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Talking Hawking and The Hoff on Celebrity Big Brother?

Could Stephen Hawking and David Hasselhoff be the modern-day odd couple? David, with his looks and awkward charm and Stephen with his theoretical physics could make an interesting duo. Alas, we'll never know. The producers of Celebrity Big Brother have reportedly asked Hawking to be on the Celebrity edition of the show, which starts next month. While Hawking got a kick out of the invitation, he's probably going to say 'no'. That guy has street smarts, too!

Producers are keeping tight-lipped about the celebrities lined up for the next Big Brother, but tabloids are reporting that David Hasselhoff, Adam Ant, and Jeffrey Archer have signed on.

what will they think of next. I bet a normal big brother would be more interesting than shit has-been celebs in a surreal life ripoff.

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