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Default LOST- comprehensive list of all unanswered questions

Post unanswered questions about the show and if they aren't already on the list I will add them. As questions are answered in future episodes, I will update the list!

1. The Monster- what is it and how does it work?

2. The Others- who are they and why are they so secretive? what are they trying to achieve? why don't they help the survivors?

3. Locke- why was he in a wheelchair and why can he walk now? In a wheelchair because his father pushed him out of a window and he broke his back.

4. Locke's father- was his wealth somehow related to Dharma/Hanso? He is a con-man.

5. The Pilot- why did the monster kill him?

6. Walt- how did he project himself to Shannon and Sayid? what were the "tests" the Others made him take?

7. Michael and Walt- where are they now?

8. The Hatch- what was the source of the magnetism and what was the purpose of trying to contain it?

9. Paintings in the hatch- who did them and what is their significance? The mural is a large painting along the wall of The Swan station. It was painted by Desmond, according to the producers (stated on the Season 2 DVD).

10. Desmond- magic powers? WTF?

11. Lenny- how does he know the numbers? was he on the island at one time? His navy buddy heard them being broadcast while working at a listening post. (thanks tcm)

12. Carl- how did he get there and why is he being treated as a prisoner?

13. The Black Rock- how does an old ship end up in the middle of a jungle?

14. The Statue- four toes? WTF? where did it come from and why?

15. The Island- why doesn't the rest of the world know about it? why can't it be seen?

16. Electricity- where does the electricity on the island come from?

17. Brainwashing- what is the purpose of the brainwashing that Carl was being subjected to?

18. The food drop- if the Dharma project is old news then why are food and supplies still being dropped?

19. The Immunizations- what are they for?

20. The Children- why do the Others want children so badly? what did they plan to do with Claire's baby?

21. Jacob- who is he and what is his list all about?

22. Submarine/Boats- where did they get them?

23. Whispers- what were the whispers Sayid heard in the forest?

24. Cindy- she is one of the Others now? how did that happen?

25. Ben- backstory please!

26. Hot People- how did so many attractive people end up on the same flight? The island, man. The iiiiisland.

27. Rags and Kerosene- they sure have a lot of torches at their disposal on this island The island, man. The iiiiisland.

28. Why hasn't anyone attempted to walk around the complete island? Sayid tried in the first season.

29. The guys in the Arctic, they presumably found the island, now what?

30. French Woman, if she has been on the island 16 years then how come she hasn't seen half the stuff the survivors have found in the space of 2 months?

31. What is the purpose of the cable Sayid found on the beach? Is it the source of the electricity for the entire island? And where does the other end lead? The cable leads to the submarine beacon.

32. The numbers. Are they significant or just coincidence? (This has yet to be revealed on the show, but the Lost web game revealed some things which I am leaving out of this list until they are confirmed in future episodes.)

33. What did Locke see when he "looked into the eye of the island"? A bright light...hopefully more details will be revealed.

34. Is Locke's father the "real" Mr. Sawyer?

35. How did Locke's father get on to the island?

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