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when the mood strikes, really like them. adrenaline, around the fur, white pony, self-titled. love most of each of those. but after that... i don't really know, i don't really get into it, haven't spent the time and the few times i've tried, didn't feel it as much. but i go back to those first 4 albums from time to time

also... when i hear the riffs and the tones that steph comes up with, i expect him to sound different than he does in interviews. he comes off as a lazy pot smoking chilled out dude, which i guess he is, but his riffs fucking rule and are full of energy. also their drumming rules. also i like in live videos when chino shrieks like a hawk
Koi No Yokan and Gore are basically perfect.

SNW is the weakest of the bunch but has some highlights.

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