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Originally Posted by Shallowed View Post
What are the dates for each track?
If you can guess, I will be very very VERY impressed!

Originally Posted by themadcaplaughs View Post
Thanks for all your hard work. But I must ask, why do you not like the Machina shows so much. I understand that Mike's playing could get a little nauseating, but for the most part I thought it was when the band was at their tightest.
It's exactly as I had said--sloppy, uninspired, muddy sound and the material translated poorly. Also the re-arrangements with the drop-C tunings were utter garbage. Compare it to The Arising Tour; THAT was razor sharp and confrontational. Sorry, just my opinion.

And as I had said, I'm sure it was just the dismal mindset of the band that set the tone for the whole tour: James was completely ambivalent and was literally going through the motions, Corgan knew that this was the end and that James didn't care, the "emotional anchor" of the band was gone, the label killed a conceptual album that now was reduced to bleak mystery and ambiguous conjecture and it wasn't even selling well. The fact that that MAdM was a better bass player for some reason didn't even matter. This tour should have sounded exactly like The Arising Tour, yet it didn't. Bad vibes man, bad vibes.

In an alternate reality where D'Arcy went to rehab and wasn't fired/quit, I'm sure this tour would have sounded great (like The Arising Tour I suppose).

Originally Posted by Venom View Post
Mike? He wasn't even in the band for the Sacred + Profane tour or the 2007 Zeitgeist shows dude.
He means Garson.

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