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Ritalin can DEFINITELY cause suicidal ideation and depression. It's speed. Many if not most SSRIs, SNRIs, DRIs, trycilic anti-depressants etc can cause SI and depression especially in children, teens and young adults (up to 24). It's definitely good that you don't take it anymore if you don't need it.

If your depression is anywhere more than mild and you have any thoughts about suicide ever for more than a few minutes, I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist. I do not think medication is the way to go for teenagers unless depression is severe. But only you know how much you suffer.

I am personally on a few different psychiatric medications for depression and PTSD (etc), and my life has tremendously improved since I've gotten on a combination that has worked for me (which took 3-ish years). But I would definitely go for therapy first, perhaps see a psychologist and see what they think about medication. They can't prescribe personally so they don't have a personal stake in their recommendation. It's impossible to understand how severe your symptoms are over the internet. Again, meds have totally improved my life but I do think they are overprescibed and shouldn't be the first resort especially in teenagers where your brain is still developing.

The important thing is that you are working to improve your life and your symptoms so that you won't live with depression chronically. I wish I fucking started getting good psychiatric help at 14. Hopefully this can happen all through therapy but again if you are suffering you have every right to decide when it's enough to get on medication.

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