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Default more tool shows on the way

anyone who was disappointed with not getting tool shows, it seems the band plans on touring for awhile, as you could assume, but this is what MJK has said in regards to the sold out shows.

"Many people are complaining about the sold out shows. Relax. We're doing a full on tour at the end of the summer which goes almost everywhere. And in the new year, we'll go almost everywhere else. These are just a handful of warm-up dates. There's nothing much we can do to out wit the scalpers. If you have patience, just don't buy the tickets from them. just wait until August. Screw them. Believe me, if I could design a virus that would leave scalpers totally impotent, mute, and penniless, I would. Same goes for lawyers. (I have a whole different virus in mind for mini vans. More on that later.)"

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