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i used to but then i got my shit together. You have to make it an habit to always put things int he same place. It's hard but you have to do it. I come home, i put my keys on the key holder. I watch tv, i consciously make sure to out the remote in the same place every time. once i started conditioning myself to do things like that, well i still kinda lose things once in while but instead of it beign everyday its maybe like once a month.

By lose i mean lose inside the house though. More like misplace. I rarely lose things for good. But once like 4 years ago i lost my wallet with 1000$ in it. No shit. First and only time i ever lost my wallet, first and only time i ever had that much money in it (normally i never have more than 40 at most). I was a zombie for like two weeks. that's all the money i had to my name. My family helped me some but you know.... Best part...i got back my wallet through the post about two months later (if you drop a wallet with ID in a mailbox they try to get it back to you). No money of course... fucking teases.

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