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For many years during the 20th century, scientists performed many horrid and unethical experiments on animals trying to combine them with human genes in order to create an abomination they call a “hybrid” between humans and animals. Such experiments have been kept secret for many years, but due to an incident that took place in 2018, many answers have come to light about the origin of these experiments.
An evolutionary psychologist by the name of Gordon Gallup stated that in the 1920s the first humanzee was “born” at a secret research facility in Florida. Even if he was not born at the time he was told so by his professor who had worked thousands of hours researching such a hybrid entity and its possibility to life. He also says that the humanzee was killed soon after its birth due to the pressure they received for their experiment. This is the closest that scientists have come to playing God and this is definitely going too far.

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