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I was prescribed clonazepam for my anxiety in the past. One of those "take as needed," rather than "take two every day" type deals. I guess that's a benzo.

I dunno. I would forget to take them. Never really depended on them. I don't have an addictive personality when it comes to drugs. Never once really "craved" a drug. I obviously stay away from heroin or meth because of how addictive they are known to be, but I never understood how somebody could get hooked on something like coke when it's so easy for me to just do it occasionally. It's also easy for me to have one or two drinks and not really think about alcohol.

But then when it comes to sweets, I can't put those down. I can't have "just a couple" cookies and put the rest away. I will be compelled to finish every last one. Even if I try to put the bag of candy out of sight, I will know where it is, I will be thinking about it, and I will retrieve it and eat it. Even if I don't keep sweets in the house, the cravings will get so bad that I will do a 3:00 AM corner-store run to buy some candy. I have no restraint around that shit. Sugar has fucked me up way more than any psychoactive.

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