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Yeah that's canadians. Not the french kind. I seldom ate sausage when i ate meat, i hate beer (when i drank it as a teen, to get drunk, it was fairly fancy though), i never had a dog (except as a kid). i rarely talk about hockey and only canoed a handful of times.

I remember when i went to chicago in 2000 people ordered a deep dish with canadian bacon and i had to ask ammy what canadian bacon was. I'd never heard of it...

Other things that make me not very canadian:

My English-American gf had to tell me who Stompin' Tom Connors was, I was like 32

I've never seen the Mckenzie brothers movie (i can't even remember the name right now)

I don't own a Tragically Hip or Rush album

I have decent taste in clothes (well ok i haven't always plus that's an old stereotype from back when canadians were a bit more square...)

I haven't skated since i was like 11 and never was good at it (in the same vein, i havent played street hockey since i was a kid)

I hate winter

Things that make me canadian:

I like maple syrup on everything

I have seen Slap Shot at least twelve times (less than most but you know, but that's because they made a french canadian dubbed version which is potentially better than the english version)

I am sanctimonious

i think The Littlest Hobo theme song is the best TV show theme song ever written

Despite barely actually watching hockey (even though i discuss it and follow it somewhat) i tend to get very emotional when we win the gold medal

i hate winter

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