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I do this when im sick. Like earlier this eyar I had the worst flu and basically couldn't leave the room. Weird thing is if you pee in them and they still have like drops of Gatorade in, I swear the piss takes the same color as Gatorade (I thought it was just beause i was drinking the Gatorade but no as I did this again recently and it had been days since i'd drank the thing). I had to make a mental note which ones were the ones I peed in and which ones had actual Gatorade cause when you have the flu and cant smell, not sure i'd have known the difference until it got into my mouth...
this kid had no excuse other than he was too drunk or high to move i suppose and was so terrified to confront me on any level. the smell i will never forget. mold growing in some of them. empty jamesons bottles filled with piss. most foul human i've ever lived with.

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