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Ok I dunno I'm sorry the TMNT game just is not all that

the graphics are absolutely gorgeous, without question the best aspect of the game. all the animations are beautifully detailed in ways SNES games dreamed of but could never compete with. every turtle throws different looking combinations and the ass whooping feels gratifying at first. but the control mechanics make the game feel so heavy. like wading through milkshake. the game pretty much rewards mashing buttons at maximum intensity and speed, and seems to deemphasize minimal strategy or anything like that. which is an awful shame and makes the game super monotonous and finger-tiring (pause) to play.

the levels just throw a gigantic amount of enemies at you with little regard to pacing or anything like that.

tons of cheap shots. a huge amount of enemies either shoot at you from all the way across the screen, or spawn countless annoying little critter shitters. it's a fucking PAIN IN THE NECK.

in fact, too many goddamn enemies have guns in this game, and that's not how beat em ups are supposed to even work. beat em up is NOT about constantly getting fucking shot at.

the game is definitely worth playing just to see all the gorgeous pixel art. those artists absolutely aced their job, the results are super charming, but they go to waste on a solid D- game with sloppy ass level design

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