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Leave it to trostkilicious to pretend to remember the kind of shit I used to say 14 years years ago and that it's exactly the kind of stuff I would have said. Personally I remember that exploding boy guy to have been a wuss who tried to desperately remain (creepily) nice. Except when people were being total dicks I guess. If I could go back i'd kick my own ass.

Anyway people who talk in length about suicide usually don't commit suicide. That's certainly what my brother did when he tried it. There's far too much reveling in their state of despair up there to take it much seriously (omg I haven't washed n so long, don't askme about showers). But ultimately you know if someone wants to kill themselves, it's their own business. I shouldn't be expected to give a shit unless I was a friend. Like no one should either if I offed myself.

But thanks for telling us how depression looks like. I sure didn't have a clue since I have never suffered.
it's still possible to be a dick even if you have suffered from depression

just fyi

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