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Originally Posted by run2pee View Post
Hey guys Darkwood is awesome

Did u ever stop to remember that The Woods are scary af?

So clearly it's about time someone made a game regarding of it

The premise is you wake up in an (apparently?) apocalyptic scenario where (possibly?) the forest is all mutated and malevolent and trying to (hmm?) swallow all flesh and blood? Dunno guys, it's friekin cryptic in the storyways

But anyway the loop is you roam by day midst the suffocating darkness under the eaves, avoiding snarling/growling packs of wild dogs (and other nasty things), for what scant scraps of supplies you can scavenge in order to barricade your little bombed out shack so you can have a chance in hell to hope to survive the night

Sound design is amazing, up there with my fave horror like silent hill or alien isolation. The feeling of rushing to nail boards to the windows, make sure there's gas in the generator to keep the lamps alight (the swirling, sentient darkness itself can prove lethal), set a couple bear traps, and then squeeze yourself behind a bath tub or whatever little hole you can find/make, as the sun sets and the shadows grow long, wow it's some special little horror feeling they nailed, here

Anyway, later, gonna try to survive another night and figure out what the hell or who i am hopefully, someday
good call, this game is great

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