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Catherine Wheel
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How much of your hi-hat technique did you get, consciously or not, from Buddy Rich?

A lot. I was raised on Buddy Rich. In fact, I raised my kids on Buddy Rich; and that''s the only jazz I will permit in my household. Because I was raised to be a jazz player which is why I'm allergic to jazz. You know, the problem with jazz musicians is that they all suck. My honest heartfelt belief is that jazz is the music you play if you don't have the gift of music. If you don't have talent, but you really want to be a musician, Jazz is what you do. Because all you got to do is practice for five hours a day; you don't need any talent, you just need determination. They lack music, they lack heart, and pretty much the purpose of modern jazz is to show off. I've raised my children by starting them out on the easy stuff, which is jazz, which is just finger-wiggling. And when they mature as human beings, when their personality evolves, when they have some depth to their personality, gradually they work their way up to the highest expression of personality, which would be Blues. The Blues, where all you have is one note. And you better mean it. Jazz, you can fake it. You don't have to just rely on one note that has meaning, and you have to actually have something in your heart. You don't have to have any meaning in your heart to play Jazz, you can just wiggle your fingers really quickly and Jazz-lovers are impressed. Blues doesn't work unless you have something real to say.

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