfsy gender mutant. it's a health issue of course.
and i also like having swim clubs where wannabe chicks with dicks, biological men, can expose themselves to young girls in change rooms [look it up]. i get it, though. if the young girls are threatened by a guy with his cock out watching them change, it's because we haven't educated them well enough. the guy isn't potentially a pedophile who capitalises on new laws that enable biological men to pretend they're preop mutants and thus get their free live porn in public changerooms, and he isn't even an adult male causing extreme discomfort for the girls either. the girls have to understand that behind all that naked maleness and the dangling peas and carrot, he's a woman. just like them. perhaps we need more transgender awareness weeks in primary schools. we'll have plenty of space when we cancel easter so as not to offend muslims.

anyway, all this explains why okcupid is so great for me, being such a haven for conservative leaning females. i can't remember exactly when i discovered that. it was either after discovering that roughly 50% of females are not against fucking a stranger, or when i was pleasantly surprised by the sexual boundaries on display, for example not being prepared to be pissed on. ''again''.
that's pretty funny, huh? sort of witty like. bit of punch line timing the girl used during the course of outlining what a deviant slut she is. conservative leaning deviant slut of course. not exactly open minded.
sort of witty like a liberal, in that wise arse awesome cocky little bitch liberal kind of way.
but still kind of old fashioned, not letting guys piss on her. anymore.
sorry. i was just trying to imitate her wit with that. but it was kind of derivative. that's to be expected from non liberals like me, though. only they have that true creativity. it's been on display the last half century of so. it's totally awesome, the quality of it all.
but people like me, we're kind of dull. which is why i'm sure your profile is so much more interesting and amazing. and witty of course. i'm sure it's really, really witty. because i'm sure you're really really interesting. you probably have the hair and the special glasses and the getup, or all your friends do. and you might even have a real quirky facial in one of your photos.
that's always enticing. i know i'm in for a real treat then. a gal just full of liberal surprises. the ones you find out about and then lose your appetite for days after.

*end of section.

> favourite books, movies, shows, music and food >

firstly, some advice.
this section is designed to showcase your mindset. i know what you're thinking: 'why showcase a mindset when you've got a titset, some bathing lingerie, and a digital camera?' okay, to be fair, you might also have been thinking: '________' or: '.............', or any number of thoughts so useless and ignorant they are impossible to even encode into language.
but let's get back to my advice.
listing a million books and movies and bands tells people nothing, except that, like everybody else who's grown up in the modern age, you've seen a shit load of movies and tv shows, listened to a shit load of music and attached yourself to a shit load of book titles.
everybody likes a variety of different music, and everybody likes a variety of different fiction. even me.
listing everything you've ever liked or think you should like to make yourself appear impressive, forming incoherent slabs of titles tells somebody nothing more than a retail catalogue would.
so either discuss some of your preferences, or at the very least, keep the items to a minimum so instead of appearing like a random assortment of disconnected, irrelevent modern age hour killing, some cohesive shape actually emerges.
in other words it actually communicates something useful.

now. watch as i actually provide the reader with some genuine insight into my preferences.

i'm so into music. i just got back from a festival where i lost my voice screaming at musical imposters while sweating losers grinded against me!
i'm so into film. i just booked tickets to the 2012 short foreign plotless film festival, screening in the botanical gardens! i hope to see some art porn that can't be censored because it's subtitled!
i'm so into art. i just went gallery opening of my spikey haired hack wannabe bohemian lesbotart poser friend and guzzled free champagne!
i'm so into fiction. i angle my nabakov cover on the subway so everyone can see it!

i strictly seek girls who are artistically well rounded and fascinating. total creative types. who can totally hold the attention of guys in trendy bars by referencing shit that's supposed to be cool, while drinking and getting mentally sized up for a fuck by every passing guy because they're young and up for it, like they're up for most things in life! being so outrageously spontaneous and adventurous and loving to explore life in the most posturing, smallminded and or seediest possible ways so they can generate experiences and then totally aspire to:
1. write a book/screenplay/poetry collection about trashy 20 something fuckstains struggling with their own utter shitpileness but in the process celebrating life at the bottom feeder level ... with absolutely no skill, craft or merit!
2. write an indie song about the profound experiences of a nameless 20 something fuckwad struggling with her utter shitpileness ... and performing it with absolutely no genuine musical merit.
3. paint a picture collaged with a photo of her naked self over written with horrendous pseudo poetry which speaks about the profound nature of being an exhibitionist skank and utter joke and disgrace to the history of genuine human creative produce.

but on to some specifics.

i've lost almost total interest in contemporary movies for various reasons.
i watch few movies these days and when i do,
i often prefer to watch older films.
old movies are good for a couple of reasons.

1. old movies had simple, effective presentation of the fiction and let the quality of the fiction carry the film.
you couldn't get away with flimsy, cheap tricks as seen in many modern films, used to generate cheap interest and often to cover up the fact the fiction is terrible quality. and contrary to popular opinion, this is especially present in nonhollywood movies, 'non mainstream' 'arthouse' films.
for example, flashy or pseudo poetic, pseudo 'evocative' photography, ditto for soundtracks, lingering 5 minute shots of beautiful skank faces accompanied by crappy indie pop songs, 'edgy' editing, overly obscure structure/presentation etc,

but most of all, they were classy. even when focusing on seedy material, eg noir.
you couldn't get away with littering your films with gyrating,moaning, tit flashing, foreplaying whores [modern day actresses]
you had to actually create stimulation with the fictional material, not whores.
that's incredible from a modern perspective.

old films are easier to digest given they have not been infected with the following vermin: jolie,pitt,clooney, julia roberts,cameron diaz,russell crowe,nicole kidman, drew barrywhore, adam sandler, seth rogen, jessica alba,ben affleck, jamie foxx. heath ledger[luckily he's dead now], halle berry etc.
older periods had their own brat packs and vermin but they simply can't compete with contemporary hollywood.

still, this doesn't mean all these old movies were great. many were shit, many mediocre. and in fact i dislike a lot of the 'classics' and consider them extremely overrated. for example, casablanca. some of the comedies can be really irritating too. his girl friday and the like. often i just want to smash cary grant in the face to be honest.

see i don't pretend to like old films to appear 'sophisticated'. which is why if they're shit they're shit and i'll call it.
but the point is, if an old film is mediocre at least it won't be pretentious and or full of prostitutes and or full of modern day a-list degenerates.

some good ones:
double indemnity
my man godfrey
where the sidewalk ends
here comes mr jordan
devil and miss jones

the emperor's new groove
back to the future
who framed roger rabbit
ripley's game
district 9
national treasure

woody allen: bullets over broadway, play it again sam, purple rose of cairo, manhattan murder mystery

unfortunately, even though woody allen has a work ethic and ability and isn't a typical hollywood rehabitionist...he had to go and take nude pictures of his 17 year old step daughter and then defend a film maker who evidence suggests seems to have date arse-raped a girl in a truly perverted fashion.
come to think of it, i don't have much time for him these days.
and i've had enough of all the jews and nyc-posers in his films.

i like movies that are creative, inventive, well written, but not phoney. there is a very big difference, even though few seem to be able to tell.
the difference is, a phoney creation tries to cover up the fact there is actually nothing interesting or engaging going on by presenting things in a deliberately obscure/affected/often nonsensical manner. creators may even believe their own smokescreen is actually profound, but it never is.

and i don't like voyeuristic smut posing as 'art' either.

women often like so called romantic movies. so i should admit upfront i passionately hate the following favourites, but for good reason. contrary to popular opinion, these movies couldn't be less romantic. if you think they are, you either haven't applied enough thought to the opinion or your concept of romance is entirely superficial, selfcentred and contrived [reflecting your personality, no doubt. go figure]. and if i'm forced to watch these films, the evening could quickly spiral into a pit of raging hellfire.
welcome to my film review segment:

amelie: the story of a manipulative little bitch who meddles with other people's lives to serve her own purposes and gets away with it because she's beautiful and makes cute faces. along the way she also does other endearing things like allow people she has no interest in to screw her like a blowup doll while she lays there indifferently, working on her innocent expression and daydreaming about what a romantic she is.

the notebook: the story of one guy writing 300 letters to his 'soul mate' while she makes no effort whatsoever. heartbroken, he grows a beard, becomes an alcoholic, builds a house with his bare hands and watches his father die. meanwhile she finds a rich guy and proceeds to live it up. after running into the bearded destroyed man by chance, she decides she wants to have sex with him, after hanging him out to dry for a decade, and proceeds to cheat on her fiancee in the process, ruining this guy's life too. the bearded man ignores her atrocious behaviour because she's beautiful and true love blossoms.

meet joe black: a story that shows us when falling in love, it's irrelevant who somebody is, as long as they look like brad pitt. our female hero meets brad pitt at the beginning and experiences love at first sight. when he is killed in a hilarious double car hit, mr death then inhabits the body. even though brad pitt is now a completely different person, the girl falls even deeper in love...with this completely different person. when the original brad pitt replaces mr death and returns to his body at the end, the girl doesn't notice that this guy is actually a completely different person to the person she'd actually been in love with for the last 2 hours [or was it 5]. because as long as the guy looks like brad pitt, she's in love.

before sunrise: a love story about two people who are so perfect for each other, so harmoniously pretentious, so completely romantic they don't exchange phone numbers or indeed any contact details after the most magical night they've ever experienced in their lives - culminating in a super poetic one night stand in a public park like a pair of sleazy post prom high school scumbags, or indeed, randy hobos - knowing they may never find a connection such as this again. no.

before sunset: a story about how one guy was so in love with this phoney french girl, after managing to get her panties off simply by engaging in a couple of hours of posturing conversation, and believed so strongly in keeping one's word, he spent his hard earned money to go all the way back to europe to meet her a year after their magical exchange, as promised, only to find she had no integrity [surprising for a girl happy to screw a guy in a park she met on the train just hours earlier] and completely bailed on him, using the excuse she had a funeral and had no way of contacting him when she could have simply gone to the train station and put some signs up, or paid the announcer to pass on a message over the speakers. he wanders around europe heartbroken, years pass, he gets married, has kids, writes a book, goes back to paris and after spotting him at a signing, the girl again bails on him, and it's up to him to chase her down and find out why she was an inconsiderate, heartless bitch all those years ago and why she didn't even have the decency to greet him just now and was prepared to let him go for the second time without a care. she makes her lame excuses in a soft french accent, is still beautiful, and can now play a crappy waltz. and true love blossoms again. although because she likes her quaint pad, and quaint pads are so hard to find, and because she's not prepared to do anything that might demand genuine passion and effort in case it inconveniences her comfortable existence, the guy will have to make all the sacrifices, leave his kids in another country and move to paris for them to be together. oh, and she's not promising anything.

dirty dancing: i have no genuine ill feelings towards this movie because it's 80s, ridiculous and has a good soundtrack. but i want to point something out to females who think it's such a romantic movie. patrick swayze [danny?] was copulating with grandmas for extra pocket money. that's what he was doing before what's-her-face came along. i don't feel that behaviour was really dealt with by our female lead. behaviour such as copulating with grandmas for money is not something to be glossed over when selecting a soul mate.

a quality romantic movie: the purple rose of cairo.

another one: the fly. the story of how this woman is such an awesome girlfriend she sticks with the guy despite the fact he's becoming a giant mutant insect and his face is falling off.


growing up i loved many tv shows. but from the 90s-00s tv shows were gradually trashed/sleazed/porned/guttered up beyond belief, the pattern so blatant you could see it happening before your eyes as the seasons turned over within a series. alongside this, characters became ever more unbearable as they either began a show as low-grade, codeless pieces of trash or were eventually corrupted in the interests of ''character development''. because of these trends i no longer bother with tv shows, so sick am i of spending time with arseholes i can't respect or like, in shows made by dodgy arseholes i refuse to validate.

then, after discovering practically everything in the film/tv industry is entirely political, loaded from top to bottom with jew-marxist propaganda, i basically abandoned everything.

i write books but i no longer enjoy reading fiction and only do so to insert phrasing/language data into my brain. i've read many books but i can't say i've been truly interested a novel or actually enjoyed reading one since i read dune back in yr 9.
it's not just about the material, it's the mechanism.
language is vague and requires constant decoding.
these days, after spending hours writing and editing in a day, i don't feel like doing any further language decoding in my spare time.
reading is annoying at the best of times in my opinion. it's a means to and end and the most efficient way of recording fiction.
but the truth is, film is a superior method of presentation.

unfortunately i've spent many hours and dollars wading through the pretentious 'literary' bullshit infecting the art of fiction. the literary establishment operates essentially like a religion and for that reason has no validity. for the record, i can't see myself relating to anybody who agrees with the establishment's widely held assertion that ulysses was the greatest piece of fiction the human mind could produce in 100years...on the other hand, anyone who would back me that this claim is an insult to the human species is potentially the mother of my children, as long as a few other details are taken care of. as far as affected arseholes go, i knew somebody who claimed finnegan's wake, a book written in an incomprehensible language, was her favourite work of fiction. we failed to get along.


if you're one of these seedy little bitches who've read this shades of grey sewerage you can get the fuck off my profile right now [if you haven't already worked out you're not good enough to associate with me]. anbody who considers it worthwhile to spend 5 hours embroiled in smut culture, and by purchasing or just giving this vile garbage the time of day, is willing to support and reward a creator of such material ... has no genuine principles, at least no principles worth having. that's best case scenario, because in truth many attracted to this clearly have a mindset open to gutter level sexual behaviour. not to mention, you're simply a smallminded fad whore following all the other low life sheep in pathetic fashion. i mean it. get the fuck out of my sight. you are not cute and adorable if you type smiley face after listing it. you're not sophisticated or open minded or any other bullshit label you desperately want to attach. you're just another filth soaked drone with the sophistication and qualities of an old pervert landlord sticking a spy camera in the toilet of his female tenant.

helene schjerfbeck, tiepolo drawings, seurat drawings, some expressionism, communist monuments, charles loupot and misc. deco poster art, animation art.
i like line and flat areas of colour/tone. i like figurative mostly. i like stylisations and simplification.
i won't talk too much about the contemporary art world. it'll ruin the rest of my night.
but let's just say art became self important in the early 20th century and in combination with the power of markets, status driven culture, people with too much money, a parasitic subspecies to capitalise, widespread gullibility, myth perpetuation, and a severe lack of genuine intelligence throughout the whole organism, the visual arts have by and large become a bad, festering joke.

i'll tell you why i like schjerfbeck, though.
she wasn't getting drunk in paris fucking studio whores like modigliani and other left bank filth. she wasn't drawing guys fucking studio whores and girlongirl oral like klimt the hermit pervert,making line drawing porn for discreet gentlemen connoiseurs. she wasn't gathering street girls in a studio for sexual exploitation and artistic child porn like schiele, landing herself in jail, or rocking up to gynocology offices in creepfreak style to draw women spreading their legs like good ol' egon [shame because the pervert really has some nice lines and stylisations], or specialising in pictures of whores masturbating themselves [making both egon and klimt proud], she wasn't drawing muse groupie slut's vaginas and bulls fucking everybody in orgies between mass producing ugly, slapdash garbage and some of the most hideous stylisations of human features in history ala picasso, she wasn't doing more fucking of studio whores [boy it's tiring all this studio whore banging in the name of modern art] like matisse and wowing everybody with paper cut outs and crappy, flimsy drawings and garish paintings... she wasn't behaving like other glorified female artists eg lempicka, you know fucking her models and cheating on her husband and doing cocaine and picking up prostitutes out on the town to take back to get high with and have trio bangs etc... all that creative stuff, you know... muse stuff, gettin the creative juices flowing, the old fashioned bohemian way ...
helene was a little different. she proved her first class technique in academic work, then using this tool box went on to create beautiful minimalist and stylised portraits which though branded ''modernist'' display technique and elegance generally missing from most modern art of the period and the imposters cashing in on pretentious art establishment. she wasn't out at pseudo intellectual cafes putting on a show, pretending to be consumed with art, she was back in finland proving her dedication to art, living reclusively and working on her art for the sake of it. looking after her mother, living a humble life. drawing the local people, not as an excuse to get personal porn and free sex, but actually making portraits. devoting herself to artistic excellence, not artistic pretension and ''creative type'' justified hedonism in some bohemian fuckwit community.

swing era/american songbook/jazz standards, classical vocal[arias,sacred,songs], bulgarian/hungarian/east europe folk singing, ''gypsy'' jazz, traditional folk songs performed by quality musicians, assorted classical [rimsky korsakov, chopin,grieg, many others and an enormous body of work still to get through no doubt] anything displaying high level musicianship whether it's japanese flute playing or button accordian or electric xylophone.
i used to listen to quite a few 'virtuoso' electric guitarists, and fav bands were dire straits,van halen. and i'll listen to assorted pop songs i take a liking to. for example hit me baby one more time, which probably should be on the next voyager. guthrie govan refreshed my interest in electric guitar in recent years.

some favourite bits and pieces. give them a listen if you haven't already! maybe after you come home from some ''musical'' gathering, still intoxicated, ears still thudding, a bit chaffed from humping strange men on the dancefloor or getting groped and exchanging bodily fluids in a festival mosh! you know, an awesome night!
arias: song of the indian guest, lucevan le stelle, dido's lament, solvieg's song...
general class.: chopin nocturnes bflat minor,fminor,eminor,csharp minor, waltz64no.2, croft ground in c minor, anitra's dance, danse macabre, dvorak serenade for strings, chesnokov:let my prayer arise, the eternal council, prokofiev nevsky field of the dead...
standards: summertime, autumn leaves, all the things you are, tea for two, my heart belongs to daddy, bie mir bist do shoen, there will never be another you, puttin on the ritz, i've heard that song before...
folk songs: she moves through the fair, scarborough fair, loch lomond, zaidi zaidi, johnny has gone for a soldier...

i like some pop/rock, but generally have little respect for the musicianship of most of the people involved. the bands i liked tended to have a comparatively high level of musicianship in their genre. i always hated and continue to hate the indie/alternative/can't sing-can't play-pretentious image is everything movement, those amazing avant garde creative forces who reacted, it seems, against the ability of 80s bands to play with some ability, by being entirely, ridiculously, shit at everything. very profoundly of course.
it's tough to generalise everything, some singer songwriters are decent, but you get the idea.

we live in an era where it's deemed impressive when a 'musician' can sing in tune live or change chords on a guitar. it's like being amazed because the pilot can actually fly the plane. still that's a bad metaphor because flying a plane takes some training, knowledge and skill. and most contemporary music takes none of this.
which is why i've never been interested in *livebands!!!with special guests > a band even crapper!!!!happy hour beforehand so it won't matter!!!woo!!!!*...unless we're talking about classical concerts, jazz or people that have spent more hours practising than me that week.

on that note i devote quite a bit of time to developing my own musical skills. i've always taken music quite seriously even though it is not my career focus.
i play contemporary/jazz guitar to a relatively high level and i worked my piano skills up to a moderate level [though it's slipping and i don't ever expect to be high level on that instrument due to time constraint].
it's always been a fantasy of mine to be with somebody i could play duets with, someone who took music quite seriously too. i don't mean public recitals, but i don't mean campfire sing alongs either. somebody who is attempting to reach a very high level on their instrument.
it's not essential criteria of course, but it would be great.

it should be quite easy to find musicians though, huh? i mean every third girl on here has a 'good singing voice' or at least that's what they're told!
well i hate to break it to you all, but you don't have good singing voices. you are all terrible singers.
you know why?
because in order to have a good singing voice you have to study voice seriously for years. and by that time you will know if you've got a good singing voice or not, you won't need somebody to overhear you mauling a pop song around the house and then tell you you've 'got a good singing voice', because they're completely musically ignorant, to come to the conclusion you've got a good singing voice.
see when the voice is used as an instrument it requires a huge amount of training and dedication to be played properly.
i know i know, who's got time to devote themselves to anything when there are adventures and thrills to be had!

the only useful information here is whether somebody is vegetarian or vegan or whether they have a nut allergy so you don't put them in hospital with home baked toffee peanut biscuits.

as for meat eating, given i don't believe in willful malnutrition, i tend to treat myself to a balanced diet since it's available to me. i may not like the idea of killing animals, but i like to be healthy. i got that idea from some ancestors of mine. they risked their lives to bring home animal flesh for their people because it was the most nutritious food they could find. and they sort of did that for tens of 1000s of years or whatnot. and then i was at the super market one day and i saw the same stuff sitting there and i didn't have to risk life and limb to get hold of it and it didn't taste quite the same because it wasn't freerange, but it was still good, and the creatures were killed much more nicely than they used to be, and much nicer than the methods of any other apex predator, and i thought, how lucky is that!? and it's on special too.

while i rate vegetarianism as essentially unhealthy and silly, not ideal but tolerable, i'm afraid veganism isn't something i can put up with. if you are a vegan you are essentially declaring to the world that you have no understanding of human biology, human history, evolution, nutrition, lack even the most primitive common sense known to mankind and fail to understand the sad reality that you are in fact an affected, ridiculous imbecile.

not only is veganism completely moronic and downright pathetic, it's also an insult to the many people on the planet who would kill for high quality protein. i'll add that inflicting this on children in an affluent country is child abuse and should be punishable by law. if i grew up to find i'd only reached 70% of my genetic potential because my parents don't believe in the foodchain and think eggs are chicken abortions, i'd be rather homicidal, but of course any attempts to kill said parents with my bare hands would prove futile given how weak and undeveloped my frame and musculature would be. i would also be unable to mastermind any decent murder plot with my significantly reduced cognitive abilities. okay fine, i admit veganism has one good feature, it creates poor quality murderers.

i'm also the same person who would like to see a zero blood alcohol limit for driving combined with zero tolerance for culprits, smokers to be excluded from any state medical benefits, and hard criminals castrated so they cannot replicate their genes, then used for labor until death.
what can i say, i believe in a better world.

but back to food. i've never been attracted to someone because they prefer spaghetti over singapore noodles.
everyone likes food and typically stuff with fat,sugar and salt in it. basing a relationship on taste preferences is an interesting approach though, and i salute any fucking moron who tries it.

of course after that paragraph cupid will no doubt match me with fat singapore noodle eaters who love the sugarbabes and angelina jolie thrillers. i have to say, though, i do like that song 12bar acid blues from the ex-sugarbabe i really will get sugarbabe fans and probably ones who do acid.

and before i forget, if you think it's a worthwhile activity to impair yourself with drugs, i already have no respect for you. the effect is instant, no time lag or anything. it's a party trick i do.
if you think cannabis doesn't fit into the category you're possibly an even bigger loser.
and lastly, since my interests tend to put me in the same match circles as those with artistic interests, if you're one of those 'creative' people who think drug use is a rite of passage, or useful for your 'creative process' i don't have anything to say to you, except you're clearly a hack like the other bohemian losers i tolerated through art school, people who got nowhere, and who are an insult to the genuine creative people on this planet, those who know the only way to produce anything of true merit is with rigorous thinking and hard work.

ah, art school. 4 year nightmare. i'm pretty sure i was the only one there who won the science prizes in high school. so you could say i stood out. sort of like what everybody there was desperately trying to do, but failing to rise above a cheap cliche. the other reason i stood out was the fact i had ability. it's almost like when you take all that time spent dressing yourself up as an 'artist' and hanging around 'artist' types and 'artist' hangouts, and you actually use it to develop artistic skills, you can actually be a legit artist. true, people at the bus stop or the underground club won't necessarily know it, but you might actually have a chance at a real artistic profession. unfortunately these days that probably doesn't mean fine art.

this is probably a good time to mention how i'm extremely wary of people who label themselves 'free spirits'. of course i've come across a lot with all the self professed artists i've had to stomach. what i've learnt is that being a 'free spirit' usually just means being an irresponsible, trashy little arsehole. it means abandoning rules and codes of behaviour not because said rules and codes are flawed, which is the pretense, but because it's just easier to be a bohemian fucktard and not be held accountable for anything. and for some reason free spirits are always very very proud of themselves for all this.
perhaps there are exceptions. by some definitions i fall under the category. as somebody who is not 'mainstream'. and therefore i understand there may be some free spirits who are not complete losers. or who do not fit my definition. but based on what i've seen, i don't want to be lumped in with free spirits.
The six things I could never do without
the five senses and a reason to live.
and you of course. (i'll remove the reason to live: it's only leading me nowhere). yes, you. i bet you're so amazing i just couldn't live without you. i'm tearing up just thinking about it, living without somebody of your spectacular quality.

wait, screw you. there's something better i just can't live without:


seeing it on so many lists of females just made me remember how important it is for me. i use its presence on ''six things'' lists to rapidly determine whether somebody is tolerable or not. but most people make different use of wine of course! it's so important for females, i simply have to explain its merits by giving wine its very own list! here are six reasons a modern gal can't live without wine!

1.given it's an alcoholic substance, and a pillar of the drinking culture, claiming you can't bear a lifestyle without it establishes you are most surely fun, fun, fun, fun, life-living, hair-down, loose and laughing, up for it, blast of the fucking century, and of course so social too! balanced of course. but so social too. balanced of course. but so social too. meaning so popular and healthy! [even if you only love those intimate groups, still scrapin in there!]
it means you're just like one of those people in the wine ads: sitting around getting intoxicated with a group of bourgeois posers, in a superficially selfconsciously interior designed dining room or an ''atmospheric'' [can't fucking hear a word] restaurant, with life and love and experiences and human connections all flowing through the vehicle of alcohol! as they simply must! the richness of life right there! amongst all the giggling stupidity and stained teeth and crude commentary and inappropriate remarks to david's girlfriend and inane drunken story telling and general disintegration of cognition and behaviour.
how glorious! the memories will be incredible. you'll have your required ''aren't-i-fun-social-popular-cool-lifeloving-laidback-fun'' anecdote for the work week. and even if the anecdote is rather lacking compared to dorothy's double-drunk fridaysaturday combo, a hangover story can always fill in for your anticlimatic wine drinking sessions and still achieve social status weekly quota. is sophisticated. fuck damn it is! now if you can't live without beer, liquor, sugary leg openers, you just might come across as trashy party girl, am i right>? but if it's wine, now you can get drunk and behave in similar fashion to trashy party girls but pretend it's different because the bottles and glasses look nicer! and it's all more expensive! class central!
also you can sit there by yourself on friday or saturday and treat yourself to getting drunk with a bottle of wine and pretend it's some sophisticated treat to wind down with! because you also had that book in your hand [a bookerlist hackjob about an immigrant who gets cancer (spoiler: he was also molested)] at one point before you got too drunk to follow the text. where as if you talk about winding down on friday night getting drunk on vodka, it's distasteful! [except when letting your hair down on new years!] and if you talk about winding down alone on friday night without any alcohol you risk looking unpopular, boring and uncool! yes, even with that crappy book!
and when back at the office water cooler, a saturday night unwinding solo with a bottle of wine [******* vintage!] sounds way way way way more impressive than unwinding solo without a bottle of wine! still not as impressive as dorothy's satuday night hot sex adventure incorporating wine [thus upping the easystreet fuck to 'moody sensual erotic encounter''] but still your story will secure that status quota like the old reliable it is.

3. as a winedrinker post 22years you maybe eligible for coveted 'boozgeois' status which will allow you to discuss cab savs and merlots and sparkling shiraz, and peppery finish and plum ketones and feel very impressive and elite. it's a truly wonderful feeling, even better when under the influence! is mentioned in literature and referenced in artwork and comes from vineyards which look real poetic and beautiful! so if you align yourself with wine it makes you part of all this! you are now educated and cultured and romantic and amazing! tada!
where as if you align yourself with liquor or beer...babooooiw. you might be mistaken for a feral bogan!
but that's okay in your rebelllious younger years when you want to be badass!
but then you grow up and ''mature'' just like wine! and now naturally you still get drunk and act like a tool but you're way sophisticated now and getting drunk in more expensive clothes and better furnished environments [thanks, ''education'' in flimsy degree and bullshit based career which can only exist in this indulgent, money pissing society!].
but experts recommend it's best to align yourself with wine even from early days so you can pretend to be classy and mature from the get go, even while studying for your boozgeois exams. it's really, really impressive to be a wino. really, really. you won't regret it. though you might regret that second bottle of burgundy '82, hahahaha! sorry, wino joke. gotta be half drunk to get it.

5. wine is naturally associated with ''wining and dining'' which of course is a key part of your self pleasuring, self indulgence modus operandi which dominates your whole existence. getting intoxicated is of course the perfect compliment to stuffing your face, and if you do it in expensive restaurants you get social credit for a bonus! look out, watercooler pose squad!
and if you're really amazing and you have your boozegeois licence, you can bring your own bottle along to the restaurant which proves you're really knowledgeable about booze to booze with and also extremely intelligent, paying a corking tax to some dipshits so you're allowed to open it there instead of at home!
oh and wine is really healthy, it grows in the ground it's just like parsley. no wait that the other argument. wine is just like tea! except for the 12% poison. well it's healthier than 40% poison [except on new years! or when yet another guy you fucked before getting to know properly exits your life, thanking you for the memories and also allowing him to do that thing to you no previous girl had!]

6. being a winedrinker allows you to keep the bottles to install with miniature sailing ships. hang on, that might demand actual creative ability or even cultural or poetic sensibility. and you can't fucking see the boat. no, it's much easier just to pretend to be cultured. like being a wino, silly! somebody pass me that '94 vintage will you? it's been going down so smooth. what's that? i've been drinking the $8 blend last 20 minutes?christ, i guess can't read the labels anymore! hahaha! what a story to tell on facebook tomorrow! how i had ''a few too many'' totally unexpectedly! what were the chances of accidentally having a ''few too many"! it's as if i was totally sober one minute, then totally drunk the next! without a word of warning!

wine is okay. i can have a glass now and then. but if you can't live without it, or any alcohol for that matter, you're a fucking moron.

okay, technically this section is done. we should be finished here. if i was you i'd move the hell on before i change my mind and add another five thousand words to this saga ...

too late.
i warned you.
i told you not to linger.

and i also needed room for another romantic movie review! aren't you just a lucky little kitten!
oh, an all time classic film:

pretty woman

from a romantic point of view it is of course utterly ridiculous. an intelligent, ambitious man drags a gutter whore off the street to fuck for a week, discovers she's perfect for him and they live happily ever after. they have absolutely nothing in common intellectually,morally,lifestyle wise, interest wise, career wise. absolutely nothing in common except quite enjoying fucking strangers in posh hotels with strawberry and champagne room service. the idea that he would prefer to commit to a gutter whore to any number of astronomically better women available and in fact some of the higher grade women available in modern times through his business/''aristocratic'' circles .. what can you say.
there is nothing romantic about this movie because it's utterly fraudulent.
this is perhaps the most manipulative movie of all time. but it's important, much more important than you might think. it's actually iconic of the era. people will look back and use it to describe the culture we exist in now.
let's begin.
the main character is a whore. not just any whore, but the worst kind of whore. a western world, first world whore. see you can understand whoring from desperation. but western whores never whore from true desperation. we have welfare, education, female rights, job assistance and so on. young women can find a crust if they wish, if they truly are desperate. but western whores want an easy way out. they know they can work a shit job and get paid minimum wage. but they'd rather fuck random people for bigger pay cheques than live a spartan life within their means but retain dignity. it's all about greed,laziness and of course utter lack of character. it's either this, or women who do it for ''excitement'' which is even more disgusting. but essentially it's a material and ethical cop out. make no mistake. just like japanese school girls fucking business men for pocket money, there is absolutely no excuse for the behaviour. and it is absolutely nothing like prostitution in other eras or third world situations. so we've established the main character is the worst kind of whore. the city girl who instead of getting out of bed to train/study/or even claw for any number of menial jobs to find her way, somebody with enough looks to obviously have options behind some retail counter/front desk or other, decides to get into other people's beds and fuck them instead.
but after being picked up by richard, her lifestyle is all but eradicated from our view. even the first night with rich is more like a one night stand/screw date in its presentation. and from that point on the relationship is framed thus, as if this was some impulsive hookup with a girl from a different social sphere, not just a regular one night stand even, but somehow one with connection, with nuance, which develops into something special as more ''experiences'' are had between these lost souls, he lost in corporate coldness and loneliness, and her having lost count of the guys who've fucked her.
and of course once we briefly acknowledge, yet quickly sweep aside the whoring realities, pretty woman is just the quirky hard luck girl for richie and us to get to know and love. a change from the standard, boring, intelligent, attractive women in his upper crust circles, those outrageous bores. here is somebody who is real, folks. heart on her sleeve. no pretense, no show. just a regular honest to god freespirited city gal. how refreshing huh?
but not so fast, oh happy ever after.
after we establish she's just a down on her luck, wisecracking, streetwise heroine, struggling with a bit of a career crisis herself if you don't mind, then the adventures begin, don't they? there are all these terrible obstacles. you see, pretty woman is on the end of all of this horrible intolerance. the hotel crowd are hostile,the dress shop woman is an unwelcoming bitch! rich's crowd look down on her like a second class citizen! and people are judging her on appearances! like judging a book by its cover!
it's so terrible isn't it? the prejudices of the rich and privileged towards the poor, towards the humble folk like herself, those gals just hard on their luck, just trying to pay the bills and get a crust.
at this point, of course, we're supposed to feel her pain, aren't we? root for her. root for our city gal.
why is pretty woman being mistreated? why? why can't people just give her a break?
oh, wait. back in the beginning, wasn't there that scene. hang on. yeah right at the beginning, she was on the pavement. was that her? yeah with the wig and dressed as a whore...oh wait.
pretty woman actually is a whore! holy shit. we totally forgot!
we totally forgot she fucks random guys for money. and is in the very process of money grabbing via vulva, contracted out for the week with richie!
now i know why people were judging her by the cover. because she was dressed as a gutter slut from a red light district! because she just came from the red light district! people were getting a whiff of whore! correctly so! they were absolutely spot the fuck on!
that's why the shop owner wanted her out. she didn't want prostitute clients ruining the reputation of her business!
that's why the hotel people were uncomfortable! they didn't want their establishment to become a rent a fuck brothel!
that's why rich's circles were suspicious. they were worried because their friend and colleague was getting all whored up! it's not healthy! a real bad habit! and noone wants their friend to end up with a whore and then have to invite whores to dinner parties and xmas and get whore smeared on all their furniture.
so it's almost like she totally deserved all the treatment she received because she made the decision as a western female to take the easy way out and become a prostitute!
so why should we root for her again? why should richie care about her? why should anybody in this movie give two fucks about her?
well, no reason.
but that's the beauty of this movie. there is no reason, yet people are convinced to. and that's because we never see the real pretty woman, do we? we see the witty one night stand, hard luck city gal just a lonely lost soul looking for a connection [or cash will do].
see all we got to see was rich's world. high flying business. pretty woman was welcomed into rich's world, wasn't she? and found out how horrible it was. how evil these people were. these non pimps and non hookers and non grime avenue lays.
but the first part of the movie, to make things fair, should have been about pretty woman welcoming rich into her world. and let me tell you, he'd feel just as out of place, truly. see he'd get to tag along to pretty woman's business meetings and business shows and social networking. but instead of being in his comfort zone with the deals and socialising and croquet and whatnot, no he'd be something of a fish out of water. oh the charm and hilarity of it all. yes as she goes off to fuck that guy, then that guy, then those two guys, then that girl, then that foursome, up the arse, here and there, in her hair, anything you want love, young and old, clean or filthy, herpes or lice, sugar and spice, oh, her portfolio is as wide as her...
maybe if the film spent a bit of time on this, just being a little clearer about her career, you know? not showing the porn, but just clearly presenting the realities, maybe having richie drive her to those specialised business meetings in his sportscar, maybe being a pimp for a day! maybe after being impressed with her performance with her whore friends in a downtown orgy with a bar owner, he could recommend her for a high tier orgy with some japanese clients and maybe help sweeten the deal on the corporate buy out if she's in the zone that evening!
something tells me if there was a truthful presentation of pretty woman's behaviour, of her ''hard luck'' world, she wouldn't seem so charming huh? something tells me.

but of course we don't see that. we see only our heroine.
by this point we've all but forgotten her career choice, and how she's is in the very process of money grabbing via vulva. she's even got some new fashion camouflage of course.

we have to feel even more sorry for her when richie comes to his senses momentarily, realising, holy shit, i'm infected with a bad case of whorosis. and cheap whorosis at that!
but of course our down on her luck city gal finally gets a break in life, a well deserved break. i mean how much hardship can one filthy leg spreader suffer?
well, every dog has his day.
and every whore gets her score.
and richie comes and sweeps her off her feet and welcomes her into the high life, with utter romantic devotion.
and by now, utterly transfixed by the magical romance of the thing, we only see that hard luck city gal, don't we? that mouthy little charmer, with a few morals of her own to teach, like tolerance and denial. that tough exterior just for protection in a hard luck world, hiding that sweet, beautiful woman within, buried for so long under so much semen - i mean suffering - and now finally unlocked by love.
yes just an ordinary girl wanting love and affection, but just, you know, looking for it in the wrong places, like in the crutch of that greasy alcoholic down the street.
but every body makes mistakes don't they? some people forget the bread on the way home, some get banged by a horde of faceless men for cash. let the first person who hasn't been fucked by a horde of faceless men for cash throw the first stone...oh, you ? and you maam? and you sir? and you? and you? and 99.9% of you? oh.

... just an ordinary girl, living life,seeking happiness, learning from her mistakes, a work in progress, just wanting to be loved.

christ, i have a tear in my eye just thinking about this movie.
a movie with the most beautiful message, don't you think?

the moral is.
1.behave like a whore/slut/tramp/slapper/libertine because it's the easy option.
2.refuse to be held accountable for your actions and play a self righteous victim when on the end of treatment you deserve.
3. be rewarded with handsome, rich prince charming who treats you like a princess and ignores/defends your true nature and total lack of worth, then serenades you from the street with flowers in hand and parked sports car nearby.

the pretty woman fantasy.
the ultimate liberal gal fantasy. [suit and sports car can be replaced by tattooed loser with guitar up until 27th birthday (if b/d close to xmas, can still fuck him until end of january coz it's awkward to break up around december with all the drinking shows and couple events)].
yes, we see a version of the pretty woman fantasy everywhere, haven't you noticed? i also demonstrated it earlier with the lifestyle article, and the fairytale romantic bulgarian booty caller.
pretty woman is a masterful celebration of this life strategy, a glorious tale of modern life.
and that's why pretty woman will one day be studied as an important historical document, an insight into the psychology of female society post 1970.

and on that note, here's some raw psych pattern data already collected:

...meh. meh. meh. it's all good. not fussed. meh. bygones. it's all good. meh. that's life. it is what it is. meh. it is what it is. shrug. shrug. it's not the worst thing in the world. meh. meh. it doesn't hurt anyone. it is what it is. meh. meh. i'm too cool to show any concern about anything. i'm too sophisticated and mature to show any concern about anything. to take a stance against anything. to be fussed by any low grade behaviour. meh. it is what it is. if it doesn't hurt anyone. meh. it's the 21st century. meh. not fussed. standards, morals? meh. it is what it is. it's all good. this isn't the 50s. meh. meh. i'm too enlightened to judge anything. i'm too cool to be fussed by anything low grade. it is what it is. this isn't the 50s. meh. meh. join the 21st century. if it doesn't hurt anyone. bygones. meh. meh. it's all good. we're in the 21st century for godsake. 21st century. 21st. 21st. i'm so enlightened with my lack of standards. i'm so cool with my tolerance of everything. it's the 21st century. it is what it is. meh. meh. if it doesn't hurt anyone...

another romantic movie review:

four weddings and a funeral.

otherwise known as ''fifteen fuckpals and denial.''
i forget much of the movie, but the basic story is that hugh grant meets andie macdowell at this wedding where she's marrying this old scottish guy for his money.
and i suppose that's where the first sparks began between hugh grant and this shallow bitch.
they see each other here and there as more weddings occur and eventually the funeral of that scottish sugardaddy. you know how it goes though. these two soul mates just can't get together because of circumstances, which doesn't mean genuinely impossible circumstances like being separated by war or comas or time travel. it's just phoney impossible circumstances, typical in films like this, meaning the female is being a selfcentred, manipulative cocktease. and i think in this case it also involved andie mcdowell being a serial crutch consummater...[perpetual bride].

and so with the movie almost done, hugh grant sort of gets sick of that and ends up on the altar with somebody else who he doesn't think is as good but like many of these movies, probably is far better. she's actually better looking anyway. but dammit there's no ''chemistry''. for example the girl actually pays him attention and demonstrates some genuine commitment to being with him. that's boring. and unchemical.
but of course when this kind of thing happens, when the guy is nolonger available for women like andie macdowell to play around with and receive the bachelor attention and friendship benefits from, well suddenly they can't handle it and stop trying to fuck other people and actually make some effort.

so after screwing hugh around for years, andie now can't handle him not being available and tracks him down to claim him for herself, waltzing off to the church one afternoon, easy as you like, to steal the groom, probably pretending she's just there for support but obviously knowing it's gonna fuck things up royally.

and then outside hugh has his moment with the suddenly enthusiastic mcdowell and enough is enough already, it's about time these incredible soulmates got together.
at that point the issue of her serial crutch consummating somehow comes up and she admits to fucking around 15 guys or something, i can't quite remember. but the point is it's a lot more than hugh.
this is the key moment in the movie. the moment which seeps with modern culture. ahead of its time, it was.
see hugh is very uncomfortable with her past. from his point of view he's thinking, well, he's an attractive, social guy and certainly hasn't been locked away in a monastery ... but he's had sex with far fewer people. he's thinking, shouldn't she have a number somewhere near his? wouldn't that be reasonable? why has she fuckadoodledoed so many guys? she's not...she's not a hoe, right? my true love, here, she's not a fuckwagon, right? of course not, she's my true love and she presents well...of course not...but, then, how, how can, i mean why would she have fuckadoodled so many more people?
so he's really confused right here, because he can't understand why a female of around 30 would have already fucked 15 people if she's actually quality. something doesn't add up...[but we've all been there to some degree, haven't we boys?] and modern viewers are probably quite confused here too. because they thought the 14 partners they'd fucked before turning 30 was just an average number, in fact they'd proudly declared that in the okcupid q&a to prove how nonchalantly liberal they were. so i know you're probably thinking, boy, hugh grant must be an ultraconservative in this movie. what is he, like a right wing, hard right, rightest, ultra rightist christian from the ultraconservative right of the far right congregation? right? did i miss something? was there an amish origin backstory?
to clear it up for you, no. it's just it was the 90s. and see in the 90s, although they were trashy as fuck still, and you'd certainly feel relatively comfortable, they actually weren't as trashy as now. i mean, you could count the cinematic ''love scenes'' involving a slut panting on all fours getting dryfucked from behind amputated hand. and also they were still clinging to some moral influence from older times, just a few drops of it, like people thinking double figure fuckresumes in somebody's 20s was excessive. [these days of course maybe it'd have to be around 30 or something to get that frown outta hugh. so just imagine that if it helps]
but don't worry, it wasn't like 15 dudes was unacceptable to hugh, as you'll see...[have some faith in the 90s!]
see, it's raining at this point, when andie is being all earnest and progressive, which makes it all romantic, this moment of love climax. and i think andie explains her liberal crutch use away as some form of ''unlucky in love'' 20s.
how unlucky can one vagina be, eh?
and see, even though hugh is uncomfortable about it, cause like i said the 90s still hadn't quite liberated itself like today, it was the 90s still, when it was time to let go of these vestiges of dignity once and for all, to make way for the post 2000 shameless cesspit, and so hugh rises to the moment, to destiny.
and that rain is sort of helping, washing away the boundaries of the past, cleansing society from any accountability...
and hugh just kisses her soggy face right then, and those demon-like penis' of christmas past, flying around his head, prodding and mocking him, are swatted away with a flick of his british flop mop hair ... and happy-ever-after ensues.

[the reality is hugh doesn't stop thinking about that. and it probably eats away at him on the way home and for years to come. but let's not ruin it.]

the film industry has always been a form of cultural propaganda. and what it is now doing of course is re-educating people with any vestiges of principles and tradition.

this most common of themes i'm discussing involves average young women fucking more people than polygamous iron age chiefs, still thinking they're quality goods, still believing the courting males should consider them quality goods and everybody involved in the creation of the film seemingly believing everybody in the audience should consider these females quality goods.
we are being taught. pay attention lads.

these types of films are supposed to belong to the
''guy meets girl'' form.
but they've actually evolved into something somewhat different. a distinctive difference has developed between ''guy meets girl'' stories from vintage times and ''guy meets girl'' stories from contemporary much so, that i am proposing a new ''species'' for the contemporary form.
i term the new form:

''guy stomachs slut''

here are some other examples in the noble tradition.

love and sex. again we find a male falling for a girl, then discovering he's landed a double-figure fucked female while he's had a couple of committed girlfriends. his disgust is framed as intolerance or even ''insecurity'' [yes his ego can't handle it, dicussed in a moment], and by the end he has of course ''grown'' and accepts her as she is, in other words, she gets away with it.
the ''fragile male ego'' tactic is very common now. it's one of the main slut tools in use. it is typically used to excuse poor behaviour by framing males as the party in the wrong. much like the ''offense'' tool. ''taking offense'' at so called ''misogyny''.

if males are uncomfortable with poor behaviour, it's because the male ego ''can't handle it'', because the male is not enlightened enough. and it's almost framed as though the male can't handle the competition. can't handle the fact that the female has fucked more people. this is interesting because it fits right into the contemporary female behavioural model whereby they take on male traits [combative,aggressive,sexually preoccupied] and try to best males. so here, in place of a peer group male contesting through how many women he's scored with, causing fragile male egos in the vicinity to feel ''inferior'', here the female is taking on that role. it's attractive, isn't it? your girlfriend taking on the role of that alpha-wannabe jock arsehole at work, outdoing you with the skanks he's pumped. she's outdoing you with all the jock arseholes who've pumped her! attractive? modern women obviously think so.

so with this device, women attempt to cover their behaviour by essentially going on the attack and claiming any male who questions this is at fault, or indeed weak.
now, the reality is that no male feels threatened or insecure by a female who's fucked many more people. maybe if the male is 16 and the female is a 30 year old cradle-snatcher snatch-catcher. but no adult male is going to feel threatened or insecure because they've landed a slut. see, if a male wanted to ''compete'' and sleep with as many women as he could, he would obviously just use lots of prostitutes and/or go to southeast asia [careful with the ladyboys]. and if the male wanted to prove his ''male ego'' sexually, he could just rape the woman at will.
the male isn't threatened by a slut.
the discomfort the male is feeling isn't insecurity, my dears. it isn't a sense of failure. a sense of intimidation. do you honestly believe a male would be intimidated by a female because many cocks have visited? if that were the case, every prostitute would be worshipped as a goddess.
no the discomfort the male is feeling has nothing to do with ego.
it's all about disgust.
the male isn't intimidated by you, love.
he's disgusted.
because you're cheaper, easier, looser than he wanted. you couldn't even match his level of restraint.
and he knows the slut is strong in you.
the problem is you.

next example. 2 days in paris with that moron from before sunset. and she was another delightful liberal skank here too. in this movie she takes her boyfriend around paris. and around every corner it seems, the couple runs into another guy she's fucked.
you know how in movies new characters are always introduced to keep mixing things up. well in this movie, every new character is an ex-cock enjoyed at some point by this girl.
the new boyfriend, as expected, is rather irked by the fact that every new character he comes across has been inside his new love. his face through the whole movie is just stuck in this ''another one? are you fucking serious?'' expression.
of course, he's just ''insecure'' about the fact he may have picked a whore by mistake. but he must learn to open his mind and accept modern liberal slappers and thus i'm sure he learns this lesson by the end. i didn't wait to see. i was off being an ultra-conservative amish cattle farmer.

and who could forget the modern version of pretty woman, the girl next door?
here a guy falls for the girl next door. but it turns out, she's somehow ended falling stardom! she was young! she was just finding herself! learning as she went! you know how sometimes people that age make a bad choice with uni courses? it's like that! she just wasn't thinking straight!
she was tossing up marketing, marriage therapy, african-american revisionism ... but then just got totally impassioned and started tossing viagrafied dicks on a porn set!
and as you would expect, just like with pretty woman, we have to feel sorry for her and be tolerant and the guy has to overlook the fact she's a disgusting whore, even being chastised by the whore for treating her as an easy-lay whore(oh, how could you think that of me!), and at the end she's just the girl next door again, everything else is in the past, it didn't happen, it bears no reflection on her, she gets off scot free, because at the end she's just the girl next door again, because that's what she was underneath, even when she was underneath those swarms of faceless cocks, or indeed had a swarm of cocks fencing her face.
at the end she's just waiting for him at the car [chick made abundent cash fucking random guys of course], picking him up from uni. i guess they were going to get icecream or something. it was a lovely day, blue sky. she was smiling cutely and ... dressed. and some jaunty, frollicky pop song was playing, lifting their carefree spirits. and best of all, as the guy kissed her and hopped in, he tasted absolutely no semen on her lips, she totally hadn't given 5 blow jobs on film while he was at the lecture. just like a real girl next door. and he smiles at that, so proud of his ''reformed'' triple-adapter phallus bag as they drive off to live love and laugh, the beautiful young soul mates they are.
i should have done a more extensive review.
because actually this movie is even more iconic than pretty woman, it's an even sharper reflection of modern females.

it's just perfect.

think about it. a movie called ''the girl next door'', where the modern girl next door is a porn whore who needs to be excused/accepted/tolerated and is allowed to be completely unaccountable for her behaviour.
how perfect is that.
ah, nuts, she didn't have tattoos, though.
but it was early 00s so we have to understand how backward porn whore girls next door were during these cultural dark ages. not yet awakened to shit-staining their skin.
but it's also so great because it shows the trajectory of culture too. pretty woman was an adult prostitute who had to be tolerated. but the girlnextdoor was a teenager and a porn star. so she was younger and actually more disgusting.
and you see that's the trajectory of female culture within the broader trash culture.
whoring up ever younger and in ever filthier ways.

i predict there will be a third installment of this formula between 2010-20, and in his one the female protagonist[s] will be younger, say 8-10th grade, it will not be professional porn but amateur internet based, celebrate ''edgier'' ''kinkier'' deviant sex culture principles, a teacher will at some point gang bang a sport's team, and it won't be boy meets whore love story but a bunch of people fuck a bunch of people orgy-polygon, with every colour and race grinding something or other, with possibly some girl and mother fuck teams and boy and father fuck duos, and even some grannies involved in this broader circle-of-life, ring-a-rosey mass fucking on film.
but in the end, nobody will disown their behaviour as seen in pretty woman and the girlnextdoor. because by accepting what they are and refusing to make even primitive, rudimentary judgements, that will signify the ultimate transcendence, the ultimate liberation.
and the film will conclude with an atomic gang-bang of love and understanding which unites all of humanity.
all in 3D, with virtual reality genital attachments.
it will make a neat little trilogy, don't you think?
book your cannes screening in advance. dress code is nude or fetish.stick around for the Q&anal with the film makers afterwards.

moving on to genetics, i'd like to unveil some groundbreaking new research i'm involved with.
it's been determined that the majority of females seem to have what lab techs and i are affectionately calling the ''groupie gene'', located somewhere between the squeezemytitsout gene and the fuckthestupidarsehole gene. the groupie gene controls a variety of high level functioning as seen in widespread groupie activity, ranging from professional groupies, to skanks who hang around football player bars for drinks and statusbegging bangs, all the way to those gushing over moronic males in the entertainment industry, screaming at rockstar arrivals, getting bras signed etc.
it's like the behaviour you see in animal harems, basically. vapid little bitches flocking to get mounted by the alpha in zombie like fashion.
but it's worse than that. because in these instances the mammalian alpha is actually useful to the harem. where as modern day celebrities are ridiculous insults to the human race.
these males would be destroyed by genuine alphas when placed outside of this mindless, decadent, massmoronmarket modern era.

look closely and you'll see this groupie psychology at work right here.
even when supposedly seeking a partner, okcupid females often ask for a celebrity crush.
they do it in the 'you should message me if'' section. it's really so witty and interesting. they might say, for instance:
''you should message me if...
- you are [dipshit actor]"
- you are [dipshit 'musician']"

now you might say, well these people are just fooling around making men compare themselves to dipshit celebrities in order to deem themselves worthy.. but it's more than that. it's telling. it's about being a shallow, swooning groupie, it's the groupie gene at work.

oh, it's so amusing. and it's really appealing too. because even though you are not the celebrity or anything like them, and nor would you want to be anything like them because they're worthless posers, there's just something incredibly attractive about smallminded idiots with celebrity infatuation. and it works great this strategy they use. it's a great way to invite somebody into your life.
i use the method all the time myself. i'll meet a girl and i'll say
''you should ring me are [slut actress]''
and she'll say, ''but i'm not [slut actress].''
and i'll say, ''that's okay, you can be back up prize. i'll continue to fantasize about [slut actress] but compromise with you. in fact [slut actress] is in a new movie, want to join me? i'll be sitting there drooling over her during her sexual foreplay scenes and hanging off every word and gesture throughout the rest in pathetic fashion, but afterwards we can have a coffee and draft our monogamous relationship celebrity fuck clause. I suggest we each get one free adultrous sexual encounter with a b-lister if the opportunity arises, but unlimited adultrous sexual encounters with an a-lister, chosen on our first official evening as a couple. my a-lister will be [slut actress] naturally. she's so hot, isn't she? hey nice blouse by the way. you look nice tonigh - boy [slut actress] was in great shape wasn't she in that lingerie scene, where she had to do the vacuuming and her tax return, and in a real hurry which explains the lack of clothing and all. hey, has anyone told you you have really beautiful eyes... god, i love her eyes when she smiles though, you know, [slut actress]. that thing she does with her eyes, she has kind of that vintage look. i was thinking about that during that scene where she was getting banged on the bathroom sink, and when she was masturbating herself in the work toilet cubicle ... is there anything she can't make glamorous! what's that? you've chosen your a-lister to bang if you get a chance? excellent! i always think it's great for couples to have these quirky little things which bond them. like you have your favourite cafe, or your favourite spot on the hill, or you both have a cute little agreement where if your partner has the opportunity, you give them your blessing to randomly screw a moron like a grovelling 30second fuck hole, and vice versa. cute little bonding things like that.''

so you might say if you're somebody that goes around fantasising about hollywood stars, no talent rock singers, football players, celebrity geeks etc. explaining to everyone how 'hot' they are, while your boyfriend is sitting right there listening to your thinly veiled deer in headlights celebrity worhipping desperation,and deeply ingrained harem psychology, fuck off.
i haven't put up with this personally, except on that first date where the girl i spent weeks getting to know via web and phone hid from me the fact she was hideously, waddle level obese, almost giving me a heart attack on meeting and putting me in a state of shock for the rest of the evening, and walking up the street on this first ''date'' she started telling me how hot hugh jackman was with his shirt off in xmen, this waddling clinically obese fat sandwich started fantasizing about hugh jackman's rather non clinically obese physique as if in some bizarre parallel universe wolverine would go anywhere near her except for the purposes of shredding and devouring her to put on some insulation for another snowy winter, having a few barrels of blubber left over for fire fuel.
but i've seen it a lot with other people's partners and always have the desire to verbally destroy/humiliate these people to the point of emotional collapse. but social politeness often gets in the way.
i'm not a fan i suppose.
it's not something i ever do you see. i don't sit there and drool over some [slut actress] and discuss how much i desire her in front of a partner, it's a pathetic and disrespectful thing to do. and i expect the same thing in return.


you know one thing that is very hard to do without is solidarity. i wouldn't say i can't do without it because i often do. but it is very hard to do without. and that's why when you find it, you really do appreciate it.
recently, after a large period lacking any solidarity whatsoever with other young people, i was fortunate enough to find some. and wasn't it beautiful.
there was me, wading through this place thinking what a cesspool it is, when clicking on a profile i was stopped dead in my tracks. there in writing ... a female referring to this place as a ''cesspool''. just like me! oh, the warm glow of solidarity was enthralling. in fact, she was so disgusted by people, she joked about hanging herself in the shower after searching here and failing to find somebody worthwhile. ah, worthwhile. i know that word. i use that word. see she was looking to get some quality people in her life after pruning people away in college. quality people. ridding yourself of morons. it's all hitting chords. the harmony is building. the glow spreading...i kept reading. she declared she was attractive, well-educated, self-sufficient, talented and incredibly giving. she was exceedingly kind in fact. a slight warning, she was manipulative...but only in the sense that you'd probably end up liking her whether you liked it or not. smiley face. ah, bit of a playfulness there. furthermore she could draw, paint, sculpt, sew, read and write music. i'm listening. take a look over in her statistics box. mid20s. she doesn't drink,smoke, do drugs and she's not fat.
can't live without family, friends, pets, knowledge. pretty nice values huh?knowledge? could it be true? being able to see the stars at night. finding it pretty hard to be away from the ocean... guess that's her thoughtful/poetic side coming through. and someone who appreciates the non superficial, the purity in life, in nature? sweet tone nevertheless.
you read all this and you can clearly understand why she's struggling here, right? why this must be such a cesspool for her. i could see why she'd be having so much trouble finding people of quality. people worthwhile. because people must seem really low grade to her. their values and lifestyles. the way they operate...the degeneracy of the place...

definitely should write to this one, i thought. plenty to relate to, plenty to share i'm sure. should i do it now, or read the q&a? it's a bit of a chore, browsing the q&a, probably no need. it's all here on the page, everything you need to know to warrant a message.
actually...maybe i'll just take a look. just to dot the i's and cross the t's. just a quick little look.
if anything just to get to know this lady a little better, feel some more solidarity with another soul on this website, in this world. just another person disgusted by the level of people around her, battling loneliness, battling the odds of finding somebody worthwhile...
now... where to begin...
group sex? done it. would you fuck a stranger? yes. bothered by friends fucking in same room? no. prepared to get your whore hole pierced? would. make sex tapes? fine. simulated rape? naturally. sex toys? owner. more horny or more lonely? lonely.[aw, still a sweetheart though!]. and how can we forget... have your sweet little arsehole cleaned by somebody's tongue? you bet.
of course.
this cesspool website, she claims. just wants to hang herself. impossible to find people worthwhile, people of quality. her terrible struggle.
may i ask, do you not know how to use to search option? because if you'd used the search option you'd have found thousands of people at your level and in fact thousands of cretins significantly better. you fucking vile whore.
this cesspool populace you say?
you're the cess in the pool, love!
of course you declared you'd ''rather be unique than average. It's gotten me this far. smiley wink.''
yes as far as the social cesspool! but the good news is you're not unique.
and this is wonderful, don't you see? because it means you are not alone!
it's just an illusion! because you've somehow been deluded into thinking you're somebody of quality! somebody worthwhile! that's why you were demanding a person of this calibre. what did you say? ''message me if you have a college degree and good looks to match. let's grace the masses with our collective presence. smiley face.''
because you're a cut above right? you're top shelf? a little tongue in cheek, but not really huh? half the tongue in cheek, the other half inserted into an anus perhaps. but somehow, miraculously, actually believing you are an amazing catch!
could you be more detached from reality, dear? and don't you realise it's only sabotaging your happiness?
see, when you realise you are just a gutter level slapper, options will flood on in and you will easily find your soulmate, and maybe a few at once! it will be a smorgasboard. rejoice!
p.s. about that talent you claim to have, which would force me to like you whether i liked it or not... did i have to press a button or something? insert a coin? coz all i'm feeling is absolute revulsion right now. and i'm worried i'm doing something wrong.

by the way that whole event right there sums up not just okcupid but modern women in general. and the moral is: always always always always always without exception read the q&a section before you interact with any of these slimy bitches. see what i've learned in life is that i can do without solidarity but i cannot do without the okcupid q&a section. i really can't. if only real life interactions had this option. it's never been more necessary.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
no, we're rewinding back to my favourites section because i ran out of room.
and an okcupid profile wouldn't be complete without declaring how much we all love tattoos! they're amazing aren't they? and piercings too. can't get enough. luckily i'm living in a time where it's very easy to satisfy these loves of mine, especially tats.

i guess it's just something to do with the way my brain operates. see i just don't find the natural female body
that beautiful. you'd think i would given it should have been wired after all those years of evolution to like clear, smooth, unmarked skin, but nope.
instead i prefer a whole lot of badly designed, crudely arranged hack artwork plastered over females. and permanent
so you can enjoy the majesty everyday and never change it and totally live in moment forever. that's a tattoo line right there, better start saving.
and as if the singular tattoos weren't enough, i also love it how everywhere i look now there's some young female with a tattoo sleeve on her arm. again, i used to like a beautiful, clear, feminine arm and shoulder, but now i like an arm that looks like it's been dipped in sewerage. it's so fascinating, how you can just sit there and get lost in the sewerage, the incredible meaning of it all.
and i also used to like the beautiful neckline of a damsel, that soft pale skin, perhaps adorned with a pendant of necklace. but who needs jewellery when you can fuse a diarrhoea napkin to your neck line, am i right? i mean i might not want to run my hand over the area in case of any diarrhoea transfer, bit of a hygiene freak and all, but from a visual point of view, perhaps in comparison with a lovely blouse, oh, god, how my heart melts with all that diarrhoea artfully smeared below a graceful feminine neck!

most people in ancient times didn't seem to agree with me though, about the appeal of all the shitstains. in the odyssey, good old homer refers to a beautiful princess with the descriptor ''white-armed''. see she wasn't referred to as ''manure-armed'' or ''stained-armed'', but ''white-armed''. i don't think it was a mistranslation. i suspect the clear, fair arms of the maiden were considered beautiful. truly remarkable.
of course, homer was a white male so that discredits everything he wrote. and every perspective you find. and that's why we have to thank feminists, for showing us the light. and removing white male domineering, such as considering clear, fair arms beautiful. that's how men control females, see? by enjoying their natural beauty. and the yoke needed to be broken. which is why females are proving that males can't decide on what is beautiful. women are in control of their bodies and they will decide, they will not let men control them by enjoying them in their natural state. no. they will cover themselves with shit stains and refuse to be bound by white male slavery. they will brand themselves with shit and refuse to be controlled and manipulated by some culture of conformity. they will break free of the white male brand of no brand and brand themselves! with shit! because they can! watch! they're in control of their own ugliness! look! they won't conform to traditional non shit stained skin! tradition is oppression!

of course some ancient peoples did have tattoos: certain indo europeans, picts for example. but these tattoos were for entirely different motives. for these people there were powerful spiritual/superstitious beliefs associated with this practise, no doubt dealing with protection or earthly/otherworldly benefit for person or tribe, along with perhaps important hierarchical branding etc. bullshit or not, there was substance to what was going on as far as the motivations involved. compare to tattoo culture now. as well as the ''artwork'' being far cruder and garish on average, by and large the modern practise, far from having any genuine transcendent or honourable motives, is simply trashy superficial posturing and a mindless fad of pop counterculture gimmickry.

having said that, i do like it when women showcase their tattoos in public. please don't cover them up. because i always like to know upfront when i'm dealing with a pathetic vulgar cliche and lifelong member of the international society of stupid fucking morons. that way i can make appropriate arrangements, like not giving them the time of day.

of course tats often showcase how creative they are though. haven't you noticed that? you know, because they've been able to redesign their body from a catalogue and outdo the mighty mother nature. but it goes so much deeper than that! tats are often a sign of the creative elite! so amazingly creative, artsy, creative, alternative, freespirited, creative, bohemian, creative, innovative, creative, artistic, creative, art-tastic artists, bursting with originality and non conformity and art and expression and art and aesthetic sophistication. so much so, it's literally seeping out of their skin!

on the other hand, i don't have any ''creativity'' seeping through my skin and somehow i write and illustrate at a professional level. it's almost like i don't pretend to be creative by covering myself with vulgar shit stains. i walk the walk as opposed to faking it. it's almost like i've spent many many years developing my aesthetic faculties to a high level, which my hatred of vulgar shit stains tends to demonstrate, and my produce is a result of genuine devotion as opposed to lifelong posturing.
turns out the last thing i want is to wake up to a phoney exhibitionist with ugly graffiti smearing her potentially appealing flesh. it's going to grate.
so we're all different!
it takes all kinds, huh? to make the world so full of fucking idiots!

now as for piercings, there's nothing more attractive than a whole lot of shit stuck into somebody's face especially on a summer's day when it sparkles. when i was younger i used to just like the plain eyes and lips and proportions and stuff like that. i thought that was real neat. probably a bit like homer and the ancient greeks. but now i like all the shit stuck in.

now tats and piercings aren't just about creativity though. that's just a small part of it. what they also tell us about people is how they're uber edgy and badass and rebellious and have this wild side and all. because they've got this shit on them, and that's how you know. and you better know that. just take a good look. hey what the hell are you looking at? wait.. don't look away, keep looking. please, look at me. somebody? will somebody look at me and notice how edgy and fascinating i am!

and of course ''body art'' is apparently fundamental to the ''straight edge'' cult, which results in an absurd situation.
you finally find people that aren't drinkers,smokers, drug users or sluts outside of devout christian community, but of course they have to provide a catch. they have to cover themselves with crap stains and make their heads into pin cushions.
because they still have to be cool and badass! see if they don't party and fuck around they're gonna be called prudes and puritans and repressed and squares and geeks[only in the old days: modern geek girls are apparently no different from party girls in key lifestyle areas, and often more deviant].
but if these buzzkill bores now tattoo and punkpierce themselves, they solve that problem! now they're still badass, see! they're still cool and edgy! people can't call them uncool. because they're badass! because that's what tough people do! they get tattoos and piercings! it's badass! tough people are cool! not drinking or smoking or doing drugs or fucking loose bitches isn't badass of course. we all learned that in highschool and college, right? that's lame! that's not cool! people might even mock you if you distance yourself from this utter coolness! but you can offset it! you can get tats and piercings and be badarse! that's australian for badass!
because the truth is, straight-edgers who wallow in bodyart trash culture [straight, yet clear and beautiful? respect earned!] are still just rebellious posturing fucktards in the end. their motives are no different to the people they distance themselves from.
just like the smokers and drinkers and drug users, it's still ''rebelliousness'' which they seek in order to pretend they're impressive.
they don't actually have the spine needed to avoid acting like a fuckwit without a crutch.
because they're not really badass. they're weak. just another brand of pack animal fool.

and i just want to talk about the supposed badassness of tats and piercings for a moment.
last time i checked, defacing skin didn't make any difference in a physical confrontation.
you could do an experiment. you could break into the house in small town midwest/southern america with your tats and piercings and your badass facade, and a 5 foot 2, eyes of blue, pudgy middleaged woman is likely to shred your organs with a pistol/shotgun. you'll find there's absolutely nothing badarse about you at that point.

now roman soldiers on the other hand, they were badass. they were tough. for a living, they butchered people hand to hand, blood spraying over their faces. risked being butchered or horribly mutilated themselves.
they didn't have tattoos, or piercings and they wore sandals.
pick any stone age, bronze age, iron age tribes. you'll find toughness all over the shop. you don't find toughness all over the shop in cushy modern life.
most would be fodder for genuinely mentally tough and physically able people in those periods.

i've actually finished filming a new reality series called ''badass valley''.
and i put two groups head to head in this valley, fighting for resources and domination, to see which group is the toughest and baddest.
and one group is always a bunch of modern society middleclass tattooed badasses.
the other changes every week.
week 1 is middleclass tattooed badasses versus 50s pleasantville clean cut small town christians who are really square and whatnot, but also happen to be korean war veterans.
spoiler: the middleclass tattoed badasses are crushed..
week 2 is middleclass tattooed badasses versus victorian era gentleman with very mockable manners, who also happen to be crimean war veterans.
spoiler: the tattoed badasses are filleted with sabres.
week 3 is middleclass tattooed badasses versus knights templar.
guess the result?

i admit, in a way the show is very predictable. basically every week the tattooed badasses are outbadassed by people with absolutely no ''body modification''. what evidence suggests is that body modification doesn't make people in any way badass. and in fact evidence suggests that people who have lives so comfortable and decadent that they resort to occupying and thrilling themselves by mutilating their bodies are actually far less badass, tough, hard, steely than the vast majority of humans who have ever lived.

> end of section

''i spend a lot of time thinking about:''

my new reality show where every week the world's top hitmen compete to assassinate an a-list celebrity of my choice. i initially thought i'd let the target be decided by hotline vote, but research confirmed the masses are too inclined to worship arseholes for this to work effectively.

but more usually, strategies to get the life i want. and achieve what i want to achieve. and trying to understand everything and everybody to the best of my ability.

i live in my head, i fight myself, other people, i create manifestos and arguments, i obsess over details, i organise my personality and fight the good fight, which is crushing the lowest way of being. and it's tiring and frustrating and it uses up way too much of the energy i consume and it doesn't help me reproduce any better than some junk dna who's closer to homo erectus than the best of this species, and you wonder why you do it. why you do it all. and you wonder why that last bit sounds like the absurd but very amusing speech from the end of black hawk down, a slab of dialogue which instantly turned an intense, disturbing war film into a rollicking comedy, where eric bana says in his authentic aussie texan twang, 'and my friends back home ask me, why hoot?, why do you do it? and i tell them, it's for the guy next to me. that's all it is.'
well, that's not why i do anything. but that would change if i had someone next to me i truly valued.

of course in reality the only thing i really spend time thinking about, besides gratifying my urges and faking my way through life, is travelling, travelling, travelling! and where my next adventure will be!!!!!!!! because i'm a traveller and i travel and i've travelled! and i'll continue to travel because even though i've travelled there are still so many other locations to breathe air and eat food in! aren't i exciting? because i move around to different places! i totally do!
lol, giggle giggle, omg.

well let's talk about travel shall we. it's everybody's favourite topic afterall..
i'll start by saying this.there is nothing wrong with travelling.
it can potentially be interesting. i understand a natural interest in going overseas, seeing a few places etc.
i'm sick of everybody being obsessed with it.
it seems to be the goal of every middle class existence.
it's all i hear about. it's basically all anybody talks about.

what do you do between highschool and uni? take time off to travel!
what do you do between uni and career life? get some travelling done!
can't afford to fly anywhere? road trip!
what are we working for? to save up to travel!
why do people take time off work? to travel!
what must you do before settling down? travel!
what do you discuss at dinner parties? where you've recently travelled! where you would
love to travel!
and of course, the stockpile of travel stories!
and after all that is done and the years have past you by. you've retired, your kids have moved out. what do you look forward to in those
twilight years of guessed it.

get the picture? wow, what amazing ambition everybody has. to be a tourist.

i want to dispell a few myths about travelling because i really am so sick of hearing people blabbing on about it like it's the holy fucking grail of human experience.
firstly, despite what proud travellers seem to believe and want other, less travelled people to believe, travelling does not make you a more interesting person.
how do i know this?
i live in a rich country.
what that means, is basically everybody i know has travelled to europe,america,asia or all of them.
and i can guarantee these people were just as ignorant, just as boring when they returned. and actually
more boring. because now they have anecdotes they repeat over and over about apparently
remarkable experiences they've had while being tourists.

see, travelling doesn't make you more interesting, because travelling actually develops no
real talents or abilities, outside of navigating airports and realising you never need the third pair of pants.
and the skills needed to travel, especially these days, are negligible.
travelling is entertainment.
and the way it's mostly done, it's shallow entertainment at that.
it's not a legitimate hobby or interest. and it's essentially a superficial experience.
most developed places you visit will be remarkably similiar with only superficial differences. most cultures
of developed countries are remarkably similar with only superficial differences.
travelling to the third world and other dangerous places where travelling is not recommended by your country is just reckless stupidity and nothing
to be proud of. so any 'different' experiences you may have will be outweighed by the fact you're clearly a moron.
while i'm on this i've lost count of the amount of women who are intent on going to clearly unstable or risky regions in the world, for their amazing thrillseeking experiences.
so i encourage them of course, being the darwinist i am.
so yes, i recommend all attractive young western women to travel south american, african backwaters and muslim states. and even better, road trip through there. and while you're at it,
paint a sign on the car saying 'wealthy thrillseeking western tourist available for kidnapping,mugging, rape, or all three.'
but anyway. life isn't worth living without taking stupid risks right?
and the way most people travel, doing typical tours and snapping photos in front of monuments and artworks
they know nothing about, having food they could probably get in their own country anyway, getting drunk on beer with a different label
at a bar with the same morons just doing the same stupid shit in a different language, really just amounts to a series of shallow experiences to say the least.
most done for the impression of status they bring. so people can come back home and list iconic or important places
and feel very proud of themselves for managing to catch a plane there and even find their way from the airport to downtown.

the point is, so what?
the postcard trip is over in a few weeks then people go home and save up for their next amazing life changing trip to a slightly different city
where the metro ticket has a different colour.
and what do they do in between, besides showing everybody their incredibly bad digital photos?
they talk about where they dream of travelling next!
and pretend to be interesting.

you don't learn anything legitimate as a tourist and hence you do know become a more interesting person.
that only happens when you acquire real knowledge or skills.
there is nothing impressive about being a tourist either.
by definition it is walking around looking at stuff other people have created.
of course you can see why people like to pretend travelling is an amazing achievement.
because it's easy.
and it gets easier by the minute.
anything that makes you genuinely interesting is not easy to come by or develop.

travelling doesn't make you 'cultured' either.
being cultured means having real knowledge, real understanding. and you don't get that on a tour bus.
or at a 3 star hotel.
you only get that from study.
i have never seen mike's frescoes in person. but i can guarantee i know about that artwork and the artist behind it than 99% of camcorder cattle that prance through. and i'm no historian.

even living in another country will mainly result in little learning, unless it's so far removed from industrialised society. and in that case, what the fuck are you doing there.
i know plenty of people who have lived in other countries and learn nothing real or develop in no significant way.
even i've lived in another country with another language for a year and all i learned were superficial things. transport, currency etc.
i am no more interesting when i returned. which is exactly as i expected. but i didn't go there to be 'well travelled'. it was for other reasons.
i also happen to have quite a few stamps in my passport now. and none of these travels have made me more interesting or given me a profound insight into anything.
i knew all this before i went which is why travel was never my goal in life. it's just been something i've had to do here and there.
and beside a couple of things i might get around to visiting at some stage, i have no real goal to 'travel'.
and devote all my energies to being a spectator.
i have actual goals.

but despite all this you will actually get people who demand partners who are 'well travelled'. it's pathetic.
i've had people try to impress me by telling me all the places they've been. and trying to get to know me by asking me where i've travelled.
i guess i was supposed to be impressed by her adventures. and i guess i was supposed to list a whole lot of foreign places to demonstrate
how well travelled i was. maybe everybody should just take their passports on dates so each can scrutinise the amount of stamps to make
sure the person is worldly enough.
of course like i've been saying the idea of being 'well travelled' is just cheap status grabbing. the equivalent of having a big shiny watch.
i understand women are generally superficial and find these things important.
but personally i actually care about what somebody is made of. imagine that. i don't care how many scaffold covered, beggar infested travel icons they've ticked off
in their amazing life itinerary.

i also dispute the amazing enjoyment of travelling.
if you are a person with any risk aversion capabilities and any responsibility, it's a stressful experience.
and that's no fun.
add in tiredness, difficulty acquiring reliable food, toilet, washing facilities, spending half the time waiting at transit points and trying to block
out the fact you feel exhausted, irritable, dirty, hungry, and that in person, everything you've seen that day was a pale imitation of aesthetically contrived photography on the postcard...
and most importantly the lack of any possessions.
if you are somebody with passions that require equipment, this is a major point.
being away from the things that make your life worth living is a problem.
of course most people wouldn't understand that. you need passions first.
oh wait. everybody does have a passion. travel!

in the distant past, travelling had a more potent aspect. being well travelled may have actually made you more interesting.
there was no television, documentaries, photography etc., or at least no developed media. people didn't actually know what other places really looked like.
and if you wanted to see stuff you actually had to go there. if you wanted to learn about different regions, you often had to go there in person.
if you were a musician who wanted to hear liszt play, you had to go and see a concert.
if you were an artist who was looking for inspiration from somebody's work, you had to travel to the actual painting.

these days travelling is by an large an industry built around entertaining the small minds of moderately wealthy people looking for something to fill their lives up with. something that's easy and thoughtless. they don't really have any intense interest in the places they're going or the things they'll be seeing. as long as they're 'travelling'.
and of course now if you're a historian you have to wade through a bunch of dum fucks cloggin up every tourist point through every season.

and that's the thing about people obsessed with travelling. that's how they live their lives too. just wandering around as spectators. living on the surface.

and i can tell you this:
i don't care where you've travelled.
yes you read that right. i don't give a flying rat's arse of a fuck where you've travelled.
i'll let you take a few seconds to recover, since i'm sure this status-currency has been extremely effective throughout your 20s.
but guess what? it doesn't make you the least bit more interesting, the least bit more exciting, the least bit more appealing. i couldn't give a flying rat's arse of an uncle fuck whether you've picked tea leaves in india after your grope ride on the hindi express, or jumped into a car with some free spirits and driven through europe to pretend you're exciting, or adventured down under and while living in the moment and getting out of your comfort zone, and revelling in how adventurous you are, and generating your crazy experiences to share with everybody at a backpackers, you slept overnight in your car with another young female in alice springs, a place with a huge percentage of 'characters' to meet [scumbags] and got raped at gunpoint by two abos [degenerate natives].
oh you think that was a sick joke? sorry, that happened the other day, read it in the news.
carpe diem! you haven't lived if you haven't lived like a fucking moron!

so who wants to talk about travelling some more?
probably all of you.
okay then. let's continue.
so what does this all mean in dealings with me?
it simply means that my recreation time, weekends, holidays won't all revolve around trips, getaways, 'adventures' particularly if they involve getting away with a 'bunch of friends' where i'll end up trying very hard to get away from the getaway and most definitely if they are 'spontaneous'... finances won't all go into funding overseas trips,getaways,adventures, particularly if they involve going with a 'bunch of friends' or 'backpacking' and thus sharing air with trashy arseholes, and most definitely if they're 'spontaneous' trashy arseholes...and finally, every precious year of my life won't be lived to fulfill the central goal of embarking on the next big holiday.

most people like travelling to some degree and so i don't expect to find somebody who detests it. i don't entirely detest it myself. but my point is i don't want somebody who is preoccupied with it.
occasionally i'm happy to go somewhere with a partner or perhaps organise something in an overseas 1st world country, but in general i have better and more important things to do.

*summer deal*

i am currently offering ten thousand dollars to the first female who can prove their profile is and has always been entirely free of the word 'travel' or any derivative, unless used for the purposes of mockery and criticism.

a bonus sum of one million dollars will be awarded if the female has also failed to upload a photo of herself holding a drink on a 'night out' to show how incredibly fun she is to be around, and her masturbation habits are completely unknown to random males.
On a typical Friday night I am
at home editing text. or engaging my mind in the ways you claim to ... you know, in all those phoney friday night interactions you're having, out and about, on saturday and sunday too, and maybe even monday on the long weekends, being so impressive, with copious other fucktards, failing to see how utterly ridiculous you are, feigning sophistication while building nothing more than a mindless cliche-ridden existence, continually proven by the fact that whenever given the chance to genuinely apply your mind to something/anything in your free time, you will always choose your spontaneous omg gotta mix it up with as many predictable moronic activities as possible, generic socialising mind-vomiting time-killing event-mobbing garbage. e.g. an awesome weekend! how was your weekend? awesome. how was your weekend? awesome! what's happening on the weeked! what's planned for the weekend! how was your weekend! can't wait for the weekend! i had a huge weekend! how was your weekend? what's happening on the weekend? what did you do on the weekend? was it huge? was it awesome? how was your weekend? how was your weekend! your weekend! weekends! what are you doing? what do you do on the weekends? what are you doing this weekend? next weekend? how much are you looking forward to the weekend! can't wait for the weekend! so much to accomplish!

but back to my friday night: working on projects, my reading quotas, watching nature/science/history/war docos, making guitar arrangements, improvising solos, walking bass lines, vocalizing, drawing jpeg sculptures, polishing my opinions, drinking tea, making buttered toast, watching tennis or boxing, listening to nice voices on librivox, (NEW!: being perpetually disgusted by feral cocky sluts infesting the middleclass - yes, like you, dear!) going to bed too late and dreading the sound of birds beginning to chirp.

but that could all be on thursday night, or even tuesday night, because i work from home and i honestly don't know exactly what day it is a lot of the time.

but saturday, saturday is very different and much more stressful. in fact it's the most stressful day of the week. it starts about lunch time as i try and ring up everyone i know to see who's 'doing something' and try and find at least somebody who's doing something worthy of being mentioned on monday when
people ask that question, 'what did you do on the weekend?'
and where if you mention anything that might have involved intellectual initiative it will be construed as doing 'nothing' and failing to live life and there'll be a lengthy awkward misunderstanding and you'll have to explain that some things in life don't actually involve phoniness and the person will be all confused and disorientated and may even hemorrhage at which point you will probably not ring the ambulance, but instead roll them under the cubicle desk and wait for them to die, then get to work establishing an alibi for the previous few minutes.

so with those saturday phone calls what i'm looking for is something 'on the town' if possible and hopefully either one very hip club or something involving live 'musos' or at least an itinerary of less impressive places you can list off as part of your big night to support the fact you're living life to its fullest by experiencing as many superficial things as possible.

if that's not feasible i try and get my hooks in something 'low key' where i can still save some face on monday as long as the activity still involves a lot of 'having fun'. but i have to be careful not to keep things lowkey for more than 2 weeks in a row or risk
not 'living life' and 'not getting out much' and being asked why i'm not 'up for fun'. and that's no fun.

if i can't manage even a lowkey gathering, with a few quiet ones, i'll start getting really stressed, because then it'll be down to sunday and everyone is visiting families and recovering from
their big nights and being under the weather and so forth. and i'll be up at the crack of dawn, probably because i haven't slept because i was so stressed about the deadline for living life.
and i'll be back on the phone again trying to get myself in on a brunch, or bbq, or SOMETHING i can use.

and many times i'll end up just walking the suburbs carrying a sixpack, listening for forced laughter and the sounds
of monotonous small talk, at which point i'll just invite myself in saying 'i'm a friend of tony's' and finally get some living done.
and i'll sleep much better on sunday night knowing that on monday i can face my fellow humans and know i haven't let them down by wasting a perfectly good weekend developing in some legitimate way. because you miss out on good weekends, next thing you know you'll run out of good weekend anecdotes. and without good weekend anecdotes...well...i'm afraid you're in danger of becoming aloof.

but i don't think i'm better than most people. i know i am. because i've spent my life working hard to achieve that. because most people are so disgusting i couldn't look myself in the eye if i wasn't better than them. i simply wouldn't go on.
and it's not even that hard to be better than most people. because most people are that poor. that useless.
and if you want anything to do with me, you better be better than most people. you better be somebody who has looked around and decided they will not go on unless they are better than these ridiculous cretins. and you better have achieved that goal. that's bare minimum.

oh, but wait! seems i was taking myself seriously just now! and of course as well as not taking life too seriously, it's very hip not to take yourself too seriously either! lack of seriousness is just the most alluring trait, isn't it? and that's why i'm just not going to cut the mustard with all the amazing women going around.
because they're always asking for somebody who doesn't take themselves seriously. the holy grail of mediocrity!
yes, they actively request flippant, flimsy, watered down fools. [who have serious goals and ambition of course! the masterful female mind in top form once more!]
but i suppose that takes the pressure off, doesn't it? being with people who don't take themselves seriously? because then you can continue being a flimsy idiot yourself, laughing and shrugging off everything about the world and yourself with that smugfuck look on your face, spouting urbanite stock phrase nonchalance.
question though.
why should anybody take you seriously if you don't even take yourself seriously?
i assume you want to be taken seriously don't you, dear? as flimsy and moronic as you are, it's fundamental to human nature to be taken seriously.
why should anybody take you seriously if you can't even make the effort yourself? if you're too busy living your casual, thoughtless, insipid existence to even take yourself seriously, why should anybody invest any serious effort in you?
oh shit. i was being all serious again, actually engaging in thought.
my apologies. return to your glazed-eyed frolicking like the mass produced tool you are.


this next segment was supposed to be in the final section but i've maxxed it out so i have to stuff it here. it actually should be after my sexual behaviour discussion in the next section and near the lists at the end of the profile, so for best continuity please come back to this as a final note.

{### the official unofficial okcupid slutistics ###}


compilation and analysis by cadmiumhue
[professor of gender realities, university of life]

research results thus far. this should be a real hoot. i hope you have as much fun finding out you're far from alone in your slutdom [a powerful addition to your already healthy moral relativism!] as i did compiling these answers!
i couldn't find these on the okcupid trends so i figured i should provide some of my own. unfortunately i don't have access to the raw data of huge survey proportions, but my own surveys are at least quite suggestive. i think random samples of around 100 girls would be considered quite telling in a real world sense, if you'd dated 100 19-30 yrs and reported on their behaviours for instance. so while it's not 10000, it's hardly illegitimate either. unfortunately some of my surveys are only around 50 sample right now given lower frequency of these answers appearing, but should grow.
i'm also providing explanations of the true meaning of these tallies i've painstakingly recorded, in other words being honest about the reality of what these answers mean in terms of real world behaviour as opposed to sanitising it with moral relativism and denial. though, i warn you, when you are actually being honest about this behaviour, the details are quite tasteless and abhorrent. if you don't like it, don't perpetuate the culture.
statistics may be updated over time if i can be fucked.


would you consider sleeping with someone on the first date?

reality breakdown:
is it or is it not acceptable for you to fuck a stranger. is it or is it not acceptable to fuck a stranger if you feel like having a cheap fuck because there are times you can't keep your legs closed for even the first evening in the company of a man [character denial translation: ''feel chemistry'']. whether you would do it. whether it is a boundary of not. it isn't asking whether you sleep with every person on the first date, only if fucking a stranger is an option for somebody of your moral character. so stop pretending that you are somehow respectable because you don't fuck everybody on the first date, only if it's ''right''. as if you're quite picky about which strangers you fuck. not even the sluttiest slut in slutopia would fuck every guy on the first date, morons, which is why that's not the fucking question. aren't you all supposed to be experts in english and grammar and language and verbal skills? because your brains evolved to gossip or whatnot?
again, the question is, do you or do you not rule out fucking strangers.
an answer of yes means you do not rule out fucking strangers.this, if you're unaware, is the mentality of a cheap slut. and even if you haven't had the opportunity yet, mentalities tend to manifest themselves in behaviours over time. you've been written off.
the answer ''no'' means the female is never prepared to fuck a stranger. demonstrating an attempt to maintain the bare minimum of self control and respectability.
note: some of the no answers were actually from sluts who laughed off ''working that out the hard way'' , recommending not to do it from experience etc., or women who were still prepared to fuck a stranger on the first date if the felt like it, or women who were lying or women who will post 25years, in other words those no answers are not a true measure of even basic levels of behaviour.

answer poll [409 sample]:

yes = 43% [174]
no = 57% [235]

trend notes: at least 4 in 10 modern females are sluts. roughly every other girl you meet. surprised? you're clearly not an adult male operating in non religious circles then.


how open are you to trying new things in bed?

reality breakdown:
in a sexual culture as sleazy to downright deviant as it's ever been in the history of humanity, where ''reasonable'' liberal minded candlelit options for a female could ******* such romantic escapades as having a cock jammed up her arsehole, licking arseholes, men ejaculating into her hair, sticking toys in her holes like a buckshow stripwhore, being collared like a sex slave, making phone porn, and copious permutations of fetish and bondage perversions, and god fucking knows how much stuff i have no idea about given i avoid this culture as much as i possibly can ... when this behaviour and similar degradation has clearly seeped into the mainstream or near mainstream, and when it's obvious that even if it's still in the minority, there are copious people now well immersed in 'this culture, and coming across these types of ''needs'' will be quite possible and probably likely in contemporary partners, any female who is not even hesitant about trying new things, is quite clearly a dodgy, classless skank or one just waiting for the greenlight. also, avoiding only the ''craziest'' stuff doesn't prove any quality whatsoever, only that you're not th worst of them. the bell curve has shifted so far into the gutter now that limiting the ''crazy'' is only limiting the most extreme, leaving a huge pile of excrement to wade in with your apparent civilised restraint. for plenty of people, it's clear many of those options above are not ''too crazy'' for instance.
and now just look at the percentage of people who are even hesitant, and consider a few of those were still happy to be raped on satuday night.

answer poll [201 sample]:

very open. i'll try anything once. = 37% [74]
i'm open, but I don't get too crazy.= 55% [111]
hesitant, but it might happen. = 9% [18]
not at all. = 0.6% [1]

trend notes: 9 of 10 women are cheap slappers when push comes to shove. roughly 4 of 10 are unquestionably absolute filthy whores.only one in ten with vestige of genuine sexual boundaries. only one in sample limiting sexual activity to ''classical'' sexual activity, which probably means the limits set by medieval harlots too.

cue flippant, dismissive, smartarse shoulder shrug at own behaviour and enlightened liberal laugh track. carry on with pseudo banter and justifications for your ''experiences''.

oh, i know, we all must be ggg now~! ggg! ggg!
oh, there's nothing more alluring than a ggg girl!

nothing more alluring than girls who with utmost pride brand themselves as members of the largest, hippest modern-day slut club around!
congratulations you've finally made it, after all those years of hard sleazeculture research and blood,sweat and cockgrinding!

it's just so fashionable to be a sexually preoccupied, principle-free high-performance release valve!

so fashionable it inspired me to write a chant!

i'll take it anyhow
just you see!
if noone gets hurt
i surely can't be dirt!
joined in my teens
and soon a phd!
like your favourite pornslapper
all for free!
i'm not a skank-hoe
if we both agree!
giving back
by soiling up that sack!
who needs standards
with moral relativity!
i'll do anything for you
just nothing with poo!(i'm only 22!)
fuck like a whore
now where's my chivalry?
coz no matter if you're vile
i'll partake with a smile!
fulfilling sleazy asks,
a most noble task!
just like a vintage girl
without the dignity
what pre-lib girls refused
i'll do with glee!
acts once reserved for harlots
and i'll waive the fee!
oh, i love you babe
but watch my pillow with that pee!


let's break it down!

*good, because it's so utterly important, such an enormous priority, to be able to sheath a cock just right in this life, and be fluent in all the orifices!

*game, because it's so important to have no boundaries and sink to any ''consensual'' fuck-act no matter the filth! the closer to the behaviour exhibited by the redlight/deviant sector of society the better, [and gamer of course! ggg!]

*giving, because liberal types are so benevolent! such generous souls! and how handy you can now brand sinking to the behavioural levels of a whore (as per your sweetheart's requests) as a noble, enlightened way to live!

yes and now being so enlightened yourself, after achieving this heralded membership, you can parade around not only proudly declaring your ggg qualifications, but also teaching others your cuntsoaked brand of life wisdom! or giving ''props for knowing what that is". remember, be ggg! because it's the only way to be! because it's excellence and generosity and fucking like a filthy slut all in one catchy acronym!



free tip: using the phrase ''been there, done that'' after admitting to some slapper-level behaviour does not make you cool and wisened. it does not somehow raise your status, proving you're well versed in behaving like a vile fucktool and being able to tick it off with some kind of perverted pride. it simply makes you a vile fucktool without the impressiveness, though a touch of honesty, at least of the shameless kind.

free tip #2: ditto for answering ''nostalgic'' to the question 'how would you feel being slapped hard in the face during sex'. your affected nonchalance at being happy to be smacked around like a dirty brothel cocksqueezer by some alpha wannabe fuckjob is neither impressive nor ''witty'' and thus evidence of some playful charm of yours. the only qualities you are successfully displaying are those of the casual-shift dirty brothel cocksqueezer, with less self respect than her own pubic lice.

free tip #3: using a smiley face symbol after confessing low-life behaviour of any kind does not make you adorable slut-trash, adorable boozer-trash, adorable druggie-trash and so on.
doing this:

[proud confession of gutter character] + :]

does not ethically whitewash the material in the brackets.
and sorry, even a cutesy wutesy winky smiley face, or a cutesy wutesy tongue poking smiley wiley miley face doesn't achieve the feat.

i know your go-to tactic has always been to wallow at a base-level then bat your eyelashes, smile flirtatiously and strike a girly pose to excuse yourself with feigned adorability, but it just doesn't translate to txt very effectively.


would you consider roleplaying out a rape fantasy with partner who asked you to?

reality breakdown:
essentially it asks whether you are a morally bankrupt deviant bitch and disgrace to your own gender. drum roll ...

answer poll [ 109 sample]:

yes = 45% [49]
no = 55% [60]

trend notes: roughly 4 out of 10 females, almost 1 in 2, are morally bankrupt deviant bitches and disgraces to their own gender. reflects slut percentage very closely. coincidence?

personal exception: if my partner really wanted it, i would concede. i would organise it for her. as all loving partners would. first i'd book us tickets to india. then i'd book as a long train trip through rural india, right near the border to pakistan perhaps. standing room only. there we'll be on the platform before boarding. it's summer, so like all young modern girls, she'll certainly be dressed in semi or full slut-wear. either will do. i'd gently encouraged classier options early in the relationship but she'd rightly lectured me about the importance of female empowerment through publicly advertising herself as a bangdoll. here it suits the purpose. leering at her out of the train are hordes of feral,single men, sizing her up for a fuck. just what she enjoys of course. as the train leaves, in darkness, i help her aboard but pretend to trip and fail to make it aboard.
i leave her there on that night train, alone and slutted up, surrounded by feral lusty men... and send a loving goodbye txt. ''happy rape, dear! oh, and we're done, you disgusting deviant whore and disgrace to your own gender. don't call.''
then i fly home.
years later, i come across her profile on a dating site. she's actually dressed with some modesty, even in summer. and she's nolonger happy to participate in a rape fantasy. she no longer craves this brand of perverted titillation out of bored, despicable, sexual thrillseeking. she doesn't want to encourage the behaviour in any way, or disrespect women who've actually experienced the act.
how about that.

oh, and just for fun, here is the kind of answer you might give to this kind of question if you weren't a deviant bitch and disgrace to your gender. i'm sure it will be very fascinating for you, as a typically modernised depravity-option cunt, to see how people from a ''different culture'' might respond, a culture involving some actual value-systems! it'll be like totally mind-opening!
here are some real life responses from real life girls, with real life characters actually capable of primitive ethical frameworks!

“Rape shouldn't be joked about/played around with.”
“I would never date someone who would fantasise about raping anyone”
“Sick @@.”
“That's just messed up. ”
''No. I would leave the person if they asked this.''

crazy, eh? a trip to the wild-side or what!
i'm serious. these responses were for real and posted in the 2012-2013 era!


would you consider having an open relationship (i.e., one where you can see other people)?

reality breakdown:
this is a question determining whether you are okay going out for some coffee dates and walks and movies etc. with multiple guys at the same time until you pick one you want to invest in and then begin a romantic relationship with - oh fuck. that's not right. i was just being tricked by those two favourite ''class''-ifiers, ''open'' and ''relationship'' which you can use to artfully cover up cesspit realities. let me start again.
this is a question determining whether you as a female are prepared to fuck multiple guys two or more in the same time period like the vintage local screw, village funhouse, spread leg meg and the like. also determining whether you are okay being with a partner who goes off and has sex with other sluts then comes back in the same time period and fucks you. trusting of course that these responsible, quality people who like to fuck multiple people at once are very safe and responsible in their fucking of other sluts and are putting you at no health risk.
it asks the question, are you okay with your ''relationship'' partner coming over to spend meaningful time with you potentially with the smell of another slut's bodily fluids still lingering on him. are you okay with him giving you a sweet phone call after just getting a head job from his other slut an hour earlier, or in fact still in the process of receiving such affections. or perhaps txting you about sunday's lunch+screw while she's oiling up in the bathroom. and are you perhaps okay doing the same in return. it asks do you mind that the bed you are now lying in had another slut in it only that morning and you are in fact rolling around in her secretions. perhaps it turns you on! it asks are you okay having your date cut short or cancelled because you have your period while other sluts are available for mounting and thus the smarter option. are you okay with not knowing where his mouth has been that day when he kisses you. are you okay not knowing where the place his mouth has been has been throughout the week and so on.
it ultimately asks are you just a pathetic, cheap, pro bono whore or not.
[note: sample ignores yes answers from asians/foreigners who seem not to comprehend question and think it relates to having friendships, not fuckfriends]

answer poll [241 female sample]

yes = 38% [91]
no = 62% [150]

trend notes: roughly 4 out of 10 women are pathetic, cheap, pro bono whores. reflects percentage of keen rape seekers and easy lays. nice consistent pattern.
but i'm being kind.
see you have to consider that saying no to ''open relationships'' doesn't mean saying no to fucking multiple people casually, it simply refers to a specific version of this where there is a ''home'' fuck anchoring the lifestyle. as i've seen mentioned numerous times now, many women frown upon having an open ''relationship'', believing it's pointless and dare i say it, even ''wrong'', and they suggest if you don't won't to commit to a person properly, why have a ''relationship''? ... just stay ''single'' and fuck around as you wish!
see, as long as you brand it as ''dating'' or being ''non serious'', you can still be a polygamous slut but still real traditional too. a relationship means something, you know?
and whatever you do outside of a ''relationship'' doesn't count!
it's all about branding!
relationship with fucks on the side = distasteful skankery
undefined fucks on the side = independent gal fun
word games are awesome, aren't they?

free tip: earlier i was suggesting a revision of the ''status'' box in the search engine. i was suggesting that on a dating site i shouldn't have to select ''single''. that it should be a given.
well this is a good time to address the ''available'' option, which i find both confusing and misleading for okcupid users such as myself. after giving it some thought, i've decided to offer some alternatives to the site designers, in the spirit of transparency and user clarity.
i recommend ''available'' be changed to either ''skankwhore'' or ''semen sampler' or ''communal cocktunnel''.
see ''available'' was used in older societies to determine whether somebody was single and available for courting/dating etc.
it was an easy mistake to make, okcupid.
but what this now means is a female who is already fucking somebody or possibly multiple people but just can't live without more cock on the side. it's unbearable to her, not getting some extra cock on the side. can't sleep, can't eat, can't concentrate, without getting fucked by various different guys. and what she needs now is somebody for either wednesday or sunday, coz she's getting banged on friday and saturday by alpha and every second monday by beta and there's soccer practise on thursday, and tuesday is her vagina rest day, where that raw community cocktunnel actually closes momentarily, a bit like an eclipse the novelty of it, and when she only masturbates to porn, getting inspiration for her mr wednesday, if some day, legs crossed, cupid brings them together!

5. drug and booze surveys. i can't be bothered writing these up right now. clue, it's the same level behaviour we're finding in the sexual stats. in other words, more dignity on tap.

i'd like to thank all the sluts who took part in my slutistics, you've all been great sports. without women like you, happy to publicly declare what pieces of trash you are, reality checkers such as myself would still be immersed in the haze of falsehood, still be handing out unwarranted respect to modern girls. thanks again.

note 1:

a discussion of the usage of ''slut'' in contemporary society and its rightful place in socio-ethical discussions of both an academic and casual nature.
many of you no doubt find use of the term extremely offensive! i'm sure it's really hard to come to terms with these days, so used to you all of being coddled and pampered by political correctness and told you're all beautiful spectacular goddesses who can do no wrong. i'm sure it's quite abrasive to be branded with a term so ... unflattering!
i imagine some of you may not have even heard the word in a live conversation before, such is the protection offered you by our great leaders, the feminist wannabe patriarchs.
[if only you could enjoy a cup of tea with me. how your mind would be opened!]
you see there is a war against this word. part of a larger campaign whereby the femme elite are trying to outlaw terms which hold them accountable for behaviour.
so according to modern women a term like slut is misogynistic, it is always wrong to use it, always undeserved. always ''offensive''. it is never, never, never, never warranted. never ever. and must be eradicated!
[unless women want to declare a slut march where they march for the right to overtly and perpetually sexually proposition and taunt men without being put at risk of sexual assault, somewhat like marching for the right to walk down a street slapping a hundred dollar bill in people's faces without any risk of it getting snatched]
of course it's a great system for women, outlawing terms which hold them accountable. ingenius, don't you think? ingenius isn't a term i often apply to female thinking but i have to give credit where it's due.
because outlawing the term means that you can behave as you wish and be beyond criticism! you are immune from social criticism if you take the words away! because how can we criticise without words? after all, we men all agreed not to backhand the filthy bitches anymore! all we have now are words! and now they're being taken away too!
and if you are beyond criticism it means you can behave as poorly as you like and get away with it! because you've censored criticism! check mate, reality!
but let's look at it logically. that's right ladies, time to step off the bus! it's reason time again! isn't there a fashion outlet nearby you can go play follow-the-latest-tramp-trends in?
here is what the term slut means, the dictionary definition.
''sexually promiscuous female.''
or ''sexually immoral female''.
now the second definition is important because without it it means a stripper could technically be outside of the category if she married the bar owner at 18, still a virgin by some incredible turn of events, and was ''faithful''!
but in any case we can toss that second def for now because it means females bog us down in a moral relativity argument to excuse themselves. they can say, but what is morality? is it so wrong to hump one guy after another as a pastime? were any jews killed in the process? if you don't use it you lose it! and etc.
the first def is a little harder to pull that trick with.
firstly, because you can compare modern sexual patterns to historical ones and prove that modern western females are more promiscuous than they have ever been in known civilisation.
secondly, modern female culture doesn't actually deny the promiscuity per say, it simply makes claims it is legitimate, not that it is failing to take place.
the fact that there are many, many promiscuous females now doesn't change the nature of the behaviour. it simply means more people fall into this category.
therefore we can establish that modern females are promiscuous.
and therefore we can look in the dictionary and find that a promiscuous female can be termed a slut.
and therefore the term is entirely valid for describing females in contemporary times!
i'm afraid there is absolutely no valid reason for the word not to be used, and used liberally!
for instance, ''murderer'' is a term for somebody who kills innocent people.
what if murderers suddenly became offended by the term? and demanded nobody used it? it would be great for them wouldn't it? it would mean you could murder people but not be branded a murderer! free pass!
of course we don't allow that to happen as a society. because it's absurd.
thus we conclude that the term ''slut'' should be used and used regularly. if you don't use it, you lose it, as the leg spreaders say. and language is a terrible thing to lose, as stone age tribes can certainly attest to, in between destroying their children's futures and leeching off of the evil white destroyer of ignorant bullshit. and furthermore it is a great little word which is not only viscerally satisfying to spit, but highly versatile and a real blast to use in company mixed or unmixed, with people young and old, in sentences long or short!
i'll certainly be doing my part!

note 2:
about time for our favourite complaint about slut talk, wouldn't you say?
the female screams,''oh but there's a double standard, such an outrageous double standard!'' and then goes to march for free contraception, or joins a street mob in panties with tits out to fight for female respect or some such.
well as for the double standard, i know the myth has been a convenient driver for female behaviour in modern times, a convenient justification.
but i'm afraid, no there isn't. there isn't a magical double standard. there never truly was for the average guy and there certainly isn't in modern times.
i'm not even going to get into the biological reasons. feminists generally fail biology anyway. probably because the field was created by men.
and i'll just leave out the deviancy, assuming it's more or less equal and stick to the promiscuity.
the reason there definitely isn't a double standard in 2012 and the reason women can and should be criticised more than men is that females are now sluttier than males.
that's right, skankette. take a bow.
the reality is, as slutty as modern guys are, and although guys should be slightly sluttier based on biology, there is no way they are sluttier on average.
1.females start earlier. don't you remember when you ignored the guys in yr 10 to fuck older guys in car backseats instead? therefore girls have a head start with their resumes.
2. females can have sex at their discretion more or less. no guys can do this, no matter their desire or attractiveness. while a fair number of males may be able to ''get lucky'' on a fairly consistent basis, only a small minority of males can womanise successfully with regularity, and none at their discretion.
3. related to 2, as a society becomes more polygamous and hedonistic, a minority of males, the players and womanisers, take charge of the harem. a minority of men fuck all the sluts, sharing them around. this leaves a large proportion of men without females to access, or with difficulty accessing them, making it quite hard for many men to be promiscuous in reality, or at least as promiscuous as equivalent females.

so it is highly unlikely the average male has had as much sexual activity and as many partners as the average female today.
there is no double standard.
modern females have evolved into sluts. plain and simple.

i'll also add that the guys like me who are complaining about sluts do not do so with a ''double standard''. guys who complain about sluts simply want females who demonstrate behaviour which looks something like their own. guys who are promiscuous tend to pat you on the back, before sliding their hand down into your underwear, or under that piece of string or arse floss you've tied on.

sadly, i've come across a number of non religious men now who bitterly joke, even momentarily contemplate trying to become a serious christian just so they can meet women who genuinely aren't sluts, so fed up are they of the banged up used cars on offer. i've had similar thoughts. we must be full of double standards i suppose.


a while back, i discussed the unbearable cockiness of these professional women circulating, but i didn't really address the general overconfidence of modern females. i''ll have to do it here given space limitations.

{### the cult of cocky cuntism - a modern horror story. ###}

by cadmiumhue, lecturer of gender relations, university of cultural hell.

cocky cuntism begins before puberty believe it or not. yes, it begins early in our culture. every youth is brought up told they're incredible and amazing they're equal to adults from 12 years old meaning nobody is actually put in their place, everybody is loving themselves and everything good or bad is tolerated, and conjunction with lowered standards in everything, people leave highschool and university more overconfident, more delusionally cocky than ever before.

this is where cocky cuntism splits off from general cockiness to form it's own abhorrent culture. you see females are also ''empowered'' from the earliest age and told they're even more amazing still because they are female. and by the time they leave university they have an even more delusional level of selfworth. handicapping of males in society takes them even further. political correctness silencing criticism of females makes them untouchable shining goddesses.
and then they find out men want them, crave them, ''adore'' them ... chasing them round, bending over backwards to ingratiate themselves, paying unbelievable amounts of attention to what they say and do, over applauding or falsely applauding every vestige of skill or talent, everything they project ...
whatever is a girl to think?
except she's absolutely fucking incredible.
a cocky cunt is born.

now mix in that shiny membership to our religion of liberalism whereby just by rejecting and rebelling against anything resembling tradition females can grow a smugfuck grin as wide as their overstretched vaginas and stand atop the progressive pedestal revelling in utter contrived enlightenment.

now she's not just absolutely fucking incredible as a woman, she's a moral elite on the ''intelligent/educated/rational'' - and need i add righteous - side of history, fighting for human advancement ... one collared fuck at a time.

she's the uber fraulein, priestess of a cocky cuntist cult near you.
well, here's a little test for you, uber girls.
take your photos down.
that's right, not just your half-dressed-web-skank-on-a-bed/whore-in-a-bathroom-mirror/ it's-not-a-striptease-if-there's-water-in-the-shot[underwear shots are the only ''selfies'' i could find, honest!]/ woops-the-camera's-angled-down-my-top/look-how-fuckable-[i-mean-fitness-conscious!]-i-am-flashing-my-pelvis-and-spandexed-arse/cling-wrap-casual-wear/can't-sit-down-in-this-nightlife-dress-in-case-my-vulva-squeezes-out/wannabe-urban-femme-fatale/aren't-i-adorable-when-i'm-not-fucking-like-an-animal/i'm-a-total-model-with-enough-doctoring/my-face-is-my-religion ... shots.
even the phoney girlnextdoor/ deep-thinking-nature-embracer snaps.
take them all down.
feeling a bit vulnerable? it's normal when you remove your prime currency.
now write to males cold. there's a message button at the top of profiles you've no doubt never seen or used. yep, see it? okay, now write to a male. no, i'm not kidding. actually formulate a message to try and engage him in a correspondence.
what, cat got your tongue? christ, and you thought writing a self summary was tough! no leave your photos alone. and no, visiting his profile is not gonna work now. what's the matter? isn't writing one of your hobbies? isn't writing one of your strengths? aren't you an aspiring novelist? write something enticing to a male, then, uber girl. you're always demanding thoughtful messages aren't you? lecturing males to be original and creative. demanding your elite level of spelling and grammar? demanding men stop wasting your precious queenly time with shallow messages, with thoughtless messages, with stock messages. demanding people only dare write to you if they've got something interesting to say, or if they ''think'' they can ''hold your interest'', you being such an incredibly dynamic, amazing person with a bar set even higher than your hem.
come on, then. write something, ''hold'' somebody's interest, you cocky little cunt.
what's wrong? writer's block?
a little harder than correcting somebody's grammar is it?
maybe go out and get intoxicated with your girltards first, eh? yeah, just loosen yourself up a bit, free yourself from all that stress, all that stress from your entirely decadent urban liberal lifestyle.
that's it, dear. type away as you walk off from the bar. maybe cross a few intersections and get skittled. nuts, no traffic tonight. oh well, keep typing in the taxi home. you're inspired now, aren't you, with your i'm-not-drunk-because-i'm-functional ''buzz'' on.
ah. check the spelling and grammar, remember. make sure you know the difference between their,there,they're like the genius you are.
put some smiley faces in it to make you extra adorable. and press send!
now repeat x10.
and wait. and wait. and wait. and wait.
and finally, a week later, analyse. analyse that completely empty inbox.
see how many males actually bother to take notice of you when you're stripped down to your incredible educated, professional, independent, empowered womanhood ... in mind only.
see how many males actually find you engaging, actually consider you of any interest at all.
i'll save you the time doing any of this, knowing how incredibly busy you are as a single,childless, labour-freed, me-generation free spirit.
what you'll find is that very few males will consider you spectacular enough to even waste a handful of thoughtless emails on. that's about how impressive you are in essence. and as for's gonna be a very lonely, dusty altar, my little uber cunt.
off you go, scramble on back to your vanity shots now. trauma over.

on a side note, it turns out this delusional confidence, aka unbearable cockiness seeps into all areas.
for example every female on here from ages 18 up it seems announces they're either either confident or super confident in their sexual abilities.
well of course they are. because firstly they're completley sexually preoccupied, spend half their time studying up on how to be the most well rounded whore they can be, constantly ''practising'' by fucking some guy or other. i mean even by age 21, women have never been more fucked by more guys in more ways. and by 30, their bruised blue vaginas are literally begging for even a few months rest, just to get back even 10% of their virginal elasticity [pre fingering and oral virgin, that old-fashioned one. i know, archaic definition. before your time, love.]
and on top of that we mix in the unbelievable general overconfidence of all you lovely darlings walking around and presto.

i mean, do any men really find ''super confident'' ability attractive? particularly from skanks in their early to mid 20s? do men not make that mental leap and realise just how much fucking these girls had to do in that short space of time to get this sexually obnoxious?
i feel like sure men might like a prostitute to be 'super confident', but their new mate?
all this is indicating is just how sexually utilised they've been.

see for me, i like the answer, ''not very confident'' because it tells me maybe they're not the completely fucked-dry piece of trash which can't seem to be avoided in this day and age.
or even better: not answering this question.
because it's just another example of the soul-less trash culture we live in. look at these women, advertising their sexual abilities like catalogue whores.
why go for confident jenny, when you can message super-confident margie and get a 10/10 super fuck!
look at you pathetic little bitches, consumed with your sexual ''performance'' like wannabe concubines begging for a test drive.
there was a time when none of this shit mattered to people looking for a mate. people's ''sexual ability'' wasn't some tacky specification to sell yourself with.
but what a surprise that it is in this era.
and what a surprise modern females are dying to advertise this feature.


now the truth is there have always been cocky sluts. we've always had them around. no society ever managed to cleanse itself completely of them. but many managed it far better than now.
yes, it turns out ancient societies had some interesting strategies for dealing with cocky cunts, which certainly helped keep the problem in check.
for example, let's look at homeric greece.
odysseus came home to find his estate being leeched dry by a horde of freeloading men. but that wasn't his only problem. you see, he discovered his estate had also been infected by a plague of cocky cuntist slutism, which is a particularly horrid strain of cocky cuntism.
turns out while he was gone, a number of his maid staff had been whoring themselves out to the men eating him out of house and home and trying to steal his wife. and while doing so they had been mouthing off to his son and wife and headstaff and just basically being cocky slut cunts under his very roof.
now odysseus wasn't too happy with that. and neither was the female head housekeeper, who'd been disgusted by all the livelovelaugh, free-spirit, casual fucking of all these suitors and obnoxious mouthing off from these young cunts.
see, women of even basic quality also tend to hate cocky cuntist sluts too. and so when odysseus wanted to know just how many of his staff had turned into cocky sluts while he was gone, the head housekeeper was happy to give names. and it turns out 12 of the 50 had indeed become cocky cuntist sluts while odysseus had been absent.
and so this is where homeric greece differed from modern times. these days we would be encouraged to celebrate or at least tolerate the behaviour of these vile little whores, but back then, they took a different view.

what they agreed to do was round up the 12, take them into the courtyard, and hack them to pieces.

now don't worry, that didn't eventuate. come on. what they did instead was take them out into the courtyard and simultaneously lynch them by rope, at which point the cunts apparently struggled like birds caught in a net, but soon ceased their twitching.
[see, in the ancient world, everything was kind of poetic, even cocky cunt executions.]

odysseus and son were happy. the wife, housekeeper and all the decent maids were happy. it wasn't a sexist thing! cocky sluts are just fucking unbearable for everybody!

i know what you're thinking. that didn't actually teach the cunts a lesson though, did it? because they never had time to reflect on their behaviour. not so! before being executed, the cocky sluts were made to clean up the hall and wash down all the benches, gore-covered from the suitor massacre earlier on. so you see, this gave them plenty of time to think about their actions and the error of their ways before being ''let go''.

and i want you to pay careful attention to the percentages here. 12 of 50 maid staff were considered cocky sluts. that's 24%. that's manageable. these days that percentage would be off the charts. say what you want, but that ancient world strategy worked. it kept the percentage of cocky sluts in check and while it didn't eliminate the problem completely, it still allowed you to eliminate the problem at least in the near vicinity.


with cocky cuntism come cocky demands.
the measures men must pass before they dare even message.
i've lost count of the number of females who love to obnoxiously declare their list of demands in patronising, self-satisfied style, framing themselves as some amazing catch, some princess in a tower, when there is absolutely nothing remarkable about them outside of a decent face and normal physique for a human female[not fat].

here's a typical example [you'll have to add the smug cuntism yourself for a true simulation, but i'm sure you've got oodles of cuntism in stock]:

don't message me unless you:

> are at least 6ft
> have an education
> have a job
> have a car
> no longer get smashed regularly
> can put a proper sentence together [or other conceited ''mastery of language'' remark attempting to inflate their intelligence while disparaging males]
> know how to treat a lady

so i thought i'd make my own list in response to these typical demands. this is my list of demands for all the cocky cunts abounding.

don't message me unless you:

[are at least 6ft]
fulfil my arbitrary, ridiculous physical demands.
since for you only males at least 3 inches taller than average male height are acceptable, regardless of whether they are taller than you or not, and regardless of the fact that even if a male is shorter than you he could easily kill you with his bare hands in a minute flat given the utter physical superiority of any mature male, and regardless of the fact that in your absurd requirements you would rule out the average ice-age cromagnon, a physical specimen who would not only destroy any of your 6ft+ metrosexual, chest waxing fairyboys, but smack the shit out of you in well under a minute flat for being such an unbearable petulant bitch(even in your heels, with a tae-bo blackbelt, you little 5'8 xena amazonette!) ... in light of that don't message me unless you are at least c-cup. both of them. i don't care how well-shaped your breasts are at a-cup or b-cup, it's just not acceptable. i don't care if b-cup is the average size and essentially the most authentic design of the boob. unless you are at least c-cup, get the fuck out of here. don't even dare to contact me.
now i'll be honest. i have no preference for large breasts and if anything prefer average or small breasts, and i'm not such a low-grade fuckjob of a sapien that i would refuse to consider communicating with a female if her breasts were of natural size, but remember i'm trying to match cocky cunts here and so i'm afraid for the purposes of this simulation, if your tits aren't auxiliary airbags, go fuck yourself. oh, and the nipples better be 30% more scarlet than average. you were thinking of writing me with half-arsed burnt-sienna peaks? seriously? don't make me laugh.

[have an education]
have exceptional knowledge in a legit field as opposed to a paper degree.
if all you have is a degree, cunt, don't message me if your degree isn't in an area that existed before 1970 outside of computers and genetics. in other words, don't message me if you are like the majority of females who have token university degrees in absolute bullshit and claim to be educated and incredible.
furthermore don't message me if you think education is synonymous with ''college'', with ''degrees'' or even ''school'' of any kind.
don't message me if you can't understand that being spoon fed at an institution for extraordinary prices means utterly nothing in many cases, particularly in the era of college-racket ''education''.
don't message me if you can't think for yourself.
don't message me if you are unable to see through at least a bare minimum of the cultural marxist social engineering you have just been programmed with during your incredible ''education''.
don't message me unless you are truly educating yourself in worldly reality, in your own time, for no bullshit social gamesmanship or money.

[have a job]

don't message me unless you have a mission.
don't message me unless you have something more than a generic whitecollar existence which you think makes you an incredible success.
don't message me unless you understand that life on earth can be more than a cookie-cutter material urban platform.
don't message me if you are unable to imagine a life outside of a formulaic preplanned occupation which babysits you for life in a comfortable, safe little drone-like day-to-day because you're incapable of doing anything significant, anything exceptional.
don't message me if you are so small-minded and downright idiotic, you think having a generic ''job'' is some true measure of quality when many of the greatest minds in human history would fail to meet your pathetic requirements.

[have a car]

don't message me if you're such an outrageous numbskull shit-for-brains that ownership of a car is a key issue in regards to finding a human partner. if your brain is that fucking flimsy and your value system is that fucking disgraceful.

[no longer get smashed regularly]

forget no longer.
don't message me if you've ever been a member of the party scene. ever been interested. ever been an enthusiast. ever been one of the countless vapid skanks posing drunk in party snaps/dinner snaps/newyear's snaps/birthday snaps.
don't message me if you think you're not a piece of trash because you decided post 27, after a decade of behaving like a cliche hedonist dipshit, that you were over it and now behave as if none of that happened and you're suddenly a cut above.
don't message me if you think just because you don't pass out or throw up that you're nolonger a party girl moron and that your drunkeness isn't low grade behaviour.

[can put a proper sentence together]

how about don't message me unless you can put some fucking paragraphs together? until you can fill out your vacuous, thoughtless, completely insipid ''profile'' with something worth reading as opposed to a five minute form-fill of nebulous cowshit serving simply as a pin up board for your vain, model-wannabe/tramp-in-a-box gallery. even just putting some basic effort into describing yourself and your value system [if you've ever bothered to consider one]. and if you think you're that awesome-soaked geekchic urbanite dynamite you like to mug as, try writing something actually engaging and with more length than your 10 second fucking attention span, as opposed to offering up a bunch of wisearse, pseudo-witticisms and petulant snarks to pretend you're personality-catch of the fucking century and star of your own hit smugfuck sitcom.
don't message me unless you can demonstrate that even a single, partially interesting, reflective thought is capable of passing through your cunty little brain and ending up in a ''proper fucking sentence'' in your profile.

[know how to treat a lady]

don't message me if you're a fucking hypocritical delusional little dick-tart.
for instance:
don't demand to be treated like a vintage lady when your anything goes sexual behaviour would make vintage ladies vomit in their gloves.
don't demand to be treated like a lady when you put out before seriously knowing a male and think that because you scatter in some ''serious'' relationships in your 20s, that the additional '''non-serious'' cock-catching you're doing between ''soul mate searching''
isn't an indication of typical, modern slutdom, the antithesis of ''lady-dom''.
don't demand to be treated like a lady just because you dress up nice when it suits you, when at the same time you're also happy to dress like a whore to flaunt yourself as a piece of arse to fuck for every passing male gaze whenever the opportunity arises: choosing excessive options with ''fitness'' gear, beach gear, summer wear, evening wear, costume parties etc.
don't demand to be treated like a lady when your skin is adorned with skank-stains. that's right. ladies don't have skank-stains, fuck-bag.
don't demand to be treated like a lady when you behave or have behaved like a party girl boozer/drug user in your youth or continue to do so ''occassionally''.
don't demand to be treated like a lady when you go on dating sites and provide intimate details of sexual behaviour, masturbation behaviour etc. for the world to see.

in other words, don't ever message me demanding to have your cake and eat it too you foul, cocky little cunt.

and don't ever make demands of men, particularly arbitrary height or other nonsense items when you're fucking nothing. completely forgettable. completely unexceptional. completely redundant. an utter fucking cliche. a drone from the factory of what-the-fuck-is-the-point-of-you.
don't ever make petulant demands of men when you'd be begging at their feet for the majority of human history, spreading your legs for a crust and a fucking blanky. when the best somebody of your utter pointlessness could hope for is a gig as a toy concubine for a huge percentage of these men you claim superiority to.

you want to make a list of demands? then show us the money. come on, what've you got? besides tits and arse, a well-waxed vulva and some obnoxious wisecracks which you've been led to believe constitutes some incredible intellect? come on, goddess, blow our minds. come on, queenie, inspire the masses. come on. let's hear it, let's see it!


say again?


ah, just what i thought. just a completely generic cocky little cunt, aren't you?
so in that case, just shut the fuck up and flaunt yourself like the vapid set of dick-valves you are. at least it's an honest way to live.

[now, you're over 6ft tall, by ''education'' you mean have acquired expertise in an area and don't flaunt a masters of library science or a phd in marriage therapy any of the plethora of:
masters or phd in > {nebulous bullshit designed to allow people without phd quality intellects and as many females as possible to have post-grad qualifications all as part of the equality-cult levelling out of society where now the average iq of university graduates is lower than ever and where now university qualifications have been so cheapened they have never been more meaningless}
, by job you mean focus in life regardless of the capitalist potential and you don't pathetically flaunt some utterly materialist, possibly useless and perhaps even toxic career or pretend you're amazing for having some public sector economic babysitting arrangement where you make ridiculous money for pushing paperwork around in a quite possibly utterly absurd or quite probably non-essential position, by ownership of a car you mean to say you live in a beautiful secluded location which has no bus route and it's gonna be hard to get to you otherwise even though you'd still welcome a horseman, by no longer get smashed you mean you've always hated this bullshit but you're just being momentarily tolerant, by put a proper sentence together you mean in response to your large efforts in the communication process where you have spent copious time writing to males and engaging in timely correspondence as well as all the effort you've put into your very thoughtful and detailed profile, and you ask for somebody who knows how to treat a lady because that's what you are, a lady, somebody who is genuinely not promiscuous, who develops feelings for males one at a time (and not just one after another) before beginning any physical activity, doesn't ''date'' by the modern definition: hooking up with who's ever 'available' while you 'get to know them' until some kind of ''exclusive arrangement'' is agreed upon after you've already been fucking them for a while of course at which point other people being hooked up with or fucked are discarded: so basically the behaviour of the harem sluts on a reality dating show but with more dick ... who rejects so many of the modern fashion trends because they're part of a slut-culture which has infected our society and which has essentially normalised attire that was reserved for prostitutes and strippers only decades ago, who isn't a boozer or drug-user, who doesn't fuck like a porn slut or has any interest in sexual sleaze culture, who isn't some trashy modern gal liberated from any day-to-day decency whatsoever who thinks she can burp,fart,fuck-joke,porn-view,trashculture-celebrate her way to some kind of ''earthy'' charm...
if you're something like that,
then demand away! you deserve it!]


oh my lord. i just realised something.i was totally being judgemental during this whole section!
i was actually applying measures to behaviour!
like i was taking behaviour and actually trying to judge between high level and low level.
i was actually making a distinction!
how crazy is that!
i forgot what year it was. i keep doing that. forgetting the era i'm in.
you must be totally confused right about now.
god, i'm sorry for the disorientation i'm causing!
because in this era the last thing you want to do is set standards for yourself of course.
well, you can say you do, naturally. you definitely should say you do. but actually genuinely doing so, well that's a buzz kill. that's harder than easy. so that's not recommended typically.
it just leads to a total head spin!
but even if you do actually reject what is going on and set strong boundaries. do that thing people used to do where they were embarrassed to be little better than a crude impulse-gratifying beast...even if you do that, you're supposed to keep that to yourself!
you're supposed to not hold anybody else accountable besides yourself!
you're supposed to somehow come to the conclusion certain behaviour is low grade, but suddenly feel like it is fine if others behave in such a fashion!
what a mind trick!
and upfront you have to grovel and ingratiate yourself to all these low-grade sewer surfers! you're supposed to bow and kneel and apologize, repeating over and over again that you don't judge what they do. that you don't do that. but you don't judge. that you find that repulsive. but go ahead. that you think that's a disgrace. but each to their own. that you would be ashamed to behave anything like that. but we're all different. that you find an approach absolutely vile.
but please please please don't misunderstand! please don't get offended! please don't take it the wrong way! please please please whatever you do whatever you think whoever you are, please, oh please, oh oh oh, please i beg of you, don't think that i'm judging anything!
i know i'm judging it for myself... yes, i can see that...
but, but please, oh masters, oh masters of scum, oh pathetic filth, please don't think i'm judging you!
could you ever forgive me?
could you ever accept me otherwise?
i don't mind what you do! truly!
why won't i do it? uh..because...because...i sort of mind...but not when it comes to others! oh, you don't understand! i need your approval my maggot lord! let me kiss your hand, wash your feet! to prove i accept you! to prove i don't hold anybody else accountable except myself!
it's the highest form of being!
...but i don't mind if you do it! if you judge others and actually measure behaviour, i don't mind! i'm not judging you! i don't judge others who might want to judge others!
oh, please believe me! please understand!
who am i to judge how others behave!
that would mean a spine might grow!
that's gonna be way uncomfortable on a wooden chair!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i'd say there's already an abundance of typically private thought processes on display here. you can already obtain far more insight into my mind than you deserve, given you're no doubt the same breed of filth i see smearing my homepage every time i arrive here, and in real life it's doubtful i'd grant you 60 seconds of small talk let alone detailed access to my inner workings.

lucky for you, though, i still have some matters to address, so this little get to know me session is far from over.

i grew up as a spiritual person. i was never a christian per say[if i'm listed as such i'm just seeing if the traffic and matches change], or any other specific system, but i had spiritual beliefs and transitioning was a brutal process. i understand what it's like to live your life with the belief we are more than biology. motivation can be much tougher when you accept what life really is. because then you have to create meaning from scratch and keep that in mind during the struggle while deep down you know the whole thing is just cold brutality. but i get by.

i have stuff like okcupid, which lets me know there are a bunch of other people out there struggling with the same fundamental problems.
like whether it's better to buy lots of moderately priced facial day cream or a lesser amount of brand name stuff with extra blackberry extract. and which is better for pretending to be fit, 2 sessions of yoga a week in a new white and blue leotard which the guy at the desk totally noticed me in, or 3 sessions of pilates in the old red and black leotard followed by some sets of curls in front of the mirror with the matching dumbells. and what to do about future goals, like deciding where to go on that long weekend in september. and whether to fork out for the hair extensions now, or just wait for the hair to grow out. and whether it's better to go for the small rich guy or the tall not so rich guy who might still have earning potential one day. and should the new year resolution be enjoy life, or live for fun...

i'm suspicious of russian and ukrainian women who have hobbies like watching star trek and playing video games. if you're really nice i'll still consider helping out with your mother's eye operation, and if you can play tennis well, i might fund that chemotherapy for your kid sister...might. but you have to tell me you love me first. and mean it. and as of next month the price goes up. i'll also want a large batch of your grandma's authentic eastern bloc dumplings.

i'm also very suspicious of those who 'love people'. i have met a large sample of people now, throughout highschool, uni, and adult life, and have for most part only encountered morons, posers, arseholes and various other low grade individuals. and i'm sampling a middleclass population in a rich advanced economy here, not some post war wild west animal house. so unless those who 'love people' live in some subterranean utopia i don't know about, i must assume they are either just more of the same, or lack perception. and either way it's bad news for me, and will result in a lot of confused looks sent my way and questions like, 'but don't you think you can learn something from everybody?' the answer is yes, but only if you have a scalpel and your interest is anatomy.

and the same goes for those who go on about how much they love 'meeting new people'. firstly, new people? where? i've just met the same people over and over. as you would expect. i mean, christ, they even have the same names. exceptional people are rare and therefore most people you meet will not be an exception, they will just be made of the same bullshit. and therefore meeting new people will generally involve meeting the same idiots over and over. and so i ask, who would actually enjoy doing that? i answered that last paragraph.
i don't enjoy meeting new people. it's a necessary evil. kicking through hay to find needles.
and after a while you start losing the motivation to even kick through that hay, you pretty much just want to set it on fire.
alas i live in the driest state in australia and there's basically a perpetual fire ban.

[next section was written before the slutistics section. and since you probably didn't avoid reading that until the end like i asked you, like the rebellious shitface you are, repetition and disorganisation is about to take place. you soil everything you touch.]

as i've vaguely alluded to in my whore section, i don't like sluts.
of course it's a relative term isn't it.
and so it's almost no point saying that, because nobody really thinks they're a slut.
like the females on here who, in just their early twenties, don't even remember everyone they've had sex with, but seem to think nothing of it. not sluts i assume, just car accident victims with lost memory function.

i've known plenty of females who don't consider themselves slutty but clearly are. because there is always a lower bar. and terms like 'sexually liberated' aka license to slut it up. that all seems to justify everything.
something i saw a while back sort of sums up this delusional society we live in. somebody showed me this picture of a little tart stripping off for a men's masturbation magazine, and she was being profiled, one of those let's get to know the modern day skank aka girl next door articles, you know, stuff guys like to read when they're jerking off to pictures of girls taking their clothes off. and probably after mentioning how fun loving she was, she wanted to make it clear, boys, that she was 'the classy type'. of course you are, dear. after all, you weren't spreading your vulva for a zoom lens, right? that would be totally tacky outside of sextaping in a a loving relationship.

i think this is quite a telling situation:
it appears the majority of people claim they're not against
sleeping with somebody on the first date.
naturally the sample i have is not large enough to be conclusive, but i've seen a large enough sample now to see the general pattern.
at best you could say it's a significant proportion of females that have this mindset, the majority even.
and even many who aren't prepared to do this aren't ruling it out if the magical chemistry is right, you know, the magical chemistry that demands dropping your panties and getting banged by a stranger that night because you're a horny lowlife, or they're part of the ''no i've learned not to do that the hard way!'' reformed slut society, or although they're against it, they actually feel the need to apologise to this shithole society for being 'prudish' ... for ruling out dropping their panties and being banged by a stranger like a typical horny lowlife despite the incredible connection and all.
given all these women who are prepared to have sex on a first date do not consider themselves sluts - in fact would no doubt be horribly offended by the label! - my question is this:
at what point did being prepared to fuck somebody after
knowing them for a matter of hours not constitute sluttiness?
the autumn of 2007 perhaps?
who knows. i'm pretty sure the point occurred after i'd
graduated from university though. but maybe not.
doesn't really matter. because that's the point you people are at now.
and what i'd like to do here is give a reality check. ready? can you handle this?
being prepared to fuck somebody on a first date makes you easy,loose, that girl who puts out ... and society has or at least used to have a nice compact term for girls of this standard ... yes i know it's also about being in the moment and feeling the connection of some warm body humping you and living life and relaxing after a bottle of wine and being desperate to put out after a few tortorous months of sexual inactivity, especially unbearable when forced to watch all your low life girlfriends skank their way through numerous hot dates, taunting you with all the vivid details of of the skankdom you're missing out on!
but to state the obvious: up until probably the autumn of 2007 or whenever this recent cultural shift occurred...probably for the entire history of humanity up until that point ... women who fucked guys after a couple of hours were considered sluts.

fascinating, isn't it? how backward our culture used to be!

and are you ready for another bombshell?
screwing somebody after just a handful of dates. after a few movies and a beach walk. after no doubt spending less than 24hours total with them...
is slutty!
as is doing everything else except having it stuck in!

okay, take a deep breath now. i know i've just turned your world upside down. i'm sure you're very disorientated, having to unlearn everything you thought you knew about how classy you think you are.
alright, last one, i promise.

making out, getting groped by somebody on the first date or when you barely know them, is also slutty!
like seriously!?
like totally!
guess what, it's still sexual activity even though there is a strip of clothing in the way! no? then explain how the guy has a full blown erection!
how if a husband or wife walked in, they would no doubt consider it a violation of that little monogamous agreement you had!
that's how it differs from actually having that 'night cap' you offered him!
a night cap is drinking coffee or tea and there is no full blown sexual response! if a husband or wife walked in,
it would be a very awkward moment perhaps and you could still get into serious shit for it, but it isn't sexual foreplay!
insane or what?
how even though it's convenient to pretend everything outside of having intercourse can never be considered promiscuous behaviour, that this is actually utter bullshit perpetuated by modern day sluts trying to excuse their behaviour!

i want to do a little thought experiment as part of this reality check. let's go back to high school shall we? there's a new girl at school. she sits next to some guy, chatting to him for a few lessons. then she's seen making out with him after school. what would the peer verdict be do you think? she'd be lucky to get away with a cheap skank label. and rightly so. then everybody learns the new girl went back to that guy's house and had a get to know you grope session. now she'd be a loose cheap skank. but by lunch it's discovered she actually fucked that classmate after her first day! not a person in class would deny she's a genuine slut. and the guys would start lining up for some easy rides.
the behaviour is no more valid just because the first day is now a first date and the girls involved are now veterans.

it's okay after you've finished with my profile you can return to your delusional existence, and have your behaviour condoned by your copious low grade associates.

i'm the real victim here. because unfortunately the fact is the average girl these days turns out to be a boozy little tart in general life or at least whenever the opportunity arises.
it's certainly a fact i've noticed over the last 15 years or so of my heartwarming interactions with society.
and that's just the middleclass 'educated' females.
with the cast of sex and the city and every trashy rom com as their blueprint for life.

everyone is so proud of their sexual experiences and prowess. celebrating the fact they have the bare minimum of sexual boundaries as if it's some kind of achievement. some form of enlightenment.
and of course from their very first teen magazine, memorizing 1001 ways to pleasure themselves and guys and girls and musicians and bad boys and etc.
because, you know, all that practice actually makes you a better lover for your soul mate!
so when you finally settle down you can unleash all your skills you learned from all the people you've hooked up with!
because practise makes perfect and if you don't use it you lose it and you owe it to all future partners to be as worldly as physically possible!
so since we're all hedonist bitches, let's just be adults about it and celebrate it!
it's weird though...part of me just doesn't like the idea of a person i'm interested in getting it on with one guy after another in a constant stream from the dawn of puberty.
maybe it's the romantic in me.
or wanting to be able to look the woman in the eye and respect her.
i wonder if there are any women left with an ounce of sexual modesty.
or how about this, an ounce of sexual dignity.
if you know of any, let me know.

well this is the crux of the problem for me.
i'm a highly competitive male. what that means is, i have a lot of testosterone. what that means is, i technically have a high sex drive, certainly much higher than any female i come across. yes, contrary to feminist propaganda, men and women are not equal in all areas, and sexual drive is one of them. which explains why the so called 'double standard' of other periods wasn't necessarily a double standard, but that's a different conversation.
the point is, if i can control my nature and approach sexuality in a dignified manner, then i sure as hell expect at least that from somebody for which this process is far easier. someone with far less 'hunger'. a female.
and ideally i would expect more control than me.
i'm not talking about virginity here. i mean god, i've never been with a virgin, i'm not sure what the trick to all that was. i guess these days you basically have to operate as a pedophile to experience that kind of thing.
but when i look at potential partners i want someone who if they were my daughter, i would be proud of them. the way they operate.
and that would definitely come in handy if you had a daughter with them. because then you wouldn't worry when they hit puberty that they'll be just like their slutty mother.

what's absurd, is according to the personality graph here i'm considered crazily old fashioned compared to the average user. that says more about the general trash abounding than it says about me. i'm hardly championing victorian era rituals.
but i suppose i should be open to democratic criticism, and what better way to model your behaviour than via the trends of the general public.
so it seems the first order of improvement would be to drastically increase my level of kinkiness. i'll give it my best shot. the last thing i want is to be completely out of touch with the modern world and all its beautiful diversity.

here's an example of what you have to deal with these days.
you come on a site like this and you notice some woman
has answered a question. just a typical member of society no doubt. an attractive single woman at a glance.
so you scan over the post on your way to writing some more hateful stuff in your profile.
and low and behold, she just wants to let everyone know that if a guy asks for it, she's quite happy to lick his anus.
wow, how liberal, how progressive, how open minded. what a catch.
oh i'm sorry. i know it was a bit crude, the way i termed it. we're supposed to use some latin term to make it all seem civilised.
the problem isn't necessarily that filth like this woman exist.
it's that deviant sexual bullshit like this is so widespread now, so accepted, that
it's not that uncommon for the average person to engage in it. and that example i used is just part of a broad spectrum of course.
and what that means for someone like me, is you can't even afford to expect basic levels of dignity and class from women you meet, let alone high levels.
you have to basically do a background interrogation to make sure your fairly normal looking and acting date hasn't been some seedy little piece of trash for recreation or in her 'loving relationships'. and won't be, after a rainy night on the couch, months down the track, when she fully trusts you and the moment is just perfect, when you're staring into the eyes of the woman you're head over heels for, gonna whisper some degenerate sexual request in your ear she's always been naughtily curious about, like it's a fucking novelty ice cream flavour, giggling with girlish mock innocence, and making you instantly lose every ounce of respect for her and vomit a little in your mouth.
you have to basically go in being suspicious and expecting the worse, or in other words, the norm.
it's a disgrace.
and so that's why this section exists in my profile. so i can eliminate the problem up front. and if you
aren't sure whether you are a seedy little skank or not, then the answer is, you most surely are.
because in this day and age the only way you won't be, is if like me, you actively take a stance against the culture.

why is it that people with 'progressive' lifestyles tend to exhibit the most animalistic
behaviour. i class progress as evolution away from the base tendencies.
and why is it that the more progressive people are and dodgier their behaviour becomes, the more they champion their
ways, the more enlightened they think they are?
we get it, morals are a construct, nothing is right or wrong, we're all just matter interacting, there are no rules, there is no divine paternal figure to be accountable to, it's a free for all as long as you can get away with it...[granted most cretins wouldn't put that much thought into their philosophy]
yes we all know the age old liberal adage, 'as long as no one is getting hurt' justifying everything under the sun which doesn't draw blood. but you know what?
urinating in your friend's kitchen sink at a dinner party doesn't hurt anyone either.
it's just foul. animalistic. or dare i say it...indecent?
[then again if the friend is okay with it, maybe not right? afterall, noone is getting hurt...]
you see class might not be right or wrong, but for some people it's worthwhile. it's not necessary for existence, it's not mandatory by law, but it's a pleasant luxury. it's just a nice feature in an often ugly, ghastly world.
like a beautiful song, or swans in a fucking river.
or people not urinating in the kitchen sink.

so you take a statement like being 'completely willing' to try new things in bed, which seems to be the normal answer
around here.
now you make that statement in the 1950s and it means having sex in the lounge. who cares etc. you make it in today's society
and god knows what it means. all i know is that's what i call a pretty big red flag. and the reason is that i know
males, i know how they think and how many of them talk about and view sex, particularly in this era of widespread pornography
which is only encouraging people to try out ever more deviant and or degrading activity. in fact i remember a tedtalk where a self confessed middleage libertine slut was talking about how disgusted she was with contemporary young males and what they wanted to do with her, much of it mimicked from their porn collection. so being 'completely willing' to do
what plenty of guys want to do is completely unnacceptable to me. and of course a woman being the initiator of
much of these antics, well that's obviously not an improvement.
and as for the very common, seemingly celebrated admission, or should i say badge of honour, being 'very open. will try anything once.'
well given the menu of seedy to revolting behaviour in the mix these days, this admission isn't just a red flag, it's directly telegraphing that you are dealing with a low grade female who, if aged in her mid 20s and up, is not only inviting this behaviour, has no doubt ticked off a significant portion of the menu already. what a charming thought to consider when you're staring into her big doe eyes on a moonlit night, with the nightingales serenading, and the breeze flicking her pretty lacey blouse, which she wears as a measure of her femininity, and grace...

true, not every female is happy to do anything, they're mostly just openminded, but don't get too crazy. they're like totally just adventurous and curious and like to mix things up because they're so adventurous and curious, but you know, they don't get too crazy because they still have boundaries. i mean come on, it's not like they're trash or anything.
like this sweet young thing i saw on here. i mean she wasn't prepared to lick arseholes. she was only prepared to have her own arsehole licked.
because come on, she doesn't get too crazy.

with the culture we live in now, the kind of sick sexual behaviour on the menu, if i see a female who isn't even hesitant about 'trying new things', isn't even, at the bare fucking minimum, a little suspicious about opening that can of worms, it's very clear to me i'm dealing with trash. and take a guess how many people i see on here who are even ''hesitant?'' i can probably count them on one hand.

i mean, really? with all the dodgy shit on the sexual menu these days [which unless you've been living in a cave you would have to be generally aware of], and with more downright deviant shit in the mainstream than ever before, you're not even hesitant? [a mindset which still let's you sink to a degraded level in the end anyway!] in this current behavioural climate your first thought is to be open, to green light? in the year 2012? you're not even hesitant? you can't even bring yourself to a level of dignity to be hesitant? or even pretend to be outwardly hesitant?
what the fuck is wrong with you.

the problem is i think these questions have been worded inaccurately and that's why people are taking them the wrong way, you know, actually considering it a source of pride to be 'open'.
it's such a nice word isn't it! being open! problem is, sexuality is the wrong context for it.

realistically, 'how open' are you in bed should be replaced by, 'how entirely classless, deviant and downright vile' are you in bed.
then i feel the answers are a little more accurate, a little more honest. a little less open to euphemism if you like. [haha!]
so let's begin and see what we end up with now.

q. how classless, deviant and downright vile are you in bed?

a. 'i'm totally classless and vile in bed! i'll sink to anything once, and film it for future reference!'
b. 'i'm classless, and have done some pretty low grade shit. but i'm not vile in comparison to the worst slappers.'
c. 'i'm hesistant to degrade myself. but it might happen if you put enough pressure on me, or i read cosmo that week, because it's true i don't want to be considered unenlightened and backward, like people in other eras up to maybe even the 80s, who you could actually respect somewhat.'
d. 'i understand this question is about finding out how seedy i am and whether you can get away with wallowing in your own seediness with me, and no, i'm not partaking in any of your dodgy shit, so fuck off and go gratify yourself with your 200gig porn collection like the pathetic loser you are.'

... to be fair i still have[had] this tendency to give women more respect than i should, even though i try to be realistic.
see i still have [had] this ridiculous notion that females prefer to approach sex with some class. that's the impression
i was given and the way females like to present themselves when it suits them, for example when criticising men
for being oversexed dogs.

of course you read the match answers on profiles and you see that people like me have it all wrong obviously.

for example you always hear how men are always pressuring for and women are semi begrudgingly giving oral sex.
but round here everyone is 'extremely disappointed' if a guy happened to not want it done. seriously?
you're actually extremely disappointed you can't mouth someone's genitals?
to be surprised at their preference, okay.
but extremely disappointed? not even somewhat disappointed?
well i just hope you lot never have to deal with such a horrible relationship trauma such as this. being unable to suck somebody's penis.
hell knows how you'll get by day to day. maybe they'll set up some hotline to help you get through the withdrawal.
and let's not even get started on how traumatic it is for the modern female not to have a guy's head between her legs.
i remember one girl round here who claimed that men who weren't prepared to mouth her crutch had to 'grow up'.
seriously could you be more obnoxious, more self gratifying?
but to be fair that's no doubt how she considered her own womanhood being consolidated, that week when her mother took her to buy her first bra, and she rammed her first boyfriend's braces strewn mouth in between her thighs.

then you sort of get the impression that sexually speaking you should treat women with respect. for example, not screwing them like cheap pieces of arse.
but clearly i had all that wrong too.
because everyone loves rough sex and prefers to be screwed like a cheap whore.
now i'm quite certain passionate and rough aren't interchangeable here. they certainly don't mean the same things in the dictionary and in the context of other sexual activity people are proudly championing on here, it seems to me this question is specifically designed to determine how animalistic somebody is sexually.
and silly me! it looks like those jackass jock arseholes who celebrate treating women this way, like dogs to mount, were right all along! women love it!
you have no idea how guilty i feel right now, trying to treat a woman like something respectable.
how disgustingly presumptuous i've been!

of course even when you think you've found some people who don't seem like a slags, you've gone through the questions
and they even seem like women you could even respect, you'll no doubt eventually discover that they're quite happy to
participate in simulated rape. because it seems a repulsively large percentage answer yes to that question.
yes all this hullabaloo about women protesting against rape and sexual assault in our society, terrible things
for sure. but it seems an extremely healthy proportion of females out there quite like simulating despicable behaviour like this for fun.
given i'm a male and find rape absolutely unforgivable and reprehensible, i'd expect to find this attitude in the overwhelming majority of females given they're the gender most victimised by this activity.
having even the most basic values, like not condoning or supporting rape like activity in any way. refusing to participate in something if there's even a chance it's going to result in them being degraded like an animal.
but no.

of course we do have to keep in mind how old fashioned and unprogressive i am, don't we okcupid.

so let's have a look at this rape fantasy. so there are clearly a bunch of male perverts out there who rather than wanting to cherish their female partner, respect her as a human being, and protect her at all costs from rape or any predatory sexual behaviour, and the psychological experience of it,
they actually want to 'pretend' to rape her like a worthless piece of meat. they actually want to cast her in the role of a rape victim and themselves as rapist.
what kind of degenerate piece of shit wants to do this? or anything like this?

okay so there's the guy, but let's take a look at the female in question here.
not only is she prepared to continue the relationship after finding out somebody wants to do this, and treat anyone in this way,which is disgusting enough, she's actually happy to join in, not only accepting the behaviour but condoning it. which makes her no better. worse actually, considering her gender.
she sees no problem, in fact is probably getting an amazing thrill out of trying to experience what it's like being sexually violated. and while enjoying the thrill of being 'raped', enjoying watching her partner take on the behavioural characteristics of a worthless scumbag.

and so what kind of degenerate piece of shit wants to do this?
apparently the majority of people on this cesspool of a site.

including one female on here who was looking for an 'old fashioned man. one who is serious and respects women.'
yes that's right folks. and she was also quite clear that women just love the feeling of helplessless when their old fashioned man who respects women pretends to rape her, right after he 'tries anything once' in every cavity every which way.
i guess in her defense, she was, by her account, 'a blend of old fashioned and modern' which is code for a dodgy skank who pretends to be classy 9-5 by wearing dresses, heels and designer hats and buying audrey hepburn box sets.

and while i've seen people who reject this behaviour, i've only come across one person on here, one solitary fucking person who actually responds to this question by not only refusing to do this, but by making it clear that they will not be with a male who fantasises about raping women. not just won't fulfill his fantasy. but actually wants nothing to do with the male suggesting it. one person. yes out of all you women's rights loving, self respecting, female glorifying, femmo heroes, one person who actually displays some measure of actual integrity.

aren't women just great? oh i'm sorry, perhaps getting safe word raped was on your sexual to do list this year. and now i'm being all disrespectful to women, women who actively disrepect their own gender. who as far as i'm concerned, are a disgrace to their gender. pardon me.

like i said earlier, are there any females out there with an ounce of sexual dignity, sexual class?
it seems not, not in significant proportion anyway.

you can absolutely forget about a high level. as of 2011 it's clearly silly to ask for somebody who isn't happy to publicly broadcast how often they masturbate.
or of course public declare how much they love giving blowjobs.

brings me back to the vintage personals i mentioned earlier..
and the contrast is frightening.
consider this:
back then i'd be asking for a woman with some refinement if possible, and worst case they'd still have basic decency.
now i'm forced to demand a woman who doesn't view being buggered as 'exploring her sexuality', will not be collared like a degraded dog, or be 'consentingly' raped, isn't - despite being 'straight'- interested in screwing another slut just for hedonistic shits and giggles, doesn't have a porn preference, whore toys, isn't prepared to lovingly lick a person's arsehole...and the list goes on in this fucking freak show.

the horrifying thing is that my requests are apparently quite unreasonable, at least for non religious people.
and i absolutely resent the fact i have to taint my profile with reference to all this behaviour. but i'm simply forced to.
it's unbelievable that i can't take it for granted the average female won't be a seedy little bitch, that i actually have to set these boundaries specifically, and by doing so, eliminate large percentages.

unfortunately as hard as this quest of mine is, it only gets harder the older i get. as people make their way through their 20s it's pretty clear their behaviour doesn't improve. they only have more opportunities to act poorly and their inhibitions only lower further. and as i'm getting older it's obviously harder to be with people in their early youth when they might still have some kind of functioning moral compass.

people are either proudly declaring themselves as libertines and if attractive, wannabe femme fatale walking vaginal openings, or they have this 'what happens in vegas' mentality: in other words what they do in the bedroom can't have any bearing on their character, as long as it's 'behind closed doors' etc.
the truth is, what happens in the bedroom is far more important than how somebody presents at a dinner party as far as judging personal qualities go.
how somebody behaves sexually is one of the most important indicators of their quality, and pretending this can all be partitioned away as long as they present well in public is ridiculous.
it's the same principle used by child molesters in fact.

what i can't understand is how all these repulsive females actually think they deserve respect. i can understand people behaving at an extremely low level, that's to be expected i guess. but to actually believe you're worthy of respect after engaging in many of the behaviours mentioned. to look in mirror and think you're a quality person. it's baffling.
and it doesn't even end there. like i mentioned, many think they're actually impressive for sinking to the lowest level. they somehow use their own sexual preoccupation and sexual repulsiveness to fuel a bizarre power trip.

clearly all the promiscuity and sexual deviancy is being advertised by females to attract males. it's very obvious that when women on here open the door to first date fucking and open the door to almost anything you can think of doing to them in the bedroom ... it's supposed to be a dangling carrot.
it's true for guys that want a cheap slut to fuck and perhaps warm the bed for a while, or someone who's open to any sordid shit they had in mind.i can see how if you weren't looking for a serious companion to wake up to and not want to disinfect,and were very concerned with wanting to stick your cock in every nook and cranny and cross off the enormous list of sexual items you found on copious lifestyle websites and witnessed on pornos and heard about from gary at half time during the big game, i can understand how this might be appealing.
but what i can't understand, is how any quality men would find this appealing for an actual partner. and why women think any quality men would find this appealing.

firstly, if a girl is easy, it means guys get a quick screw which is convenient for men looking for that, sure. but what it also means is that a lot of other guys have had quick screws. and no man wants that in a respectable companion.
secondly, as for all these ''openminded'' women, it might be great for people wanting some seedy gratification. but if you're looking for someone worthwhile, you don't want a female who has been available for activity that only decades ago would have been hard to organise outside of a whorehouse. behaviour that whores from vintage times might well have refused to partake in. that's the truly sad thing now. there are plenty of accepted sex acts going on that 20th century prostitutes wouldn't have partaken in. think about that. [oh, woops. i invited you to take an honest look at the behaviour of you and your slapper-dressed-as-sweetheart peer group. sorry.]
and sorry,girls. this isn't enlightenment. this is not 'liberation'. believe me. it's just downright revolting.
if you dodgy swine actually think you're drawing quality men by being happy to fuck people quicktime and being desperately ''open'' ''kinky'' ''fetish-friendly'' ''anything oncers'' etc., you're out of your minds.
but if you're wondering why when you've had your 'good times', funfucking and sleazing your way through your adult youth and finally want your prince charming at age 28, men don't want to commit to you, spend copious time fantasising about fucking every other passing slut and enjoy being serially unfaithful...
well the answer is...
you're not worth committing to.
and your competition, being more provocative and easier than ever, are providing constant, convenient opportunities for betrayal.
modern females have set up a system where there is no reason for men to respect or invest in them.
as somebody told me long ago, why buy a book when you can go to the library? well actually that man is mistaken. it's not even a library in many cases. it's more like a filthy backstreet pile of discarded secondhand [or third, fourth,fifth,sixth,seventh,eighth and so on] pulp erotica, all smeared with bodily fluids and food stains.

one thing i can say though: i'm glad i've spent copious time on sites like okcupid. because even though generally speaking i've never held people in high regard, online dating sites have really shown me that the average person is even dodgier and more disgusting than i thought.

in the end it seems most modern women are simply vile.

men too no question.
but it's women i'm looking for.
and this isn't coming from some bible basher, but from an atheist.
this isn't coming from some weird looking, weird acting guy who has little chance of getting a mate.
the truth of the matter is, i have decent enough appearance, personality, athleticism and potential artistic pretension [i won't mention brains or benevolence because they're more or less irrelevant here] to have chalked up countless vapid bitches over the years. that's easy to conclude from the female attention i've had throughout my life, the fact that stupid, barely attractive [but to their credit, persistent] morons seem to be having a field day out there, and the fact that women, plain or pretty, stupid or smart, have clearly never been easier.
without a doubt. [you have to feel sorry for honest hookers now and wonder how they stay in business. guess they still have the handicap market.]
but spending my life chasing smut, chasing these cheap women isn't good enough for me.
it's not what i ever wanted from life.
i really am staggered that so many of these women are being seriously pursued. that people actually want to share life with them. i mean you see them out there, getting engaged, married, starting families. i know plenty in real life. it's really happening. i can understand why guys would want to use them for sex, but to actually marry them? reproduce with them? all i can think of is it's more economical and convenient than a brothel membership...but it still doesn't explain the desire to have them mother children.
truly frightening. and not just for me. for mankind.

i'm been clear about many sexual behaviours i don't tolerate, but just like my alcohol section, i'm going to be very specific and try to cover all the bases.
i'm extremely tired of every option, every partner being seedier and more promiscuous, or even just having more partners and more sexual activity. this is what you get when you're forced to deal with non religious females in an age of sanctioned sleaziness, especially those in ''creative'' circles.
the fact i'm the male in the equation makes it even more annoying, and i touched on why earlier.
so it would be nice to actually find a female who at worst matches me in this area, even if these days it's probably another absurd request. still i'm probably too fed up with this factor to make any compromise.
if you've had sexual contact with more than 3 guys, forget it. if you've had 'light' sexual contact, makeout sessions, grope fests etc with more than a handful, then forget it.
i'm not saying these numbers are some universal measure of sluttiness, it depends on age and many other factors obviously.
however given the age range i'm looking for, mid twenties, and the type of woman i'm looking for, someone who is genuinely selective and has high standards, it's reasonable. well reasonable in an idealist sense.
still, i know of enough people inside these parameters.
and actually, regardless of those parameters, if you've reached the latter half of your 20s and spent more time screwing somebody or other than not, forget it as well. it's doubtful you can relate to me if you've spent the majority of your adult life on a birth control plan and screwing someone or other three times a week. even though i'm looking at used cars, i'd still like the mileage to be at the lower end god forbid.

and just before i leave this topic, a shout out to all the girls who keep answering 'i don't want a partner who's kinkier than me' because it's 'not possible'
wow, aren't you just so interesting and mysterious and edgy!
we're all so impressed at your incredible seediness!
i can tell you, there's nothing more attractive than a dodgy little slut - with absurdly misplaced confidence!

and finally, just to summarise, being sexually preoccupied, sexually classless, and as much of a sexual used car as physically possible is not an achievement. you are not impressive for any of this.
i see copious women who genuinely get off on it all though.
that's the general attitude.
it makes them feel powerful. how 'liberated' how 'open', how 'worldly' they are. so proud of their vast collection of sexual exploits and adventures and desperate to add to the pile.
making their sexual demands, requirements to be met like some queen of sluts with an army of subjects dying to serve them. when of course they're generally just an entirely forgettable pseudo attractive middleclass piece of arse who doesn't deserve a 2 second once over let alone obedience to their self gratifying hedonism. again, though, demanding the satisfying of 'sexual needs', laughable attempts to assert power and control.
these women pretend they're superior to more 'innocent' females or more 'repressed' females or anyone who has any class.
they think being as sexualised as possible is an accomplishment in life.

well, judgements aside, this is plain fact now: along a spectrum of sexual behaviour, the average modern female has never been closer to a prostitute. disagree? think about that for a second then. think about european history, asian history. think about the gap in behaviour that used exist between a whore and an average person. and now think about modern society. and tell me that gap isn't closer than ever.

and that right there sums up how impressive these obnoxious sexual attitudes are. as impressive as that cultural trend. as much of an achievement as that cultural trend.

being sexually preoccupied, sexually classless, and as sexually utilised as physically possible is not impressive in any way.
it's simply a pathetic way to exist.

imagine this.
imagine someone who went out of their way not to rack up partners. not shrugged off the portfolio growth, or in fact celebrated it as a life of learning. but actually went out of their way to minimize racking up boyfriends. imagine someone who didn't want sink to the lowest carnal level in the bedroom. who went out of their way to avoid sleazy to down right deviant activity as opposed enthusiastically sinking to that level because they now have social permission. who would hate the idea of in any way resembling modern day slut actresses pounding and screaming their way through performance sex routines on set, or indeed porn whores themselves.
we're not talking about someone who has to wait for marriage, or can't use contraception etc., but who earnestly values at least some vestige of chastity and modesty and engages in sex with just an ounce of fucking dignity.

i understand this behaviour used to exist in the human females. people who when they said they didn't want to be treated like sex vessels, actually meant it. who, when given a choice between behaving like classless piece of arse to fuck and perverted multi-tool or not, actually wanted to take the high ground. sounds like the kind of mindset you could actually respect.

but of course now it's just a fucking freak show. and these freaks can't even recognise their own degeneracy. a proud, delusional even arrogant freak show where these people actually believe that the few individuals left who reject their ways are the ones with the problem. are the ones with issues. are the ones who need to question their approach. are the ones on the wrong side of culture.

it's absolutely sickening.


it's been brought to my attention that some might be insulted by various parts of my profile. initially i rejected the idea, partly because i was feeling quite insulted myself after being accused of being insulting to people that may be insulted by my insulting remarks. but then i thought about it, read through my page (shit it's long huh!?), and realised the people had a point. not the people insulted but the people worried about the people being insulted. i get what they meant now. me and my big dumb mouth! it's all you woody allen fans, right? you silly sausages. you're all upset because i didn't ******* annie hall in my favourites! well...i'm sorry if i hit a nerve with that. i really am. i do like and respect the film. it's just i hate annie hall. she's a loser. and for that reason it doesn't make my woody allen top 4. hope you understand.

i've been called harsh by some people, which might not come as a surprise.
but it's all relative isn't it?
because i'm not harsh at all.
i don't hate people with common sense and common decency.
the problem is, i was misled as a child.
i blame the education system.
see, growing up i was taught all about common sense and common decency.
and since these traits are so common you naturally have this idea they'll be pretty easy to find out in the big wide world.
but you soon realise that sense and decency are not common at all.
it was all a fabrication.
but i was brainwashed to believe it was the standard level of behaviour. naturally, child brains are very fragile and as you can see i've never really been able to recover from this early conditioning.
and now i look around and it's just so hard for people to meet these impossible standards i hold, like not being an idiotic unscrupulous fuckwit.

although i also want someone with more depth than a sidewalk puddle.
even though let me just say if someone is a bit of a simpleton but is a kind, decent person, non phoney, i don't hate them. i don't encourage them to breed too much, and i won't want to spend much time with them, but i won't go and melt them in my big tub of acid i have in the back yard, for melting scumbags and vegetable peelings.
and likewise if somebody is of average intellect, again who is decent and not a phoney, i have no hatred for them. given i'll tend to have little in common, it makes socialising tough and probably rules out relationships, but i won't be going out of my way to lure them into my acid tub either.

getting back to my point though, requiring more depth than a side walk puddle probably is a bit of an ask. so perhaps my standards are unrealistic. well they clearly are. my age and presence here seems to prove that.

the fact of the matter is, i've simply reached saturation point with people.
in my younger days i was probably more resilient in terms of putting up with them, even if i had the same problems with their existence.
but for example i could watch a contemporary comedy or drama or sitcom without too much trouble.
these days, i just can't stand to watch most of this stuff because we're more often than not following a bunch of trashy, smutty, unprincipled morons, or if you're lucky, mediocre, shallow, classless middleclassers fuckup their way through life. representations of the audiences they're designed for of course.
but i just can't stand to put up with these characters anymore. it's just too much. you try your best to get as far away from these people as possible in real life. can't even escape them during dvd night. it's saturation point, you see.
it's like a barking dog next door. you put up with it for a year. then one day you go and poison it. and then you come back home and turn the tv on and it's a fucking movie about a canine police officer and it's barking its head off, and you just lose it. and have to go make a cup of tea before you do anything drastic.

i like kids more or less. there are great kids, arsehole kids and a large portion of undetermined cases. but i think kids happen to be better than adults on average. they are far less phoney for starters. also they don't dedicate huge portions of their recreational time to sitting around getting drunk. in fact believe it or not kids don't need to drink to socialise. crazy idea. also they don't spend most of their social time behaving like tarts or chasing tarts.
i used to work at an out of school hours child care place during uni and often i'd look at that large portion of undetermined cases, who i'd be quite fond of at times, and think it's a shame when the hormones kick in you're all gonna turn and become a bunch of low grade morons. i felt quite sad about it actually.

how to spread refrigerated butter:
a. forget everything you learnt about spreading from margarine or peanut butter.
b. use one of two options.
i.take thin shavings of butter. imagine the knife is like a cut throat razor and you are a barber in the early 20th century. apply shavings onto bread in swiping motion. surface area of shaving will make butter quickly soften in room temperature and spreading will be doable in seconds.
ii. take thick scrapings from butter and either on butter slab itself or plate surface, mash butter with side of knife in kneading motion. when butter reaches workable softness, spread on bread.

i'm well aware of a fundamental problem i've got here. if you've read everything so far, perhaps you've picked up on it.

see even though i'm an atheist, don't believe in god or virgin births or banning abortion or obstructing scientific progress for spiritual concerns based on non existent souls, or private schools being allowed to indoctrinate children with religious principles...

i prefer the way christians behave in general. i prefer their lifestyles.

see even though i'm an atheist i have no problem admitting
that on average, when the heathen criminals, pedophile priests, hardline fundamentalist and anarchist hippies are all balanced out, christians tend to have more class.

and why is that?
because christianity has entry requirements at the gate.
you agree to take on certain values, many of which
i think are valuable, and even though not every christian abides
by the codes in full, the end result is a group of people
more or less living by some principles.

for the non religious, there are no entry requirements.
you can live by strong values if you like, or you can live by a couple, or you can live by some on weekdays and none on the weekend, or you can basically abandon them altogether.
and so even though there are obviously non religious people who are high quality, on average the level of behaviour isn't so great.
because when values aren't expected or demanded, people are less likely to live by them. because it's easier not to.
and so i have no doubt that in general non religious people have less class.

so what does this mean.

it means i'd prefer to find a non-religious person who behaves at a high level. but i'd prefer a religious person over a trashy atheist/agnostic, particularly my favourite form, the smug liberal hedonists who love to claim superiority over conservative christians while spending their pretentious lives sinking to the lowest animalistic level they can intellectually justify.

the way i see it, i could be with a christian if their beliefs were not in conflict with scientific realities, and if they were more deist than jesus freak. so somebody who understood the absurdity of the bible and the concept of jesus but perhaps still
believed in a god.
for example i heard a mathematician talking about his christianity. and he basically explained that he saw it more as a lifestyle rather than a spiritual quest. it was a system to operate in.
and i think in a form similar to this, i wouldn't have a problem, especially if she could sing like an angel...
and could handle an atheist mindset in me.

in fact it's pretty clear that in the western world, christian women, practising christian women that is, seem to be the only females who actually have any measure of grace now, who actually live by some principles worth living by, who actually don't turn out to be dodgy little skanks either upfront or deep down and just waiting for the opportunity to play out a low grade mentality.

and that's pretty depressing. because i know i'm not eligible for a person like this even if i tolerated their religion. i know how it works. and that means in our current society i'm practically not eligible for anything but the moral leftovers. makes me want to vomit.


having said all this, i admit i am actually quite jealous of people with no genuine principles. those wonderful low grade morons degenerating everything, reproducing their low grade culture, and eventually their low grade dna.

it must be great when it comes to finding a mate. truly wonderful.
because it would just be incredibly hard to be disappointed by people.
afterall, if you have few genuine standards for yourself, you'll have few for others. you're looking for a like mind of course.
which means it really is a smorgasboard out there.
unlike me, you don't have to set all these boundaries and restrictions, because none of them are overly important to you.
really takes the pressure off i'm sure.

and on the off chance you meet somebody of actual quality or at least better than you, it's no skin off your nose. you don't have to put up with yourself or your disgusting behaviour, the other person has to.
at least for a period you'll get away with being a low grade moron yet still have the luxury of being with somebody
a cut above. win win, am i right!?
well i know it can be a little hurtful if you end up being held accountable by a better quality human, being 'judged' accurately. but don't despair!
just pretend you're actually the enlightened one, and anybody who contests is simply a horribly strict, uptight, backward buzz killer for demanding very feasible standards! that's a tried and tested approach and seems to work amazingly well! especially in numbers!

they say you lot will inherit the world too, that'll be fun i'm sure.
unless real selective pressures arrive of course.
then people like me start having a bit more fun, watching cretins flounder and drown.
but there i go being overly optimistic.
real selective pressures don't exist anymore. civilisation took care of that.
when i think about it i actually have a love hate relationship with civilisation.

it's funny, there's a question here about how well you'd do in a post apocalypse situation, and everybody seems to think they'd be so resourceful and amazing and do just great!
you'd all fucking die.
yes i know, you're amazing at finding carparks and bargains on ebay and organising the logistics of how much liquor you'll need to get 20 people drunk on your birthday.
you'd all fucking die.
because the only reason the majority of you fools survive right now, thrive even, is because you're beneficiaries of technology and systems created by a tiny minority of people astronomically more intelligent and disciplined than you, built upon over 1000s of years, making life easier, and easier and easier and easier, to the point where members of sites like these can cruise through 80years with absolutely nothing to offer, enjoying the distinction of being an utter embarassment to the fine human specimens who took us through the toughest shit this planet could throw our way.
you're a bunch of spineless, feckless, pleasure craving, mentally vacant shit stains [just the average liberal type i suppose] whose only purpose is to breed enough in order to pump out, by sheer chance, that 5 percentile who are actually capable of honouring this body plan and furthering the species.
and given your utter lack of character and mental firepower, in a situation demanding such attributes, like a post apocalypse, you'd all fucking die out.
not immediately. the males would get by for some time robbing each other of the leftovers and women would get by as they normally do in wartime, by prostituting themselves to get food and luxuries. but eventually it would come testing time. it would come time for tier one problem solving and ultimate mental toughness. and you'd all fucking die.
and even if the environment didn't do it, or the rats, or the cholera, i promise you, i'd do it myself. or more realistically, with the help of my trusty tribe. I would out compete you and all your fellow festering, wallowing evolutionary rejects, and wipe you off the face of the planet. thoroughly enjoying myself in the process. you know, living life! [while you feed vultures]. going on adventures! [to lay ambush or poison water supplies]. laughing! [at your futile attempts to exist on your own merits]. and, of course, having fun fun fun fun funloving fun! [winning].
and then we'd start afresh.
like adam and eve, except with healthier genetic variation. although i admit, given the difficulty of finding anybody with quality genes in this era, my fresh start is still going to be a little inbred for a while. but it's a price worth paying.
I’m looking for

Straight girls only
Ages 20–30
Located anywhere
Who are single
For new friends, long-term dating

You should message me if
let's be real: this is a dating site, i'm a male, and you typically make the bare minimum of effort in everything you do, learning from age 15 that flashing skin relieved you of any necessity to lift a finger in the mating game, then, after watching pride and prejudice becoming convinced - despite being unfit for a brothel of that period - that you too deserved male attention of the highest order further drowning any chance of finger lifting, unless it's to lift your breasts a few more inches out of your tanktop, or another cocktail to your lips to make our job of spreading your legs even easier, the help actually unnecessary thanks given the looseness of those hinges, swinging ceaselessly and quite randomly since highschool ... add to the fact you're so incredibly busy achieving spectacular superficiality you simply don't have the time to squeeze anything else in, like writing or answering messages on a dating site you've joined because your ego needs a boost after failing to get an arse like your hollywood hero after two weeks of yoga-boxing, the guys in class you desperately shoved your spandex crutch at were all gay, you've leaned and marylin monroe breathed over every guy at work but none of them have fuckanyoneyouwant marriages, and your friend with benefits got a girlfriend and she won't let you join in because she gave up inthemoment, recreational threesomes, not because she's against anything you don't legally have to be against[she's openminded...really...she's liberal minded, really! she's not judging anyone or anything...really...she's not saying there's anything wrong with anything... really...please don't call her a prude, it's the worst insult in our progressive utopia, the lowest of low...really...she's been up for plenty of stuff in life, really! honest! she'd rather die than take a stance against anything, truly!] it's just now she's got a kid, she wants to pretend she isn't a whore, as her whole adult youth suggests, at least till she's eligible for cougar status, when she'll be back in form ...

but the point is, it seems i'll probably be doing the messaging, huh?

although the truth is, that's probably not too likely these days. i've run out of steam with all the searching and message composing. it's strange really. i'm not entirely sure why. after all, every time i get to my homepage i'm welcomed with the latest enticing updates from the fairer sex, which should certainly inspire any man to initiate correspondence, right? updates such as, let me see now...

> celebrating their boozing, announcing their willingness to fuck strangers, looking for soul mates to get
high with[just occasionally! everything in moderation! we're not actually drug users if it's spread out!], seeking soul mates happy to sometimes stay in, cuddle up, and jointly get off on footage of revolting degenerates copulating in a variety of depraved ways [it's not perverted and pathetic to watch if it's on film! porn is just a natural part of life!], counting their tramp stamps [and planning more gutter stains for the summer!], announcing they're happy to squeal like a dolphin while screwing lowlifes "wouldn't that be priceless!", and won't blink an eye when you strap on your latest dildo to stick inside them, or in fact encouraging us men to "bring on the toys!" [nothing more alluring than a lady who finds fulfillment having plastic objects jammed in her orifices!], discussing their genital piercings "the things you do when you turn 18!" [haha! laugh off the fact you're so consumed by sexual vanity, by your own crutch, your brain is jammed so deep up your own fucking vagina, you'd actually consider it worthwhile to travel to a salon, drop your panties for the owner and have some metal stuck in your clitoris - it must have been painful, huh? ... i mean having to wait all week for the swelling to go down before you could shove it in some new loser's face for approval!], or mentioning when they had cybersex 'for the lolz' [gotta love a slapper with a sense of humour!] or when at 15 they lied about their age to have cybersex with some random guy.[hey, budding slutettes aren't full formed yet and need a few of these experiences to make them excellent cybersex partners later on!], outlining their masturbation habits for the world to see[it's the modern way! provide your masturbation habits first, name later!], or how difficult their genitals will be to squeeze an orgasm from [just so you know, you and everyone at work or school who stumbles across the profile and might naturally be interested!], and offering charming fine print “hope who ever it is like to eat.....but not a mandatory thing there are other ways to please me” [be more feral, obnoxious and sexually selfabsorbed in one sentence, you fucking gutter hoe], opening up about some touching life lessons from mother to daughter which have always helped them through rough times, 'she told me it's important to learn how to get myself off because guys don't always take care of it. love you mum!', or generously sharing their private thoughts: ''embarrassing, but I'd love to have two naked men making out in front of me while I watch'' [don't be embarassed by your own low grade smuttiness, love, embrace it!], recalling tasting their own sexual fluids [it's normal to want a finger licking snack after mastubating yourself! only 4kj/100ml, with helpful microfauna! why not try dipping with celery or other healthy snack!], laying out their ideal first date - coffee and chat - followed by drinking and groping![remember guys, it's not sluttiness if the sex organs don't touch!], just putting it out there that participating in a game of naked twister won't be a problem ''anything once!'', “Only if 8s and above”, ''only if they're attractive. i know i'm superficial!'' [sorry superficial ain't the term you, my dear - okay fine, writhing naked in a group of friends with exposed breast,vaginas and cocks angled every which way isn't some seedy perv/grope/sex game, there's nothing orgy-esque about it! and no way it would cause sexual arousal let alone end in a gang bang. it's just like the old twister we knew and loved back in primary school, you know before we all developed sexual characteristics and became depraved losers!], or rejecting orgy twister to showcase their incredible class - ''drunken twister sounds more fun!'', fantasising about being raped and inviting the simulation of [while championing women's rights and their right to control their own body- and be raped!], and while we're on the subject just mentioning that if you were hoping to humiliate and degrade your sweetheart in the bedroom she's your girl, or if you'd like to be humiliated instead she'll be happy to oblige, revealing their desire to tape themselves having sex like a pathetic wannabe porn star allowing them to satisfy both their thirst for sexual voyeurism and their immeasurable narcissistic vanity in one, or no doubt many, friday nights, and naturally greenlighting any sexual depravity you can find in your 'pro' porn collection as long as it isn't too crazy, you know ''crazy for a newyorker'' haha! lol! crazy for a modern day liberal no principle drone haha lol! life's too short to be accountable for repulsiveness! ... putting their refined moral compass into work by refusing to date somebody who is in a committed relationship - they would only consider ''joining the couple'' [i'm not just gonna be some screw on the side, unless i can screw both of them in some weirdo polygamous fucksperiment! a girl's gotta have some self respect!], or yet again demonstrating their incredible self respect by ''probably not'' being prepared to lick the arseholes of random hookups, only licking anus' of guys who are ''cared for/trusted'' [set those boundaries, girl! how else could you look yourself in the mirror, or indeed look that special someone in the eye (after sticking your tongue up his arsehole) if you don't keep those random fucks classy!], or keeping their booty-call-girling classy (''it's only the one guy, not like a black book'' -oh, you committed little bang-slut, you!), proudly displaying their amazing talents, like unmatched 'kinkiness' [unmatched sleaziness - quite the honour, especially during the seediness point in western society!], or achieving a 'blowjob queen' ranking on the 'legit how much of a penis sucking preoccupied skank are you survey' [yes, i adjusted the survey title in the spirit of truthful analysis, but not the ranking ... and while a girl who pursues excellence in, say, music or science is certainly alluring, i can't think of anything more alluring than a girl who has devoted copious time and effort to achieving excellence in sucking dick, can you?: putting in all those hours on all those dicks, surely needed to obtain such qualifications. it doesn't happen by magic! no sir. all those hours on all those dicks. practising and practising away. year after year, loser guy after loser guy, dick after dick. just striving for that perfect way to suck penis. the noblest of arts. what a wonderful thought when you're leaning in to kiss that mouth, the mouth of a blowjob queen. of all the dicks that have been there before you, the dicks that made her the queen she is today ... oh, cupid, how your arrows bleed my heart.], and while we're on that subject just advertising they would happily 'date' somebody simply for the purposes of having a large cock stuck into them, [no doubt as long as that large cock, chaperoned by its owner, is happy to dat - i mean vacuously fuck - a vapid whore], and letting guys know they're welcome to 'send pics' displaying any tremendous cocks for scrutiny! ... enthusiastically promoting their substantial experience in life - as an s&m slave! aka being fucked like a farm animal by a fellow feral deviant! or indeed enthusiastically expressing their desire to fulfill a dream, sadly so far unattained: to one day, god willing, be part of such a slave/master 'relationship' so that they may have someone to come home to on those cold winter nights, who can regularly proceed to fuck them like said farm animal, or on the flip side so that they may attempt to empower their pathetic fecal cored existence by sexually 'dominating' their lover, aka, behaving like a ridiculous nympho butch slut.
and of course, how could we forget the favourite proclamation of the fairer sex? can you guess?
isn't it obvious by now?
didn't i just lay it out loud and clear?
prioritizing true love over everything!
yes romantic love, the perfect fit for all of this wonderful behaviour don't you think? of course you do, because you're such a fucking romantic! it's just, you're also a proud consenting adult! but the two can easily be balanced! all you do is cry whenever failing to put out for one menstrual cycle, and regularly find other dodgy pieces of shit who can look you in the eye and almost convince themselves for a few seconds between 'trying new things' that you're more than just a convenient penis sheath, that fleeting look enough to send your heart fluttering right before you go take that enema as a little loving treat for him, and presto! world class romantic! and i'm sure while pining for true romantic love [in between/while enjoying open 'relationships' aka std clubs, also known as fuckfriends with benefits (the benefit of also fucking other people when you can squeeze it in around pretending to be a professional, being a shallow bitch, watching grey's anatomy, and of course fucking the primary casual fuck) but naturally, i'm being unfair to openrelationsluts: this is all much more serious and involved than random crutch grinding: you agree to shower for your open relationship partner if you've fucked some other player on the same day already, something you don't do for your fuck on the side, out of respect for your true fuckfriend! as for whether to change sheets between fucking different guys, you can negotiate. after all that's essential to healthy relationships! 24hours is probably enough to air them out though! romantic tip: if you make sure to use the same condom brand for all fucks in an open relationship, any found wrappers will be romantically ambiguous as opposed to a glaring, rather immodest sign of the fact you're fucking a bunch of guys at once (with different brand loyalties), like a pro bono prostitute! - what's that? you're nothing of the sort? you're actually polyfidelitous? polyamorous? really? as if sluts weren't annoying enough, now we have to put up with pretentious sluts? pseudo intellectual sluts? this is like the fucking bird flu gone airbourne. you want to use a latin term to describe yourselves, you low grade fecal smears? whoreosprobonus, slutisinfectis, villagebicycalus, wellusedholeos. try one of those. seriously, how do your fathers, mothers, siblings even look you in the eye without dry reaching?] and so, like i said, while pining for true romantic love, and incredible romantic experiences, and daydreaming up classic romantic activities, [like rooting people in graveyards and banging dates you've spent as much face time with as the fucking waiter, or going to see a dominatrix ''could be fun!'', or drug use with a partner! “I have had some particularly romantic experiences on drugs" - yes, i'm sure they were truly poetic, the kind only a mindless fuckwit could appreciate!, or snuggling up with boyfriend to view a rare movie - of him fucking his ex-girlfriend! "been there, done that''] you're all no doubt wondering where that bbc period piece chivalry has got to, and where all the good men are! must be so frustrating for you!

well i've already explained why chivalry is rightly dead. [to summarize, courtly love and its derivatives operated in periods when you could tell the difference between a maiden and a whore, between respectability and trash, when the sector of females worth committing to was substantial if not the majority ... those days have long passed.] and though i can't tell you where all the good men are location wise, i can tell you where they are mentally.
they're looking at all you cheap, filthy little bitches and wondering if this is honestly all that's on offer these days outside of church communities. wondering why even other degenerates would invest more than some small change for the condom dispenser and a few hours for the post hookup std test.
personally i wouldn't touch 95% of you with a 10 foot pole, unless i was skewering you through the forehead. not just because you don't deserve the time
of day, let alone an ounce of courting effort, but also because i don't want to catch anything quite possibly festering in your reproductive system.
and speaking of reproduction, i would be ashamed, utterly devastated to end up with a daughter anything like the horrid, scummy women abounding, which is why the idea of their genetic material combining with mine is a cold sweating nightmare, and will probably force me to abandon any desire to father children.

oh... come to think of it, i guess that's probably why i've run out of steam with the message composing!

because despite the incredible level of technology we now enjoy, the level of civilised society is on a downhill slide.
and one thing is very very clear.
never in the history of western society have standard females been lower grade, more downright disgusting, and never have they deserved less respect.

it's sad, because my mother, still mentally trapped in the 1970s social scene [yes that amazingly classy era] can't quite understand why i find it impossible to respect women. because while i can outline the the basic degeneration going on, and try to explain that the 70s was a period of high order refinement compared to my generation, it's impossible to make her understand without going through the actual details of contemporary behaviour and attitudes, which i'm not inclined to do for various reasons. see my family just isn't that openminded i guess. and i don't feel comfortable explaining to my mother how for many modern females, being fucked up the arse isn't something to avoid in life, it's in fact a way of discovering themselves and embracing new experiences, as is being a shameless sexual multitool that opens easier than a paper bag - oh and they're happy to wear one of those while screwing too, because there's nothing more thrilling than being humiliated, and nothing more fascinating and rewarding than nurturing depravity to the fullest during their unending pursuit of personal development.

but don't worry, me and my mummy dear are kind of backward, while you're all very progressive. truly. i think you're making wonderful progress. doing the species proud.

and what a lucky man i feel, to be born into this glorious era:

the era of slutty, sleazy, boozing, fat, grafittied pigs.
actually proud of their repulsive mindsets, and cocky as fuck for no justifiable reason: being incapable of achieving anything admirable, including even basic levels of dignity in most cases.
but i guess i should count my blessings. after all, they only do drugs occasionally!

and yet, somehow i can't help being jealous of men from other periods, who were typically spared every single one of those issues. who actually had females worth respecting and worth investing in.
it truly shits me up the wall.
in fact looking at average women from other eras is honestly like looking at a different species. a pretty fucking alluring one.
christ, i could see why guys used to write them love poetry, serenade them, discover new lands for them ... as opposed to screwing them on the couch with an eye on the football broadcast, their new favourite porn actress in mind's eye, and one hand snacking from a bowl of cheetos.

this is all just misogynistic? that would be convenient wouldn't it, love?
except the reality is i don't make up the shit i'm summarising and presenting here. i honestly wish i was. but no. the contemporary female attitudes and behaviours and direct quotes i'm listing are real, and behavioural patterns playing out time and time again. i read confessions of this crap, proud confessions, every time i arrive here. and add it to the gutter behaviour i've seen first hand. and now i'm just holding up the mirror.
and anyone who isn't revolted by what this mirror shows, the character of these young women, is just a fool with absolutely not genuine standards, not someone in a position of non-misogynistic enlightenment.

do all you modern day, non-religious women, you codeless, graceless, swollen-rumped baboons actually think you deserve respect? do actually, honestly believe that? have you looked the word up in a dictionary lately?

''the condition of being highly regarded or honoured.''

do you honestly believe your behaviour warrants men holding you in high regard and honouring you? not tolerating you. holding you in high regard and honouring you. not accepting you under duress. holding you in high regard and honouring you. not excusing you. holding you in high regard and honouring you. not stomaching you. holding you in high regard and honouring you. not blocking out your disgusting past. holding you in high regard and honouring you. not ignoring your gutter nature because you warm the bed.
but holding in high regard?
and honouring you?
do you honestly believe your behaviour warrants this treatment?
and all you seedy little secrets who put on a good show, do you think, perhaps, just because you present well 9-5 and at family functions that this somehow overrides your despicable mindsets and recreational/private behaviour? makes it all go away?
entitling you therefore to be held in high regard and honoured?

then you're all not just moronic, you're out of your fucking minds. and if you think i'm alone in these sentiments, think again. the only reason you won't be hearing it too often is because mentioning this fact significantly reduces the percentages of mounting the females in hearing distance, and that's all the vast majority of guys want from you anyway. and who can blame them. why should they view you as anything but a release valve?
see i've spent plenty of time with modern guys in sporting teams, groups and one on one [on top of witnessing the obvious mentalities on display from behavioural patterns] and unlike you women, i get the inside scoop, the uncensored opinions, the repulsive [albeit socially enlightening] fantasies declared as you walk past desperate for a mental grope [hint: the declarations don't involve getting to know you or even plans to give you eye contact any place above your nipple line, or indeed hip line], the honest focus, the honest motives, the genuine plans men have for modern females, the genuine reasons they pursue them ... and i can assure you, if you haven't already figured this out, that outside of the obvious dogs [which you all love to fuck until your hectic life clears up and you have more time to find ''the one''] even plenty of guys who claim to be devoted to modern ''chicks'' heart and soul, are really still only viewing them as a convenient and reliable release valve, a perpetual booty call, with a couple of other practical and useful cherries on top perhaps. and even if on sunny days, drunk at the bbq, a little out of their senses, they might ponder whether maybe you are more than that, maybe they do cherish you, this will quickly fade when when the office slapper sends them some ''raunchy'' jpegs and an invitation, or they're away on holiday with the boys and other release valves make themselves available in nightclub or brothel. and that desperate, choked up phone call you get when you've split, the begging at the window, it's not a sign of flawed devotion and they're not lost without you, in fact they probably don't even like you that much ... they just haven't had that release valve for a week and that's where you come in. and who can blame them. why should they view you as anything but? it's what you've spent your life advertising as, spent your life preoccupied with and spent your life indulging in with the grace and restraint of a feral dog humping a garbage bin. oh no, wait. you carried it all out behind closed doors [except at the park,beach,carpark, late night subway train and everywhere else you're ''keeping it fresh''], at least you did it mostly behind closed doors, didn't you? and that's different then. ignore what i said. you're a respectable woman. and you'll make a great role model to your skank daughter.

so. what kind of treatment would a guy like me offer to a female companion? a guy this harsh and nasty and strict and ''chauvinistic''?
you get time. affection. encouragement. support. you get loyalty. you don't have to put up with flirting and other pathetic sexual attention craving. you don't get pressure for sex during the courting are not pressured to degrade yourself. in fact you have a partner who goes out of their way to make sure you are not degraded and not treated as a prostitute replacement. you won't have your partner scoping out tits and arses on countless cheap skanks walking by while you hold hands down the promenade. you don't come home to find him getting off on whores fucking people, or collecting stacks of magazine porn or swimsuit strippers to fantasize over when you're not around, or in fact when you're intimate. or to masturbate over when you're pregnant. you don't search google chrome history to find him reconnecting with old flames on facebook followed by chat and sexting. you will never be and never have to worry about being just one of many other fucks on the side, or prospective fucks on the get treated on your birthdays and christmas with genuine efforts despite careless wrapping. you get someone who isn't going to strip bars to fantasise about banging other women or have a lap crutch grind shouted by a friend. who isn't hiring them for other people's buck shows to further get off on, or with a bigger budget, whores who stick toys in, even encouraging a helping hand, only to come home later and cuddle up, wanting some action from you while the dick is still engorged. who isn't going to have a buck's show themselves, which you have to partition away in order not to face the fact that before your man wants to speak vows of love and dedication to you, he wants to fantasize about other girls' tits and crutches centimetres from his face, sex toy porn hookers performing in the flesh, and have them dry fuck him as well, all in your honour.
you don't have a drunk partner staggering through your door in the early hours after a night with the boys, will never on the end of drunken calls asking for taxi service, or apologize for his lewd drunken comments towards your girlfriends/sister at the party, or be traded in for a weekend binge with ''good mates'', or while picking him up at the airport, find him interrogated by customs because somebody ''let their hair down'' in southeast asia and the substance residue from their non addiction, occasional, sometimes, every now and then drug use set off the sensor alarms.
you are not treated as a blow up doll, a vagina and tit set with voice and required payment in outing/phonecall/dinner/chick flick, but as a person. graphic sexual descriptions of your body and/or sexual activity are not passed on to other ''good mates'' over a few beers, so that if you ever meet these mates they are not mentally visualising you sexually performing with the data provided. in fact nobody knows anything about any sexual activity occurring because it's none of their fucking business.
you are complimented. your efforts are matched. you are genuinely valued. you are actually treated like a loved one.

misogynistic huh? yep. sue me.

thing is, even the trashiest girls out there would find much of this behaviour very appealing. not anything involving not being treated as a slut or greenlighting depravity and therefore allowing her to behave at the lowest level too. but even if it's just from the angle of being with somebody you can actually trust and who fails to perpetually incite primal jealousy. but they'll never get this. this is the treatment you get from somebody with genuine principles.

and it comes at a price. you have to actually be worthy of this kind of effort. it's a contract. oh, i know it's your body and your life and your vagina and your body and your life and your vagina and your choice and your body and your right and your body and your right and no white man can tell you what to do with your body and your vagina and your lifestyle and your life and... yes we've all heard it all ten trillion times over in the same obnoxious childish chest-thrusting style as a 3rd grader proclaiming she's the boss of herself and can't be made not to be a misbehaving little bitch, or some dodgy teenage skank rebelling against a father figure who hoped to raise a daughter worth respecting ... but while you are certainly free to behave as you wish, you are not free to be treated as you wish regardless of your choices. if you want to behave like trash, like most of you do, don't ever expect the kind of treatment i outlined just before. high level treatment. you might luck out for a period. but don't ever expect it. don't ever demand it. and stop bitching about the failure to receive it.

feeling a little stung, dear reader? no doubt. even if your feminist progressive desperately power asserting self inflated ego would like to deny it and pretend i'm simply not at your incredible intellectual and ethical level, being a man and all. but i'm sure you've recognised yourself here, and a few punches got through. because odds are you're just another in a long line of low grade members of the sapien harem. even if you've read and enjoyed my profile. seems even people i'm blatantly spitting on here get a real kick out of it. and thank me for a 'great read'. which makes sense in a way. i suppose when you're so good at shrugging off, laughing off your own dodgy, shitpile personality and moral system in your day to day, shrugging off a ruthlessly accurate analysis of your inherent lack of worth is a piece of cake.

and i should also mention if you're one of those women who sit there and pretend anybody who has formed a negative opinion of females or people in general, who happens to be jaded, in other words has actually worked the game out, is somehow twisted, unstable, delusional,irrational,maniacal etc... is essentially unjustified in their stance...
fuck you.
go read my profile again. seems you missed the overwhelming evidence backing up such an opinion.
wait. actually don't. just go and join your herd and pretend you're worth more than the dirt you tread on your formulaic journey to the land of whogivesaflyingfuckaboutanythingyou'lleverdoonthis planet.
if you're an exception to the rule, then you'd be intelligent enough to realise the truth about people on your own, and this page wouldn't be telling you anything new.

i'll throw a bone to serious christian women. you may well be intelligent enough to realise the truth about people on your own, but because you've no doubt been socially sheltered in a church crowd, people that actually still operate with some dignity, you may well be ignorant of what's actually going on out there in the public cesspool. and what i've been saying may well be entirely new to you and perhaps quite hard to swallow.
but believe me, spend a year on the social/dating scene with a non religious crowd and you'll be crawling back to my profile nodding at every fucking sentence with a tear in your eye and writing messages telling me how right i was, apologising for ever criticising my penetrating summaries, and when i make you spend a further year on the social/dating scene with an enlightened liberal ''artsy'' crowd, you'll be crawling back, not with tears but instead a stone cold glare of hopeless, revolted rage to match mine, a brand new facial twitch, a freshly sharpened butcher's knife and a novel length essay begging me to help you change the world, one throat at a time.

...and i'll read your novel length essay, then take you in my arms to sooth your quivering limbs, with their beautiful, clear, unmarked skin. the wind will pick up. a sweeping, mournful violin waltz will begin, played by a beautiful young woman who is nowhere near as good as copious other violin players but makes a better album cover, and we'll stride off into the unknown, stopping off at a heritage listed coffee house for a hot chocolate on the way, where we'll enjoy the warmth of an open fire and complimentary marshmallows, not that this kind of place would really be worth travelling to just for the ''atmosphere'' let alone the hot chocolate which could easily be replicated in a modern day kitchen and not that i'm fooled by the marshmallows either which are just from the supermarket and aren't really complimentary when you consider what i just paid for those crappy hot chocolates, but since we're in the middle of nowhere in the rain, i'm happy to sit there for the moment and be mildly irritated by the economics behind that violin piece that's still playing and we heard in a movie once but can't remember the name of, but more importantly just enjoy this brief moment of solidarity with someone along with the patter of rain, and just for a moment the rage will subside and we'll put off the genocide for another day ... and just talk.
then you'll get your smartphone out and start txting people and posting garbage on and then you'll ask me how my weekend was and whether it was fun. and then you'll pull out a female 'lifestyle'magazine and circle ''have out of the way coffee house date leading to fuck in a closet with guy you met on internet'' on the "top ten hot and crazy experiences to have before you settle down" list. and then i'll lean over and rip your face off. it's latex. underneath it isn't that christian girl who'd had a change of heart. it's 'smartsassybabegeekXXX' 25/F/bi who's so openminded i can see straight through her vacuous skull to the exit, which i now head for,dragging the deceitful bitch out by her nonconformist hairstyle, during which her coat falls off and her amateur prostitute cosplay attire is now on full display, much to her pleasure, until we reach the gutter, where i discard her fittingly and where a passing pimp in a chevy, mistaking her for the callgirl who ratted him out, shoots her in the chest, exploding silicon everywhere, and killing her instantly, to both our satisfaction, even if, deep down, i was hoping for a little more suffering.

and i just remembered the other reason i've run out of steam with the message composing.
not only are women on these sites cheap little bitches, they're also rude little bitches. people lacking even basic, kindergarten level manners.
how do i know this?
i know this because i've written copious emails to females on dating sites over the years and a significant majority go completely unanswered.
i know what you're thinking. 'what do you expect mate, with a profile like this?'
don't insult my intelligence, even if it's just in an imaginary version of you insulting my intelligence.
i'm only talking about people i've written to when my profile was neutral or when people have not bothered
to check it. in other words it has nothing to do with any hostilities on my current page.
apart from being well written and interesting, the messages i've sent were thoughtful and polite. they involved taking the time to look at somebody's profile and thinking up various things to talk about, in a carefully produced message, to
a complete stranger. it's something that takes time and effort. and it's not easy.
anybody who's done it, knows this. and even if they haven't done it, it's pretty obvious that when somebody
cold messages a stranger with a thoughtful email, it takes effort.
and to not even have the basic decency to respond to a message like this is extremely rude.
so why is that? why would so many people not reply?
was i...'sniff''... not worthy? well we can't really say it was a matter of 'leagues'. these females weren't better looking than me, more intelligent, more talented. i was compromising heavily in certain areas in most cases. and as far as my emails went, well they were all more interesting than the entire profiles of these people. in fact at a guess, i'd say my current profile could well be more compelling and eventful than their entire collective existence. a big call? well, i'll stand by it. because i'm rather pissed off. regardless, based on what they'd put into this endeavour and/or what they were made of, these people never earned/deserved the attention they were getting and were honestly quite lucky to be getting the level i was providing.
truly it was in many cases a world class conjuring trick to generate any stimulating conversation starters with these females given the complete lack of stimulating features in their online presentation.
but guess what? it's irrelevant whether they were interested in an on going interaction of any form with me, or anybody else for that matter.
there's no excuse not to send something, just a generic reply even, a thanks but..., to a person who has earnestly and thoughtfully written you. here, i'll show you how tough it is.
''thanks for your message, but i'm afraid the distance is too much of an issue for me. good luck in your search!''
''thanks for your message, but i'm testing the waters with someone right now. good luck in your search!''
''thanks for your message, but i don't think we are really on the same page with our[lifestyle/beliefs/goals]. good luck in your search!''
not hard is it? doesn't leave the person in the dark, or wondering, when they've actually written you something substantial. you only have to take what, 2% of the time they took? try having just that ounce of spine. as opposed to being an insensitive, selfish arsehole.
or you could even just put a disclaimer as i've seen one person do which says they won't respond if they're not interested, just to be upfront about it. which is at least something. and better than the ''oh i'm so sorry guys i'm just so terrible at responding :P :X :] :P :P XD XP'' .......... oh it's just not a skill i have, this basic decency thing :P ... oh, aren't i adorable! how i just haven't got my head around primitive manners! :P what can i say? i simply can't help being such a rude, selfish little bitch! :P :P :P :P."
personally i have a lot of experience responding to genuine messages. it's something i never fail to do. is it because i'm better than you? of course it is. haven't you being paying attention? i would rather shoot myself in the head then wake up everyday with what you have on offer ethically speaking.
the sad thing is, i've tried to select people who looked a cut above ... to not enjoy even basic manners from. which makes it even more disgusting.
when this kind of thing happens a few times you can explain it away, but when it happens at the rate i've witnessed,
there is only one conclusion.
like i said, we live in a world of rude little bitches.

of course they're all dying to get thoughtful, stimulating messages to not be fucked answering, because it's so annoying to not be fucked answering all those 'hi, nice tits!' and sexual propositions [except from the cute ones in the area, coz that's extra flattering ... but the rest please stop sending them, coz it's like so annoying ... sure if i actually wanted to stop it i could take down my suggestive photos and stop posting my sexual habits in detail, but that would mean i could lose all the attention, and would actually have to abandon hypocrisy ... just ... why can't hot rich guys who know how to treat a lady send me vulgar spam? is that too much to ask?]

look, when you spent enough time on this planet, you perfectly understand why males treat females as they do, that it's all for very good reason and why the complaints from females for the behaviour they receive are entirely invalid.

so given my complete lack of motivation to message people now, you might say this profile essentially just serves as a message in a bottle. much easier to edit though. you don't need to search the seven seas and have a replacement cork etc.

but hey, if you want to break the mould of male female interaction and actually get off your arse and make some effort in this game, be my guest and write away.

but you better know how to spell and everything, unless you're from asia. coz then it's like a totally different alphabet. same goes for persians. but japanese have no excuse, because if you're western enough to have christmas and valentine's day, you better pull your weight.

who am i kidding, i don't care about spelling. it's a useful measure for a threshold level of intelligence. i mean sure it's good to narrow that door, but you also have to be a little careful. i came across a profile that was demanding someone who knew how to apply capital letters in the 'correct' fashion. this person has by definition ruled me out, and yet i'm quite certain i could hold my own in a game of tictactoe with her.

you see, my young capital loving cupcake, language is organic and actually has no strict rules. it evolves. that's why i don't use capitals anymore, except for special occasions.
that's why new words keep going into the dictionary.
that's why deaf kids in some third world country without deaf schools invented their own language and got linguists all excited.

the point is, what if you're perfect person just happened to have grown up as a wild animal like in that movie nell with jodie foster. and i know that's the second jodie foster movie i've mentioned, but i don't have a thing for half century old surviving alone in the wild from youth takes some serious problem solving ability, some serious brain power. but not a lot of spelling. needless to say nell's grammar needed work, but the girl was bright. and with 4 or 5 baths and a lesson in cutlery use, she could've made a decent partner.

and i can see that smirk on your face. you're getting all smug about the fact i used 'you're' instead of 'your' in that paragraph, but it didn't change the thesis of that paragraph, it only proved that humankind has an inbuilt weakness: to use 'you're' by instinct, even when they know the rule. and why? because it's a flaw in the language that's why. the brain makes a connection between the apostrophe and ownership after repeating that pattern countless times with proper nouns and naturally it just wants to make things consistent. the brain just wants harmony, a world that makes sense. is that so wrong? is that so evil?

well i suppose you can message me if you want to debate that. or talk about anything else you feel needs talking about. i'm perfectly polite.
yeah, i'm weird like that. i mean if somebody genuinely messages me, and it's clear they've read a significant percentage of this profile, i always respond. even if we're clearly not going to be sharing tax returns. it's just i have these absurd ideas. i can sort of put myself in their position. i know that sounds weird but bear with me. i do that thing i said, where i put myself in their position and i think, hey it's helpful to get even a simple response, so you know if somebody has read the message, so you know they're active on here, not a ghost account, and you're not wasting your time writing them genuine messages. and then when the response comes, you can quickly cross them out as a possibility if it's clear they're not interested in conversing in depth or if, after multiple messages, there isn't much to talk about.
and that also stops you from wasting time. and that would be really helpful i reckon. so that's sort of why i write people back. i know, i know. it's almost sounding like i do
that old fashioned thing, what's it called, treating other people how ever the fuck you, that's not right. i forget. but you know what i mean. or perhaps you don't. in fact probably you don't. that's okay, being a thoughtless little bitch is perfectly cool too. it's the in thing after all, and we wouldn't want you doing something crazy like failing to capitulate to peer pressure. it could cause severe psychological disorientation, perhaps even activate some cognitive centres in the brain. horrible, i know.
and come to think of it, perhaps i better quit considering other people and all.
how will i ever attract a seedy little airhead if i display genes worth reproducing.
[update for ''well i suppose you can message me if you want to debate that. or talk about anything else you feel needs talking about.'' i'm going to redefine this based on events.]
don't come here trying to enlighten me about society/women/men/lifestyle ''ethics'' and imply that i'm unfortunately quite misguided in passive obnoxious style. and if only i could have access to your incredible brand of flimsy, liberal indoctrinated opinions i would be much better informed. i'm not one of the dull lights in your tryhard circle you can amaze, or your totally uninformed parents who just haven't had the incredible tertiary spoon feeding you've enjoyed or been fucked more ways than a bonobo porn star like their classy daughter,again adding to your enlightenment, nor am i some evangelist creationist jesus quoter you can boast about mocking to prove that you are therefore smarter than all these incredibly stupid [but somehow successful] conservatives, who of course are so far beneath the level of your breed, all you physicists and aeronautical engineers and mathematicians and stunning writers and thinkers and musicians ...oops, i mean middleclass cliches.
also, this is not a thesis which needs to be defended. it's an article with an enormous dosage of satire, not a scientific study. despite this, my read is razor sharp which should be obvious if you are genuinely intelligent and haven't been walking around with your head up your arse or rose coloured progressive glasses kindly provided by school/media and the worst generation of parents in western history. and my general points are in fact well defended if you actually have basic comprehension skills. and in any case, even if this was a thesis needing defending, i wouldn't be obligated to do so in submission to you, given i can all but guarantee you're no intellectual authority over me, and i would suggest working on your own 100-300 words of vague, boring, unsophisticated, cliche ridden, entirely unstimulating and unexceptional cow shit i see under your cheap, vanity drenched profile picture before having the nerve to question my material in any way. when you can write something even 10% as rich and entertaining [by dating site standards] as even the first section on this profile, then try asserting your power.
for example, by enlightening me with noshitsherlock gems such as 'men behave poorly too', 'not all women are like this', 'there were sluts in other periods too', 'but there are reasons[excuses] why females behave like this which have to be considered' and so on. having my mind blown by concepts i have clearly never considered given my lack of insight is a hobby of mine. but before you do, you might want to get your head around this incredible notion: when dealing with social trends or any complex system you deal with general patterns.
but to summarize i'd just say if you want to discuss some issues, fine. if you want to ''debate'' in the sense of sharing my fundamentals but offering a twist on viewpoint which isn't at odds with behaviours i detest, feel free. but if you've set yourself the goal of ''enlightening'' me in a ''debate'', don't waste my time. the odds of you having the ability to process data, in this case social behaviour, to a level far exceeding mine ... are very very slim. and i'm afraid that's based on the cognitive distribution patterns in the human species.

other reasons to message me besides debating:

if you've got this far and you don't want the last 2.5 hours of reading to be for nothing.

if you've got this far by skipping 2.4 hours of reading and would rather i repeat all this data in smaller bite sized portions via email. but i only do this for a-list users. or on second thought, fuck you.

and finally...if you can actually relate to what i'm on about.
you agree with the fundamentals.
you share very similar values and very similar concerns.
you look around and find yourself disgusted by contemporary social culture.
and as such you don't want to just toe the line, you want to rise above the garbage mentality abounding. you want to be better than that. better than the filth wallowing in this cesspool website and out culturally excreting at public gatherings.
while not necessarily being homicidal, you're not indifferent to what you are witnessing.
because you're not a smug,flippant liberal hero, you actually fucking care about what goes on.
because you are a person of true character.
what i say makes you feel validated, not offended.
because you are not the subject of my attacks, you are the exception i speak of.
and you now feel less alone in the universe. because with every cutting insult you read here, your fist thrusts into the air harmonised with a valkyrie war cry.
[you are not necessarily a valkyrie, but if so, cool.]
what are you waiting for? send me a goddamned note. i don't care where you are.

okay, got caught in a bit of a day dream there. back to reality.

if for some reason you do want to communicate with me, let me just clarify something. i've gone to the trouble of explaining very carefully who i am and up front i've saved you a shit load of trouble questioning me and extracting information over days and weeks, playing cat and mouse, chicken, and various other forms of social gamesmanship i can't quite think of metaphors for.
no i didn't do it for you, true. but it's still fucking convenient. so count your goddamn blessings.
now it's not that there isn't anything more to find out, but the way i see it, in many ways my work here is done, at least until the scales start to balance a little. in your case however, the chances are your profile will be neutral and or contain very little information. in fact it's probably truly crap. admit it. a completely redundant piece of droned out garbage you spent about 3 neuron firings on [almost overheating your brain in the process], failing to mentally distinguish yourself from any of the millions of profiles competing for attention, a profile that isn't just a waste of web space, it makes the ads alongside shine like beacons of pure fascination, because basically you just slotted in a thumbnail of your young female form, attempting to be substantially if not desperately provocative, angled to make you look 20% more attractive than you actually are, and then sat back and enjoyed invitations to copulate with countless amazing male specimens until your initial excitement turned to irritation when after a month you still hadn't managed to attract a modern day darcy type figure but more edgy and adventurous, even when you made it clear how even though you're straight and not interested in casual sex, you'd like to casually grind naked bodies with a female at some point if the opportunity arises, hoping that could sweeten the bait and allow you to finally land that soul mate. therefore the onus is on you to tell me who you are not on me to pry it out of you. it doesn't have to be in an upfront 70000word essay naturally, but the point is, i'm not interested in bullshit games of mystery and one sentence small talk. if a genuine exchange begins, i'm not interested in having to prompt you like a quiz show host just to squeeze some genuine information out in tedious, frustrating fashion. if you're not prepared to take some time to explain who you are in the messages, in reasonable depth, reasonable time, and on your own initiative, then i'm not interested in communicating with you.
because i'm not here to flit around with shallow frivolous people.

i'm well aware that when coming across hostility ridden profiles like this one, there can be an element of intimidation. i've felt it myself. but if anybody reads this and even gets to the point where they'd be interested in talking only to find themselves hesitant on the grounds i might blow torch their face off, well i think we're on the right track.
the point is, like i said, i'm polite to people i communicate with. unless they initiate conflict.
and if i find people who actually share the majority of my positions on life and lifestyle, or at least the fundamental ones, i'm certainly not stupid enough to drive them away.
i make the most of my opportunities.
just know the chances are i will not visit your profile, no matter how often you stop by. it's not in my interests given even females who seem semi-interesting are typically disgusting bitches on closer examination [q&a section], but more importantly, selfish rude people who lack, like i mentioned, even the basic manners needed to send a 30 second reply. so it's a pointless exercise.
if you want to talk to me you'll have to write something.
you'll be sure to receive a reply matching your effort and tone.

and to boil it all down once more, even though i've probably boiled it down at various points in my profile only
to start up again, but just for one last time:

the kind of woman i'm looking for has to meet the following extraordinary, incredibly unfair and completely unattainable standards:

1. olympic archer [recurve bow]
2. mathematical or literary hermit
3. 10 overhand pullup capability
4. 2 octave classical voice or 1.5 octave traditional folk voice
5. eyelash length compared to iris diameter meets golden ratio proportions
6. hates new year

and if i can't find that, the kind of woman i'm looking for has to meet these extraordinary, incredibly unfair and completely unattainable standards instead:

1.lives by genuine, respect worthy principles. this directly relates to the next two ...
2.nondrinker[or very light], nonsmoker, nondrug user [and has never had an interest in booze/drug culture]
3. legitimately not slutty or sleazy, and not just by modern standards. somebody, who in a sexual sense, carries themselves with a measure of grace, in public and private.
4. intelligence, but with a twist: actually demonstrated by the activities they engage in and those they do not. the refusal to fulfil every cliche of modern youth is a useful start... opinions that reveal an ability to absorb data and make an honest and sophisticated analysis [the ability to reason] would certainly help the conversation to flow. utter alienation with the general mentality/culture would be dreamy.
5. has the authentic body proportions of a healthy homo sapien: slender, not fat.
6. linked to attractiveness and intelligence: the complete lack of vulgar, pseudo artistic ink stains on skin along with with lack of attention whoring piercings [those outside of standard earrings. you get the idea].
7. no children and younger than me so that having children at a healthy age would be viable and not a race against time
8. exists as a real fleshly creature, not a fictional character.

and as i've said before the scary thing is this list is very broad. yes there might be 8 dot points, but the first 3 are essentially the same thing and no.8 is just me being stupid. this set is extremely broad. i'm not even asking for common interests, creative interests, even the same nationality. but you see even with this kind of template it's almost impossible to find people like this, for reasons i've probably touched on throughout this essay, in case you've been paying attention.

yes it's all a bit like the search for the ivory-billed woodpecker. for those unfamiliar, the ivory-billed woodpecker used to be quite common in various forests of the american south. it wouldn't have been too hard to find an ivory-billed woodpecker if you were seriously looking for one. no doubt, they
weren't crowding every tree. but they were up there, drilling away for grubs, being very majestic. and you'd catch sight of them if you took the time to wade through the mangroves. in fact you might say birdwatchers in the past were quite fortunate to be able to enjoy the company of ivory-billed woodpeckers. but skip forward to 2012 and the very existence of the ivory-billed woodpecker is now doubtful. they are nowhere to be found. many now accept that the ivory-billed woodpecker has died out. and they try and make do with crappier woodpeckers. but there are still some who believe the ivory-billed woodpecker is still alive. nolonger thriving, but still clinging to existence, somewhere deep in the virgin forests. and they search long and hard for a glimpse of this bird. often they'll catch sight of black and white wings gliding between trees, and for a brief instant, believe they've found the elusive creature, but on closer examination will no doubt find it's simply a standard, shitty old woodpecker.
do ivory-billed woodpeckers exist anymore? it's impossible to say conclusively. but sadly, it seems that even if they do, they will probably be inaccessible and therefore extinct in any practical sense. and all fans of ivory-billed woodpeckers can do now is look at old pictures of the bird and imagine what it would be like to see it in real life, pounding its head against a tree trunk. and then pound their own head against a wall in frustration. and then pound a modern day cretin's head against a wall in frustration and feel slightly better but still unfulfilled.

[disclaimer: although i disparaged common woodpeckers, this was simply for symbolic purposes and i have nothing against these birds and in fact in real life they are elegant,intelligent creatures worthy of respect, the total opposite of the general population of human females they were representing
in my story]

[dot point update: don't message me pretending to share my mindset simply because you liked how i crucified vapid tarts, or general superficiality or some such, or claiming you surely do ''live by respect worthy principles'' and are some outcast with your value system only for me to stop by your question section and find out you're just another sleaze-glazed bitch in mindset/behaviour who thinks because she's not the worst of them, she's somehow quality, while actually having lost complete perspective on what it means have genuine principles. go read the sections where i clearly outline the sexual/lifestyle behaviours i take issue with. don't exhibit them if you want credibility. many 90s era sluts could easily meet the sexual boundaries, just to put it into perspective. for fucksake, if you can't manage a level of sexual dignity which even university skanks i knew could, don't claim you share even an ounce of my value system, or any respectable value system at that.]

okay let's just get real, this profile ceased to be a ''message" in a bottle long ago. it slowly but surely became a ''fuck you, vile arsehole'' in a bottle. i'm nolonger seeking a quality female partner on here and don't ever expect to find one here. the utter fury saturating this profile now would surely scare off even decent people, given even those rarely face social realities and won't handle what i'm saying. so these days i simply want to do my best to make sure all the revolting pieces of shit who stop by my page come away feeling just that little bit more enlightened about how low grade they are, feel even one percent closer to what they're actually worth, especially the amazing avant garde creative types who are so edgy and culty and eclectic and obscure and just can't stop reading, even though they're getting rightfully shredded every second paragraph, can't stop reading because this profile is somehow still enticing given it's so like subversive and alternative and even dare i say progressive, even though they'd love to hate it still, despite the thing being a more interesting creative product than anything they'll ever contribute, not because it's amazing but because they're such utter wannabes, hate it but still be strangely attracted, with even the masochism being kind of stimulating, until it all boils over and all they're left with is that bad taste in their mouth, knowing that deep down, despite disagreeing with everything i stand for and knowing that i'm completely wrong ... maybe...maybe i'm not wrong. maybe i'm right. and maybe they're a fucking piece of shit. but now now. even if we don't get that far, not all is lost. every little kick in their face counts, i say. though it's a rather thankless business.

now, in the beginning i mentioned i was forced to repeat many disparaging terms in the making of this profile. so since we've come to the end, i thought it would be fun to take a look back on our journey and examine the 'official disparaging term statistics'.

top 20 words used in ranking order:

1. slut x 99
2. whore x 75
3. moron x 40
4. bitch x 38
5. arsehole x 33
6. skank x 25
7. shallow x 22
8. mindless x 18
9.. phoney x 16
10. degenerate x 14
11. scum x 13
12. hedonist x 11
13. slapper x 11
14. cretin x 9
15. dipshit x 9
16. fuckwit x 7
17. fucktard x 6
18. fuckwad x 2
19. fuckhole x 1
20. lesbotart x 1

rather disappointingly, my slut count fell one short of the century - wait, there's the chime! *100*!!!!!
looking these over, i was rather surprised that in an attack of this magnitude, 'fuckhole' was used so sparingly. if that doesn't show my incredible restraint, i don't know what does.
my records show that 223 f-bombs were released in the making of this profile, though all for a worthy cause, 99% hit their target, and there were no child casualties.
if you think these stats prove i've been excessively foul mouthed, i beg to differ.
a sl*t was slung only once every 738.6 words, which is respectable. an f-bomb was released only once every 331 words.
the official profile word count is: 73860

oh, and if you love what you've read on my profile, why not stop by my questions section for more hostility ridden commentary on why you're all such foul zero-sum embarassments to the homo lineage.
especially since i recently received this message from the boss:

wow, you answered all the things! why not go find a match?
— staff robot

firstly, no i didn't answer all the things. i skipped countless utterly irrelevant and ridiculous questions which could never have any use whatsoever in matchmaking, as well as many questions that i avoided because of the basic level of dignity i have, sexually speaking.
and secondly, fuck you again, staff robot, you useless tincan slacker. it's not up to me to 'go find a match', that's your job, remember? you know, like the time you suggested a 92% match with a prostitute? or a 96% match with someone who would screw people in a sex booth?
or how your algorithm is so absurd it will still list drug users as 80%+ matches with non drug users, when clearly issues such as these should be weighted appropriately given non drug users tend to avoid drug users like the plague. yeah, just a little complimentary, completely obvious social analysis for ya, volt face.
you're an utter failure.
seems to me the okcupid match percentage is about as accurate as a genome match for predicting relationship harmony. in other words, those small percentage differences are pretty fucking important, eh? i mean, i'm at least a 96% with a chimpanzee too, and although i'd rather crush nuts with her and even pick nits out of her hideous hairstyle than interact with that 96ette middleclass closetwhore up above, it seems to me that the 4% incompatibility between me and miss hunchback is quite crucial wouldn't you say?
likewise i'm an 85% genetic match with a mouse. and again, while i'd rather clean up rodent fecal matter than associate with any drug users, i feel that 15% difference could prove problematic in developing anything significant with this creature.

now just for the record, and because i believe this section is mandatory, i don't respond to guys looking for hookups, or who address me as 'honey' or 'princess' or 'kittens'. so stop wasting your time. and seriously, put a shirt on. we've all seen the movie 300, painted abs don't fool anyone, and even real abs don't provide any real assistance in a physical confrontation, their appearance simply a result of low body fat not strength which is why concentration campers loved to show off their midriffs but wouldn't last 2 rounds with a preschooler.

this sentence is just because it bothers me ending my profile with a reference to the movie 300.

shit, did it again.

that's better.

*2011 special*[how depressing ... the years just go by ...]
you should definitely write me if you can solve this riddle
because the first person to answer it will win an all expenses
one way trip to...sunny adelaide! city of churches and serial killers!
no? my first born?
well we can sort something out. i don't expect to be paying up anytime soon. not because it's the most devious puzzle ever created, just because the target audience is very small, possibly nonexistent.

_ O _ EYNSKI _ _ ER _ _ _ HIS _ _ _ _ M _ _ Y

_ EAR _ CR _ W _ _ D _ AS _ HE

S _ WHO _ YD _ ARWAS _ _ ISK _ _ _ ?

clues: will have to know me well to solve it and/or have a
keen eye relies on a particular conceptual leap
3.special occasions
4.unfortunately this puzzle was designed when the profile was much smaller. now it's almost impossible to find the key. so it's probably just been an exercise in futility.

come to think of it, that's a fitting way to end

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Old 05-10-2014, 02:16 AM   #312
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my god it's full of crazy

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Old 05-10-2014, 02:18 AM   #313
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i'm pretty sure there's about 10000 words on how he doesn't like drinking

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Old 05-10-2014, 02:18 AM   #314
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it's not possible that person ever has any replies, right?

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Old 05-10-2014, 02:20 AM   #315
Bread Regal
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my browser hesitated for a good 10 seconds before the post submitted.

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Old 05-10-2014, 02:20 AM   #316
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Originally Posted by Mayfuck
i'd like to do a little jackson pollock painting myself using man-paint with krazee's face as my canvas
just lost it

Old 05-10-2014, 02:21 AM   #317
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a lot of us have changed a lot since 2005 boy i'll tell you

live to derail threads

Old 05-10-2014, 02:21 AM   #318
Bread Regal
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that's a fantastic post yes.

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Old 05-10-2014, 02:22 AM   #319
Bread Regal
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id be terrified if i didn't change.

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Old 05-10-2014, 02:23 AM   #320
Bread Regal
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what if i havent changed enough

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Old 05-10-2014, 02:27 AM   #321
Bread Regal
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Originally Posted by Aeris Hilton View Post

for some reason i really fucking laughed at this
this was a parody thread, iirc

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Old 05-10-2014, 02:28 AM   #322
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it appears that i once made a thread with my actual password in it

which is also the password i still currently use for my capital one account
i've been good for 9 years w/ this system but i think i'll go change it anyway

Old 05-10-2014, 02:29 AM   #323
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i dunno if i changed i'm still a sad, bitter, fat, turd.

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Originally Posted by Bread Regal View Post
this was a parody thread, iirc
it was from one night i just started spamming the board with threads like "i hate oprah"
"bill o'reilly sucks"
"rush limbaugh is an ASSHOLE"
"the yankees and their fans are arrogant!"
"it's like movies are all sequels and remakes these days"

i blanketed more than one page with my "controversial opinions"
i don't know if i was wasted or not

Old 05-10-2014, 02:31 AM   #325
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does it matter

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that is nuts. the okc profile. that is

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Old 05-10-2014, 02:35 AM   #327
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for some reason in 2005 i made three threads about the movie bottle rocket in as many months

Old 05-10-2014, 02:37 AM   #328
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Originally Posted by jczeroman
No luck.. earn it
libertarian think tanker encouraging me before my first job interview when i lived in chicago

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i don't see anything wrong with that

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luck is getting the rights to draft tim duncan because you won a lottery drawing

drafing tony parker, ginobli, flipping george hill for kawhi, scavenging danny green off of the waver wire all the while deep-dicking the nba for nearly 20 fucking years is about skill

getting a job is because you earned it, not luck

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