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Default ISO: Solo/Side Projects

As of late, I've been trying to fill the holes in my collection. My focus right now is solo material and side projects. I've been rather successful in locating most recordings. Any uploads or info on the following is appreciated.

BC - Whisper [When a Man Falls DVD Audio Rip]
JI - Never Ever (Any rips higher than 128Kbps?)

Also, are any of the following tracks in circulation?

BC - Come Undone [Live 2004-04-19]
SP - Invincible [Soundcheck, Live 2010]
James Iha & Britta Phillips - Shine Your Light
James Iha & Britta Phillips - You Canít Escape
Snaketrain - Let it Fade
Snaketrain - Up to the Sun
The Last Hard Men - Fucked Over Jesus (Not the Frogs version)
The Last Hard Men - Destiny

The Iha/Phillips recording is a limited edition 7" release. I haven't found it for sale or a rip online.

The Snaketrain songs are from the 4-song demo tape. I have the 8 song demo that's in circulation (it includes 2 songs from the 4-song demo), but I haven't come across the 4-song demo tape.

The Last Hard Men tracks are supposedly from the original 1998 release, but not featured on the 2001 release. I've noticed that "Destiny" appears on some tracklistings but not others.

Thanks to anyone with info!

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