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You know aside from above scenario. i never put my money or cards in my wallet. They're always in a pocket of my shoulder bag/manpurse. There is no reason at home for me to ever remove them from there so i never misplace those things. Its better than a wallet which youll always have to at some point remove from your pants. Turns out women were onto something with this purse business. I've been using a shoulder bag for ten years, i never go anywhere without it and i would suggest anyone do the same. I even "hide" an extra set of housekeys in there in case i was ever out and lost my main one. It also comes in handy if i ever misplace my main set at home, i can use those until i find it again. It is also an option i'd suggest, make doubles of all keys and keep them safe somewhere.

I don't have any tips for phones though. I've never had a cell anyway so...

As for thing being missing for over an hour being generally gone, well, you do know about the other dimensions and portals right? Cause often that's what happens, your stuff goes into another dimension for some hours or days then turns up again.

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