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I forget the number now cause i've been living without roommates for the past 6 years but in the first 5 years I lived in mtl I had something around 30 roommates. No shit. Mainly because two of the apt I had were pretty much revolving door and we were either 4 or 5 people living together. So yeah I have a few stories.

-Roommate that stays a month, gives us a check that bounces and disappears.

-The guy who wouldn't do any houses chores because he claimed he didn't use anything. Not even the garbage (so no taking garbage out). Which was of course bullshit. He was loaded with cash and didn't have anything in his room and was the cheapest guy I've known and called his cute and nice gf his p**** when she wasn't around. Creepy little guy he was too. Had a face meant for fists. he didn't stay long when the lease passed to me.

-The newly arrived chinese roommate who wanted me to give him French classes and he would lower my rent (he was the only one on the lease) and then the time I did give him French lessons he started touching my legs (turns out I preferred my rent to be what it was, i'm not a prosti). Then when I moved out he wanted to have a dinner with me probably to tell me he loved me. I declined. the weird thing I outside of that he tried to get girls to go out with him (failed). I guess he wasn't out to himself.

-Roommate who would decide to have improptu parties until 4am. Nevermind that the neighbors complained to me directly.

-The roommate who was a "dj" and absolutely had to "practice" his set in the house at full volume and THEN would tell me to turn down the tv in the evening.

-The swiss girl you could hear fucking through the walls with graphic details as to what was happening (i could hear her talk). she also tended to leave her dirty panties in places that weren't her room and I SWEAR she did this on purpose. She was a rich bitch who was slumming it cause it made her think that made her interesting. Her dad was absolutely loaded.

Some more I forget. You name them I've had them.

I'm gonna skip the time I lived with an ex plus one roommate after we had split cause that's too long to detail.

After that I lived with a guy that was about as antisocial as me and a bit of a conspiracy theory nut. Bad idea. He basically found ways to get annoyed with me despite me trying my best. Then I met my gf while I still lived there, I asked him if it was ok if she would come over for 2 or 3 days. Sure he said. Nevermind i'd never brought anyone home and he often had friends over. We kept quiet and to ourselves, tried to be around as least as possible. One the second day she's there he knocks on my door, "hey, can I see your lease, need it for my financial aid application" (he was going back to school through some government program, the thing is he was on the lease but id signed on with him as a roommate). Sure i say, I hand it to him, he grabs it, rips it apart in front of me and new gf and says "I want you out of here in two weeks." No explanation. So I was out of there in two weeks. this was the last time I had a roommate.

Never. Again.

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