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Originally Posted by Vanity Must Die View Post
I'll contact the guy and find out for sure.
are you in touch with barry w.? he took me and some friends on a "late 80s" SP tour of chicago sometime between the emerson or double door zwan shows.

fun fact: he told me that the LID studio credits are lies; that my dahlia and sun weren't recorded at reel time. he said they lied because the tracks were recorded for free but only if the studio got rights; so they lied and said the tracks were recorded at reel time to they didn't have to pay the studio royalties. don't recall the name of that studio though.

IIRC, around that time he was also engaged in a legal battle with SP's lawyers (virgin?) because of this CD release. they claimed that it was a bootleg (despite being listed in the official discog in TAFH) and that he didn't have the rights to release it. he had the original contract, but everyone in SP signed each other's names, so signatures looked forged. he asked me to tell billy back then, but i never had the opportunity. i never got the follow up, either. hope he's well! barry was an awesome dude. tell him i said hi!

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