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Originally Posted by Elphenor View Post
industrial, like everything else, devolved into self-parody

but TG really were the next evolution in rocknroll

more primitive, more frightening, subversive, sexy etc. than any of their contemporaries

and with a cult-like frontman that made them more like a pop act than something exp like NWW
obviously no doubt.

i'll admit i spent a ridiculous amount of time and money in college searching for the "perfect" Psychic TV bootlegs/albums. i've owned an embarrassing amount of them over the years.

I was obsessed with TOPY

do you need PTV recs? studio albums all you need is "dreams less sweet". if you want harder than that go with "berlin atonal" or "live at the ritz" (my first ptf purchase) live albums.

also can't beat the "unclean" 12"

if you're wondering about "a pagan day" or "allegory and self" they're just ok in my book. same with the first album, force the hand of chance.

if you like the techno stuff then obv the comp "jack the tab/tekno acid beat" is GOAT and for sure the video of joy/black (joy is a video comp of tekno acid beat videos and black is a later period full live show from i think around '88). both of these are on youtube i believe.

i tried to get into nurse with wound when i finally got spotify but found there was so little material on there so i just accepted it as one of those bands i'll never know about.

(sorry for sperging about gen)

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