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Default Rock Band opening up market

'Rock Band' game to let any band upload and sell their own songs:

'Rock Band' is to allow any band or artist signed or unsigned to upload their own songs to the game and sell them to other users.

Until now, the only tracks to appear on the game have been pre-loaded, and have generally featured the likes of major acts such as The Beatles and Nirvana. However it's suggested that from today (January 19), all users of the game are able to upload their own songs via the Rock Band Network Store, which is open for beta testing.

Although the Network Store, which is designed by Harmonix, was initially created to cater for unsigned acts, Paul DeGooyer, MTV's senior vice-president for electronic games and music, told the Wall Street Journal that several high-profile acts who haven't been featured on Rock Band have also signed up.

"What was surprising to us was how many artists with hit records have offered themselves up," he explained.

The likes of Creed and Evanescence are understood to be among the acts set to use the service to get their songs featured on the game, while Sub Pop the label home to the likes of The Shins, Mudhoney and Flight Of The Conchords is also understood to be preparing a batch of songs for the game.


Whats the bets, considering Corgan's penchant for corporate whoring these days, we'll see an entire back catalogue uploaded sooner rather than later? Gotta make those pennies!

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