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Some people with gf don't get laid a lot though it has to be said. Someone should ask how long they've been together. If its been over 5 years i'd argue it possible to outlay them. Turns out when you can have sex more or less when you want, it kinda becomes less important after a while. Or maybe it's just me.

And yeah this shoe is pretty ridiculous. I know its been said many times before but the thing is, only other women care what shoes a woman wears. I kinda don't get high heels. I'm guessing it's supposed to set a woman's body in a more sexually appealing position? I mean that must have originally been the point. I doubt if these were invented by women. Personally, I'll take a girl in sneakers any day. Then again i'm pretty much a gay in hiding. 9 times out of 10 if a girl looks and dresses boyish i'm bound to find her more attractive than a girl wearing a dress and heels.

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