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Four of us drove 8 and a half hours to St. Louis, MO to see them at a venue called The Pagaent, December 7th 2000. Incubus and Taproot opened. The first leg of this tour got Glassjaw with no Incubus, this would have been ok with me but Incubus played a good set in St. Louis. My gf at the time, the woman I would come to spend the next several years of my life with and I had recently met at a Halloween party. One of the first things we bonded over was our mutual love of the band.

The weather was crap, we were young and stupid running around in t-shirts with maybe a hoodie. We did some touristy stuff like getting pictures at the Arch etc. We eventually ended up at a record store and they had this section of band promo pics I was flipping through. I remember being extremely bummed my gf could not be with on this trip because someone else snagged one of the 4 tickets right before I met her. Having already seen the band 14 or 15 times by this point (lots of mid/late 90s shows) she was not devastated but as I said I was still bummed to be away from her at a Deftones show. I found 2 identical Deftones promo pictures with the idea of politely asking "Would you please sign this one for my friend who couldn't make it?" should I by some stroke of luck run into any of the band members.

Taproot's live set was good. Incubus brought it (never got into Morning View the album after this tour) but of course Deftones blew the roof off the joint. Fast forward to heading back outside a sweaty mess into snow coming down at a pretty good clip. I don't recall what happened to my White Pony hoodie that I wore often in this era, probably left it in the car. I do remember standing behind the venue in a massive line of folks trying to get stuff signed or say hello to the band. This weird mix of rain/snow was coming down and one or two of my friends bailed. Some other people in line started to bail. I was determined to obtain as many autographs as I could for this person I met a month ago and could not stop thinking about.

Eventually patience paid off and one by one the Deftones made their way down this huge line of fans (we were all FREEZING at this point) signing things, shaking hands and saying hello. It was pretty intimidating to be honest. I shook Step's hand and politely said "Hello, would you please sign a 2nd one for a friend who couldn't make it? Thank you so much Steph." Abe made his way down the line and I made the same timid request. Chino came through and I was just trying to hold it together!! I honestly don't remember the order in which they came out on the way to their bus and I don't remember if Frank made it out. What I do remember is asking "Chi, sorry to bother you but would you please sign one for my girlfriend as well?" Chi said "No problem man, one for you and one for the lady."

They didn't have to freeze their asses off on the way to the tour bus but they made time to greet each and everyone of us who took the time to wait for them in some crazy mix of down pouring rain and snow. I can't remember what I said to them or what others around me said but I do remember a lot of handshakes. I also remember each and everyone of them being nothing but super gracious and kind to everyone in line. I caught one of the nastiest colds of my life on that trip and was sick for a month or more but it was completely worth it. I ran into my copy of the promo pic autographs the other day while I was going through some things and although I've seen them several times since that will always be my favorite show.

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