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What is wrong with you? It looks you are really feeling yourself inferior than everyone, including Portugueses... you are strongly complexed with that... maybe you feel it with your girlfriend too... just get around it, wtf!
And I wasnt rude to anyone, and of course was not my intention at all to be it. I come to Netphoria just to talk with fans who 'love' the same band I do, to learn something about them (SP) and to have some fun. Just it. You are complicating all this. Dont create wars from nothing please, there are enough in our world already.
You look like comming here to let off steam your problems. And does really makes you feel better to come here giving portuguese lessons or lessons about countries's differences or racism or any of those off-topic things you are talking about here.
And I mispelled 'Xupa-me' intentionally... I can explain you why one day...

Cool As Ice Cream:
Cool I just insisted on the question because you or any other 'leet fan' could know about any other 'rare source'. Like happened once when I asked about audio sources of 1996-01-06 show and someone answered me about a guy called Ziggy who could have some better source of it than the 'normal' ones wich are circulating on the internet.
Im not being ingrate, is not my way of life to be, ok? I always thanks for the helps. Maybe you misunderstood me bad in some point. But you just dont need to be that rude when a person asks you for help about a matter he is just ignorant about.

You always are stupid about everything I could say, maybe it makes you feel somebody here since you maybe are a frustated at 'out-of-netphoria' world. What could I tell you more? A 'go fuck off' also? No, It's just pointless talk with you... Thank you, bye.

...and sorry about my poor english.

Why does a simply thread could turn in a so sad thread here? omg... why?...

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