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i'm confused at some of the luddite sentiments here, on our internet message board. i don't think there's been one substantiated argument for what is bad about streaming, other than the economics for artists

so far we've got:

1- gripes about advertisements
2- making music disposable (??)
3- it's gross, it's wrong, it's anti-art
4- it is bad for new artists
5- it devalues music
6- it is incredibly sterile
7- you type in an artist's name and can access all of their work with small icons (not sure how this is a bad thing?)
8- it mortally robs music of having any sense of significance

1- obviously, you can pay to remove the ads, that is how it works. or, if you don't want to pay anything and also don't want to listen to ads, i guess your main option is to steal music? radio has ads.. not sure what the actual gripe here is

2- what?

3- how so? what is unique about music streaming that makes these things true in your mind?

4- why? anyone can listen to a new artist's music, and no one has to buy a cd or something else first.

5- please say more.. i don't see how this is the case from the consumer's perspective. i pay $120/year, more than i would otherwise, and listen to more music, and enjoy it more than i would otherwise.. if it's from the artist's side of it, yeah. already wrote my response to that above

6- what do you mean by sterile? is this about preferring to hold a physical object and flip through the liner notes and stuff? that seems like an artifact of you/us growing up in a time when that was the only way it worked. i'm not sure there' sa valid argument that today's youth enjoy music less because they don't have that experience

7- ??? how is this bad?

8- aside from being very dramatic, i don't even understand what this means or how that would be the case

most of the arguments against it in this thread are barely coherent. i would love to understand if there is anything of substance behind the histrionics here. how specifically is this medium doing these supposedly terrible things in a way that previous mediums do not also do?

or do a set of us just like to complain and criticize as a matter of habit?

is this a zone of the internet where we just loathe change in general? what is the ideal form of music in your opinions?

this is honestly strange to me. would love it if someone would help me understand / engage in a discussion here

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