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Originally Posted by TheAlter View Post
Musical merits aside, attitudes played a big role, imo.

BC all of a sudden wanted to play the matured artist, suit, tie, rock is dead. On the Adore tour he dressed like a background actor in Chicago PD, leather jacket, elegant, all black.

I bet most people had this sense of “oh playtime’s over, now it’s serious”.

Radiohead on the other hand were more like “we got ourselves new toys and we’re having fun”.

Btw you fucking hate Radiohead, don’t you?
I do and I don't. I couldn't stand them in the Bends - OK Computer era. However I like Kid A, primarily because it doesn't sound like Radiohead. The only other album I've listened to is a Moon Shaped Pool, which I liked parts of. I've also listened to Yorke's second solo album, which I liked musically but not so much vocally.

I don't believe Radiohead were having fun btw. I think they hated being Radiohead, being a big stadium rock band, and desperately wanted to be something else. That desperation comes across in the music, and informed it's atmosphere. That's what made the album what it was. I don't know this, but I suspect them making Kid A was as fun for them as SD was for the Pumpkins (i.e. not very).

I agree with the "play time is over" - I think what made SP so refreshing originally is that they were very playful. Their original look, their stage presence and banter, and Billy being such a non-rock star with his little boy hair and charity shop clothes. The fact they looked and acted the way they did, but made these incredible genre defining albums, was very appealing.

I still think though that their time in the limelight was up, either way.

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