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Default The complete lack of an official Smashing Pumpkins live album

Billy has done just about every other trick in the has-been rocker guide book by now, so why is it that after all these years, we don't have a properly-mastered, double CD length live album from the band we knew and loved all those years ago?

There must be plenty of high-quality audio material out there, I am thinking something from the height of stadium arena gigs in the Mellon Collie or Adore eras, or even from one of the last shows of the Machina era, featuring everything from 1995 onwards. I know there are hundreds and hundreds of bootlegs out there, but Bill should put out a high-quality audio CD version of when he was at his best. I know I for one would buy it.

But yeah, it takes him an extra 6 months just to get a record deal to sell his new material these days....

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