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Originally Posted by mshkreli View Post
Hi there. Just about anything and everything.

I'm in the market for test pressings of all the vinyl albums.

Would especially love original/high-gen of all the early (86-91) material (live shows, demos, studio recordings, etc.).

Hmm... I'd pay $25,000+ for a Machina II
you can look at pics and details of the collection items I'm selling on

25.000 for Machina II? that's not exactly the current value, but we can talk about that.
I hear for 75k you can buy the entire SPcamp, you should mail them an offer.

Originally Posted by Rider View Post
Anyone else starting to get suspicious about all these new accounts trying to buy stuff or asking for links to commercially available stuff.

Just something to think about.
someone think of the poor cats, they want to be fed.

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