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Default selling my SP cdrs and silver boots

I recently converted my music collection to mp3 and flac, so I've been getting rid of cds and cdrs I no longer need (I'm moving out of state in a couple months). And I have about a two dozen Smashing Pumpkins cdrs of live shows and rare tracks. They are lossless for the most part, collected from cdr trading in the late 90s and early 00s. I'd like to give them to somebody here for, say, $36 total shipped (US). That's $1.50 each, so seems fair. Some great stuff included such as Machina II (Q101 cd sourced), MCIS demos (w/Depresso, Methusela, Feelium, etc), 3 discs of The Marked stuff, and tons of live Pumpkins shows, demos, and rare tracks.. again, mostly lossless (not from mp3s).

I also have these pressed silver bootlegs (not cdr copies)... I'd like to get $10 each for these (or best offer).
Tribute to BOC (Feb 9, 1991 Cambridge, MA) [there's a skip after "Tristessa", otherwise in good condition]
Earphoria (pirated/bootleg version, not the official release) [excellent condition]
Smashing The Puppets (Del Mar '93 & acoustic xmas show LA '93) [excellent condition]
Mayonaise Dream (various acoustic & electric '92-'93) [some skipping in the electric songs, but the acoustic songs all play great]

just PM me if you're interested in any of this stuff. thanks.

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