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I could have sworn I piped in on this thread back in it's heyday, but guess not.

I have recently caved and pay for the Amazon streaming service. Mainly went with that one because it runs higher stream quality than the other guys do, and the price is right about the same point. But the app freaking sucks, so I might just cave and go for the Apple Music route.

I will always prefer physical media, but my issue is portability. Nothing busts my chops more than wanting to listen to an album, thinking you can, and then you're out somewhere remotely away from cell towers and it starts taking a shit on ya.

I like to ride my bike, and often am out there for hours on end. Today I threw on two albums that I had on my iPhone - both added from my anally retentively organized iTunes library, ripped from CDs in lossless. (I know, bluetooth degrades it, plus on a bike, can you really hear the difference? No, probably not, but might as well have them at max resolution)

Anyways: I decided to toss on the new self-titled My Morning Jacket record. Which is great, by the way. I get to a great downhill section of my ride, the part I had been riding towards for hours: fire up "Complex". It's playing fine, then just decides to go hard stop outta nowhere. I fumble for the headphone remote button, hit play, and it does nothing. Again. It then restarts for some reason. I wasn't in the middle of nowhere or anything... just a few miles out of town.

That's my main beef with it: you depend on it. It works great. Then, like all tech, right when you need/want it the worst, it just doesn't.

CD ripped down to ALAC all damn day for the stuff that you really want to have.

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