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Originally Posted by Raskolnikov View Post
Not sure how many years BC has left in him - 30? 40? But when he does go - assuming I'm still alive, and regardless of how much further he dumps on the SP legacy in the meantime - it will affect me. Really owe a bunch to that guy in my life, turned my brain on to music in large part.

Past that, Morrissey is gonna be the end of an era for sure. Nobody else like that guy nowadays - the last true showman out there.
Yeh well refusing royalties to Rourke and Joyce is a pretty shit thing to do. So they signed a bad contract then, regardless, the decent thing to do would be to let them have them now. they weren't just wallpaper. Especially rourke, he wrote the music with Marr and his basslines are integral to the Smiths sound. The smiths is a band I can only like if I ignore Morrissey basically and I find him worthless as a solo artist.

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