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the double-standard also hides the fact that plenty of predators ARE women. i also must say it chaps my hide that it's with regularity people talk about there needing to be more women CEOs and junk but not about the fact there are hardly any men who teach kindergarten or work in a daycare (or any sector historically and predominantly made-up of women). many want to be 'progressive' only when it serves capitalistic and/or patriarchal standards

i would never just tell a kid 'hey, you're a good-looking kid' but i might tell my neighbor i like the colors she picked out for her outfit or that i like the way her hair matches her backpack...i guess that is different, though, but i did see a boy who looked so much like my little brother i was inclined to tell him he was "very handsome" while adding he reminded me of my little bro.

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