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Originally Posted by Kreatorkind View Post
And you can suck it you piece of shit. You are a complete loser in life and you know it. You couldn't fathom the fact that I get laid. You have no idea about anything and the only reason I interact with you is the fact that you're a pathetic piece of comedy for my nightly amusement. You offer nothing to this planet, you create nothing. You are forgettable. You are irrelevant.
this is the kind of stuff i'd love to see said IRL. it's fairly pathetic to go to the "i would punch you zone" if you can't even get there. don't know whats more pathetic. saying you're getting laid while you're not, because you're here and calling someone nothing zero shit pathetic forgettable when Trots has like hoes in area codes. menz and womenz hoez. sucking his dick and swallowing every drop.

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