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The Smashing Pumpkins
Machina Live (soniclovenoize compilation)

I saw The Smashing Pumpkins on the Sacred + Profane Tour in 2000. I’m saddened to say my impressions of that show were verified by all the bootlegs I had heard later on from that tour: the decline of The Smashing Pumpkins. The mix was muddy, the performances sloppy and rather uninspired and a poor translation of the Machina material from the album to the stage. Later in the tour, Mike Garson’s inappropriate meanderings on the few songs that did translate just made matters worse. I was honestly not surprised that The Smashing Pumpkins broke up at the end of the year, as The Sacred and Profane Tour was simply the sound of a great band dying. But it was not a traumatic, explosive suicide; they went quietly in their sleep. A once fiercely speeding train simply came to a stop so the four passengers could exit and head home.

But in making this compilation (as I had done with the Adore album), I now realize that I was wrong: there were diamonds in the rough. Even though there was a lot of rough, these diamonds I have assembled certainly do shine brightly, as you can hear for yourself. The Smashing Pumpkins’ magic was still present all along, only illusive through the circumstances of the Machina album and tour. If the cards had fallen in a different way, who knows how long they could have lasted?

This is a compilation of live recordings mostly from The Smashing Pumpkins’ 2000 tour, structured to create a live version of the Machina albums in their entirety. Nearly all the sources used are soundboard recordings (when available) and none of the sources have been “mastered” by fans. All songs have been volume adjusted and crossfaded to give the impression of a continuous performance in two segments: disc one is the Machina I album in its entirety and disc two is all of the songs from Machina II that were ever performed by the band (ranging from 1999-2007). If you are tired of the production techniques on the Machina album and thirst for a more clearer and a more “meat & potatoes” live-band-sounding recording, then this compilation is for you!

I chose to utilize the best possible soundquality for this compilation. Thus the core material for my compilation is the number of soundboard recordings taped by Eric Agnew. This is the case for most of disc one, with the exception of three songs being audience-sourced, one being TV-sourced and one being a matrix of a TV and an audience source I created myself. By necessity, disc two is split 50/50 between soundboard and audience-sourced material. And as suggested above, ABSOLUTELY NO THIR13EN REMASTERS WERE USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS COMPILATION. If you want absurdly brickwalled “mastering” of already over-compressed FM-sources, you won’t find it here.

Disc One - The Machines of God [75:40]
1. The Everlasting Gaze
2. Raindrops + Sunshowers
3. Stand Inside Your Love
4. I of The Mourning
5. The Sacred + Profane *
6. Try, Try, Try
7. Heavy Metal Machine
8. This Time
9. The Imploding Voice * (from 1999 Arising Tour)
10. Glass + The Ghost Children
11. Wound **
12. The Crying Tree of Mercury *
13. With Every Light ***
14. Blue Skies Bring Tears
15. Age of Innocence

Disc Two - Friends & Enemies of Modern Music [34:50]
1. Glass Theme
2. Cash Car Star
3. Dross
4. Go *
5. Let Me Give The World To You *
6. Home * (from 1999 Arising Tour)
7. In My Body * (from 2007 Zeitgeist Tour)
8. If There Is A God
9. Lucky 13 * (from 2007 Zeitgeist Tour)
10. Speed Kills

All sources are soundboard, except:
* audience source
** TV and audience source matrix
*** TV source
All recordings from 2000 Sacred + Profane Tour, except when noted

Flac -> wav -> editing in Goldwave and Audacity -> wav -> flac lv 8 via TLH

Special thanks to those guys who kicked my ass into doing this and spending my Halloween listening to 30 different versions of Everlasting Gaze, you know who you are.

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