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Originally Posted by Cool As Ice Cream View Post
Lunch with Billy Corgan + AccessPass

Includes: Lunch with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins in LA or Chicago. Valid for 2 people at a mutually convenient time. Restaurant TBD.

Billy Corgan has made many albums by different names--with his legendary band Smashing Pumpkins and with the short-lived but acclaimed Zwan. As a writer, producer, player and singer, he's contributed to recordings by the likes of Cheap Trick, Ric Ocasek, New Order and Hole, among others and supplied the musical score for such movies as Stigmata and Ransom. In 2005, Corgan released the hauntingly beautiful The Future Embrace, his first solo album.

Bid now and meet this extremely multi-talented star for lunch in Chicago or Los Angeles for a unique lunch opportunity not to be forgotten!
I just bought it but can't afford it. Maybe I'll ask my GF to max out her credit cards. unless someone here can split it with me, and we'll go on the dinner together with billy.

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