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Default This show is brilliant

I've always been a fan of the 2008 20th anniversary tour, but haven't listened in ages and decided to revisit today. It's a bummer hearing this as it was right before this lineup broke up, and I really think they were really finding their footing on this tour.


*lots of shoegaze esque guitar freakouts (end of age of innocence, i am one part 2, cupid de locke))
*the horns sound beautiful on every song they were played on.. especially galapagos.
*99 floors strikes me now as probably the best song they had written at that point in that particular era
*excellent psychedelic jams (i am one part 2, gossamer, i of the mourning, sounds of silence, march hare/suffer)
*acoustic performances are all solid
*they brought some serious metal to this show.. bodies, as rome burns, gossamer
*all of the new songs here are great. I would have LOVED to hear a record that had this material played close to how it's played on this show. 99 floors, owata is great here, especially with horns, song for a son has that classic pumpkins mellon collie style drama to it, superchrist, gossamer, as rome burns, march hare.. imagine that record!!

low lights-

Billy's terrible homophobic rant in the middle. it's the largest piece of evidence that he was really losing his cool at this period, ultimately what possibly led to his falling out with JC, leading to BC having to start over... AGAIN. looking back, it's clear they were pushing very very hard since before zeitgeist came out, and all of that finally got to him.

but god damn this show just plays so well and is incredibly unique on it's own when compared to shows of pumpkins past.

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