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For anyone who'd be interested in a brand new copy of Light Into Dark on cd: This cd is still available on the website.

Yes, the CD is available and the links work even though the website is woefully out of date. I am very busy with my main job that takes up a lot of time and some consulting work I do on the side, so I've put the record label way on the back burner for some time now. Orders normally take a little while for me to get out, but I do have an order from 2 weeks ago that is late and will be going out either this Friday or next Tuesday for sure. If you do want to order and I get it by Thursday, I'll get it out with the other one. Thanks for your interest in Light Into Dark!


Barry Waterman
Halo Records
Shipping in the US is currently free. That's actually not generosity, but PayPal screwed up the link and until I get around to fixing everything that's the way it will stay. Canada and overseas still ship for the posted prices.

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